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Game Thread: Reds at Astronomicals (2013.09.18)

The Reds have dominated and completely beat down the Houston Astros in the first 2 games of this series.  The Reds need to do the same thing tonight to close this series out before heading to Pittsburgh for a pivotal 3 game series.  Not only does a win tonight keep the Reds within distance to take over the 1st wild card spot, but it also helps eliminate the thought that Washington is going to catch the Reds for that 2nd wild card spot.

Discuss the game here, Reds fans.  Lineup below the fold.

1. Choo – CF
2. Phillips – 2B
3. Votto – 1B
4. Bruce – RF
5. Ludwick – DH
6. Frazier – 2B
7. Cozart – SS
8. Mesoraco – C
9. Billy Hamilton – CF

Greg Reynolds – P

336 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Astronomicals (2013.09.18)

  1. could someone show me a stat on how many attempted bunts are actually successful? another failure, and i recall many more. well done dusty, another out given away.

  2. Welsh just lumped Votto swinging at the first pitch in with Phillips attempting to get away with cheating. What a moron.

    • @caps: Unreal? I don’t think it’s unreal. BH hadn’t tried to steal 3rd in several chances thus far tonight.

      • @prjeter: With the fastest man in baseball at second base, one out, needing one run to win in the ninth inning, and a guy on the mound who had thrown one strike in 12 previous pitches, yeah I’m probably taking there. Votto is a wonderful, wonderful player. But that was dumb. Yep.

        • @caps: I can agree with dumb. I can’t agree with unreal. Semantics, I suppose.

          I hope folks realize BH isn’t going to steal every possible base there is.

  3. A promising inning….derailed by Dusty’s strategy and BP being idiot.

    Chris Welsh is struggling with trying to justify Dusty’s decision making.

  4. Let me get this straight. Three walks AND a stolen base in this inning, and we’ve yet to score a run. Sick.

  5. The real trick here is to see if Ludwick will strike himself out on balls again.

  6. When even jim and chris are questioning the decision to bunt you know there’s something up. I mean, is the decision for phillips to bunt even remotely defensible?

  7. He shouldn’t have been swinging at the first pitch because this guy can’t throw strikes. It also backfired because of BH running.

    It was stupid by Votto. No excuses. Stupid

    • @brandon11: Votto has insane stats swinging at the first pitch. It amazes me how much flak he gets regardless of what he does. He got a pitch he thought he could crush and he just missed it. BH hadn’t tried to steal 3rd in something like 15 pitches the entire night.

  8. Every time I get excited about this team I am reminded that Dusty Baker is the manager. Reds will never win anything as long as he’s in charge.

  9. Amazing how a runner on 2nd with no outs and 8 straight balls goes to a wasted scoring opportunity.

  10. Welp, he took 6 pitches. I bet that killed him a bit inside. That’s all we can ask, though. BP gets hung with this inning.

  11. Nice inning there. That’s it for me. DB loves him some bunting.

  12. Most pathetic display of baseball I have ever seen. Phillips costing us the game, Votto swinging at the first pitch when the dude can’t find the zone and Billy had 3B stolen. Truly garbage. That was it.

    • @Josh: The dude who cant find the zone struck out Ludwick with three pitches in the zone. He’s in the majors. He’s not going to walk guys infinitely.

    • @Josh: more negativity……That’s twice you proclaimed the game to be over, yet here we are. I guess keep doing it because you are jinxing the other team.

  13. Guy throws 16 balls in 19 pitches and then throws 3 straight strikes to end the inning….that about sums up the Reds’ luck this year

  14. The Astros broadcasters called that ball 4: now they call it “a surprising call”.

  15. 2,3 and 5 hitters all managed to do something stupid in that inning, while the guy making his first start has played a brilliant game. The more time these guys spend with Baker, the dumber they get.

  16. Astros TRYING to give us the win and Dusty reverts back to his old-school baseball ways. He cannot help himself. Ugh!!!!

    • @redskaph: I’ll post this for the 3rd time… BH hadn’t tried to steal 3rd in something like 15 pitches over the course of the night. Have you people been watching the game? No possible way to know BH was going that pitch.

      • @prjeter: There was never a pitch in this game that made as much sense to attempt to steal third as that pitch. Votto has to give him at least one chance to steal there. Makes no difference what happened on other pitches. That was the pitch to try to steal third, and Votto should have known that. And the “manager” should have told him to take a pitch.

      • @prjeter: the first two times he was on there were 2 outs and it was the early innings. Not a stretch to think he would get himself into 3rd with only one out.

  17. I am not being mean but seriously with all the blunders our team makes they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs more less a above .500 records. I love my Reds but geesee my little leaguer knows better than some of these three stoogles acts. smh..

    • @laus Deo: You’re right, this inning was a Three Stooges act that leaves you scratching your head, especially when you remember that Phillips, Votto and Ludwick are very well-paid veterans.

  18. I wish I wouldn’t of quit playing GTA V a few minutes ago. That inning was the most idiotic thing I’ve seen since Villar’s face-butt-slide.

  19. It makes me so angry that Chapman is warmed up but not pitching here. Pitch your best pitchers. Off day tomorrow.

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