Ready for some Reds baseball?

The Redlegs and the Brew crew get together one more time this afternoon in the rubber match of this three-game series. Bronson Arroyo will get a chance to work his magic again.

A win means that the Reds will avoid losing a second straight series to one of the division also-rans.

Discuss the game here. Go Reds.

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. It’d be nice to follow Choo’s example and take a few of these.

  2. How far back will the Washington Harper’s be for the wild card spot if the Reds lose this game.

  3. LeCure does okay with men on base, why take him out? Hoover again gives up a big hit. Hoover proves to give up the big hit to the opposing team all year. What is Dusty thinking?

  4. Please crush one, Bruce.

    • @wildwestLV: Please be more specific next time: “Please crush one, Bruce, that even Gomez can’t reach.” 🙁

  5. Took the bat out of Votto’s hands. Dumb baseball at its dumbest.

  6. Gomez.Hate.

  7. Brewer’s fans cheering like they are in the 7th game of the World Series! Sorry suckers!

  8. No. That didn’t just happen. Again.

  9. Holy crap. I thought it was 8-5.

  10. Nail in the coffin catch right there.

  11. Well, that was probably gone if Gomez doesn’t make that catch. Probably costs the Reds another game. Just incredible.

  12. Y’all should start preparing yourself, mentally (and physically), for Brew Crew walkoff. Just sayin’.

  13. With apologies to Jack Vuck, I don’t believe what I just saw.

  14. (Buck)

  15. Reds need Chapman to part Gomez’s hair.

  16. If the Club chokes away the wild card, they had better have a new manager next spring. Just sayin’.

  17. I don’t like this matchup. halton v Duke.

  18. I’ve taken enough mental abuse for one day. Got stuff to do, I’ll check the recap later in hopes of hearing good news. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  19. Tremendous play by Duke.

  20. Told you so.

  21. …and the Brewers have just won the World Series!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

  22. Sweet jeebus, this team – and the manager – is frustrating.

  23. Another low leverage reliever in a high leverage inning. Didn’t see that one coming…

  24. Why oh why did Dusty leave Duke in to face the RH batter?

  25. What a miserable loss.

  26. Worst loss if the year. That one hurts. Go get ’em tomorrow, boys.

    • @Eric the Red: The combination of bad defense, bad bullpen decisions, bad bullpen pitching, the robbed HR. Definitely a candidate for worst loss of the year.

  27. Bad matchup Duke vs Halton.. Duke isn’t the right pitcher in must win situation… sorry

    Well… after they tied , we knew this was coming..

    Say good bye to pennat..

    Hello one game WC against pirates? in Pittsburgh?

    bad bad game… but we’ve said that before.. more than we can count… after great week against Cards and Dodgers… we’ve lost 2 series against Cubs and Brews.. are you kiddin me!!! yes we have..

    while Pirates sweep the Rangers (great team)… and Cards do their normal thing.. beat teams they are supposed to beat..

    this season is close to an end.. i think

  28. Titanic struggle recap heading possibility: “RIP Reds baseball 9/15/13” Nationals are out of control

  29. And I bring the kiss of death by commenting in a positive way … my apologies all around.

    OK, on to Houston and then the focus needs to be on getting 163 to happen at GABP. Sadly, that means we must wish for the Angry Birds to win the division so we can host the Rats.

    I’m frustrated, but this is still way better than the multiple years we were the also-rans at this time of the year. Even if it breaks my heart, I’ll cheer until the last ball is pitched.

  30. This game pretty much defines Chad Dotson’s observation that we shouldn’t get too excited about the Reds since they will just break our hearts.

  31. Before I could even log off its game over. Wow what a terrible and costly lost for the Reds. On to Houston where Dusty will allow Cueto to give up unlimited runs as long as his pitch count is low. Maybe not just frustrated right now. Get em tomorrow Redlegs. Go Reds!

  32. Reds manage to keep finding a new bar to set for worst loss of the season. Look, I hope they get the wild card and right the ship down the stretch, but I can’t remember enjoying following a Reds team less. Part of that is my own fault due to the lofty expectations of this season, but it just sucks to follow them day in, day out. They finally have a great week and have a real shot for the division, then follow it up by going 2-4 against the Cubs and Brewers- with this loss as the cherry on top of a terrible run.

  33. WTF!?!?!

  34. Baker continues to demonstrate (as if anyone had any doubt) how little feel he has for this team. He almost never seems to recognize when to get a pitcher out, or when to leave one in, or which pitcher should be used in which situation. Almost every game that requires any real strategy is almost certainly going to be won by the opponent. As I said yesterday, this team must have a TON of talent to have won as many games as it has while being so poorly managed and making so many egregious mental errors.

    • @Baseclogger: Dusty is a cancer to this team… my gosh… you have to cut it loose… terrible management.. terrible timing of pitching changes… this game really put us out of reach for pennant… really…

      problem is WC – if we get it – will likely be an away game.. 3 1/2 games is much to overcome …

      as much as people say we play 6 games against Pirates and we can catch them.. that’s just theory… ain’t happening

  35. If the Nats pass us by, we had no business going anyway. And, really, who here actually believes that this team wouldn’t choke in a one-game/play-in anyways? Washington may just put us out of our misery and spare us another, classic Dusty Baker postseason implosion. Seriously.

  36. That breaking your heart quote yesterday was downright prophetic.

  37. I try to stay positive, but heads need to roll for crap like this.

  38. We r 3 1/2 games out of Pirates… 4 on loss side..

    yes, we play them 6 times… but anyone really think we can gain 3 1/2 games on them based on how they’ve played and how we have played this year?

    NO WAY!

    we are going to PA for 1 game.. and we will get blown out / shut out by their best pitcher – Liriano..

    we are done !

    Dusty – hope he’s gone..

    I am pissed now… not that matters to Reds organization.. so what I’ve spent 6 digit figures in season ticket for all these years.

  39. CHAD


  40. I also don’t have any faith this team will win the series in Houston. Not being melodramatic here, but if I were putting real money on it, it’d be against the Reds.

  41. I have this perverse need to root for the Nationals to catch the Reds and put this absurd operation out of its misery.

    Getting a game 163 seems somehow like an insult to the rest of the league.

  42. When the Reds blow their lead over the Natinals or when they blow a one game WC play in, will there be ANY chance that Dusty is gone then? If the Reds don’t win a game this post he should be sent packing.

    • @Jason1972: 2 year contract. Dusty WILL be back for 2014. Deal with it.

      • @wildwestLV: well, if Dusty is back.. I am no longer Reds follower… after 35 years.. 25 of them as season holder… I would be done… tired of either losing because of lack of talent.. and tired of under performing w/ talent because of idiot manager who doesn’t “work” for his money

    • @Jason1972: No, he will get extended through 2020 after they choke again… AND they WILL choke again.

  43. I really don’t wish harm to come to anyone, but I can’t help but wish something would cause Dusty to retire immediately. Maybe an epiphany of some sort… a realization that his role in on this planet is to work on behalf of the needy, drive a taxi, raise tropical fish, or just “walk the earth.” Anything to get him out of the dugout before the Reds are eliminated. Is this really too much to ask?

    • @Baseclogger: If that’s the way you truly feel you really need to find another team to allegedly support.

      • @kywhi: If I want a different manager, I need to find a different team to “allegedly” support? Wow, that’s a pretty tough standard. Reds attendance would probably be cut by 75% if everyone followed that advice. Might want to reconsider.

        • @Baseclogger: there aren’t many who have done 25 years of season ticket as I have.. not a brag, just fact… i love the reds.. through thick and thin… but what I can’t stand is management ineptness…lack of fundamental play by players, coupled w/ lack of accountability of players by players and manager.. these sort of things have occurred throughout the year..

          more than anything. When I say Dusty doesn’t care, I don’t mean it’s Zero care.. it means it is NOT enough care – at highest professional level..

          Dusty doesn’t have that high standard… if anyone think he does, those same people prob have the same low standard

  44. I’m sure after this season, Choo won’t be telling Scott Boras to sit down & shut up, because he’s willing to take a big pay cut & try another go around with Dusty’s Reds in 2014.

  45. Dusty doesn’t care.. he’s been in it too long.. has too much money… he has nothing to lose… he knows this is last job in baseball w/ the Reds.. he never won it all and don’t think that will bother him.. no real thirst for winning… which means.. he doesn’t want to “work” at being the best manager possible, making the moves during the game which requires “thinking” “analyzing” — all hard mental stuff — and he flat out does not do them.

    being a fan for 30 + years.. season holder for 25 years.. I am 1 person but I must say, Dusty is a cancer to this team..He must go at all cost.. even if we start over next year..

    i can’t keep watching manager who does not care

    • @tae: Reading these kinds of claims that Dusty Baker doesn’t care and is a “cancer” to the team makes losses such as this one even tougher to take. You know Dusty doesn’t care how? Really poor pitching by a couple of players who some on here have touted as suitable replacements for Aroldis Chapman as Cincinnati’s closer and an outstanding defensive play beat the Reds today.

      • @kywhi:

        You mean Zach Duke? Allowing him to face a righty in a crucial situation was brain-dead on Dusty’s part. Its indefensible. Zach Duke has no business being anything more than a LOOGY. The Brewers capitalized on Dusty’s inept strategems.

    • @tae: His comments in the Enquirer, after yesterday’s win, were…strange. If he does care, it just seems like he suddenly started. I mean, he did look mad at the end of yesterday’s game, and supposedly he had a meeting w/ the players before the game (was there one today, before or after?). But as long as Dusty has managed the Reds, I’ve never seen, or read that much concern and/or anger from him. And I have no idea how much of that actually makes it into the clubhouse, which is all that matters. Dusty may not be the only problem with this team, but it’s hard, even for Dusty apologists, to say (with a honest face) that he’s the solution. There’s a major glitch somewhere, though.

      • @wildwestLV: Why try to insult those people who realize that the nine players who take the field are 99.9999 percent responsible for a game’s outcome by calling them “Dusty apologists”?

        • @kywhi: If the manager makes that little difference, why on earth are they paying him so much? I’d take the job for a tiny fraction of what they’re giving him, and apparently I’d be expected to win exactly the same number of games if your math is correct.

        • @kywhi: And I guess what you’re saying is that it really makes no difference who takes the field, or at what point in the game they take the field, or for how long they take the field, or what position they play in the field, or whether they bunt or swing, or whether they aggressively swing or try to work the count, or whether attempt to steal, or whether they intentionally walk someone, or whether they try a hit and run — because these are all managerial decisions, and of course the manger makes virtually no difference according to you. Almost no matter what the manager does, the players should be able to win if they have more talent than the other team? Isn’t that what you’re saying?

        • @kywhi: I guess Sparky Anderson and Lou Piniella could have just been easily replaced with a cheese coney and all that talent would have won the World Series anyways. Baseball’s most respected, so-called, greatest managers, seem to, for the most part, have “something” in common. “Something” they’ve accomplished.

  46. i feel better about Indians’ chance of catching Rays’ 1 game WC lead.. go Indians..

    maybe that’s what I should become.. Indians’ fan… i have another 30 years to live.. hopefully…

    Reds ownership must be blind/deaf/…

    • @tae:

      Anyone that thinks manager doesn’t really make that much of a difference over 162 games just take a look at the Indians.

  47. Does anyone know the number of come from behind losses this team (and fans) have endured this season? Seems we can never hold a lead especially on the road. Reds limping towards the finish line…

  48. “This one hurts — it really hurts,” Baker said. “Our guys battled today. We’ve got some guys swinging better. You want to get out of slam reach — and I kept saying that the whole game. And then you want to get out of the three-run homer reach. We just didn’t get out of reach.”

    And this is what gets me. Dusty Apologists will always blame the players for the loss, even when Dusty himself isn’t quite willing to do the same. But he certainly won’t take claim, personally, either. Just bad luck, I guess. Shucks.

    • @wildwestLV: They’ve got 12 games left and probably need to win 6 or even 7 of them to make the playin.

      So is he supposed to publiclu throw guys under the bus and then expect them to bust their butts for him in the remaining games.

      This team is what it is. There is not a single reliable arm in the bull pen except for Chapman. And before any one takes me to task on this statement. Look back at all the 7th and 8th inning folds and tell which guy has not been involved multiple times.

      • @OhioJim: No manager should EVER, publicly “throw guys under the bus”, that is not my point. Most of what an exceptional manager does, goes unnoticed, behind the scenes, in the clubhouse. The end result is, whatever a team is doing WRONG, gets corrected. What is the accountability on this team? Maybe Dusty does address it, in the clubhouse. If he does, it hasn’t shown. I don’t know what a Major League team is paying a manger to accomplish though, if, at the very least, that.

      • @OhioJim: The Reds go .500 over the remainder and they might be watching game 163. The Nats are blistering it. Change a couple of these losses the past few weeks where inept strategy has cost the Reds wins, and Cincy is much safer.

        • @D Ray White:

          Or losses due to bullpen meltdowns, take your pick. The strategy blunders are harder to take because they’re obvious. Pitchers will give up hits and homers, but continual strategy blunders are unconscionable.

        • @D Ray White: My math could be wrong but because the game in hand is to the Nats, I calculate that if the Reds win 7 the best the the Nats can do is tie them.

      • @OhioJim: Reliable-schmiable … these are professional pitchers who haven’t got the ability to throw a strike with a 3-run lead?

        I got to thinking earlier about how this one isn’t on Dusty … but the truth is, I’ve seen a lot of teams with a lot less talent pony up to the bar and beat the Reds.

        Yeah, this is on the dugout staff. This team is very poorly managed.

        • @Johnu1: How is the team poorly managed when the pitchers won’t/ can’t throw strikes?

          The would have done two things differently myself. I wouldn’t have left Arroyo in to face Gomez and I would have gotten Hanigan out of the game with him. Hanigan calls a nibbler’s game and what they needed when they still had the 3 run lead was for somebody to throw strikes and take their chances.

  49. 2011 Cardinals: for everyone who thinks that the Nats catching the Reds is a ridiculous proposition.

    • @wildwestLV: 2011 Cardinals: Tony LaRussa and the idea that you have to play the long season.

      • @Johnu1: Thank You. La Russa also had 3 World Series titles to his career. Coincidence?!?

        • @wildwestLV:

          And Tony gave a rat’s @ss about being his players’ buddy. Tony was a results guy, and an outside the box, unconventional thinker who was rarely outfoxed. Many Reds fans despise the man, but he was by most accounts the best manager of the last 20 years, and is a shoe-in for the HoF.

  50. If Castellini is truly serious about bringing championship baseball to Cincy he eats Dusty’s contract and brings in Mike Sciosca and a new hitting coach, a la Mark Grace or Sean Casey. Keep Brian Price on as pitching coach. Dusty has been fortunate to have championship-caliber teams at all three stops of his managerial career. Those teams resulted in zero WS titles and only one NL pennant. In other words, he took very good teams and made them good teams. You never hear Cubs or Giants fans clamoring for dusty to come back, or congratulating Reds fans on their manger’s sound strategy and acumen. I wonder why?

    • @D Ray White: I agree. I am weary of listening to the scribes and TV announcers blubbering all over Dusty’s ability to win 1,600 games and lose 1,600 games — and pretend he is some kind of genius. This team was built to win this year, not struggle to finish the year. We’re just lucky the Brewers didn’t have one more pitcher.

    • @D Ray White: EXACTLY. Maybe the post of the season, for me. Why don’t teams miss Dusty, once he’s gone? Even the lowly Cubs have not looked back. Why?

  51. I totally agree with D Ray White’s comments above about the manager and hitting coach’s changes that are needed. Biggest reason is the inconsistency of this team. The offense or hitting has been inconsistent all year, and the team has blown leads late in games. No excuse for today. LeCure should have stayed in, or maybe Parra? But, not sure what is Parra’s numbers against RH Hitters. It seems whenever LeCure and/or Parra comes in to games, then walk one or two batters, at least they walk one batter, and then go 3-2 count on the next batter.

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