I really hate Milwaukee!  I do not like beer, I was never a big fan of Laverne and Shirley, and I really hate the Brewers.  Playing this team 250 times* a season has really gotten old!  Losing to them at this point in the season is really bad.

Discuss the game here Reds fan and share in my dislike for everything Milwaukee!

*Maybe a slight exaggeration

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. I vote we just don’t pitch to Carlos Gomez today (or tomorrow).

  2. “It’s in our best interest to finish above .500 on the road, especially during this race,” Baker said.

  3. I am having a bit of trouble with the beer hate that this is tarting with.

    • @pmedwards: I am also having a bit of trouble spelling

      • @pmedwards:
        Maybe you have been partaking in your one true love a bit early. I would not be right there with you if I did not have to stain a deck or an evening to make it to.
        Lets make a pact to ban all Miller products until the Reds get another series win against this team.

  4. There are no excuses, the Reds true ace going today against a rookie who they have already rocked up this year. His last start was a success, against that stupid team where he gave up more HR’s than K’s, walked 3.
    Time to wake up, let’s see some hustle

  5. Adding to our League lead in sacrifices versus a pitcher with an ERA of ~9. Very nice.

  6. Whether called by the bench or Brandon did it on his own, that bunt was horrible. We don’t deserve to be successful doing stuff like that.

    • @Eric the Red:
      Is your point that we are getting what we deserve, or that we do not deserve to be in the decent spot we are in with the terrible strategy.

      I amsure I agree with your point because it is just plain bad baseball to bunt in that situation

  7. This SHOULD be an easy win for the Reds. Beyond the pitching matchup, no Lucroy and no Ramirez in the Brewers lineup. Khris Davis, Reds killer, is back from an injury and batting cleanup. He hit a HR off Homer in the game he hit two two-run homers to beat the Reds – I say Homer handles him today.

  8. Are they seriously bunting your 100+ RBI man after a lead off double.
    This is not Kershaw, team playing scared

    • @vicferrari: The team are going to have to overcome DB to have any meaningful success. Just the way it is.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan:
        I know, but does it not feel like the bunts have gotten out of hand the past month or am I just being nit-picky…
        considering the pitcher, what just happened, and who is coming up…
        cannot see the game, was it a clear sacrifice or did it appear BP was bunting to get on base ala Cingranni?

    • @vicferrari:
      I hate being a downer when something good is happening, but what a dumb bunt there, probably forces Votto to change his strategy

    • @vicferrari:Absolutely, but does this tell you that perhaps Phillips is not able to consistently swing the bat? Is this an injury issue?

  9. Good start for the Reds. But the sacrifice bunt may have taken them out of a big inning. Hate that play.

  10. That sacrifice is looking worse and worse. I’m pretty sure Brandon did it on his own. (BTW, yes, Ludwick got a hit on the second pitch. But he once again swung at the first pitch in a situation where patience was a virtue.)

    • @Eric the Red: And Cozart made his out on a ball. Have to let this pitcher walk people. On the other hand, I don’t mind Frazer’s swinging at a first pitch fast ball right down the pipe in his situation, where a 2 out hit meant more than a walk (i.e. a second run) and a fast ball right over is Frazer’s pitch.

  11. I can’t believe BP would bunt on his own in that situation where he could otherwise drive in a run with a hit. Baker has called for the bunt in that situation all year.

    • @Steve Mancuso: We can’t be sure. When he’s batting 2nd, Brandon will sac bunt on his own and come back with a big smile. He’s sac bunted a runner to 3rd on his own before, a couple of times last year. It’s a problem with having him bat second.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I can. Brandon likes to kind of show off ” Look! I behave differently when I’m batting in the 2-hole.” I love the guy as a baseball player, but that’s the way things looked to me. Also, I’m down on Dusty but it’s hard for me to believe even he would have called that with this situation/pitcher. Hopefully it won’t matter since we can be pretty sure the media won’t ask so we’ll never know.

      • P@Eric the Red: Odds: Dusty – 90%, BP -10%. Baker would put on a bunt, in a heartbeat, in the situation. No competent MLB hitter should want to bunt with that opportunity.

      • @Eric the Red: You’re absolutely right about that. It’s beyond showing off though. BP deeply believes in the traditional lineup “roles”.
        He said that as a cleanup hitter the only stat that matters is RBIs. And batting second, he has said, is about moving runners along, even if it means sacrificing yourself.

        And yes he is proud of his bunting skills and likes to show them off.

        • @pinson343: PS Not saying that BP did bunt on his own in that situation. We don’t know yet. I can easily believe Dusty would put the bunt on, “to get a run and take the lead”. My point is that if Dusty didn’t out it on, BP might do it on his own.

  12. Good, Homer. The slider that retired Davis a much better idea than another fastball.

  13. It would be great to chase this guy and dig deep into their pen, then tee off on Gallardo tomorrow

  14. Thank goodness that takes the sacrifice out of play. Way to go Choo!!!

  15. Wow. Choo crushed that.

  16. CHOO!!!!!!!

  17. Does the director of the FSO broadcast sit down with the announcers and say “talk more! There were a few seconds of quiet time last night. Kelch, did you pause for air at some point? Cut it out–Jim Day is ready to step in if you don’t get with the program and talk constantly. Oh, and who accidentally used Fix Trax on screen twice on close calls last night? You know we only like to use it on check swings and pitchouts!”

  18. Ludwick and Frazier both swung at Ball 3. One got a bloop hit, the other a flyout.

  19. The one hit that Homer has given up so far was that squibber by Gennett to third base.

    • @Steve Mancuso: He’s really been on lately. I hope he keeps it going through October, even though that will cost the Reds a lot of money down the road.

  20. Looks like a decent number of Reds fans sitting near home plate.

  21. Wilson forgot to mention the whole Buddy Selig thing about Milwaukee.


    And somebody kick Dusty, he’s about to knock out in the dugout.

  22. I keep forgetting: will we get an extra draft pick when Choo–unfortunately–signs somewhere else next year?

    • @Eric the Red: It has something to do with making a qualifying offer, 1 year $14 mil. Make the offer, if he turns it down, another team signs him, we get a pick.

    • @Eric the Red: I think that’s right. But did you see the quote from Walt Jocketty this week where he said he was “confident” the Reds could resign Choo? I was out of town and just reading headlines, but I’m pretty sure that’s what was reported. Surprising to me.

      • @Steve Mancuso: I didn’t see that, but it would be huge. I think it would have to be a sux-seven year contract which would be scary, but he could play CF next year and then move to LF when Ludwick is gone/Hamilton is ready.

        • @Eric the Red: Not bad thinking as it would ok to have a guy like Choo in LF, but we still don’t know that Hamilton will be able to play in the majors, though he certainly can run. Also, Yorman seems to be beginning to put it together and may be ready in a year or two. Do the Reds keep Bruce on another contract? When will Ervin be ready and where does he play?

  23. Another 0-2 fastball. Like last night.

  24. Welp, here we go. Collapse has started

  25. I just don’t get why they insist in throwing Davis fastballs in the middle of the plate.

  26. The Reds and Jocketty WILL resign Choo, I asked him that question at the season ticket holder’s luncheon. He said we are doing everything we can to retain him. Its our number 1 priority. They love his character and work ethic. Then Billy could be brought up slowly and not rushed straight into the lead off spot. 1 more year for Ludwick left in LF.


  27. Absolutely pathetic pitch selection. Fastballs down the middle.

  28. Jeff Brantley: “And the Brewers have come all the way back. It’s a 4-3 ball game.” Uh, Jeff, if they came “all the way back ” wouldn’t the score be tied?

  29. We all know what’s coming. Reds will start hacking now.

  30. Huh. Ludwick swung at the first pitch. I didn’t see that coming.

  31. We’ve got to knock this pitcher out before he hurts someone.

  32. “Hellweg’s had no problem at all hitting the left arm of the Reds’ hitters.”- Chris Welch

  33. That was dumb.

  34. WOW, disgusting. 5-4 loss.

  35. Assuming he responds well physically heading into Sunday, Cueto will likely be cleared to face batters. With no minor league affiliates still playing this late in the season to allow for a rehab assignment, Cueto may be forced to see his first action in a low-leverage situation out of the bullpen once he’s activated


  36. Anyone even want to hazard a guess as to what Frazier is thinking? That might be the dumbest play all season — and that’s really saying something.

  37. They had a team meeting this morning. Clearly, base running wasn’t on the agenda. Where exactly was Frazier going? Helpfully, he previewed that little stunt a pitch before so Maldonado was prepared for it.

  38. It’s a shame Choo’s walk didn’t come with no outs. If only there were a way to have arranged it so the pitcher didn’t lead off the inning…

  39. VOTTO!!!!!

  40. Way to go MVP!!!!!

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan:

      Way to go MVP!!!!!

      Sorry Charlotte, really appreciate your comments and perspective, but JV=MVP is ancient history. Still stinging about a few at bats JV had against the Pirates this year.

      If JV had been solid all year they would not have the Nats breathing down their backs and would actually be in a great position for the NLC flag (something I currently do not believe they are).

      Really need the Rockies to do a number on the Cards this week.

      • @cincyreds14: Hey Red. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing him for 2013 but if he got smoking red hot, who knows. But the guy is a MVP caliber talent and I use MVP as a nickname when he is rolling. But I know where your coming from.

        • @cincyreds14: Hey Red.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing him for 2013 but if he got smoking red hot, who knows.But the guy is a MVP caliber talent and I use MVP as a nickname when he is rolling.But I know where your coming from.

          Yes you do sir (and please excuse my manners if you are instead a madam) and yes JV is quite capable sir. If there is anyone on the Reds with the ability to carry this team for the next month or so it’s Joey (beside J Bruce).

          And don’t get me wrong – would love to see JV mirror a George Foster look-a-like (btw, last w/e was a blast – but man has this game changed in the past 35 years starting with that great team would never have been assembled as the Reds would have needed a $200M PR) look-a-like for the next month or so. Is he capable – absolutely, have I seen it – a resounding NO!

          • @cincyreds14: Speaking of the Great Eight – I believe they really inspired the current Reds. What a group that was. We will never see their like again.

            By the way, all guy as my wife will happily attest.

  41. Atta boy, Joey!

  42. 1st time I have ever seen Votto pull a HR like that.

  43. Reds needed that 2 run jack from Votto big time, yes big time.

  44. Wow. You could see Votto was locked in today. All of his at-bats have been good. When he pulled one in the air earlier, I thought something good might happen. Just glad for him that he’s allowed to cash today’s paycheck.

  45. Pulled too. Been awhile.

  46. Marty must be seeing double, as he said he saw 2 scored ahead of Joey – sorry Marty, not withstanding your wishful thinking, it was only a 2 run HR with only 1 scoring ahead of Joey.

    And yes Marty and Cowboy, if JV started earning all his entire salary it would be most appreciated.

  47. Let’s see if Homer can hold this lead.

  48. Get Homer out of this game.

  49. They just now get the pen going?

  50. For me, this should be Homer’s last inning regardless if what happens or if his spot comes up next half inning.

  51. Mix and match in the 7th, then LeCure in the 8th and Chapman in the 9th. Speaking of Chapman, has he pitched since his 4 game swath of domination?

    • @Eric the Red: I don’t care if Chappy pitches with a 5 run lead. He needs some action. For that matter, so does Cueto. Time for the Reds to increase their lead.

    • @Eric the Red:
      Chapman better pitch today, he pitched Sunday. Its only been once in 6 days. Would like to see how he looks with a 4 run lead

  52. Homer’s good for 100+ every time. Not 120, but he’s got some time to go today. DPs help.

    • @RedLeg75: Nah, the bullpen needs some work and there’s no point in pushing him at this point of the season. He typically pitches better when he hasn’t been stretched too far in the previous start.

      • @Eric the Red: He’s at 93 now, I’d give him one more inning. Last two games, 99, 106 pitches.

        • @RedLeg75: it’s a quality start, he’s battled, Dusty should call it a day. I say that regardless of what happens this inning so let there be no claims of second guessing 🙂

  53. No one doubts your Joey’s biggest fan and no problem.. The snarky remarks about his contract “every time” he does something positive are not necessary. It is not crazy to question whether, or not, JV is going to be worth the contract. Personally, I think it is way to early to tell but it is a legitimate concern.

  54. Baseclogger got tossed from the site?

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Just the comments where you guys were addressing each other. Please keep your comments directed at the Reds and not other commenters. Thanks.

      • @Steve Mancuso: Understood.

      • @Steve Mancuso: It would be great if this policy were always enforced. I virtually never say anything about anyone on this site until I’m attacked. I make a quip about Votto earning his paycheck — aimed at nobody in particular — and I get attacked personally for it. But these comments never seem to be removed until I respond to them, and then all of a sudden the rules are being violated. I really don’t care one way or the other — let people address each other or don’t let them address each other — but a bit more consistency would be appreciated. I’m tired of being attacked and then being told I can’t respond.

        • @Baseclogger: I understand how you feel. The problem with consistent enforcement is that there aren’t any paid employees for this blog. If one of the editors isn’t participating in the game thread, there’s no way to monitor it. I’m here for a lot of the games, but not all of them. I attend a bunch of the home games, so can’t be on then. And candidly, lots of time I hate having to read the game thread, especially when things aren’t going well for the Reds, even briefly. All the repetitive, brain dead negative commenters come out. It stinks to have to read the thread, let alone take the time to police it.

          The editors are working on a post that explains and clarifies the commenting guidelines, which I think will help.

          Otherwise, my advice would just be to try not to take seriously or personal the criticisms of people writing anonymously who you don’t even know. Keep up the comments, though. You have a lot to offer, even though we don’t always agree.

  55. Four walks for Homer is really unusual. Ties his season high.

  56. Strike 3 on Francisco, this inning should be over.

  57. Just that one bad inning for Homer. Solid seven innings.

  58. 7 IP 3 R for Homer. Good stuff. 13 games left after today. I would like to see 10-3 and 9-4 at least. 9-4 is taking 2 out of 3 in every remaining series.

  59. Nice job, Homer. I still think to be an Ace you’ve got to cut down on those mistakes here and there that make games like this closer than they need to be, but I’ll take it.

  60. Figaro. Figaro, figaro, figaro, FI-GAR-OOOO!

  61. Love seeing Bryan Price having a serious conversation with Homer after the game. Clearly a teaching moment for Price and Homer seemed to be taking it in. Brantley says the best thing about Price is how he keeps challenging the pitchers. The entire team could use that approach.

  62. Man, Heisey must have really ticked off Dusty somehow. It’s even worse than usual.

  63. Robinson is a better bunter.

  64. Yes. Why would anyone bunt with Hamilton on first?

    • @RedLeg75: Yes, I’m really curious whether Robinson failed to get the bunt down twice or he was decoying.

      • @Eric the Red: I’m cautiously optimistic that he was just trying to be a menace to give Hamilton a better chance. He didn’t look very serious about trying to make contact. When he definitely wanted to make contact, he did.

        • @Eric the Red: I’m cautiously optimistic that he was just trying to be a menace to give Hamilton a better chance. He didn’t look very serious about trying to make contact. When he definitely wanted to make contact, he did.

          I sure hope so.

  65. Bunt and run?

  66. Having a guy who can consistently steal bases seems like something the Reds ought to look into. It seems to be helpful.

  67. Dusty’s managing will lose us the Wildcard Game. Any takers?

  68. Hamilton had better be on the post season roster.

  69. Well, I’m glad Dusty decided to put Hamilton in to push for the extra run. A little bit of killer instinct for once.

    • @Eric the Red: I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. Nice to see Hamilton being used in a situation where he’s not the tying or winning run. It is so NOT Baker’s style to worry about adding on one more run with a three run lead. Maybe the first sign of genuine urgency?

    • @Eric the Red: AMEN! And the Reds are in a pennant race – so they need to PUSH to the finish and beyond. It is not going to get any easier.

  70. Let’s think along with Dusty: I can have LeCure face a LH hitter, or Duke face a RH hitter. I hope that with a smaller lead he would have chosen to have LeCure face the LH hitter, but with him you just never know.

  71. TV showing that Delino DeShields is on the Reds bench. Mentoring Billy, it seems.

  72. I forgot. Angel Hernandez is behind the plate. Now that I remember, some of these ball-strike calls make more sense.

  73. 25,929 turned out for today’s titanic struggle, 25,929.

  74. What’s LeCure’s issue this inning?

  75. I wonder if Hamilton will get so far into the heads of opposing pitchers that they will be afraid to walk guys like Hanigan in the late innings.

  76. Chapman? 8th? Huh? Is this game worth more than other games?

  77. 4 out save. It is a rare creature around these parts, but here it is.

  78. I knew I should have kept the defibrillator within reach. Go Reds!

  79. Why take Duke out?

  80. High leverage situation. Get it done.

  81. This strike zone is beyond horrible

  82. Clever Dusty. He figured out how to get Chapman a Save even though we have a 4 run lead.

  83. Good throw by Mes

  84. That’ll work.

  85. I just hope those 4 pitches don’t completely ruin Chapman’s ability to get through the 9th. (Great play, Hanigan!)

  86. *Mes!

  87. Just like they drew it up….

  88. Still in 1st qtr. Texas A&M 14 – Alabama 0

  89. If the reds go nuts in the 9th, like score 2 or morewhat are the odds Chapman comes out?

  90. Votto is hurt

  91. Interference everybody’s safe.

  92. votto hurt? how?

  93. What on earth is happening to the Reds when they get on base? Why does it apparently not occur to anyone to actually LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING before attempting to advance to the next base?

    • @Baseclogger:
      Cannot see the game, what is going on…
      Also what happened on the Chapman K?

      • @vicferrari: On Chapman K — ball was way outside and went to the backstop. Mes picked it up and made a long throw to first.

        What happened on the previous play was that Bruce grounded out, and Votto inexplicably started running to third. He was easily doubled up attempting to get back to first. But catcher’s interference was called, and both runners declared safe.

        Of course, two batters later Votto is trying to score on a ball he has no chance of scoring on, and then chooses not to slide.

  94. Is Cueto active?

    If so and the Reds go up 5 or 6 would love to see him.

  95. Hope Cozart gets another AB and can get a hit. Continue that hitting streak of his. Shame to end it at 16.

  96. This is unbelievable.

  97. Why send him home? This team makes more base running mistakes than I have ever seen

  98. what was that at the plate? no slide? pulling a “Choo” there? what happened Votto


  100. But then Chapman wouldn’t get credit for the Save. Silly rabbit; I know Dusty is managing with an uncharacteristic sense of urgency, but he wasn’t kidnapped by aliens 🙂

    • @Eric the Red: Sorry, that was meant as a reply to the question about whether Chapman would be taken out if we score a few more runs.

    • @Eric the Red:
      I do not think it matters if the Reds scored a 100, Chapman finishes the ninth he gets the save

      • @vicferrari: Right. That was the point. To get the Save he had to finish the 9th, so there was no way Dusty would take him out no matter how many runs we scored.

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