Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.09.09)

Considering the Reds just took it to the Cardinals and Dodgers by winning 6 of 7 games last week, it could be concerning to how the club’s focus will be as the lowly Cubs stroll into GABP for a series.  The good news is the Reds have owned the Cubs the last two seasons and they need to continue that trend with this series.  I hate to be extremely greedy, but anything less than a sweep against the Cubs will feel like a let down after the club’s play this week.

I was fortunate enough to be at Saturday’s and Sunday’s games in Cincinnati.  However like most of you, I will be forced to the living room couch for this series.  Let’s hope the Reds keep going and beat the stupid Cubs!  Discuss the game here!


  1. docmike says:

    Seems like every time we get a man on, we end up hitting a line drive right at somebody.

    1. Billy Joe in Chi-Town says:

      @docmike: I suspect the Dodgers felt a bit like that last night. It happens sometimes. Swinging at balls out of the strike zone means there are less of those line drives to eventually fall in, though. I am talking to you,

      1. docmike says:

        @Billy Joe in Chi-Town:

        Sometimes the baseball gods are smiling at you, like when Frazier’s routine grounder found a hole on Saturday. Sometimes, when the Reds’ line drives end up in somebody’s glove, it’s apparent that it’s just not your night.

      2. pinson343 says:

        @Billy Joe in Chi-Town: XP was trying to be the hero when he had a good chance to set up Choo at the plate as the go-ahead run.

  2. George Culver says:

    Anemic performance. Sux. This team needs to get some rest. 🙁

  3. Ethan D says:

    Season over!

  4. docmike says:

    Also seems like every time tonight we got a 90 mph fastball down the heart of the plate, we just fouled it off. Those are the ones you have to get.

  5. CharlotteNCRedsFan says:

    Great pitching by Bronson and the pen but won’t win if you can’t score. Can’t lose many more games if we hope to take the division. Get them tomorrow.

    1. tae says:

      @CharlotteNCRedsFan: not many games left… bad loss… 3 games out on loss column

  6. RedAlert says:

    Bad loss to a bad team

    1. docmike says:


      Maybe, but you can’t expect the Reds to beat the Cubs every game. They are still 13-4 against them after tonight, I’d say that’s pretty good.

  7. pinson343 says:

    On 2-0 in that situation (Choo on deck as the go-ahead run), and a pitcher who has a high walk rate, XPaul should have just looked for a meatball right down the plate, otherwise take the pitch.

    1. docmike says:


      Agree completely. He HAS to take that pitch, and if it’s called a borderline strike, so be it. At 2-0, you just don’t swing at a pitcher’s pitch.

      1. Billy Joe in Chi-Town says:

        @docmike: It wasn’t close to being a strike. It was at least six inches below the mid-knee.

    2. Billy Joe in Chi-Town says:

      @pinson343: Well, he thought it was a meatball that was bouncing along the floor, so he swung at it.

  8. Sergeant2 says:

    22,920 showed up for tonight’s game, 22,920.

  9. dn4192 says:

    Sorry but don’t see the big deal, again I think our chances are better facing Braves in NLDS over Dodgers.

  10. pinson343 says:

    “Anything less than a sweep against the Cubs will feel like a let down.” In that case the whole series already feels like a letdown. Actually I’ll feel OK if the Reds win the next two.

    1. docmike says:


      I would be very happy with 2 out pf 3 from the Cubs. That would be an 8-2 homestand, and I’ll take that every time.

      1. pinson343 says:

        @docmike: Yep.

    2. tae says:

      @pinson343: if you look at the one series, you r right.. but if you want to win the pennant, it’s not ok… because w/ every loss gives you less chance to reduce the gap between us and Cards… it’s now 3 games on loss column… if you do the math, it’s very unlikely we would be able to catch up 3 games with 17 to go… can be done, but you can’t afford another night like this one…

      see u tomorrow.. i am sure we will wake up for tomorrow’s game..

  11. tpteach says:

    I take back what I said about BA. This is all on the offense.

  12. tae says:

    for some reason, winning a thriller versus losing to Cubs… today’s loss gives a lot more emotion for me… these kind of games you really can’t afford to lose this late in season .. hope this wakes them up and realize they have to go play EVERY game like it’s the last game of the year…

  13. Sergeant2 says:

    As a Reds fan I think I felt as flat as the players looked tonight. After the week the Reds just had I think the Reds were susceptible to a bit of a letdown having to face the hapless Cubs. We’ll get back on track tomorrow no doubt. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  14. RedAlert says:

    13-4 against Cubs is indeed very good – the timing of this loss stinks though

  15. docmike says:

    Even though this loss hurts, I ask everyone: How would you feel if we had lost to Kershaw last night, and won tonight instead? We are still in the same position as if it had been the other way around.

  16. RedAlert says:

    True, true

  17. docmike says:

    Just think about it this way. Yes, we lost a game to the Cubs that, on paper, we should have won. But last night, we stole one from Clayton Kershaw that, on paper, we should have lost. It all evened out in the long run.

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