Game Thread: Reds at AAAstros (2013.09.17)

Cincinnati and Houston play game 2 of this series tonight in Texas.  The Reds have inched within 2.5 games of both Pittsburgh and St. Louis and must be thinking of sweeping this series to have any shot at catching St. Louis for the division.  With six games still left versus Pittsburgh, the Reds could use these wins to try and gain ground on the Pirates if the two teams are to meet in that one-game playoff.

Discuss the game here Reds fans!  Go Reds!


  1. pinson343 says:

    Barnes getting to do a lot of running tonite.

  2. RedTitan19 says:

    Greg Reynolds tomorrow. Anybody confident in that?

    1. pinson343 says:

      @RedTitan19: I think Reynolds will be OK. His bad outing came in emergency relief. As a starter his last two starts were good. He pitched the Reds best game and one win in Denver.

    2. vicferrari says:

      Not particularly, would feel a whole lot better about Latos going on his normal rest.
      But admire the all-in mentality. The Reds control their own destiny, win 7 of the next 10 and they are in, merely win the 2 series with Pirates and host the wild card if they can stay even with them on the other days.

  3. abox03 says:

    With the *assumed* win tonight…Reds Magic Number for the playoffs is 7 !

  4. Sergeant2 says:

    10-0 Reds bot 7th. Yes I said 10-0 Reds. Go Reds!

  5. abox03 says:

    hey look, we have a true AAA game now going on in Houston with the Reds subs.

  6. Johnu1 says:

    If there are concerns tonight, the AAAstros are not the Brewers. I cannot believe how bad Houston is.

  7. tpteach says:

    Hamilton in CF. Giddy with excitement!

  8. Sergeant2 says:

    Rockies have come back to tie Cards 8-8.

    1. Sergeant2 says:

      @Sergeant2: SIKE!!!

      1. Sergeant2 says:

        @Sergeant2: In case anyone was snoozing off thought I would give ya a jolt.

        1. pinson343 says:

          @Sergeant2: I was snoozing and you did give me a jolt. I found it believable – in the earlier years of Coors, there were plenty of 16-15 games.

    2. pinson343 says:

      @Sergeant2: Wow ! Anything can happen in that park and with those offenses.

    3. pinson343 says:

      @Sergeant2: Hey, Sarge, a dumb private like me thought you were serious.

      1. Sergeant2 says:

        @pinson343: Sorry bout that.

  9. pinson343 says:

    This game is what they used to call a “laugher”.

  10. Sergeant2 says:

    We seem to be in the midst of a comment drought.

  11. wildwestLV says:

    My only (paranoid) fear is that, after playing the ‘Stros (depending on what happens tomorrow), the Reds will feel like those guys in the DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket commercials ( and if the Padres sweep the Rats, reality will come crashing down, come Friday night.

    1. Johnu1 says:

      @wildwestLV: Sweeps are tough to get, especially on the road, and especially if you are the Padres.

    2. pinson343 says:

      @wildwestLV: Friday nite’s game will be tough if Liriano is on. He’s either dominating or terrible.

      1. vicferrari says:

        Latos has been shaky early on the last few outings, so hope the full week rest does him good.

        I would like to sweat out a 1-0 win

  12. pinson343 says:

    Let’s see Marshall in the 9th.

  13. Johnu1 says:

    I have to assume that if Marshall isn’t used, then Marshall isn’t available.

  14. Sergeant2 says:

    The 3rd base ump aka Cartmans Dad is past due for his midnight snack, he ready to go.

  15. wildwestLV says:

    Do you think it’s safer to be INSIDE Minute Maid Park, or OUT in the parking lot, right about now?

  16. vicferrari says:

    How about Leake, that is over 20 staright scoreless innings. Do you leave him in for the Shutout?

    He probably pitches once more for 2013. I do not see how he makes the roster if Cueto and Marshall and Cigrani are available.

    It probably comes down to him or Simon

    1. pinson343 says:

      @vicferrari: Bring in Marshall !

      1. vicferrari says:

        Good to see it, if he is effective might seal Leake’s playoff fate

    2. Johnu1 says:

      @vicferrari: Cingrani isn’t ready to beat out Leake, sorry, IMO.

      I wish he was. A lefty is real valuable.

      1. vicferrari says:

        If Cueto can start in the playoffs, Leake will not start.

        Like you said, a lefty is valuable. Zach Duke is more valuable in the pen than Leake, if Cingrani is healthy he can do everything Leake can do should they need a pinch-runner

        1. Johnu1 says:

          @vicferrari: If it’s Cueto instead of Leake, yeah. If it’s Cingrani instead of Leake, then all you want Cingrani to do is run the bases? We have Billy Hamilton for that. Why would the Reds suddenly cut one of their starters out of the rotation just because it’s the playoffs? Cueto has pitched 5 innings since July.

        2. pinson343 says:

          @vicferrari: Even if not in the planned rotation, Leake should be on the roster as an emergency starter or a guy who could come into an extra inning game. It shoudln’t be assumed that he can’t pitch in relief.
          His relief experience as a rookie was after his arm was dead.

    3. pinson343 says:

      @vicferrari: Leake over Simon, not even close. Leake is a much better pitcher. It was a blunder last year to have Simon on the roster and Leake off. Then when Cueto got hurt, Leake had to be added as an injury replacement, so if the Reds made it to the NLCS and Cueto was healthy enough to pitch at that point, he couldn’t be added to the roster anyway.

      Also Leaks’s last turn in the starting rotation was skipped last year, which hurt him when he was the 4th game emergency starter.

      Last but not least, Leake has pitched much better in 2013.

  17. Sergeant2 says:

    25,582 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 25,582.

  18. Johnu1 says:

    My gawd, how bad a hitter is Jack Hannahan, really?
    How did we end up with that guy? Free agent. Why?

    1. vicferrari says:

      Could Henry Rod not do what he has done all season?

    2. pinson343 says:

      @Johnu1: I’ve been asking that all season. A corner IFer who can’t hit, what’s up with that ?

      1. Johnu1 says:

        @pinson343: I thought Hen-Rod was the perfect fill-in but he apparently has some glove issues. As if Hannahan hasn’t.

  19. hoosierdad says:

    If it comes down to Leake or Simon, I go with Leake. If you carry Cueto as a starter, you have either Cingrani or Leake in case of injury. Heck, Leake can pitch, hit, and run. Hannahan can um……play 3B. lol

    1. vicferrari says:

      Leake has very little relief experience, Simon does, Cigrani can do all that Leake can. Its a tough call…
      But how many pitchers do they carry 4 starters, 7 relievers

      1. hoosierdad says:

        @vicferrari: One thing Cingrani can’t do is go very deep into a game, if it ever came to that. I’m just awfully worried about Cueto’s health. Love having both Cingrani and Leake, but doubt that will happen.

        1. vicferrari says:

          If Cueto can bounce back nicely, give 6 to 7 against the Mets, he will start over Leake.
          Leake should start over Arroyo, but that will never happen so unless Leake can switch his throwing hand I see him the odd man out
          Dusty would love having 3 lefties along with Chapman in the pen

  20. Sergeant2 says:

    Frankly I would be quite surprised if Dusty leaves Leake off the playoff roster. It mostly depends on whether or not Dusty considers Leake a veteran. Leaving a member of the starting rotation off the roster goes against Dusty’s grain. Leake has earned the right to be on the roster IMHO.

  21. Josh says:

    Man, that last game in Milw the Reds blew a huge chance. We’d be ONLY 0.5 game behind the Pirates and only a 1.5 behind the Cards with 10 games left. MUST SWEEP the Stros tomorrow and roll into Pitt with some confidence and momentum.

  22. pinson343 says:

    Marshall faces 3 RHed hitters and gets them 1-2-3, striking out 2. Nice to see him back.

  23. Marshall looked pretty sharp. Curve was really breaking.

  24. wildwestLV says:

    And, fittingly: BP’s play was the John Morrell Hot Dog Play of the Game.

    1. vicferrari says:

      Because of the buns

  25. Sergeant2 says:

    When Marshall is healthy he is a force to be reckoned with, he looked good tonight considering how long it has been since he last pitched. I just hope he’s finally completely healthy.

    1. vicferrari says:

      Its just admirable on the sportsmanship of the Astros, allowing the Reds injured players to get some minor league rehab in.

      Let’s go Reynolds biggest start of your big league career, do you want to be a millionaire?

  26. Redgoggles says:

    Mike Leake, 14-6. Is he ready to slide into Bronson’s shoes next year?

    1. Johnu1 says:

      @Redgoggles: Honestly, Leake is ready to be a 20-game winner. He’s going to stay in enough games to make that easier, since he is a decent hitter, for a pitcher.

    2. pinson343 says:

      @Redgoggles: Definitely. He’s already a young Bronson.

    3. vicferrari says:

      Bronson slid out of those choose issuing 3 walks in the 7th,
      Leake is better than Arroyo right now

  27. Sergeant2 says:

    Us Reds fans deserved a laugher of a game like tonight’s after some of the excruciating losses we have endured lately. More of these please. Can’t wait to see Brandon’s cheek to cheek replay on ESPN. Lets get em again tomorrow. Go Red! Adios Amigos.

  28. Johnu1 says:

    I will say it again … the biggest game of the year for the Reds could be against the Astros, and Greg Reynolds will be asked to pitch it.

    1. vicferrari says:

      tomorrow’s game is just as big as game 1, or any of them, Reynold’s last start could have arguably saved the season…
      the next games against the Pirates are much more important and Dusty is throwing his best

  29. Baseclogger says:

    It’s all Dusty’s fault. (Watched the game but wasn’t able to be at the computer tonight. Just wanted to make sure I got that point across at least once. I have a nice streak going.)

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