2013 Reds

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  1. I love that picture. I had 2 separate lunch bets with Dodger fans at my job(as my handle suggests I live in Los Angeles, born and raised I might add) on who would win Reds or Dodgers. So naturally I’ll be rubbing it in by forwarding this pic.

    Thanks for the gumball!

      • @JMac1984:

        It’s an interesting story, which I’ve posted the full story on the Nation a year or two ago, because I was telling Chad how much this site means to me and my dad.

        Anyways: My dad was born in the 1950s in Texas. The Rangers & Astros are young franchise’s they weren’t around when my dad was growing up. Additionally, the Reds games were broadcasted in Texas on the radio so my dad was able to listen. Lastly, when he played little league each team was named after a MLB Club and my dad was put on the Reds. When may dad was named starting catcher throughout little league and junior high (don’t know what they called junior high back then) Johnny Bench was backhanding balls in the dirt, throwing out base-runners and being an all-around beast at the plate. So my dad fell in love with the reds at a very early age and never looked back. In the middle of high school my dad moved to California and has been here ever since. But growing up all he did was tell me about the “Great 8” and the I couldn’t love any other team after that. We go to at least one Dodger game a year and it’s always to see our Reds. For a guy that’s never been to Cincinnati I love and root for the Reds, (argue with Dodgers and Angels fans) like my life depends on it.

        Sorry for the long answer, but its the only way I know how to tell people why I Love the Reds.

        In short you can thank my dad. I do.

  2. That’s actually my broom! I was walking out last night (giving broom high fives) and just decided to hand it off to JB for a quick picture. A crowd formed and I ended up hanging around for about 30 minutes while people took pictures. It was awesome!

    GO REDS!

  3. Wow, this is a perfect post to express giddy love for our Redlegs. This last week has actually scratched a month of my life … and at my age, you take what you can get.

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