Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Los Angeles 2
Cincinnati 3

W: A. Chapman (4-5)
L: R. Belisario (5-7)

–With one out in the bottom of the ninth, Zack Cozart (who went 2-4 on the night) singled. Ryan Hanigan stepped to the plate, and just as I begged Dusty not to bunt, Hanigan ripped a double into left field that scored Cozart, and gave the Reds a walkoff win.

–Jay Bruce hit two homers against the best pitcher in baseball, Clayton Kershaw, driving in two of the three Cincinnati runs.

–Homer Bailey was great against the Dodgers tonight. Seven innings pitched, two runs allowed on six hits, with nine strikeouts. In a matchup against Kershaw on national television, Bailey showed the world that he’s an ace. (Thanks, Homer.)

–Aroldis Chapman has been nothing short of unhittable this week. Tonight, he just made the Dodgers look silly in the ninth inning. Especially Hanley Ramirez, who has been great in this series. Chapman made Ramirez look like a little leaguer.

–I keep questioning Dusty Baker’s use of Zach Duke, and Zach keeps making me look silly. He got the job done again tonight, as did JJ Hoover. Fortunately, I’ve been touting Hoover all season. He’s been very good.

–None. Absolutely none whatsoever.


–One week ago, I made some dumb comment about how this Reds team wasn’t fun to watch. One week later, things have changed a bit, eh?

I stand by my statement from last week. This Reds team has made mistakes on the bases and mistakes defensively all year, and the hitting has been uneven. They haven’t been fun to watch, and that’s a fact.

This week, however, has been nearly perfect. The Reds went 6-1 against the Cardinals and Dodgers — two first-place teams — and they looked very good in the process. Just when it looked like this club was dead in the water, they responded. Give credit to Dusty Baker, or Jay Bruce, or Homer Bailey, or whomever you like. All I know is that I have an optimism about this team that I didn’t have one week ago.

Baseball, you guys. I love baseball.

–I’ve praised Dusty a few times in recent days, so it seems like a good time to question one of his decisions. In the seventh, with the game tied 2-2, Dusty pinch-hit for Homer Bailey. That’s a reasonable decision, given the importance of the situation: one out, Cozart on second base, tie game. So, given the importance of the situation, it seems obvious to use Neftali Soto to pinch hit, right? Right?

No, obviously. Ryan Ludwick and Devin Mesoraco, among others, were available on the bench. But Dusty chose Soto, who had struck out in four of his five major league plate appearances in his career. Tonight, he struck out on three pitches. Make that five out of six.

I like Soto, and not just because he shares the same last name as one of my favorite Reds of all-time. But he was the wrong choice at this point in the game, and I think everyone understands that. Why would you put a September 40-man roster call-up into the game at that crucial point?

I’m perfectly willing to believe that Dusty has more information than I do, and that he had a good reason to make that decision. But I don’t understand it.

–Jay Bruce has more homers against left-handed pitchers than anyone in baseball the last three seasons. Can we put to rest the criticism that Bruce can’t hit lefties? Please?

–The last left-handed batter to hit two homers in a game off Kershaw? Our old friend Adam Dunn.

–That’s the first time the Reds have swept the Dodgers in Cincinnati since…wait for it…1992.

–Zack Cozart is now the proud owner of a 13-game hitting streak.

–The Reds are now tied with the Pirates for second place, 1.5 games out of first. Our favorite club plays the Cubs, Brewers, and Astros in next three series. This could get interesting.

–I love it when the Reds go. Go Reds.

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  1. CI3J

    Some gems from Dodger message boards:

    Man, Chapman is a man among boys. The illustration that comes to mind is holding your nose when eating something that tastes terrible, but is good for you. Dodgers have to go through getting humiliated by Chapman for one inning, then HOLD the Reds now. And hope Chapman doesn’t come out again for the 10th.

    Mattingly seems to think it’s still 2010-2012. Why he continues to give Belisario important innings is beyond me. It’s pure lunacy. Dusty freaking Baker outmanaged him.

    Wow, that sure ruined my weekend.

    Mattingly is a dolt.

    We’ve all been there…. Not to gloat, but it’s delicious seeing it on the opposing side.

    Now 3 with the Cubbies. Can the Reds really keep steamrolling along?

    • Johnu1

      @CI3J: Doggie fans seem to overlook some pretty obvious high points.

      Belisario didn’t pitch poorly. The ball that Hanigan hit has to be cut off. If you want to win the game, you gotta cut that ball off. Crawford didn’t.

      Withrow is a beast out of the bullpen.

      Hanley Ramirez has become the best hitter in the NL.

  2. Johnu1

    I may have been the original offender a month ago, calling this Reds team “boring” and “uninteresting.”

    I also didn’t there was a chance at ALL of Hamilton making the post-season roster.

    I also didn’t perceive there was not only a chance to win the NL-C, but also have the league’s best record. That will take some doing but it’s within reach.

  3. Steve Mancuso

    I had a great view of Hanigan’s double. I doubt it ever rose to more than 10 feet above the field. It was a line shot, hit really hard. The left fielder misplayed it at first, not realizing how hard it was it. Then it just shot past him all the way to the fence. Great to see Cozart and Hanigan combine for the winning run.

    • Johnu1

      @Steve Mancuso: I know you don’t play Hanny to pull but don’t you guard the lines in the 9th inning? Crawford got beat on that ball.

  4. Chris Garber

    I like Soto, and not just because he shares the same last name as one of my favorite Reds of all-time.

    Neftali “Ed” Taubensee?

  5. Baseclogger

    One of the more enjoyable games I’ve seen in person. Very happy for Hanigan in particular. What a thrill it must have been for him to look toward third and see Berry flash the “amazingly enough, I’m not telling you to bunt” sign. The win was made even more enjoyable by the incredible obnoxiousness of nearby Dodger fans (I had no idea they could be worse than Cubs fans) and Baker’s unparalleled ability to make every victory feel as if we’ve conquered multiple opponents. Oh, and Bruuuuuuuce! That guy can sure hit.

    • Lost and Found

      What a thrill it must have been for him to look toward third and see Berry flash the “amazingly enough, I’m not telling you to bunt” sign.

      This thought bubble quote should be the new site motto or at least turned into a gif or meme.

    • NastyBoys3

      @Baseclogger: Agreed, Dodger fans were incredibly obnoxious. There may be more Cardinals and Cubs fans at the other games, but the fewer Dodger fans were more annoying.

  6. Carlw2006

    If I’m not mistaken, only Puig and Ramirez drove in runs for the Dodgers this series. Oh, so on Hanigan’s sac bunt the whole stadium cheered, it was depressing watching Dusty throw away another out. Nonetheless an extremely exciting game to go to.

    I read that article about Homer being an ace, and read some of the comments and several were so incredibly hateful towards Homer, it’s amazing how some people just get in a mindset about a player and ignore all the good he has done lately.

    • Johnu1

      @Carlw2006: Homer, not an ace.
      Homer, a very good (at times) pitcher.
      In a tough game, I would not be afraid to hand him the ball.

      • CI3J

        @Carlw2006: Homer, not an ace.
        Homer, a very good (at times) pitcher.
        In a tough game, I would not be afraid to hand him the ball.


        Homer has it in him to be completely dominating, but he doesn’t seem to be able to do it consistently. So at times, yes, he can pitch like the very best around. Then the next time out he’ll pitch like a fairly mundane good pitcher.

        If he can just get some CONSISTENCY, he’d be truly deserving of the ace moniker.

        I will say, he has been on a very nice streak since the ASB, though. He is averaging 6.8 IP per start and has given up more than 4 runs or more only thrice.

        He’s getting there, and advance stats say he has it in him to do it, but he’s not there yet.

      • prjeter

        @CI3J: I haven’t re-read the article listed in the OP, but I read it when it was first published and I thought the onus of the article is that the advanced stats say he IS there, right now. Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly.

    • Lost and Found


      I’m glad the fans applaud the successful bunt. It’s not his fault, he’s doing what the manager tells him. I want the fans to applaud good execution.

      BTW, I went uggg when the bunt went down, but was glad it was done properly. Complicated feelings.

  7. robj8hammer

    Glad the game was nationally televised. Living in St Louis, I don’t get to watch the Reds on TV much unless they are playing the Cardinals, and with the exception of last week, that has been pretty discouraging this year.

    The Reds played well overall and Bailey was dealing the first several innings. He had arguably the best lineup in baseball completely off balance. Shame he didn’t get the W.

    It certainly will be interesting to see how the NL Central race unfolds!

  8. Kyle

    Wow. Never would have thought they could sweep a historically hot Dodgers team that threw Greinke and Kershaw. Latos and Bailey made a statement to those outside of Cincinnati about the talent and depth of this staff.

    The Reds will still have to play lights out to win the Central. The only bad news of the weekend was the Cardinals sweep, which gives them a nice advantage with their remaining schedule. The Reds have a light schedule as well, with the six Pirates games being about it. In fact, they play some incredibly bad teams other wise:

    1) Cubs at home (3)
    2) at Mil (3) – this is the non-Pirates series that is the toughest, if only because of the Reds struggles with MIL this year
    3) at Hou (3) (I’ve missed racking up wins against them)
    4) at Pit (3)
    5) Mets at home (no Harvey, no Wright, not even Byrd anymore)
    6) Pit at home (3)

    The Cards schedule is probably easier if only because of the PIT games. Add to that, they the Reds would have to beat out the Cards by a game to avoid losing the tiebreaker (is this correct- head to head?). Any guesses on what would get this done? If the Reds went 12-6, Cards would have to go 10-9 to finish 1GB.

    • vegastypo

      The Cards schedule is probably easier if only because of the PIT games. Add to that, they the Reds would have to beat out the Cards by a game to avoid losing the tiebreaker (is this correct- head to head?). Any guesses on what would get this done? If the Reds went 12-6, Cards would have to go 10-9 to finish 1GB.

      Some years ago, I believe that the Padres and Dodgers finished tied for the division title. Since both teams were going to be in the playoffs anyway, MLB used head-to-head to give one the division, the other the wild card………..

      But I’d hate to think that head-to-head would break a tie like that nowadays, when the team that comes out on the short end of the stick has got to be in the one-game crapshoot.

      The Cardinals have back-to-back series with those pesky Mariners (in St.L) and the Rockies (for four games in Colo.), and also the Nationals (in St.L), so they have room to stumble a little bit.

      • pinson343

        @pinson343: PS The head to head record would determine home field advantage for a playoff game. So if the Reds and Cards tie for first, the playoff game would be in St. Louis.

      • Johnu1

        @vegastypo: The schedule makers perhaps were alerted to this since everybody plays an uneven number of games against their opponents, thus making a dead-even finish mathematically impossible. Somebody is going to have, at worst, a 10-9 record.

  9. George M

    When those eight baseball Gods strode on to the same field that today’s Reds are playing on, something seemed to happen. Yes my eyes were wet because so many memories I didn’t know I had suddenly came back. This last series with the Dodgers was appropriate because of the competition that the “machine” had with the Dodgers in those glory days. Having all eight in the ballpark on Friday with all the achievements they collected seemed to say to the current Reds,” Really is this the best you got?” After watching these last 2 games it seems that a tiny bit of the magic from the machine stayed on the field for today’s Reds. The last two games were games that “today’s” Reds would have somehow lost. Was it just time for the team to live up to expectations? Or Did Bench leave a message in the air that blew across the mound? Was there a note to Bruce on the right field wall from Griffey SR.? Did Rose draw a line in the dirt at 3rd base for Frazier? Whatever happened, a message was left to today’s team, and I hope they got it and keep it, Win!

  10. hamiltonred

    Thank you Reds! Much needed after the shambolic implosion by bengals D today.
    I agree with chad that reds hitting has been (frustratingly) inconsistent. And guess who admitted so much….Zack Cozart. The irony is that his consistent hitting from the 7 spot is making a big difference to the offensive outcome. IMO, his contribution is probably going to be that extra bit we need to go past the 1st round of playoffs this year.

  11. Davis Stuns Goliath

    I know some have complained about too much negativity here, but personally, I appreciate objective analyses of what went right/wrong. That said, as great as the ending was, and as fun as it was to watch Homer keep pace with Kershaw, Bruce hit his bombs and Chapman mow down the side yet again, there are still some negatives worth highlighting beyond the most obvious offense mentioned above (Soto) — namely, Hanigan’s bunt, too many LOB’s (not scoring after loading the bases w/ 1 out in particular), Heisey/Votto/Phillips going 0-for-11 (and, as stated above, BP swinging indiscriminately), Frazier flailing at the plate and making an error that could have been costly, etc. Not trying to dwell; just don’t want to ignore.

    • tpteach

      @Davis Stuns Goliath: Good. It should be stated. No matter where we land going into the playoffs, these holes need to be fixed or we’re in for another short run, unless luck is on ur side.

    • Eric the Red

      @Davis Stuns Goliath: The bunt made perfect sense. With the bases loaded and one out against the best pitcher in baseball–a Lefty–Votto ripped a ball that just happened to find a glove. (Fail to get a hit 67 times out of 100 in your career and you’ve got a good shot at Cooperstown.) It happens. That’s one of the ways you pitch all year and have an ERA below 2.

    • Johnu1

      @Davis Stuns Goliath: I think LOB is the most frustrating part of watching a team but, if you check it, having lots of baserunners will — over time — yield about 5 runs a game. That should be enough to win the game. The tendency to see 5 or 6 guys left on base and thinking, “gee we ought to have 10 runs by now” is being unrealistic. If you only score 1 of those runners every other inning, you should have a pretty nice record.

      • prjeter

        @Johnu1: Exactly. Check the leaderboards for fewest men left on base (seems good, right?). It’s people like Miami, Houston, etc. Fewer men on base means fewer men left on base. I’d bet Detroit and Boston (top 2 run producing teams in MLB are near the top of men left on base).

        (PS- I didnt’ check this, I’m just confident my guess is probably close to accurate!)

    • prjeter

      @Davis Stuns Goliath: The reason 0-for-X performances rarely get listed under “Negatives” is because the recap isn’t supposed to read like a box score. You’re going to have someone going 0-for-something every game. Sure, it IS negative that Votto/Phillips/Heisey went 0-for-11, but in a game where success is measured by “30% of the time you get a hit,” statistically you’ll be guaranteed to have more than a few games like this where three major leagues go 0-for-11. It’s not “negative” in that regard, since it’s expected behavior.

  12. rhayex

    It’s a shame that I missed the game. I’m at college, doing homework, and my roommate has me turn it off. Completely reasonable request, but darn it.

    • CI3J


      Yeah, it’s too bad no one has invented a way to control the volume on a television, or some way to somehow play sound directly into your ears with two small….Hm…Let’s call them “phones” for the sake of argument, so as not to disturb those around you…

      I should patent this idea.

  13. tae

    First a very good week….but!
    We need to take carenof biz w. the lowly cubs, brewers, etc,.. And then wipe out pirates in our 6 game match up… I mean we need to sweep the cubs, at least take the series against brewers and win at least 4 of 6 against the pirates…

    I m unsure if this would get us the pennant as the cards have an easier schedule and are ahead by two games on the loss column…

    In order to win the title, we prob need to win 8 or 9 out of 10 game pace..

    No let down guys… It is so easy to let one slip away ….it is why we still play the game.

    Short celebration but the goal is still far from reality..

  14. MrSaturdayNite

    Watch out Birdies and Pie Rats, the Red Menace has awaken.

  15. JMac1984

    Like I’ve been saying for weeks, this division is ours 🙂

  16. sezwhom1

    Neftali Soto to pinch hit.

    I wish Dusty would stop using Soto. It’s good morning, good afternoon and goodnight every stinkin’ time. Otherwise, fun game to watch.

    • prjeter

      @sezwhom1: This was one of the most supremely frustrating decisions of the year. I was trying to call my bookie and place a $10,000 prop bet that Soto would strike out. (I kid…) That’s how sure I bet we all were.

      Baker’s decision, no doubt, was the “Soto can run into one and put it out of the yard.” Such flawed decision making. ANYONE, maybe except Billy Hamiton, on the bench can “run into one.” Soto’s not a major league caliber hitter and should not be getting a single at-bat, except in the case of a blow out.

  17. Lost and Found

    Great Series.

    I was a little concerned when they didn’t get to kershaw with the bases loaded and 1 out, glad it didn’t make a big difference.

    Jobs not done though. Now have to keep the pressure on both Pitt/StL by winning against teams with little to play for.

  18. Shchi Cossack

    Homer Bailey was great against the Dodgers tonight. Seven innings pitched, two runs allowed on six hits, with nine strikeouts.

    Homer started pitching a ‘great’ performance and through most of 4 innings, Homer was dominant from the mound. I’m not sure if he lost movement, control or the hitters just started figuring out his stuff, but from the end of the 4th inning on, the Dodgers were pounding the ball, especially in the 6th & 7th innings. I didn’t see anyone up in the bullpen until after Homer gave up the 2nd run, despite the coaching visit to the mound by Price in the 6th inning. I remarked to my son when Price came out that Homer should be pulled after the end of the 6th inning, but that Dusty wouldn’t pull him until he could pinch hit for him. Thankfully, delaying the decision to pull Homer didn’t cost the Reds more than one more run before he came up to hit (yeah, that was the Soto pinch hitting decision) in the 7th inning. Homer had a good overall performance and battled even after the Dodgers started pounding the ball for hard outs.

    I have no idea what absurd preference Dusty has for Soto, but the Reds are in a pennant race. Sending Soto up to repeatedly pinch hit in high leverage situations is Dusty being Dusty I suppose.

  19. Shchi Cossack

    The Reds are 2 games behind the Birds, three games behind the Dodgers and five games behind the Braves. Atlanta has cooled off. The Reds cooled the Dodgers off. The first goal is catching the Birds for the NLCD crown, but home field advantage is still possible, but the Reds need to win, a lot.

  20. Zach

    You also missed another positive, the Reds won on National Television for once. I’m sure it’s happened before this season, but it seems like every time ESPN features them, the next morning the ESPN’s front page has a headline about some other team seeing, “Dead Reds” or some other horrible pun.

  21. zab1983

    the more i think about it, the more i think homer bailey should pitch the WC game. I mean how “clutch” is 2 no hitters? my nightmare scenario is that dusty and them will want Latos to pitch because of his better “ERA”. any thoughts?

    • Johnu1

      @zab1983: Looking at realities, I think the wild card may not include the Reds. But if it does, I think it’s a matter of who’s next in the rotation. There is only 1 day, I think, after the season ends — so there’s no time to “set” a rotation.

      • prjeter

        @Johnu1: You can move each guy up to 1 spot coming off your last off-day of the season. I think the Reds have 2 more. That all assumes you don’t care about the rotation going into the last stretch of the season, though. It can be done, but it is unlikely Baker will bother to do it. I hope he proved me wrong.

        I’ve always held the hope that, assuming we do have to do the 1 game playoff, you pitch Homer against the Pirates and pitch Latos against the Cards. Assuming a win, you have a great pitcher still available to start game 1 of the NLDS.

  22. Kyle Farmer

    That series in Milwaukee could very well be the difference maker. The Reds just don’t play well up there and it’s not absurd to think that they would need a sweep there in order to win the division. It seems crazy to have just typed that statement given where this club was exactly one week ago…..gotta love baseball. Anyway, I hope the Reds can figure out the Brewers and put a hurting on them once that series roles around.

    And now, it’s time to start thinking about getting tickets for that series in Pittsburgh!

  23. Eric the Red

    Pirates going into collapse mode: pitching staff imploding and the pressure mounting. I hope they hold it together enough to keep the Nationals at bay; despite Washington’s underachievement this year that is still not a pitching staff I’d want to see in the playoffs with momentum behind them from snatching the second Wildcard spot.

  24. Sultan of Swaff

    Man, what a satisfying week of baseball.

    It’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do with Cueto. They’re saying he could be ready for game action in less than 2 weeks if there are no setbacks. But who do they bump from the rotation? On one hand, Leake has been subpar for a while. On the other, bumping Cingrani to the bullpen would really strengthen it….especially if he piggybacks with Cueto or to supplant the Parra/Duke tandem (whom you have to figure will get exposed sooner or later).

    What would you do?

    • Eric the Red

      @Sultan of Swaff: I’d probably try and get Cueto and Cingrani on the same pitching schedule, and have Cueto start and go 3-4 innings and then be relieved by Cingrani for another 3-4. It keeps Cingrani’s innings down, provides a solid backup plan if Cueto is ineffective or gets hurt after throwing a few pitches, and creates matchup nightmares for opposing teams.

    • Johnu1

      D@Sultan of Swaff: Duke is clearly a LOOGY and Parra is a situational setup guy. Not sure I agree that either will be exposed though I do believe that, like like, sometimes crap happens. I recall Arthur Rhodes going game after game getting 1 hitter out … relief pitching is in the moment. They only have one job.

      Cueto needs to pitch first before I think we have a problem deciding his role. He’s not going to the bullpen, obviously.

      I think having a lefty in the rotation is a very nice bonus. Looking back at history, not many teams have won a W.S. without a strong rotation leftie. I think only 3 in the last 50 years.

  25. Matt WI

    Here’s a thought on how good Kershaw is…. that was not his best game by a long shot. Looked disconcerted, had the balk call, Bruce ate his lunch, walked Homer from an 0-2 count… and yet he managed to go 8 strong only giving up 2 runs. He’s a great one, and all the more impressive win for the Reds.

    • Johnu1

      @Matt WI: That’s the snorts of being a rotation ace (unless Greinke thinks he is) … they usually face a guy who is amped up enough to go head to head. Homer is usually up to that challenge.

      Kershaw has 8 losses this year, so he is beatable but I’d guess that the early part of the season was a nightmare for him.

      The Doggie lineup is loaded and holding them down in GABP for 27 innings — that’s what makes me feel good.

  26. Matt WI

    Homer has been very, very good. Let’s cast aside thoughts of Homer as inconsistent. No, he’s not Kershaw, but good grief. But neither is his like Good/Bad Bronson.

    Going back to July 31, which covers 8 starts, Homer is: 5-0, 2.44 ERA, 52K, 10BB, and holding opponents to a .260 OBP. Every pitcher will have some swoons. But this guy has been awesome against the Cards and Dodgers in his last 3 starts. Awesome.

  27. RichmondRed

    I don’t know if I ever said it on here, but my friend who is a Pirates fan has been convinced they were going to win the division. We were talking back in June and I kept saying that starters only averaging 5 innings per game is going to come around and bite you in the fall, and it looks like the thing that carried the Pirates all year will finally be its crushing weakness (but as we saw, a lot could change in a week, so they may somehow be back on top).

    Again talking about what could change in a week: with the Dodgers seemingly reeling and the Braves nicked up and dropping a lot of games down the stretch, the NL Central winner may end up as the 1 seed, and that winner might be the Reds. The only downside is I think the Reds will match up better with the Dodgers or Braves than the Cardinals in a 5 game series.

    I wonder what effect the non-game activities this weekend had on the players. The blessing and curse of the Reds is that it is boderline impossible to assemble a lineup like the Big Red Machine in any club these days, much less the Reds. Anyone to take the field in Cincinnati after that team has been compared to them, fairly or unfairly. Though it is obviously yet to be proven, the current Reds may not have a better lineup, but the best pitching staff to play in Red Stockings over the last century, a top notch bullpen anchored by the hardest thrower in baseball, and the two best hitters in the league could make this a better team than the one in the 70s. They have a miracle worker as a pitching coach, but they don’t have an undisputed managerial power or clear clubhouse leader like the Great Eight did.

    Obviously have to play to win now, but this stretch is a chance to try some stuff out. Give Hamilton some PAs, Try to pitch Cueto and Cingrani in tandem with one taking the mound at the start and the other coming in for relief. I think getting Cueto to start on the 22nd in Pittsburgh with something like a 50 pitch/4 inning limit and then Cingrani coming up to cover the next 5 innings might be a good test drive. Tony Cingrani is a better guy out of the bullpen and Cueto takes a bit to settle in, but I don’t know anything and just want to see more Reds wins.

  28. rightsaidred

    This team just destroyed my expectations for them on this home stand. What an impressive showing.

    Judging by the lineup changes and substitutions, Dusty has turned up the intensity a notch. Putting on hit and runs and other in game decisions have also been uncharacteristically agressive and successful. I just wish that he’d manage May with a similar sense of “urgency”

    Then again – Hurdle and Matheny have pushed their team hard and been very aggressive. The results are mixed as the Reds are surging late and their competition appears tired (“fried” in the words of one Cardinal’s fan) and even listless at a time when focus should be at the maximum. Maybe Dusty’s nonchalance in June is paying dividends in September?

    • ajswartz888

      @rightsaidred: The Cardinals are tired and listless? Uh, they just swept the Pirates if I’m not mistaken. Sure didn’t look tired and listless to me.

  29. Johnu1

    I think I’m just going to call Billy Hamilton the Little Red Jet … so as to not confuse him with the Big Red Machine.

    zoom zoom

  30. TC

    The bullpen looks to be at full efficiency going into the postseason. But who will make the postseason roster?

    1.) Chapman
    2.) Hoover
    3.) LeCure
    4.) Parra

    5.) Simon
    6.) Cueto

    7.) Marshall

    In case:
    8.) Duke

    Talking about looking silly, Chad. What about all my negative rants about Parra? He’s absolutely changed my mind.

  31. Josh

    Reds MUST take care of the Cubs starting tonight. 6-3 at a minimum is what we should shoot for record wise, the next 9 games. Stay HOT and Stay ROLLING baby. We can do this thing. Do NOT take the Cubs for granted, we need to beat them like we have all year long.

    • Matt WI

      @Josh: It’s almost too bad they’re not playing on the road. Reds love themselves some Wrigley.

  32. reaganspad

    I do not care who we face in the playoffs. It matters more about us than any team we played as evidenced by the last 7 games played.

    Homer is an ace. I have been lobbying to trade Leake with his fast start. He is now coming back to the pack and is being exposed. I like him, but he should be a swing man next year if not traded.

    “I think having a lefty in the rotation is a very nice bonus. Looking back at history, not many teams have won a W.S. without a strong rotation leftie. I think only 3 in the last 50 years.”

    Could not agree more. Who is helping the Reds more in 2013, Chapman or Cingrani?

    I am sorry but we could win this thing without Chapman closing. He is nice but as we just saw, he pitched once in 10-12 days during a time when we needed our best players.

    Cingrani is a leader who has carried this team. Chapman can be that too but not in his current role.

    Cueto, Latos, Bailey, Cingrani and Chapman is a lethal rotation with Leake as the swing man to Piggy back those guys. Leake has a very bad time the third time through a lineup, where too many days he does not miss bats. All five of those other guys miss bats.