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Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters isΒ Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. But wait. According to Marty, BP is the “clutch” hitter on the team, right? All those RBI’s prove it.

  2. Bruce.


  4. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BRUCE !!!!!!!!

  6. YES !!!!!!!!!

  7. Watch — Chapman won’t even get a save here.

  8. Lets make it 7-4, come on Luddy

  9. There you go!!! Get a little 1-2-3 action in the bottom half from Simon and we’re golden!!

  10. Dusty in a dilema if they push 2 more. Who does he go with, might want to hold off Chapman until he actually is needed and qualifies for the save

  11. I really, really like our rightfielder.

  12. For anyone watching on TV, should Votto have scored on that or not? Just curious.

    • @docmike: Can’t say “should have” but I was surprised he didn’t.

    • @docmike: For some reason, Choo was kinda close to being thrown out. Seemed obvious that the ball wasn’t going to be caught. It did bounce right back to the CF. Brantley said Votto was getting a stop sign from Berry but was about to run through it when he put on the brakes.

      Brantley: Mark Berry almost reached out and grabbed him.

  13. I would have PH Luddy for Hannahan or Robinson.

  14. I watched the first inning and had to go to a class. Get home in time for the bottom of the 12th. Reds were just waiting for me!

  15. i wonder if BP realizes how big of a gift those 100 rbi’s are

  16. Ludwick can’t really be our #5 hitter, can he? I mean, sooner or later Baker is going to realize this, right?

  17. Probably an obvious night to make a dumb snap judgement but man, I wonder if this team woudn’t be better off with B-Ham on the playoff roster over Luddy.

    • @caps: I mean I’m sure we can have both. I just feel like in all these close games in September, Hamilton has been the difference for us where we lost in similar situations much of the summer.

  18. Ludwick is really struggling. Wonder if the Reds will consider Hamilton in CF and Choo in LF in future games.

  19. So who start in LF Friday?

  20. Thanks to Jay, I might keep my sanity tonight.

  21. That’s the MVP of this team without a doubt. Where would this team be without Bruce?

  22. If Frazier gets a hit here, we may still see Christiani. Y’ know, since it would no longer be save situation.

  23. Robinson for Luddy, perfect squeeze chance. Reds left another run out there, Should be 7-4

  24. Jay loves the Reds – hope he is with this organization a long , long time – he is a solid , solid player

  25. Luddy doing his best to hit his way out of the lineup.

  26. NOW, can we let Chapman pitch?

  27. I am going to say it, that I can forgive Chapman if he does not come out sharp. Just poor management, once in 10 days is just bad

  28. Votto should have realized off the bat that wasn’t going to be caught, should have been a 3 RBI 2B. Luddy is really struggling, he left another run sitting at 3B. COME ON CHAPMAN

    • @Josh:

      I just watched the replay, and there was no earthly way he could have scored. Choo barely scored ahead of the throw, and he was on SECOND.

  29. No way Billy Hamilton can be left off a playoff roster – absolutely no way dude makes things happen

  30. Three walks in the thirteenth inning. Compare to three pitches and three outs the inning before.

  31. Chapman will have to earn it against the top of the Astros order.

  32. from @ctrent, Billy Hamilton is the first player in the live ball era (1920+) to have 4 SB in his first career start.

  33. New lineup:




    • @Josh: I’d put Hamilton ahead of Choo. Hamilton can steal ahead of Choo who doesn’t mind hitting late in the count. Choo has more power than Hamilton.

  34. Something to ponder….. The game that was rained out at GABP vs the Giants and scheduled as a DH in SF on that road trip (the only game the Reds lost to SF) … how big might that end up being…. had the Reds organization waited to see if it was necessary to play that game they would have 65 loses and only 2 away from STL in the loss column and tied with PIT.

    I still think having SF fly across country to play at GABP on the day after the season, with the Reds having a chance to tie/win the division would be in the Reds’ favor. If it ended up not making a difference then so be it, but boy, if they finish 1 game out of the division, you’d have to wonder.

    • Completely agree, we’d be only 2 back and that game could have been huge

    • @abox03: That’s interesting to think about. I was dead against playing the game in San Francisco. But as it turns out, would the Reds pitch Latos in game 162? That’s the way the rotation would fall.

  35. Guess Dusty had it figured out all along (not really, but it is what it is)

  36. I hope that run left at 3B doesn’t haunt, should be 7-4 Reds

  37. Chapman doesn’t look good.

  38. Chapman has no focus.

  39. While it’s nice to see Hamilton flourish in the start tonight, we still don’t have any reason to think he can hit legit MLB pitching in October. But that’s fine. What he can do in the late innings of close games with his speed is immeasurable. It would be pure insanity to not make him one of the 25. I’m retroactively angry that he wasn’t on last year’s playoff roster!!!

  40. Wow, 3 straight balls to walk the leadoff man.

    Here we go.

  41. Chapman looks rusty.

  42. 2 more Chappy, don’t worry about the guy on 3B, just get outs!

  43. Why. Can’t. We put. Away. The effing. ASTROS.

  44. OK 2 down, 1 more Chapman, 1 more! It’d sure be nice if the Reds were still up 2 right now.

    WOW, 1st player in MLB to steal 4 SB in his 1st ML start, since 1920

  45. Need to get Krauss right here. The next two hitters, Dominguez and Carter, both have home run power.

  46. Hamilton has four steals and another one taken away when Votto swung. That’s good, right?

  47. On second thought, this much free baseball gives us a giant heaping dose of Sooper-Cranky Extra Innings Marty.

  48. And now 4 straight balls to the guy batting .187. Perfect.

  49. Get Partch up.

  50. walks. walks, walks

  51. Dominguez next, uh oh. Frazier should have faked the throw to 1B and gotten Villar caught off 2B, then the groundball would have been a game ending DP. This is not good. Dominguez has already hit a walk off HR off Chapman

  52. I hope I’m wrong, but this smells like a walk-off right here.

  53. I think he is rusty…

  54. You’ve gotta be bunting me.

  55. Wow.

  56. It all comes down to Ludwick not being able to get that run in from 3B, should be 7-5 right now.

  57. If we had just brought in Chapman in the 10 like everyone wanted we’d all be asleep by now.

  58. Chappy’s got this.

  59. Never easy , never!!!


  61. Easy as pie.

  62. Easy win.

  63. Finally!!

  64. Whew!

    Should not have been this hard.

  65. That was like GIVING BIRTH

  66. I’m gonna forget about the process and just look at the win. Good night. Sheeeeessh.

  67. Magic Number = 5 !

  68. Crap, Chapman, as if we haven’t been thru enough tonite. Dominguez likes to hit against Chapman.

  69. Giving birth to a VERY UGLY BABY

  70. Chapman must have a grievance against Chris Carter. Went out of his to face him just to show him up

  71. Game summary will have 14 negatives and 3 positives, but somehow it’s a win.

  72. Can’t worry about Cards now – gotta handle business with Pirates in these 6 upcoming games left with them – if we are relegated to wild card game got to make sure we host it !!!

  73. Magic number now 5 to clinch the play-in game.

  74. A win is a win is a win.

  75. I honestly don’t think we will need the Nats to lose any more games. Reds should, and I believe will, win at least 5 of their last 9.

  76. Kudos to the Astros for being pesky, they could have laid down after the beatings they took the previous 2 nights.

    Kudos to Dusty Baker for starting Hamilton, he was done for the night after filling out the line-up card.

    Without Jay Bruce & Hamilton this team might get shut out.

    And we need to invent some kind award for the heart that Simon showed.
    This game was probably good enough for 2 losses against a winning team, but somehow they win.
    Go Rockies and Padres who cares about the Nats, magic number at 5

  77. Just another Astrovian Extravaganza.
    Baseball is the world’s second-most exciting sport.


  78. Nats lose 2 days in the standings with their loss, and still one more with the Reds win.
    They have to win 3 games to every 1 that the Reds win now.
    Meanwhile, what’s this Parrots bunch up to?
    Why … polly wanna cracker.

  79. Hamilton now has the 2nd most SB on the team. πŸ™‚

    • @Redgoggles:
      stop with your nonsense, next thing you will be saying he has a higher WAR than Ludwick

      • @vicferrari: Play’em while their hot, sit’em when their not! Too close a race to sit Billy and hope that Ludwick catches fire. Choo looked very good in LF and would be a perfect #2 hitter.

  80. Is there doubt how fast Billy Hamilton is? What a stud and what a weapon. I think he needs to be in the lineup instead of Ludwick

  81. Well, the shirt link tricked me. Anyhow, it was the butt-tag from Tuesday on a shirt.

  82. The Cards’ magic number to eliminate us from winning the division is 8 (wins by them and losses by us). Almost as unlikely as the Nats catching us, but if Washington can sweep ’em next week… you never know.

  83. Hate I missed all the fun after 9 innings, 5:00 AM wakeups are hard enough on a good night’s sleep. Do you guys ever go back and read all the comments after the game? It is absolutely hilarious………..

  84. Big win for the Reds. Chances look good to have, at least, the playoff game at home. I couldn’t believe Dusty brought in Zack Duke in the 9th. with the winning run on second.

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Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky's Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve's thoughts of more than 140 characters isΒ Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.


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