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369 thoughts on “Game Thread 2 – Reds vs. Astros

  1. Dominguez next, uh oh. Frazier should have faked the throw to 1B and gotten Villar caught off 2B, then the groundball would have been a game ending DP. This is not good. Dominguez has already hit a walk off HR off Chapman

  2. It all comes down to Ludwick not being able to get that run in from 3B, should be 7-5 right now.

  3. If we had just brought in Chapman in the 10 like everyone wanted we’d all be asleep by now.

  4. I’m gonna forget about the process and just look at the win. Good night. Sheeeeessh.

  5. Crap, Chapman, as if we haven’t been thru enough tonite. Dominguez likes to hit against Chapman.

  6. Chapman must have a grievance against Chris Carter. Went out of his to face him just to show him up

  7. Game summary will have 14 negatives and 3 positives, but somehow it’s a win.

  8. Can’t worry about Cards now – gotta handle business with Pirates in these 6 upcoming games left with them – if we are relegated to wild card game got to make sure we host it !!!

  9. I honestly don’t think we will need the Nats to lose any more games. Reds should, and I believe will, win at least 5 of their last 9.

  10. Kudos to the Astros for being pesky, they could have laid down after the beatings they took the previous 2 nights.

    Kudos to Dusty Baker for starting Hamilton, he was done for the night after filling out the line-up card.

    Without Jay Bruce & Hamilton this team might get shut out.

    And we need to invent some kind award for the heart that Simon showed.
    This game was probably good enough for 2 losses against a winning team, but somehow they win.
    Go Rockies and Padres who cares about the Nats, magic number at 5

  11. Just another Astrovian Extravaganza.
    Baseball is the world’s second-most exciting sport.


  12. Nats lose 2 days in the standings with their loss, and still one more with the Reds win.
    They have to win 3 games to every 1 that the Reds win now.
    Meanwhile, what’s this Parrots bunch up to?
    Why … polly wanna cracker.

      • @vicferrari: Play’em while their hot, sit’em when their not! Too close a race to sit Billy and hope that Ludwick catches fire. Choo looked very good in LF and would be a perfect #2 hitter.

  13. Is there doubt how fast Billy Hamilton is? What a stud and what a weapon. I think he needs to be in the lineup instead of Ludwick

  14. Well, the shirt link tricked me. Anyhow, it was the butt-tag from Tuesday on a shirt.

  15. The Cards’ magic number to eliminate us from winning the division is 8 (wins by them and losses by us). Almost as unlikely as the Nats catching us, but if Washington can sweep ’em next week… you never know.

  16. Hate I missed all the fun after 9 innings, 5:00 AM wakeups are hard enough on a good night’s sleep. Do you guys ever go back and read all the comments after the game? It is absolutely hilarious………..

  17. Big win for the Reds. Chances look good to have, at least, the playoff game at home. I couldn’t believe Dusty brought in Zack Duke in the 9th. with the winning run on second.

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