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Game Thread: Reds at AAAstros (2013.09.17)

Cincinnati and Houston play game 2 of this series tonight in Texas.  The Reds have inched within 2.5 games of both Pittsburgh and St. Louis and must be thinking of sweeping this series to have any shot at catching St. Louis for the division.  With six games still left versus Pittsburgh, the Reds could use these wins to try and gain ground on the Pirates if the two teams are to meet in that one-game playoff.

Discuss the game here Reds fans!  Go Reds!

227 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at AAAstros (2013.09.17)

  1. Here’s something, nobody, a month ago, could have imagined pondering: “Maybe we should pitch around Zack Cozart?”

  2. As much as I loathe Dusty Baker, I gotta admit, these Reds have to be the most resilient bunch in baseball. I think that has to be one of those hidden qualities us fans don’t get. But that loss against the crew would have sent a lot of teams in a tailspin but not these guys. They shrug it off and go to pounding on the Astros. Kudos on picking the right time to get Johnnie out there too.

    • @RedTitan19: Really helps when you have a steady and sometimes dominant staff going out there every single night for you. Keeps you in games, keeps your offense from giving up mentally. We don’t give enough credit to just what a great season our starters are having.

      • @Mwv: Yeah. Very good point. Even when they are bad, they aren’t that bad. And they are bad less than than most other teams. Now, if only we could figure out how to use that bullpen…

  3. The last thing I expected was for the Nats to take 2 from the Braves. They’re on it.

  4. One of those pitches that had the hitter talking himself while heading back to the dugout.

  5. I wonder if when Villar retires, he will become a Proctologist?

  6. If BP was like my Uncle Skeeter, he could have cut cheese on cue. Icing on the cake so to speak.

  7. Uh-oh my last comment is awaiting moderation. Guess I better cool it on the BP jokes.

  8. Boom! Mr. Bruce says can we just go home already? That was a no-doubter.

  9. 30 HRs and 100 RBIs for Bruce. Great to see that HR to LF after the 420 foot out to dead center.

  10. I think it’s time to pull the starters.. especially with a DH. Stick Hamilton and the gang out there and let them have some fun. BP and a few others could use the rest and relaxation.

  11. Freakin Comcast went to an EAS Amber Alert and has not gone back to the game.

  12. Bruce needed one another 3 feet on Sunday and … well, never mind.

  13. Remember when people (Marty as the band leader) complained that Bruce hadn’t learned how to “hit with runners in scoring position” ?

  14. Nothing like a good Ol laugher to make you forget about the bad days the Reds gave some games away.

  15. Hopefully Bruce has a lot of family at the game to enjoy Bruce’s night.

  16. It sure does help that we have home field advantage.
    How many Texans are on this team?

  17. The Reds won 97 games last year and are on pace to win 91 or 92 this year. I’m starting to think the entire difference is explained by the Astros moving to the AL. We played them 15 times last year (10-5) and only 3 this year.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I was actually thinking the exact same thing back in the first inning. Can you imagine the record for us/pirates/cards if the Astros were still in the central? Sweet mercy.

    • @Steve Mancuso:
      Anybody know why the Astros, were chosen over the Brewers.

      The Astros have some history in the NL, the Brewers almost won a world series for the Al with Harvey’s Wall bangers back in 1982.

      • @vicferrari:

        I can you a succinct, two-word answer as to why the Brewers are in the National League:

        Bud Selig.

        Selig wanted to bring the NL back to Milwaukee to replace the Braves. Never mind that it was 20+ years after the Braves skipped town for Atlanta, or that the Brewers spent more time in the AL than the Braves did in Milwaukee – Selig was determined that Milwaukee would be a National League city again. And thus spoke the architect of the tied All-Star game, the baseball strike, the steroid era, the cancelled World Series, and the continued banishment of Pete Rose, and so he steered his own team into to NL.

        Why the Astros? Blackmail, pure & simple. The Astros were for sale. Selig wouldn’t approve of the new owner until the new owner agreed to the switch. Houston had been a National League city for 50 years – until Bud The Weasel started to meddle.

        Bud Selig: Worst. Commissioner. Ever.

  18. I would like to think Chris Welsh is the heir apparent to Marty when Marty passes the mic to the next in line.

  19. Nats won both games of their doubleheader. They’re going 2011-Cardinals-ballistic.

  20. Cedeno just made an incredible out and the classy Pie-Rats fans are booing the heck out of him.

    • @wildwestLV: Thanks for the Seinfeld link. I can see why you couldn’t post what the proctologist license plate said. After seeing it I remembered the episode.

  21. Need a little help here. Just checking out the MLB pitching stats. How in the world does Cingrani have a -1.3 WAR?

    • @hoosierdad: Edison Volquez has only a -.6 WAR. Anybody here really think Volquez is 2X the pitcher Cingrani has been this year?

    • @Sergeant2: Probably won’t get any better, but if there’s a ballpark where a team can make that up, next to GABP, Coors Field is it.

  22. No. BP seemed a bit lackadaisical on the slide, not touching the plate…

    Cards up big… so we will be 2 1/2 games out still.. 3 on the loss side..

    Pirates – hopefully they will on a long losing streak..

    If Nationals make the WC and Pirates crush out… What do you all think about Reds vs Nationals for one game?

    Actually, as hot as Nationals are, I don’t like the matchup

    • @tae:
      If the Nationals do get close they might need to sweep the Cards. All of a sudden the Cards might be in jeopardy if they do something foolish and split with the Rockies and let the Brew crew play with them.

    • @tae: I think Harper is feeding the Nats some peyote from back here, or something. If they get in, I want no part of them. (actually, I’m kidding, we have lots of stuff out here, but peyote doesn’t grow in Nevada…naturally)

  23. Well, you always want to put the game out of the double-slam range…

  24. I turned off the game Sunday vs Milwaukee feeling good about a series win and moving into Houston….Well we all know what happened…I want to turn this off now, but…..Surely they can’t blow a 10 run lead. lol

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