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Game Thread: Reds at Houston (2013.09.16)

I am a huge baseball fan and would rather watch Reds baseball than anything else.  However, after yesterday’s debacle, it has become tough to get excited about this team. Yeah, I was flying high after they beat St. Louis and Los Angeles.  However, that excitement has subsided now after back to back series losses to the Cubs and Brewers. Plus the Reds will be competing for your (and my) attention tonight as the Bengals face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Reds kick off an exciting series with the Houston Astros in Houston tonight.  Nothing should fire you up more than this rivalry reunion with the former whipping boys of the NL Central.  If you need more than that, then welcome the return of Johnny Cueto to the mound for the first time in a long time.  Let’s hope he can last more than a few innings and that he’s completely healthy!

Discuss the game here Reds fans!  Who-Dey!  Er uh, I mean Go Reds!

287 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Houston (2013.09.16)

  1. With all these games whirling around me – had a momentary brain cramp and wondered why I was watching the Rockies.

  2. I remember last year Mike Costanzo hit a ball onto that terrace in CF … and it was caught.

  3. Choo an adventure out there sometimes. I hope he doesn’t have to deal with the hill in this series.

  4. By the way, loved the Reds T-shirts that I saw when I was in Cincy last week – especially the ones that said…

    I’m With Pete… I’ve got $20 on the Reds

  5. Choo walks again. He knows how to get on base. We need him back next year $$$

  6. Rockies now up 2-1 – and still have runners on 1B and 2B.

    This is the time of year crazy thing happen – how about a 4 game sweep of the Cards by the Rockies?

  7. When you see how these nights turn out and swallow the pill of a game squandered like Sunday, that’s what hurts.

  8. Posted it a couple days ago – this Rockies team has the talent to make this week real uncomfortable for the Cards.

    Count on it!!

    • @cincyreds14: Yes and tonite the Rockies went with an emergency starter, McHugh, who went in with a 10.80 ERA in 5+ major league innings. If the Cardinals lose tonite, they could be in for a rough series.

  9. Rockies currently have the bases loaded with 2 outs in bottom of 7th up 2-1.


  10. I just realized that at no time tonight did I check to see if the defibrillator was close at hand. Most important thing is that the Reds won, secondly Cueto looked sharp considering all the time he missed, very, very encouraging. Gotta get em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  11. They just showed a replay of Bruce not sliding. Votto was clearly signaling for him to slide. He was telling him to slide to the outside, and then the catcher jumped to the outside and sort of blocked the spot where I think Bruce was going to slide, and Bruce just didn’t know what to do. I’m going to say it wasn’t a “lazy” play, but I still don’t understand how you go in standing when you’re being told to slide. You’ve got to slide SOMEWHERE.

    • @Baseclogger: Looked to me like the kind of play that bad baseball teams make on defense that totally defies common logic– and makes regular teams look bad.

  12. Speaking of Choo … I see Drew Stubbs is sustaining the type of numbers he had with the Reds. That negates any belief that I had that he might be a better hitter under a different coach. Could be, Jacoby’s a great coach after all.


  13. Did you really think Matt Carp wouldn’t get a double with 2 strikes and 2 outs? That’s why these guys are leading the division.

  14. Rockies retake the lead in the bottom of the 8th, 3-2.

    Rockies runners on 2B and 3B with 2 outs in Denver.

  15. Watching the Rocks hit and wishing the Reds could do that more often … just pound the ball.

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