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Game Thread: Reds at Brewers (2013.09.14)

I really hate Milwaukee!  I do not like beer, I was never a big fan of Laverne and Shirley, and I really hate the Brewers.  Playing this team 250 times* a season has really gotten old!  Losing to them at this point in the season is really bad.

Discuss the game here Reds fan and share in my dislike for everything Milwaukee!

*Maybe a slight exaggeration

227 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Brewers (2013.09.14)

  1. I don’t ever remember seeing a Reds player involved in as many baserunning blunders, whether they’re his fault or not, than Joey Votto.

  2. What are these Reds players doing?
    Oh that’s right, reclining at the beach!

    They act like they have never played ball before. Someone needs to step on them – BIG TIME! This should not be tolerated – at all!!

  3. Reds in Houston Mon. Tues.and Wednesday. Still can’t get use to the fact that the Astros are in the American League now.

  4. The Nation is watching these Reds and they are he.. bent on showing how not to play championship baseball that’s for sure.

  5. Reds back on national TV – Reds don’t act like you’ve never played baseball before.

  6. Votto was upset with Cozart for not signaling to Joey that he needed to slide. (per Marty & Cowboy)

    • @Sergeant2: that may be true, but how about just sliding in that situation… not like Votto is Hamilton.. Votto is slow as my 70 year old mother, all due respect.. he needs to see a SIGN to slide?

      oh I miss Pete Rose

  7. Showcasing Aroldnis so we can get a hammer (big time hitter) for him in the off-season.

  8. There is obviously a TON of talent on this team. To play as badly as they do and win as many games as they do…. truly an impressive feat.

  9. Chapman now having a meltdown. Guess this is the last time we’ll ever see him in the 8th.

        • @Baseclogger:
          There seems to be a lot of praise for Price, but this validates what he can does in my eyes.

          Does Chapman speak English, or does Price speak Spanish (can Mes interpret)..

          Anyone know the details on this as I getthe impression Chapman does not speak the language great and who is the interpreter? Itzuris/ Cairo, I thought Codero filled this role a few years ago

  10. chapman is making it last a little longer…. c’mon, let’s end it so i can go watch college football… much more interesting than watching Reds..
    i gotta get treated to Reds addiction. why do i watch the game every game.. for 33 years now..

    • @tae: Tae, because you, like many others including myself, are true, committed (mental hospital anyone) Reds fans – with an eye on baseball history.

      If things break the Reds way – they could go all the way or –



  11. is someone warming up, I am for Chapman finishing, if he can quit walking batters

    Just curious if it Hoover

    • @Sergeant2:
      Tech up 17-7, Smelter first career TD, recpetion former baseball player

      I am pretty sure nobody is a Jacket fan on here, just curious if there any body feels their college team is like the Reds, good but just cannot get into that elite status

  12. OK good win, tomorrow is a MUST WIN. Sweep the Astros should the goal

    • @Steve Mancuso:
      Collapsing is all relative, they lose tomorrow/that is 5 out the last 7 series
      I call that a minor collapse, I still believe the Nats are a non-factor, all it takes is one day where Reds gain a game on them

      The main thing about Baker’s teams is that they do not sustain droughts, they rarely get swept just never quite take it to the next level

      • @Steve Mancuso:
        Collapsing is all relative, they lose tomorrow/that is 5 out the last 7 series
        I call that a minor collapse, I still believe the Nats are a non-factor, all it takes is one day where Reds gain a game on them

        The main thing about Baker’s teams is that they do not sustain droughts, they rarely get swept just never quite take it to the next level


  13. Never thought I would have to wipe sweat from my brow on a cool day like today. And this one belongs to the Reds.

  14. good game (A&M and Tide that is)…

    wow we won one … now we feel good again? not..

    this is what we r supposed to do against clubs 20 games under 500…

    we need to win next 4 .. no more sleep walking..

    if we do, maybe.. just maybe we might be 2 or 2 1/2 down against cards… fantasy stuff.

    • @tae:
      Good game today, shout out to Homer who was solid, and his usually ace self sans one inning

  15. Much needed win today, lets get em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  16. It should be interesting seeing who the Reds pick a game up on today…




    all three would be a jack-pot! (sorry, Seattle stinks)

    • @cincyreds14:
      Take the Nationals off your radar , they are a nonfactor…
      Reds control the Pirates destiny, must win both series to have any hope at the division

      The Reds are essentially chasing the WLBs

      • @vicferrari: The Nats will only be a non-factor after they have been mathematically eliminated. Fans should know by now, the game isn’t over till its over (The As were in 1st place 1 day last season – the date? Last day of the season).

        Currently live in Denver and will never forget the Bengals game where the Broncos beat the Bengals in the waning seconds on an INT after Dave Lapham already had given the Bengals credit for a win. So you really never know.

        I want the Nats to keep the heat on the Reds (so they don’t slack off any more than usual) and being that they play the Cards in a 3 game series beginning a week from Monday strong and viable for their next 12 games. That way the Rockies and Nats give the Cards all they can handle as they close the season.

    • @cincyreds14: Yep, love it when the Reds win a day game and their rivals are playing at nite. Can relax tonite and root for the road warrior Cubs and the fighting’ Phils (with Hamels). And hope the Mariners at least don’t just give away the game to the Cardinals, like they did last nite.

      • @pinson343:
        it does not matter what hammels does tonite, because he is not facing the rats or the wlbs

        he is a non-factor

      • @pinson343: Seattle has to realize their game matters – as they completely blew the game last night. Hopefully they redeem themselves today!

  17. I am a little fired up about this win. It echos everything the Reds are capable of, Homer carrying the team to a win. Votto getting a big hit, Chapman pitching out of a jam, Hamilton baserunning is really not this team and all the TOOTBLANs hopefully are getting filtered out when it does not matter.
    Is Hamilton eligible for the wildcard game? I like the x-factor that he provides, but despite this I like their chances in the play in game. Winning the division would be a miracle at this point and will come down to timing.

    Any one got any stats about divsion winners with the fewest days in first place?

    • @vicferrari: Hamilton is eligible for the postsaeson. He was on the 40 man roster as of August 31, all the Reds have to do is bump Massett off the 40 man.

    • @vicferrari: I’m fired up too and waiting to write postgame comments. Where’s that recap ? Hope the guys haven’t all taken the nite off.

      • @pinson343:
        I hear ya I have been drinking since 3:30 and watched the Jackets dominate Duke and a letdown in these college match-ups, I feel this game was pretty intense
        To Hell with GA
        Screw the WLBs, go stupid Cubs

    • @vicferrari: Hey Vic, that is exactly what makes most Reds fans crazy. They are good – and capable of being elite but never seem to get there. I was blessed as a Denver, Colorado resident to see the Reds games in Cincinnati from last Thurs-Monday – resulting in almost a 5 game sweep). Then the Reds go and lose a series to the Cubs to finish the homestand.

      Here’s hoping the Cubs return the favor to the Reds by making the Pirates lives miserable this week-end. That would be sweet. Pennant races are a rush!

      GO REDS!!

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