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Choo out, Robinson starting in CF [Updated]

Looks like Shin-Soo Choo’s head first slide into first base in the ninth inning last night caused an injury that led to his replacement in today’s lineup. Derrick Robinson will play CF and (of course) lead off.

Also, Jack Hannahan is starting at 3B over Todd Frazier. Frazier hit a home run and turned in two sparkling defensive plays last night.

Interesting choice to play Robinson instead of Billy Hamilton – not only for today’s game, but what it might say about postseason rosters.


Update: John Fay is tweeting Choo did jam his left thumb. “Not bad, but I don’t want to make it worse.” On the slide: “Stupid play.”

32 thoughts on “Choo out, Robinson starting in CF [Updated]

  1. Oh my, RedLeg Nation will have a conniption fit with Robinson starting over Hamilton, but I can kind of see it. The Reds have had a lot of success picking critical spots to insert him. If you start him, he may never even get on base, or if he does, the bases in front of him may be “clogged”.

    • @JCTENRED:
      Joey votto may come up with no one on base, why not sit him so they can pinch hit him in a key situation

      • @vicferrari: Actually, Votto’s ability to hit ML pitching and his ability to get on base is a given. Hamilton’s ability to get on base against ML pitching is yet to be established. After his initial struggles in AAA most people feel he needs at least another 1/2 season in AAA to continue his development. However, his base running and base stealing ability is without question. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have started him, I probably would have rolled the dice. But if I had, I might regret it in the top of the 9th, trailing by a run, and Hanigan walks and Billy is 0-4 and I’m wishing I had him on the bench to sub for Hanigan and provide that extra spark he’s been giving the team.

  2. You have an absolute game-changer and you play Derrick Robinson? I don’t understand that at all. We know Dusty is a terrible manager and this just proves it.

  3. I’m more concerned about Choo than I am Robinson starting over Hamilton.

  4. Baker probably feels more comfortable with DR’s defense at this point. I can understand it and no doubt we will see BH at some point today.

  5. The lead off choice is a bit curious; but it allows the manager to spot Hamilton much like he would a pinch hitter.

  6. I have more concern with Hannahan over Frazier than Robinson over Hamilton. But mostly with Choo’s health.

    • @Redgoggles:

      I’m thinking the exact same thing about Hannahan over Frazier. Here we are, with a chance to jump in front of the WLR (Whiny Little Rats), and Frazier sits? Come on Dusty, play your best players.

      Keeping fingers crossed that Choo is OK. At a minimum he can pinch run today & get back on the field tomorrow.

  7. Bailey is probably in the locker room right now cussing because he gets stuck with the “B” lineup. Robinson, Hannihan and Hanigan…Ouch!

  8. Anybody have the explanation for why Hannahan is starting? 2 ABs in spring training vs Burnett or something? Did Frazier lay an egg vs him earlier this year?

  9. Speaking of things not to like….I thought Dusty had a recent pattern of putting Ludwick in front of Bruce only vs LH starters. I’m really disappointed to see him do that with a RHP. Ludwick did get three hits last night, but he doesn’t seem to have much power and he still looks terrible at the plate.

    Putting Bruce at cleanup was one of those “things Dusty has finally done right” that seemed to spark the offense. I hate to see us go back to having him bat 5th.

  10. Ugh, I’ve been calling for a halt to this ridiculous 3b platoon for a while. Frazier is a gamer. This is a playoff type game.

    More to the point, if this usage pattern continues, Hannahan would start the majority of playoff games. Does ANYONE think that’s a good idea???

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: Yup, but with Dusty Baker it is never going to be that easy. I’m with Mancuso: hope this is not a sign who makes the playoff roster.

  11. Is it just me or does it seem that after a really big win, Dusty has to tinker? DRob I can live with but Frazier on the bench, not to mention separating Joey and Jay against a RHP? Hope he knows what he is doing but it is a bit odd, IMO.

  12. This lineup doesn’t bother me all that much if the Reds can score about 5 runs in the first inning. I think the L-R-L-R jingle is sort of interesting.

  13. Since Clint Hurdle is going to order a beaning of the first Reds batter, Robinson is this line-up’s red shirt. Take THAT, Buccos!

    See? Dusty is “thinking.”

  14. Dusty will not go down without a fight. He will impose his will by insisting on the weakest line-ups possible. Can the Reds continue to outplay Dusty’s strategy? Will the team be better with Hannahan in the post-season than Hamilton? Hamilton already has scored more runs this year than Hannahan, hasn’t he? But it’s important to have that no-hit, no-field backup, cuz that’s the way it’s done in Dusty’s world. Please Walt Jocketty, be a mensch and take a stand. Force Dusty to take the best players.

  15. Super Todd should start every game until the end of the season IMO.
    We will get to see Hamilton start in Center tomorrow night according to what MLB just reported Dusty saying. He said he prefers the pitching matchup of tomorrow for Billy.

  16. I’m okay with Robinson starting instead of Choo, and I suspect of Burnett was a lefty we’d see Heisey instead. And clearly Dusty Baker loves Billy Hamilton as a late inning weapon just as much as he loves Chapman as his saves only guy. And I don’t have a problem with Hannahan instead of Frazier – Todd has looked bad against righties with decent breaking stuff lately. If I could only change one thing about this lineup it would be batting Jay Bruce in the cleanup spot. I’ll be very surprised if they don’t pitch around Votto all night unless there are two outs and no one on. Otherwise they walk Votto to get to Ludwick, or better yet pitch around the edges hoping Votto will get himself out (even though he hardly ever does). But I predict 0-4 for Ludwick tonight, a couple of walks for Votto, and Bruce up with very little on the line. I hope I’m wrong.

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