The Reds travel to Milwaukee tonight for the final time this season.  The Reds have struggled against Milwaukee over the 2nd half of this season.  The Reds are 3-4 against the Brewers since the all-star break, not a very good record for a team looking to win the division against a team at the bottom of the standings.   Oddly enough though, the Reds have won a good majority of the games against Milwaukee this season despite that 2nd half swoon.  Those struggles have done nothing but remind me of 1999 when the Brewers ruined the Reds’ chances at winning the division.

The Reds’ division title hopes are treading on thin ice right now.  Every game has heightened meaning now that the Reds are 3 games behind St. Louis.  If the Reds are going to win the division, they have to not only win this series, but they need a sweep.  The last time I called for a sweep against a losing divisional opponent, the Reds lost the series.  That won’t cut it this time!!

Discuss the game here, watch the scoreboard, and cheer on the Reds!

UPDATE: So, it appears Chris jumped the gun by 24 hours. Use this game as an off-day open thread to discuss whatever you’d like, including tonight’s games. Chris will re-post this tomorrow, I hope.

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  1. rhummer

    The Reds are off tonight. Unless I’m some how in an internet time machine and it is actually Friday.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    The Nats win today while the Reds are idle, leaving the Nats just 5 games back in the loss column for the 2nd wildcard team.

    • OhioJim

      @Shchi Cossack: C.Trent laid on the math on the Nats versus the Reds today.

      If the Reds do better than 7-8 the Nats can’t pass them. If the Red finish at 7-8, the Nats have to go 14-2 (after tonight’s win)to pass the Reds. If the Reds fell as low as 6-9, the Nats would still need 12-4 to catch them.

  3. homerandbruce

    I’ve been saying look out for the Nats for a couple weeks now and have been ridiculed. I’ll say it again: look out for the Nats.

    • vicferrari

      Nats will not catch the Reds, if they actually played them maybe.
      The Nats would have to go 12-5 (which won’t happen) and the Reds 5-11 (which won’t happen)

  4. renbutler

    Nats still only a 2.9% chance for a wild card, even after today’s game, with the Reds 98% for at least a wild card.

    • homerandbruce

      @renbutler: Those percentages will reverse in a hurry if the Reds don’t play with some urgency over these next six games against the Brewers and the Astros.

  5. vicferrari

    Another Thursday when the Reds do not win. I predict they do not win on a Thursday for the remainder of the regular season

  6. preach

    After losing the series to the stupid Cubs, we really need some momentum vs these teams who are only playing for pride and to be spoilers. I sure would feel a whole lot better going into the Pirate series with two winning series in a row under our belts.

    • vicferrari

      what is discouraging is that they have only won 2 of the last 6 series, they are due.

      What is encouraging is that they have not been swept and have avoiding long slumps and they have finally starting beating good teams, time to put all together at the right time

      • pinson343

        @vicferrari: Even though the Reds have only won 2 of the last 6 series, they have a winning record over that time (10-9).

        Time to put it all together is absolutely right, it’s now or never.

  7. Eric the Red

    Regarding next year’s schedule: has anyone seen anything to explain why we’re matched up with the AL East again next year, for the second time in three years? (And I’m sure the ticket office is thrilled that we play the Yankees in NY again.)

    I hate Interleague play generally and find it makes things really unfair when competing for the Wildcard, so having to play against the Moneybags division for the second time in three years kind of bugs me.

    • Johnu1

      @Eric the Red: I recall one year having to play Kansas City and losing all three games. So while your plea is heard … just sayin’.

    • pinson343

      @Eric the Red: Even within a division, the interleague schedule can be unfair. The Cardinals had 6 games a year with KC all those years when KC was weak.

      The Reds have played the Yankees 2 times in the last 3 years. This will make it 3 times in the last 4 years ! The Cardinals have played the Yankees 0 times in the last 3 years.

      In 2011 the Brewers had to play the Yankees (97 wins) and Red Sox (91 wins). The Cardinals didn’t play either of them, but played Baltimore (69 wins) and Toronto (81 wins), neither of whom played the Brewers. That was such a discrepancy that the Brewers manager complained about it. Of course the Brewers won the NL Central that year anyway.

  8. Johnu1

    Here’s why we can’t have nice things. The Parrots decided to suddenly go on a winning streak.
    I await the Milwaukee Meltdown so that I can make this lament complete.

  9. tae

    with 15 games to go, even w/ potential Cards loss tonight, we would be back 2 1/2 games and 3 games on loss side.

    not likely we will catch the cards w/o debacle from Cards which just does not happen. or we would have to go on a 12-3 or 13-2 winning streak to end the season, which isn’t likely.

    1 game wild card.. question is do we play at home or away against the Pirates. I think this is almost a certainty. Nationals won’t catch.. just not enough time.

    i guess anything can happen so staying positive, but w/ this year’s reds, who knows..

    • OhioJim

      @tae: Reds have 18 to go. Lot’s of folks seem to be overlooking those three with the NY Metz (@GABP) between the two series with the Pirates.

      • pinson343

        @OhioJim: The Mets have ended the season for their best starting pitchers. Tell you the truth, I’m more worried about the Astros. They gave the Reds some trouble last year late, and this year they’re scoring runs. At least recently.

      • OhioJim

        @pinson343: It is amazing that depending what happens between the Reds and Pirates in Pittsburgh and what the Nats do between now and then that the Reds or Pirates or both may be rooting for the Cards when the they square off versus the Nats in games 157-158.

      • OhioJim

        @OhioJim: My fingers are worse than usual tonight. that is games 157-159 I meant above

      • pinson343

        @OhioJim: I know what you meant. I had the exact same thought tonite. If things go badly for the Reds until then, we might be rooting for the Cardinals to beat the Nats.

      • OhioJim

        @pinson343: I just don’t have any feel for how this Reds team is going to play what is basically the last tenth of the season; and generally I’m pretty good at judging such things by this point.

        The Nats are very capable of running the table except for the 6 versus the Bravos and Cards. It could be an anxious time for Reds fans (or hopefully if the Reds could sweep the Pirates in Pittsburgh) the Pirates fans.

      • pinson343

        @OhioJim: I know what you mean about the 2013 Reds. By this time in the regular season, I feel like I pretty much know what to expect for the remainder of the regular season. This year I have no idea.
        They could get very hot, they could limp to the finish line, neither would surprise me.

      • OhioJim

        @OhioJim: Or then again maybe I’m the one that’s forgotten how to count 🙂

        15 is indeed correct.

        The Cards gave a game back in the loss column today. The Cards and the Bucs still both have a game in hand to the Reds; and tonight shows that can cut either way.

        Reds trail both by 2.5 now.

      • Redsfanx

        @OhioJim: There are 15 games to go. Three games each with the Brewers, Stros and Mets, and six with the Pirates.

  10. earl

    Not trying to be negative, but the Nats have been finally starting to play to form and have creeped up a bit. I’d like to see the Reds rip out a couple big series to keep the heat on and ice this thing. They get to 90 wins, they are in the play in game at least.

    • pinson343

      @earl: The Reds only have to go 7-8 to finish with 90 wins. But you’re right that would most likely be good enough for the 2nd wild card.

  11. Johnu1

    I hate to add more vinegar to the candy but in the off-chance the we squander this wild-card near-guarantee … who do we want to manage our Reds next year?

    • Chris DeBlois

      @Johnu1: Joe Maddon. Since he’s pretty unlikely (hah), Bryan Price? Barry Larkin? Ryan Hannigan? I’d be interested to know who the forward thinking candidates might be.

    • MikeC

      Here’s a better scenario to root for: Reds get Dusty his first championship ring. Dusty retires after finally climbing the mountain.

  12. Chris DeBlois

    It’s been an odd season. And after three amazing games against LA (the only games I got to see in person at GABP this year, and the best three game series I’ve ever attended), the Cubs set the Reds on their heels. Almost a microcosm of the weird summer. But the weirdest scenario is yet to come. I think it is entirely possible that the Reds will play their last four games of the year before the “real” playoffs begin all against the Pittsburgh Pirates. And it is quite possible that it won’t matter (perhaps other than to determine a home field advantage for a play-in game) who wins the first three. I can’t think of a stranger end of season scenario than a four game series against the same team where only the last game matters. How bizarre might the managing and roster decisions be those first three games? The mind reels…

    • pinson343

      @Chris DeBlois: Definitely an odd season. As for the final 3 games against the Pirates, if home field advantage is at stake, they will be taken very seriously by both teams. The Reds and Pirates have both played much better at home than on the road this season. Whichever team is at home would be favored to win the play-in game.

      • Chris DeBlois

        @pinson343: There is definite value in the home field advantage, no question. But it may not be worth going all out for, extending the bullpen, burning the best starters, etc. If you had, say, Latos then Bailey then Reynolds lined up (though I don’t think that’s how it’s shaking out), wouldn’t you start Reynolds on short rest in the third game to have Bailey for the fourth (play-in) game? And besides that it’s quite possible that the Reds will be more than three games ahead of AZ and WA and more than three games behind Pittsburgh. Could be really weird…

  13. pinson343

    Prior to the last two series, the Reds had played well vs. the Brewers in 2013 (and 2012). They were 6-3 in 2013 (now 9-7). The Reds were 9-6 vs. the (83-79) Brewers in 2012.

    With Latos and Homer to begin the series I kind of expect the Reds to give them a whipping this weekend, but I still just don’t know this Reds team. I like the pitching staff a lot, but you never know when the offense will just disappear, the mental errors will return, etc.

  14. Matt WI

    All I know is if Khris Davis or Juan Francisco go yard on the Reds again, I’m going to be beside myself. And Scooter Gennett… guy is playing out of his mind. Just saw an article about whether or not he makes $11mil man Rickie Weeks expendable next year. Add in Lohse and we’ll see what happens.

  15. Johnu1

    Technically the Reds match up very well with the Brewers, but they’ve just been outplayed at key points in the games — lately. The Khris Davis fiasco is a prime example. And Chappy’s sloppy offering to Lucroy still another. Scooter Gennett should NOT be beating the Reds with home runs.