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Sunday Night Sweep Thread: Dodgers at Reds (2013.09.08)

Can’t beat the good teams? The Reds play the final game of this series, looking to sweep the Dodgers on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. It’s been an extremely successful homestand already, as the Reds have gone 5-1 against the Cardinals and Dodgers.

In a rematch of the July 26th pitcher’s duel between these clubs, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw (14-8, 1.89 ERA, 0.92 WHIP) takes on Homer Bailey (10-10, 3.42 ERA, 1.11 WHIP). Bailey is coming off back-to-back scoreless appearances against the Cardinals, where he allowed 7 hits, issued 3 walks, and struck out 15 over 14.1 innings.

In their last matchup, the Dodgers won 2-1 behind Kershaw’s 8 innings of 1-run baseball. He allowed just 6 hits, no walks and struck out 8. Bailey was also great in that game, allowing both runs, 7 hits, and one walk while striking out 5 over 7 innings.

So, it should be a “good old fashioned good one”. With a win tonight, the Reds will find themselves in a tie for 2nd place in the National League Central. The last time the Reds were in second place was June 20th.

Watch or listen to the game and discuss it here. GO Reds!

Choo CF
Heisey LF
Votto 1B
Phillips 2B
Bruce RF
Frazier 3B
Cozart SS
Hanigan C
Bailey P

464 thoughts on “Sunday Night Sweep Thread: Dodgers at Reds (2013.09.08)

  1. You knew it was coming. Too many missed opportunities has kept this game close. Now it’s tied.

    • @Josh: how many times we have said that this year… Countless…. And yet we r just 2 games out of first…

      Damn.. That was almost a HR…

      Time to take out Baily Dusty,

      • @Matt WI: Move on? To what? The next time the Reds have runners in scoring position and come up empty. Fair enough. I’ll wait until then to gripe about it.

    • @Josh: Same thing happened yesterday but we managed to pull it out. Walk-off on national tv

  2. Shucks. No win for Homey. Should come after 7th, if he gets through it. One hanger away from a great outing, though it was darn good.

  3. Too many hard hit balls against bailey this inning. Time to get someone warmed up.

  4. if we lose, it is solely the fault of this pathetic and disgraceful offense. They forced Bailey out of his rhythm to try and be perfect. Bailey felt like he had to press and rightfully so considering he knows his offense will not put anything together. I feel bad for Homer.

      • @prjeter: nope, no over reaction at all. Very reasonable. you are looking past what occurred. You are satisfied with what seems ok. So next time we score on another teams ace, we will dismiss any and all offensive blunders because 3 runs is just acceptable because its a good pitcher? I dont think the championship caliber cardinals or braves would agree with you. you must pounce on a pitcher when you are given opportunities. can you defend having runners on less than two outs and not producing?

    • Completely agree. Should be 3-2 Reds if Votto would have just hit a damn fly ball into the OF

  5. Why would you NOT have a guy warming up in the 7th inning? I mean, what harm would it do?

  6. I just do not understand why Hanigan called the hanging curve? Stick with heat, they cannot hit it

    • @Josh: Well nobody calls for a hanging curve. No pitch is a good one after it’s been hit out. If Homer dropped the curve like he usually does, maybe Ramierez swings right over it. Stuff happens. Know way to know he wouldn’t have timed a fast ball either.

    • @Josh: Just to be clear, if the Reds lose, will it be Hanigan’s fault or Joey’s? We haven’t lost yet!

  7. Homer is hanging the breaking ball – seems like that is always the pitch that gets him in trouble

  8. LA RBI in series: Hanley Ramirez 5, rest of team 2. Time to pitch around.

  9. LA doing the Reds a big favor by sending Kershaw up to the plate. Should end the inning.

  10. Very well done by Homer to stay on top of them there. Fresh game, 3 times more to hit. Will we see Billy Bags?
    “That guy over there… that’s Billy the Bag Swiper. We call him Billy Bags for short. You need a base? He’s your guy. Mmm hmmm.” “… I heard he once played with Hank Aaron”

  11. Got out w. one run only but do not agree with leaving Baily in.

    Dusty is too worried of hurting players feelings than win a World Series — this is why he should not be managing.

    Fans want a chance at championship …less about hurting multi millionaires’ feelings

    Cannot stand Dusty ….

    Love Reds

    • @tae: What would your reasoning have been for taking Bailey out in that inning with him due to bat third in the bottom half?

  12. 2 mistake pitches to the same guy, wow. Welp, we MUST WIN this game 3-2. No more runs for the Dodgers.

  13. Can’t believe Bailey got pulled. I think he had 1-2 innings left in the tank.

  14. In this series he’s seen 9 pitches and K’d all three ABs. I think.

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