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Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.09.09)

Considering the Reds just took it to the Cardinals and Dodgers by winning 6 of 7 games last week, it could be concerning to how the club’s focus will be as the lowly Cubs stroll into GABP for a series.  The good news is the Reds have owned the Cubs the last two seasons and they need to continue that trend with this series.  I hate to be extremely greedy, but anything less than a sweep against the Cubs will feel like a let down after the club’s play this week.

I was fortunate enough to be at Saturday’s and Sunday’s games in Cincinnati.  However like most of you, I will be forced to the living room couch for this series.  Let’s hope the Reds keep going and beat the stupid Cubs!  Discuss the game here!

257 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.09.09)

  1. We have no plate discipline, horrible pitch recognition and no patience at the dish. How come we can never have a blow out win or a nice and easy win? Its all always close and its always a case of missed chances and blown opportunities.

    • @Josh:

      Actually, prior to the weekend series against LA, four of the Reds’ last 5 wins had been by at least 4 runs. Cincy has had plenty of blowout wins this year.

  2. Another odd stat for the night:

    Through six innings, Reds are hitting 6 for 17 with runners NOT in scoring position. They are hitting 0 for 7 with RISP.

    Just bad luck that the hits have not been in succession. Maybe our luck will change the next couple innings.

  3. What’s the odds Dusty saw how much everyone made fun of him for having Soto PH yesterday so he decided to do it again?

  4. Will DB put Soto on the Playoff roster? It appears that he is the favorite PH.

  5. Is there a risk that Soto gets demoralized and loses confidence? He is supposed to be a prospect, correct? Or is he considered a throw-away like Izturis?

  6. This game is over. What a horrible loss. Missed chance tonight! We’d be only 1 game out of first place. Watch the Pirates beat Texas and Darvish tonight as well. Back to 2 games back and in 3rd place.

    • @Josh: Jeez. This game is not over. Surely you didn’t think Travis Wood, who is the Cubs’ ace, would lie down for the team that traded him, did you?

    • @Josh:

      Would you feel better if we had lost last night and won tonight instead? We’d be in the same position anyway.

  7. So you want to start some offense, you put in a guy who clearly cannot hit big-league pitching. How many guys do we have on the bench? And why is Soto even on the roster?

  8. I guess we want to give an out to the cubbies, Soto .. really? again? what gives?

    I guess since we won last 2 series, it is ok to lose this one.. Dusty’s way

  9. Can I ask a serious question? Does tonight’s game count less than last night’s game in the standings?

  10. Soto first off the bench, Ondrusek in the 8th. Operation: White Flag is now complete.

    • @ToddAlmighty: With the other right handed pinch hitting options not exactly being stellar, maybe Dusty is trying to catch lightning in a bottle with Soto by giving him a test. I think the experiment is a failure so far, though.

  11. guess 6 of 7 was a surprise… so losing this one balances it out? 1 less game to to the season.. and we will be 3 games out of Cards on the loss column…

    sorry but i don’t see us making up that against the cards…3 with 17 to go is tough to make up in baseball..

    Reds and Pirates 1 game hopefully in GABP… then we play the Braves? that would be fun….not really..

    well at least last week was exciting…

    • @tae:

      Actually, I think it would be quite fun to play the Braves in the division series. I would love to see it happen, and I believe we would win.

      • @docmike: since the choices are Braves, Dodgers and prob Cards, yes, I suppose Braves would be “better” one to play than the other two.. We slept the Dodgers but they are very good… just loaded lineup and pitching…

        • @tae:

          Yeah, that’s probably the team I would worry about the least, even if the Braves do have home field advantage. Would much rather go to ATL than have to fly out west or go to Busch.

  12. Would rather see Hamilton get an AB – Soto has contributed nothing at this point since callup

    • No crap. Billy Hamilton is supposedly banned from ever having a plate appearance, but Soto is Instant Offense according to Baker. I guess his .313 AAA OBP is much more impressive than Hamilton’s .308.

  13. Ondrusek doesn’t bother me in that situation. The Soto move is just mind-boggling.

    • @Johnu1:

      Agreed. The kid is CLEARLY overmatched right now.

      Maybe Willy Tavares passed along some of those incriminating photos he had a couple years ago?

    • @Johnu1: yup! mind boggling.. just don’t get it… maybe it’s a family favors.. or just plain dumb.. Ondrusek is fine here…

      we need to score in 8th… have #2, 3, and 4 hitter…

    • @Johnu1:
      i was kinda wondering about the Soto thing and thought they might have wanted to save Mes or Ludwick for late innings and I checked other RH batters…
      Robinson is batting over .280 against Left-handers why not use him?
      Is there any reason, I thought there is talk he might take the final roster position?

  14. I still like our path via the WC and playing the Braves first over facing the Dodgers in the NLDS.

    • @kywhi:

      I don’t want a “productive out” from Votto. I want him swinging for a hit, preferably a double or homer.

        • @kywhi:

          The point being, I don’t want him trying to make a productive out in that situation. I don’t want him giving up his out, just so he can advance the runner with a grounder to second.

          What I want is for him to be Joey Votto and try to drive the ball. Sometimes luck is not with you and a line drive goes right at somebody. That’s baseball. I still don’t want to change his approach.

      • @docmike: Didn’t Votto line out to the left fielder? And then Frazier line out to the first basemen? Bruce’s at bat was awful, of course. Is there an actual scouting report on these call-up unknown pitchers, and if so, do the Reds batters actually read it?

    • @Johnu1: Strop is pretty talented but erratic. He was great for Baltimore last year. Traded to the Cubs in the Feldman deal.

  15. Terrible to lose to the lousy Cubs but the Reds only lose a half a game.

    Hopefully, they will show more of a sense of urgency tomorrow.

    I was hoping Milton was gone for the year.

      • @Billy Joe in Chi-Town: maybe not Milton worthy, but we need to beat good pitching… what do you think playoff teams bring… nothing but good pitching every game…

        using Football analogy, I “do” think today, we have a bit of a letdown from 7 intense games last week… not an excuse, but that is what it seems to me..

        this game is done… we r not coming back down 2.. against a very good closer in the 9th.

        never say never, but this year, I don’t see it

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: only lose 1/2 game yes, but we would be 3 games on the loss column w/ only 17 to go…

      unless Cards go on a .500 win/loss streak rest of the way against inferior competition, we aren’t likely to catch up… not like this… we need to go 14-3 or 13-4 to have a real decent chance to catch up… and we have 6 games against pirates…

      not a high chance…

      i m mentally preparing for a one game playoff against pirates hopefully at our home… that way, i m just going to enjoy the rest of the season instead of stressing each and every game remaining..

      as many have said, once we r in, and win one in the playoff, then anything can happen…

      let’s relax and enjoy

  16. The truth is that, even the games the Reds win, the offense is quite erratic … or more specifically, not very good.

    I am still in the camp of being a bit weary of hearing about overall numbers. You can’t keep winning games in the bottom of the 9th.

  17. So Parra is supposed to get lefties out … I guess the sample size suggested this would happen.

  18. This reds team just aren’t sharp… one week of good ball… entire year of mediocre ball…

    worse yet, managed by a sleep walker who believes Soto is the answer to hitting..

    God I hope he’s gone after this year… can’t stand watching Dusty for more years to come…

    • @tae: Thought you were going to stop stressing out over this? A true fan, we can’t keep promises to ourselves despite our best intentions.

    • @tae:

      Come on now… going into today the Reds were 82-62, twenty games over .500. There were exactly six teams that were more than twenty games over, making us tied for the 7th best record in baseball. That’s hardly mediocre.

  19. Another excellent pitching performance from reds staff – can’t ask for anything more – offense “out to lunch” again; has happened way too many times this year; its amazing that the pitching has been so good considering all the key injuries

    • @RedAlert: There just are not enough talented hitters on this team. Really only two, one is an ideal two-spot hitter who is hitting three because there is no one better, the other is a good lead-off man but struggles to hit lefties. Then BP and Bruce, who have moments but are very inconsistent and can go days without a clue. That’s about it. The rest are in the .250 or less category, no speed and not much power. So it is pitching or nothing as a general rule with this team.

  20. Odd. Brantley and Kelch were saying no one was warming up in the bullpen, yet Dusty signals for Simon to come in. Did Simon not warm up?

  21. I will say if this turns out to be the real Cozart, and the light bulb stays on, that is major good news for the Reds future. Then you just need to solve the third base and left field bat problem.

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