2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.09.11)

I think I will work today instead of watching this game. 

For those of you choosing to watch the game, feel free to discuss it here.  Go Reds!

86 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.09.11)

  1. Reds better freakin win. They don’t want me to have to come into the clubhouse and make a scene. They wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!

  2. “Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time! Cool runnings!” Go get this one Reds.

  3. Choo – CF
    Phillips – 2B
    Votto – 1B
    Bruce – RF
    Frazier – 3B
    Paul – LF
    Cozart – SS
    Mesoraco – C
    Leake – P

  4. Gamecast showing so far Leake isn’t getting the low strike. Dangerous game if that is true/continues.

  5. Not the prettiest way to score 2 runs, but hey. First lead the Reds have had in this entire series. I will take it whatever way.

  6. Jim Day has borrowed George Grande’s encyclopedia of cliches. “If Jay Bruce doesn’t win the Gold Glove there ought to be an investigation.” Also described Leake as “human rain delay” for being slow.

    By contrast, Chris Welsh described a pitcher as so slow “he could slow down a river barge.”

  7. Never been a fan of Jim Day. He’s like fingernails on a chalkboard for me and I really can’t explain why. Just is.

  8. 3-0 Reds to start the 6th, for those unwilling or unable to brave a box score. 🙂

  9. EV-idently, the bobbleheads in the Reds dugout snooze through the game. Smarddy was up to 87 pitches and was toast … so what do we do, go up and down on 4 pitches? And this includes our Franchise player.

        • @Johnu1: Don’t know. Hope they take tomorrow and plan an offensive explosion for me when I see them in Miller Park on Friday. I want a Votto HR. Never seen one in person.

        • @Johnu1: If a player gets a pitch he’s looking for and thinks he can handle on the 1st pitch, he’ll more than likely swing. Both Phillips (who does it a lot) and Votto (who does it far less) thought they had good pitches to hit, so they swung. Nothing wrong with that. No guarantee taking a few more pitches chases Samardzija, anyways.

  10. When’s the last time we’ve seen two 1 pitch AB’s back-to-back from Joey? The stats make me wish we’d see more! Including today’s 1 for 2, he’s .443/.443/.785 when putting the first pitch in play, which he’s done 70 times.

    • @prjeter: If you are saying you wish he would get more first pitches that are to his liking I agree, but if you are saying you wish he would swing at more first pitches, then I disagree. Remember the reason the stats are that good is because he is only swinging at things to his liking (and also the stat doesn’t include swinging strikes).

  11. Now the benefit of giving away last night’s game. Hoover, LeCure, Parra, Simon, and Chapman are available to hold a three run lead for three innings. Baker must be thrilled.

    • @Baseclogger:
      Exactly, I do not think they gave away by virtue of how the bullpen was handled. It was a no-brainer putting Reynolds in the 3rd, he just was not very sharp.

      You take your chances with Partch and Christiani and see where you are after 6. They did not work out and it really did not matter

  12. How about Mike Leake, back to back good starts, about 13 straight scoreless innings
    I was going to post Friday how he was not only pitching himself out of the playoff rotation, he was off the roster

  13. I’m going to go on record and say that while I was afraid, I’m now completely comfortable with Mes as the catcher of the future.

  14. How dem apples 3 run homer by Hannahan. 6-0 Reds. Log on to RN just in time. Go Reds!

  15. Well, Dusty pulled the right string on that one, putting in a LH hitter against the tiring RHP. Everyone who had Sep. 11 in the “First Reds Homerun for Hannahan” pool can rejoice.

    • @Eric the Red: Actually, I think Hannahan is a pretty decent pinch hitter, if there’s such a thing. All in all, he doesn’t bother me off the bench. (Easy to say after the latest result.)

      • @Johnu1: I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic. I regularly criticize Dusty, so I think it’s only fair to compliment him when he makes a good call as he did there. (Pulling Leake for Hoover was another good call.)

        • @Eric the Red: I don’t think the result of the call is really the measuring stick for if the call was good or not. If Hannahan strikes out or homers, the “decision” which is made before the outcome is identically weighted, in my eyes.

          For example: The correct call is to let Latos and Bailey pitch every time their turn in the rotation comes up. If one of them does poorly, it is not indicative of a bad call. It’s a good call having a bad result.

          With that said, I think PHing Hannahan in any situation is a bad call (assuming other people are available, even RH). Just my two-cents.

    • @Sergeant2: It wasn’t supposed to be on FSN Ohio originally, but it was picked up a couple days ago.

      It looks like Saturday’s game in Milwaukee was also picked up by FSN Ohio. It was originally a FOX regional broadcast, but dropped (probably so that the Reds would be maxed out on FOX games, and they could pick up one of the two Pittsburgh Saturday games later). Saturday’s game will NOT be available on Extra Innings because it’s still scheduled during the FOX exclusive window.

    • @Johnu1: I find myself still rooting for the Pirates, primarily because of my completely irrational loathing of the Cardinals.

      • @renbutler: I never thought I’d have this much animosity toward a team, but St. Louis has actually re-set the definition for me.

  16. How does Darwin Barney get so many hits against the Reds? Or does it just seem like it?

    • @Johnu1: He’s a .236 career hitter against the Reds.

      Coming into today’s game, he was .156 against the Reds, with 10 hits in 64 at bats.

      If anything, the perception is probably based on the fact that he plays so many games against the Reds.

      • @renbutler: He’s also a Cards killer, 16 out of 50 this year and .270 lifetime.

        (Okay, he’s a “killer” from his normally lightweight perspective.)

      • @renbutler: Lately, or this year, I know Barney has had a tough time of it. In the past, I think he’s been a bit of a thorn. It’s probably not the number, but the situation.

  17. After today’s game, there is only a 9-game road trip and a 6-game homestand. Then the 2013 regular season comes to a close. This season has gone by way too quickly. It’s been fun to be a part of RLN for another season. I have relied on you guys for day game updates while at work throughout the year. Thank you all.
    Heading for a good win today.
    I just hope my tickets for the season ending Pirates series are for meaningful games.

      • @Johnu1:

        I am hopeful. After the last two days I wasn’t so sure. Feel better after today. I think I will be going to Pittsburgh for next weekend’s games too. It just isn’t football time yet. It’s pennant race time.

  18. Actually, NOW … I take Votto out and put in a runner. He doesn’t need to be out there anymore.

    • @Johnu1: Game’s not over yet. Our bullpen is capable of letting the Cubbies back in the game. No reason to pull your best hitter. He’s been running the bases all year (more than anyone else in baseball, actually) and hasn’t injured himself yet.

  19. Here’s an idea: How about using Reynolds in a 6-0 game and using your proven major league relief pitchers in a 2-0 game? I’m not convinced Hoover, Simon, Parra, Chapman, and LeCure were all absolutely necessary to win this game.

    • @Baseclogger: It was the second inning. Reynolds is a starter, coming off two good starts in late August.

      There was nothing wrong with the move conceptually.

      • @renbutler: “Reynolds is a starter.” There’s one problem. He’d last pitched on August 31. There’s another problem. His ERA was almost 5. His ERA at GABP was 5.73. Still seeing no conceptual problems? Was it really so hard to imagine he might not be the most effective of our relievers?

    • Here’s an idea: How about using Reynolds in a 6-0 game and using your proven major league relief pitchers in a 2-0 game? I’m not convinced Hoover, Simon, Parra, Chapman, and LeCure were all absolutely necessary to win this game.

      Man, is it possible that D Baker will ever be able to think outside the box? I know it takes, smarts and intuition, something that D Baker seems to be sorely missing…

  20. yeah, i dont think Eric Show is STILL bitter about Pete’s 4192 hit. . .

    he had no idea Show was deceased.

  21. Hello Reds fans,

    Does anyone know what would happen if the Reds and Pirates end up tied for the right to host the Wild Card game? Would they play for the right to host the game and then play each other again for the right to to move onto the Divisional Round?

    Seems like a real possibility.

    • Hello Reds fans,

      Does anyone know what would happen if the Reds and Pirates end up tied for the right to host the Wild Card game?Would they play for the right to host the game and then play each other again for the right to to move onto the Divisional Round?

      Seems like a real possibility.

      @cincyreds14: With the odd number of games that the teams play, there’s the automatic tiebreaker — head to head. Teams play 19 divisional games now, which is actually pretty smart.

    • @cincyreds14:

      Hello Reds fans,

      Does anyone know what would happen if the Reds and Pirates end up tied for the right to host the Wild Card game?Would they play for the right to host the game and then play each other again for the right to to move onto the Divisional Round?

      Seems like a real possibility.

      It appears that the team with the better head to head record would host the WC game in case of a tie. Thus with the season’s series between the Reds and Pirates currently standing at 7-6 Pirates, the Reds would need to take 4 of 6 from the Pirates and then either tie the Pirates or win the first wild card spot outright to host the game.

      No more of this horrible play against the Cubs.

      The Reds need to rock the Brewers this week-end and then show the NL Central whose boss – that includes putting a hurting on the Pirates.

      • @cincyreds14: What a nail in the brain, if one team goes 10-9 and the swing game was something like … 2-1 in 13 innings. It could happen.

  22. The Reds avoided a sweep thank goodness. Now its on to the home of the iconic Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.

  23. A sweep of the Brewers would be a good way to start the road trip. The Reds get a much needed day off tomorrow. Back at em Friday.

  24. Well, at least we had LeCure to hold a 6 run lead, and Chapman in reserve just in case. Good thing we held all the front line relievers out of yesterday’s game, because this one counts for so much more in the standings.

    Hoover threw 5 pitches today. Simon 9. LeCure 12. Parra 15. Chapman 0. But we couldn’t use any of them yesterday because we don’t want them to be too overworked heading into the off day.

  25. This is a very hindsight-driven argument. The 6 run lead is obvious now because it happened, but who knows what could’ve happened today? It could have been 0-0 when Leake left the game, and it may have been reynolds/partch entering the highest leverage innings. Meanwhile, we bring in our best relievers yesterday and still lose 2-1.

    I am typically very harsh on Dusty, but not with the Reynolds decision. It also can’t be ignored that we scored 1 run yesterday on a Corky Miller double (cough, should’ve been caught). The offense, to me, is a much bigger problem than bullpen management

    • @CincyGuy: That’s been my point all along. Yesterday we KNEW the situation. We knew it was 2-0 and the starter was out. Very winnable game. Hold them to 1 or 2 more runs, and the Reds had an excellent chance. That was what we KNEW. What we didn’t know was what might happen today. Today we might score 9 in the first inning. Today Leake might throw 8 shutout innings.

      I mean, if you take this argument to its logical extreme, let’s hold Votto out of yesterday’s game because, well, gee, he might hurt himself and not be available for today’s game. Let’s play it safe that way, right? NO! You play to win every game. You use your best players whenever they might help you win, and only when you CANNOT use them do you turn to your lesser players. We’re no longer talking about trying to save arms for the stretch drive — this IS the stretch drive. Baker doesn’t seem to realize it, and apparently neither do some of the fans, but it’s true.

    • @CincyGuy: I had no problem calling Reynolds to pitch. He just didn’t bring his game with him. In hindsight, maybe you use a regular reliever for part of an inning so Reynolds can get ready (which is what Mattingly did) … but that’s not the problem.

      The Reds needed to beat up on Jackson, who is very very beatable. Sloppy pitching hurts. Inert hitting makes it seem worse.

      • @Johnu1: The fact that Jackson is very beatable is exactly why I think it made sense to do everything possible to keep the game close. At 0-2 in the second inning it was still anyone’s game. I actually still like the Reds to win that game if they bring in major league relief pitchers to shut down the Cubs. But you bring in a guy who wouldn’t even be on the roster in any other month, who hasn’t pitched in 10 days, hasn’t prepared the way he normally prepares, and whose ERA at GABP was 5.73, and can you really be surprised when he gives up a few runs relatively quickly? I mean, sure, it was theoretically possible he cold pitch five innings and give up just a run or two, but stats and common sense tell me that a combination of Simon, LeCure, Hoover, Duke, Parra, and Chapman have a much better chance of producing that outcome. Yes, some of them might not be available for the next game, but Reynolds would be. Why is it better to definitely use him today rather than maybe having to use him tomorrow? Makes no sense.

        Think about this: Why do you EVER use your best relief pitchers in a game if it means they won’t be available for tomorrow’s game? The reason is that you know they can help you today, but tomorrow you’re not sure if you’ll need them. So you use them when you KNOW you need them. It’s the logical thing to do. That was the case yesterday, and Baker blew it.

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