Can’t beat the good teams? The Reds play the final game of this series, looking to sweep the Dodgers on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. It’s been an extremely successful homestand already, as the Reds have gone 5-1 against the Cardinals and Dodgers.

In a rematch of the July 26th pitcher’s duel between these clubs, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw (14-8, 1.89 ERA, 0.92 WHIP) takes on Homer Bailey (10-10, 3.42 ERA, 1.11 WHIP). Bailey is coming off back-to-back scoreless appearances against the Cardinals, where he allowed 7 hits, issued 3 walks, and struck out 15 over 14.1 innings.

In their last matchup, the Dodgers won 2-1 behind Kershaw’s 8 innings of 1-run baseball. He allowed just 6 hits, no walks and struck out 8. Bailey was also great in that game, allowing both runs, 7 hits, and one walk while striking out 5 over 7 innings.

So, it should be a “good old fashioned good one”. With a win tonight, the Reds will find themselves in a tie for 2nd place in the National League Central. The last time the Reds were in second place was June 20th.

Watch or listen to the game and discuss it here. GO Reds!

Choo CF
Heisey LF
Votto 1B
Phillips 2B
Bruce RF
Frazier 3B
Cozart SS
Hanigan C
Bailey P

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  1. steveschoen

    Need to keep their heads in the game in this one, especially on offense. Kershaw can make anyone look ridiculous. I hope they don’t come out swinging at everything. Work the counts, etc.

  2. rfay00

    Lineup back to the old ways…not like we haven’t won 5 of the last 6 against 1st place teams with that “other” formation.

      • Jason Linden

        @rfay00: @Zabka84: I’d guess it’s as simple as liking Heisey better the Ludwick against Kershaw, which I can sort of see, I guess. Dusty is occasionally good at picking spots with certain players. I guess we’ll see tonight.

    • Greg Dafler

      @rfay00: perhaps he split up Votto and Bruce vs Kershaw because he’s left-handed? Have the Reds faced a lefty since Bruce moved up in the order?

      • rfay00

        @Greg Dafler: Perhaps, but based on Kershaws abilities, any of the lineups teams have thrown out against him don’t work too well. Just go with what has been working IMO.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @rfay00: Dusty probably is feeling left out and wants to make a difference. He more than likely will too.

  3. vegastypo

    Dusty told the Fox guys on Saturday that he would probably put Phillips fourth in the order again so Phillips won’t have to strain his legs stealing bases, etc.

    • Johnu1

      @vegastypo: Phillips has been stealing a lot of bases? Sounds like an answer to a stupid question. Gotta hand it to Dusty on that one.

      • vegastypo

        @Johnu1: Of course he hasn’t been stealing bases. To me, it was just Dusty’s way of saying that he wanted to give Ludwick a day off, and against Kershaw, he didn’t want Votto and Bruce hitting back to back.

        I could guess that Dusty feared a scenario like in Saturday’s game, when Votto was hitting, and Izturis kept breaking from first base on a hit and run, and Votto kept fouling off pitches. Maybe Dusty doesn’t want Phillips in such a scenario, and he’s more or less saying he wouldn’t be hit-and-running with Bruce, Frazier, etc.

        But good luck trying to make sense of Dusty’s thinking regarding lineup constructions.

  4. Eric the Red

    Hey Charlotte, I was going through last night’s game thread and I came across this. It was kind of over the top:

    @Eric the Red: Complete and utter insanity. Your answer is wrong. Not just wrong but absolutely wrong. This guy steals on Molina and you are worried about Ellis? Choo was going to bunt anyway??????????????????? Why oh why??

      • Eric the Red

        @rfay00: Go back and take a look if you want. My comment was a baseball point, and I thought the response was unnecessarily harsh on the personal side. No biggie, but I thought it was uncool.

      • rfay00

        @Eric the Red: I guess what I was going to get at was that there have been some “aggressive” internet personalities on here going back to the Josh Bresser guy who “knew it all” and the “Reds were doomed for failure” and what not.

        Just curious that it is coming from posters who I see on here on a usual basis and not the here and there ones.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @Eric the Red: Your right, I’ve had better comments. Got carried away in the moment. Sincere apologies but unfortunately you were still wrong.

      • Eric the Red

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Actually, I was right (you never even answered my point about the LHP in the ninth so it was a tougher steal/Choo would be more likely to bunt.). But that’s fine–friendly disagreement is a good thing. Thanks for the apology 🙂

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @rfay00: Eric agreed with Dusty on not pinch running Hamilton for Hesiey in the 9th inning. It was over the top and in my heart directed at DB. Not a moment I’m proud of and will do better tonight.

  5. msanmoore

    I’m OK with this in the end. Kershaw is a beast and if he has an off night, we have the ability to take him out. All the guys in the lineup can hit. Sure Dusty has fiddled with it, but 1) we’re used to seeing that on a Sunday 2) Phillips may still be gimping a bit and 3) Heisey was hitting better (plus he’s a better defender than Luddy).

    Let’s just focus on tonight, sweep the Dodgers, and bring on the Cubbies.

    • Johnu1

      @msanmoore: The trick is to get to their bullpen and not have to face Withrow. So beating Kershaw is more on Homer than anything. We have to keep it close through 6.

    • steveschoen

      @msanmoore: My only worry about Heisey, from a Heisey fan, is that he would need to play more regularly than this before I am confident he will be a positive contribution to the team. I’m not saying he “should be playing more”, only saying that for him to get “into a routine” and keep his head in the game, he “would need to be playing more”.

      As long as he keeps his head in the game, I think he will be fine.

  6. Johnu1

    I posted this on the other thread and, owing to the fact that everything I post is of the unmost importance:

    Cardinals started the week by losing 3 of 4 to the Reds and ended the week in better shape than they started.

    • rfay00

      @Johnu1: Usually when you win more games then you lose in a week, you end up better in the overall standings. It makes it even better when you do that to the 1st place team.

      • Johnu1

        @rfay00: Oh, I understand the math … just thought it was unfortunate that it happened.

  7. AlphaZero

    I’d actually liked to have seen Hamilton get his first start in CF tonight. It would be nice to give Choo a little break against a very tough lefty, and Hamilton might have some success trying a push bunt down the first base line against a LHP ala Norris Hopper. Hamilton also seems to be a lot smoother at the plate from the right side based on what I’ve seen in Louisville. On the other hand, Choo has an OBP north of .400, so maybe it’s best not to fiddle with things. It’s just an idea.

    • Johnu1

      @AlphaZero: Choo’s been OK lately against southies … still, I would agree … would like to see the Rocket get a start.

  8. tpteach

    Think Billy gets his start against the lowly Cubs one game?

    • Hunt4RedsOctober

      @tpteach: More likely they give him one against the ‘Stros. The Reds will be using the DH so that would be a good spot to use him.

      • MrRedlegs3900

        @Hunt4RedsOctober: Why would they use him as a DH? If anything, Choo should be the DH and hamilton starting in center field. I know he is still getting used to the position, but Hamilton’s speed alone would have to make him better defensively than Choo in center.

      • Johnu1

        @MrRedlegs3900: “Getting used” to the position isn’t what I thought they had in mind. Walt said he’s become a good outfielder. Defense is defense.

  9. Greg Dafler

    @ Johnu1: The Cardinals gained ground on Pittsburgh but the Reds gained ground on them both. But, yes the Cardinals are currently the team in 1st place. There’s a couple of weeks left for that to change.

  10. Eric the Red

    I just caught a clip from the Lions-Vikes game, and heard Thom with the call. I thought he was away helping his Dad. Ahhh, the NFLs loss is our gain.

    • Ih8Dusty

      @Eric the Red: Can you or any other Thom hater on this blog tell me why the hate? I think he is the best play by play guy we’ve ever had on TV.

      • Eric the Red

        @Ih8Dusty: It’s probably too late for you to see this, but for future Internet Historians: 1)Thom shouts, constantly. And then when he needs to put some emphasis, he really shouts. 2) Thom gets a point in his head, usually an uninformed one, and then harps it it. Constantly. While shouting. 3) Thom starts sentences/points and then adds so many modifiers, clauses, diversions, separate points, etc. that it takes forever–with him shouting all the while–before he finally gets to the point. 4) A point that usually involves the Arizona Diamondbacks. 5) Lately he seems incapable of judging the flight of a baseball. 6) A Cardinal broadcast Sin: He often fails to take note and tell the viewer if a reliever is warming up, or who it is. 7) The next time Thom makes a point that demonstrates any particular insight or provides an interesting perspective will be the first time. 8) He has an unpleasant voice. 9) Did I mention that he shouts, constantly?

        This is a partial, mild list because I’m in a good mood after the sweep. Listen to the Cubs or DBacks broadcasters to take just two examples of superior broadcast teams.

  11. tpteach

    Interesting that the Dodgers really took off once they inserted a quality batter into the #2 spot in their lineup (Puig). Mattingly seems to understand the importance of that strategy. Reds began to climb back up with BP there.

    Not sure why Heisey is in that spot tonight.

  12. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Homer is throwing the ball as good as I have seen. Should be one heck of a game tonight.

  13. preach

    Probably because Phillips is 8-9 against Kershaw, so Dusty is hoping we have someone on base early when he comes up. My thought, but maybe the toothpicks just told him to do it, who knows?

  14. rfay00

    Crazy stats for Gonzalez versus Bailey. Glad to see Bailey control that AB against him.

  15. Steve Mancuso

    I’m sitting right by home plate tonight. Not my usual seat. Section 127 about the ninth row. I’ve got a great view of the pitches. Homer looked good in the first.

  16. tpteach

    Choo is amazing. Usually toast against lefties but he still makes them work. Nice walk Choo!

  17. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Gotta find a way to get Choo in.

  18. tpteach

    Kershaw is crazy good at this. We’ll need no-hitter Bailey tonight.

  19. Josh

    WOW, why not bunt and try to get Homer a 1-0 lead? If we chase that curveball, its gonna be a long day

    • tpteach

      @Josh: Ya, but he got the previous curve over for a called strike. It’s going to be a long night either way.

    • rfay00

      @Josh: Because of all the information Steve has given us.

  20. Tennessee Red

    How many times has Choo been picked off this year?

  21. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    No-hitter stuff through two.

  22. Greg Dafler

    If I’m reading baseball reference correctly, that’s Choo’s 8th time getting picked off.

  23. Steve Mancuso

    Hanigan really has the Dodger hitters off balance so far.

    Kershaw’s breaking ball looks like a cartoon pitch.

  24. dc937

    Bailey strikes out two of the three lefties he’s faced. Looks absolutely dominant so far. Kershaw looked a bit off in the first inning, but there’s no reason to expect the Reds beat up on him tonight. I can imagine a solid pitching duel tonight, with maybe a few solo home runs making the difference.

  25. Josh

    Phillips chasing ball 2 and ball 3. Should be 3-0 count, why not take pitches and make him throw strikes?

  26. CharlotteNCRedsFan


  27. jas_428

    That has to be my favorite at bat of the season. Slowed Kershaw down and then parked it.

  28. Johnu1

    Last lefty to jack Kershaw was June 2012 — Adam Dunn.

  29. Josh

    The last 5 HR hit by the Reds, the next batter swings at the first pitch after the HR EVERYTIME

  30. tpteach

    Followed by Todd first pitch swinging.

  31. jas_428

    Can the HP ump stop the stepping out crap?

  32. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Taking my breath away. This guy is flat dealing.

  33. down with dusty

    Man – Homer looks good tonight!

  34. dc937

    His two no-hitters I was only able to listen to on the radio. This is easily the most unhittable I’ve ever seen Bailey. Is his stuff visibly sharper this time than his previous dominant performances?

    • Johnu1

      @dc937: I think a caveat is that the Dodgers have much better hitting than the Giants or the Pirates from a year ago.

  35. PRoseFutureHOFer

    Our rotation is just plain scary right now.

  36. George Culver

    That’s probably how he got Choo too.

  37. msanmoore

    I think we’re in Kershaw’s head just a bit …

  38. Tennessee Red

    wow TC gets away with that pickoff move everytime

  39. Johnu1

    Why would you balk with the pitcher at first base and 2 outs?

  40. msanmoore

    Puig throws like a girl when he’s all amped up.

  41. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    What kind of throw from Puig was that. Hamilton really shook him up yesterday. Just kidding. No DP here.

  42. George Culver

    I’m ok with holding Bailey. He’s on a roll and I don’t want him winded or injured on the bases.

  43. Josh

    My gosh, missed chance to make it 2-0.

    • FWIW567

      @Josh: Homer had already held up and the ball just squirted out. He wouldn’t have made it.

  44. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    JV with the sacks packed!!!

    Hope Chris is okay.

  45. msanmoore

    Oh he’s on an off day – that’s for sure.

  46. Ethan D

    “Sometimes a productive out is a strikeout”- Larkin


      • Matt WI

        @preach: Yes, he is sucking the air out of the booth. Not Sean Casey bad, but he certainly loves to hear himself.

  47. George Culver

    Wow, Kershaw is really shook. Gotta get at least 1 here. C’mon Votto No DP.

  48. Josh

    OK Joey, these situations are why you make the big bucks! Lets go Votto

  49. Tennessee Red

    no dp no dp no dp no dp no dp

  50. TraviXDM

    Man, that HBP on Heisey – that made me cringe.

  51. Josh

    Missed opportunity to send Bailey on the Choo single. Puig’s throw was WAY OFF line, he would have scored easily. They have to know that Kershaw is money and you must score

    • Tennessee Red

      Missed opportunity to send Bailey on the Choo single. Puig’s throw was WAY OFF line, he would have scored easily. They have to know that Kershaw is money and you must score

      The 3rd base coach can’t see the future. You never want to send your starting pitcher in that situation.

    • Kyle

      @Josh: Its not like they can anticipate Puig is going to make a bad throw. I think they send most guys but you can’t send the pitcher (one of our best pitchers) when it there is a high likelihood of a play at the plate. You just can’t do it.

      Good call and frustrating to not get anything, but Votto hit it hard. Just bad luck for the Reds this time.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Josh: Actually is was off line because he saw Bailey wasn’t going and tried to change the throw to 1B. Hence, the ugly throw.

      You can not risk injury asking Bailey to participate in a close play at the plate.

  52. Josh

    This team is dead last in MLB with bases loaded and less than 2 outs. Another egg

  53. Johnu1

    Dang … hang the guy on a hook ….

  54. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Hope that inning doesn’t come back to haunt us.

  55. abox03

    No its ok…don’t you know hitting with RISP means nothing !!!


    • preach

      @abox03: Because it’s not a repeatable skill…..especially with this ball club. No chance of repeating it.

    • Kyle

      @abox03: Phillips is hitting out of his mind with RISP. He made an easy out. The whole point people here make about RISP stats is that they are not predictive; that was a pretty good example of their point actually.

      • steveschoen

        @Kyle: All stats aren’t predictive; not one stat is predictive. Even when one considers “probability and statistics”, probability is still based on either: 1) everything that can happen or 2) everything that has happened, but never on what will happen.

    • santa barbara reds fan

      @abox03: Right! People who argue that RISP is overrated need to knock off the Kool-Aid!

  56. George Culver

    UGH, Not even a ball out of the infield. Bad luck Votto and bad AB BP.

  57. George Culver

    If Homer makes a single run stand up I will be giddy about the playoff chances.

  58. msanmoore

    OK – hate to give up the run, but getting that out was probably the better choice. Time to get back into Clay-boy’s messed up head.

  59. RedTitan19

    Every Single Time I comment on a pitcher this happens.

  60. Matt WI

    Man, the was a rifle shot to the gap. Lucky it was down. Nice job on the cut off there.

  61. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Heads up play by Homer to get the third out. Heisey’s throw didn’t appear to have enough mustard on it, to get AGon at the plate.

  62. prjeter

    That sucked. Was thinking no-no the a tie game within 50 seconds.

  63. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce AGAIN!

  64. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Jeez. JB is locked in. Oh my!

  65. msanmoore

    Oh my!!! We are definitely in Clay’s head tonight.

  66. Matt WI


  67. RedAlert


  68. preach

    I have a hero on this board. Keep calling them out. Tie game didn’t last long. Bbrruuuuuuuuuuuuuccee!!

    • dc937

      @preach: *peers into crystal ball*

      I think the Reds have… two more home runs off the Dodgers. 1 on Kershaw, 1 off the bullpen.

  69. George Culver

    Hang another one Kershaw? Wrong guy again.

  70. RedTitan19

    Imagine if he was batting fourth…

  71. prjeter

    I think Kershaw is the toughest lefty to take deep, too. Jay is showing us something tonight!

  72. tpteach

    Wait. Did Todd just swing at the first pitch again after the HR?

  73. Josh

    Man we should be up 3-1 right now. 2-0 pitch to Cozart, why not take a strike?

  74. tae

    I missed the game so far.. why is BP batting 4th? anyone?

    Too much to expect for people to get a no-no against Dodgers – their lineup is loaded… this will be a close game.

    Bruce almighty today… sweep coming

    • prjeter

      @tae: I don’t think anyone expects a no hitter, regardless of opponent.

    • Matt WI

      @tae: Ludwick can’t hit Kershaw for a hill of beans and Dusty wanted to break up the lefties against the ultimate lefty… Bruce doesn’t seem to mind, however. 🙂

    • dc937

      @tae: Dusty said he didn’t want BP batting 2nd since his sore leg would slow him down on the basepaths.

  75. George Culver

    Frazier with another first pitch swing after a homer. Oh well, at least it’s after a homer.

  76. Johnu1

    I’d gamble that Bruce doesn’t get another one quite so far out over the plate from this guy. I think he knows that.

    • msanmoore

      @Johnu1: Probably not … though Kershaw is not sharp tonight.

  77. Greg Dafler

    Yesterday they had a Stat that Bruce had most RBI’ s since the beginning of 2012. Tonight they say most HR off LHP by LHB dating back to 2010. Imagine if he regularly hit 4th, directly behind Votto.

    • Matt WI

      @Greg Dafler: Yes. And it’s also too bad that he’s just an “average” RF to a lot of people. Imagine if he was good or something. 🙂

      • Sergeant2

        @Matt WI: I have yet to meet a Reds fan that thinks Bruce is an “average” RF Matter of fact I have never read anywhere where it was said Bruce was an “average” RF. I need to get out more I guess. : )

  78. George Culver

    Kershaw looks like Ritchie Cunningham without the red hair.

  79. Matt WI

    Ball is jumping off the Dodger bats. Hang in there, Homer.

  80. RedAlert

    Homer twirlin’ a nice one so far ! Gotta tack on some more

  81. tpteach

    Choo on first again. One out. Could be BP, Votto, Bruce. But, we get Heisey. Kershaw walks Choo and throws two straight balls to Heisey. And he swings at the next pitch.

    • tpteach

      @tpteach: Sorry. Stream of conscience ramblings there. Just not happy that it’s a free out after Choo (when he’s not picked off).

  82. Josh

    The Reds are allowing Kershaw to get out of potential jams by having zero plate discipline. Not to mention with bases loaded with Votto up

    • tpteach

      @Josh: It’s not like the Reds lack of plate discipline is a new thing. Sadly.

      • Johnu1

        @tpteach: Part of the discipline thing is that Kershaw is a very good pitcher. We applaud Bailey for the same things.

      • tpteach

        @Johnu1: Part of it, also, is they tend to be this way against the non-Kershaws as well.

  83. George Culver

    Trouble with the curve? The pitch that Bruce homers on is the pitch that Votto can’t handle. Someone needs a lesson?

    • prjeter

      @George Culver: neither pitch Jay homered on was a curve. No one has homered on his curve. Ever. Seriously.

  84. Johnu1

    The Scoreboard stumper on the radio is almost impossible to guess.
    Since 1980, 6 guys with 30 HR, .350 and 200 hits.

  85. Josh

    Bad pitch selection to Crawford with 2 strikes, throw the fastball

  86. Josh

    OH NO, here we go. BIG situation right here.

  87. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Homer, time to regroup. Come on, young man.

  88. Matt WI

    Meeting at the mound. “Wannt throw a double play ball?” “Yeah.” “To Cozart or Phillips?”
    “Nah… right to me.’

  89. TraviXDM

    Yeah, the Dodgers got a gift there. That replay showed that it did not even clip his pant leg.

    • Matt WI

      @drgonzo: I think Homer has the Dodgers throwing up. See what we did there?

  90. Josh


  91. Matt WI

    Thank. You. Against a guy that kills him career wise. Maybe what they say about sample sizes is true after all?

    • Johnu1

      @Matt WI: One hopper at the 2B is just a fraction of an inch of being a line drive against the fence. Sample sizes are somewhat weird.

      • Matt WI

        @Johnu1: Yup. Which is kind of the point. Too bad Dusty doesn’t usually understand that.

  92. Sergeant2

    Tailor made DP right on time too. Go Reds!

  93. Josh

    What a BS call, that ball didn’t even hit Puig.

  94. Johnu1

    Homer has low pitch count. Can he keep the focus?

    • Matt WI

      @Johnu1: I think the score alone will help with that. No room to breath. Homer is a boss.

  95. MentalGuy

    You know someone is on Dodger Nation complaining that AGon just can’t get it done with RISP.

  96. Josh

    Quit swinging at the first pitch, make him work. At least give Homer some breathing time in between innings, damn BP

    • Johnu1

      @Josh: Phillips is going to hack at a first-pitch strike. He always has.

  97. Josh

    Kershaw’s in this game till the end. He’ll pitch 8 IP regardless, so hopefully Homer and Chapman can hold this 2-1 lead. Should be up 3-1 though. 87 pitches thru 6 IP.

  98. preach

    I am really enjoying Kelch and Flynn. Seems like a more pleasant spirit tonight.

    • Matt WI

      @preach: Flynn is great… trade him up for Brantley any day… did you work in your words of wisdom on bunting into your sermon today?

  99. msanmoore

    Figures Hanley would do that …

  100. George Culver

    Ouch. Hanging Breaking ball gets killed again.

  101. Josh

    97 and 98 MPH and he throws a breaking ball to speed up hit bat, horrible pitch selection. OK here we go.

  102. George Culver

    Get someone up now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. tae

    Ramirez is a beast… He is so good….damn

    Here we go again… Error

    Lets damage control…. Pls… Do not leave baily in too long here

  104. tpteach

    You knew it was coming. Too many missed opportunities has kept this game close. Now it’s tied.

  105. Josh

    Not scoring with the bases loaded and 1 out is the diff in this game.

    • tae

      @Josh: how many times we have said that this year… Countless…. And yet we r just 2 games out of first…

      Damn.. That was almost a HR…

      Time to take out Baily Dusty,

    • Matt WI

      @Josh: Life seldom works out perfectly. Let’s move on and root on the good guys.

      • tpteach

        @Matt WI: Move on? To what? The next time the Reds have runners in scoring position and come up empty. Fair enough. I’ll wait until then to gripe about it.

    • RedTitan19

      @Josh: Same thing happened yesterday but we managed to pull it out. Walk-off on national tv

  106. redskaph

    Shucks. No win for Homey. Should come after 7th, if he gets through it. One hanger away from a great outing, though it was darn good.

  107. MrRedlegs3900

    Too many hard hit balls against bailey this inning. Time to get someone warmed up.

  108. fiercev

    if we lose, it is solely the fault of this pathetic and disgraceful offense. They forced Bailey out of his rhythm to try and be perfect. Bailey felt like he had to press and rightfully so considering he knows his offense will not put anything together. I feel bad for Homer.

    • prjeter

      @fiercev: over react much? 2 runs against Kershaw in 6ip is better than most.

      • fiercev

        @prjeter: nope, no over reaction at all. Very reasonable. you are looking past what occurred. You are satisfied with what seems ok. So next time we score on another teams ace, we will dismiss any and all offensive blunders because 3 runs is just acceptable because its a good pitcher? I dont think the championship caliber cardinals or braves would agree with you. you must pounce on a pitcher when you are given opportunities. can you defend having runners on less than two outs and not producing?

    • Josh

      Completely agree. Should be 3-2 Reds if Votto would have just hit a damn fly ball into the OF

  109. Johnu1

    Why would you NOT have a guy warming up in the 7th inning? I mean, what harm would it do?

    • redskaph

      @Johnu1: None, unless you are the Reds manager. Someone should’ve been up last inning.

  110. redskaph

    Opps – “come out after 7th …”

  111. Josh

    I just do not understand why Hanigan called the hanging curve? Stick with heat, they cannot hit it

    • Matt WI

      @Josh: Well nobody calls for a hanging curve. No pitch is a good one after it’s been hit out. If Homer dropped the curve like he usually does, maybe Ramierez swings right over it. Stuff happens. Know way to know he wouldn’t have timed a fast ball either.

    • Matt WI

      @Josh: Just to be clear, if the Reds lose, will it be Hanigan’s fault or Joey’s? We haven’t lost yet!

  112. RedAlert

    Homer is hanging the breaking ball – seems like that is always the pitch that gets him in trouble

  113. Sergeant2

    Homer is getting hit hard, yet no one warming up.

  114. George Culver

    LA RBI in series: Hanley Ramirez 5, rest of team 2. Time to pitch around.

  115. msanmoore

    C’mon … we need a double play!!!

  116. Farney

    Here goes Dusty trying to get Homer a win again…

  117. George Culver

    LA doing the Reds a big favor by sending Kershaw up to the plate. Should end the inning.

  118. Josh

    Come on Bailey. We knew Kershaw would stay in

  119. George Culver

    Homer due up this inning. I’m sending up a PH.

  120. msanmoore

    Damage limited … now time to get back on top.

  121. preach

    OK, definately could have been a whole lot worse. Still tied. Time to un-tie it.

  122. Sergeant2

    Two more strikeouts for free pizza, right? Stands at 9 right now.

  123. FWIW567

    It’s feeling like a Billy Hamilton kind of night.

  124. Matt WI

    Very well done by Homer to stay on top of them there. Fresh game, 3 times more to hit. Will we see Billy Bags?
    “That guy over there… that’s Billy the Bag Swiper. We call him Billy Bags for short. You need a base? He’s your guy. Mmm hmmm.” “… I heard he once played with Hank Aaron”

  125. tae

    Got out w. one run only but do not agree with leaving Baily in.

    Dusty is too worried of hurting players feelings than win a World Series — this is why he should not be managing.

    Fans want a chance at championship …less about hurting multi millionaires’ feelings

    Cannot stand Dusty ….

    Love Reds

    • kywhi

      @tae: What would your reasoning have been for taking Bailey out in that inning with him due to bat third in the bottom half?

    • Matt WI

      @Sergeant2: Not too shabby for a reformed “head case” huh? Love it. Go get some runs boys!

  126. Josh

    2 mistake pitches to the same guy, wow. Welp, we MUST WIN this game 3-2. No more runs for the Dodgers.

  127. Sergeant2

    Hanging breaking ball turns into a base hit for Cozart.

  128. Josh


  129. tpteach

    And DB brings up Soto in this important spot.



  130. prjeter

    Soto against Ketshaw? Are you fing kidding me?

  131. dc937

    Can’t believe Bailey got pulled. I think he had 1-2 innings left in the tank.

  132. RedAlert

    Why not bat Henry Rodriguez here?

  133. Josh

    Horrible decision by Baker, I would rather have kept Homer in

  134. redskaph

    SOTO!!! Hope I’m wrong, but there’s no friggin chance here

  135. tpteach

    In this series he’s seen 9 pitches and K’d all three ABs. I think.

  136. RedTitan19

    Nine pitches-three Ks. Pulled the right strings Dusty

  137. tae

    Wow.. soro? Really ? Against the Beast? Really?


    Mad right now

  138. RedAlert

    Sorry – forgot Henry is a lefty

  139. redskaph

    Anyone else on bench would’ve been a better choice, but YKW is managing.

  140. George Culver

    Soto has yet to put a ball in play. What a horrible decision. There had to be another choice?

  141. ToddAlmighty

    Minor leaguer vs best pitcher in MLB? Sounds like a legit battle. Good thing they gave up a free out so that could happen.

    Why not use Mesoraco as a PH? At least he is a major league player, and crushes lefties.

  142. tae

    Dusty on national stage…being knucklehead…. Even Korean announcers r criticizing Soto PH move

  143. MrRedlegs3900

    Need a new Game Thread. Just a warning.

  144. Sergeant2

    Even Reds announcers questioned using Soto at such an important time in the game against Kershaw no less.

  145. fiercev

    wow, this is sad and pathetic. “Buntapalooza version 3” is the name of the latest episode of the “Dusty Dumb Times”. We all know it is a great idea to give Kershaw free outs! Because Soto was such a great choice against the soon to be CY Young.

  146. RiverCity Redleg

    At least we got the obligatory Soto three pitch strike out out of the way

  147. Sergeant2

    Server Overload. Time for new game thread.

  148. tpteach

    Dusty apologists – what say you?

  149. abox03

    Giving away 2 outs there…bunt + Soto

    There are things I will never understand…that is one of them

  150. Farney

    What a waste of an opportunity. You have Izturis, Luddy, Mes, and Drob on the bench, and you use Soto of all people? He had zero chance.

    • Matt WI

      @Farney: That may be the first semi-positive reference to Izturis being on the bench I’ve heard all season. Worth noting is all.

  151. Farney

    What a waste of an opportunity. You have Izturis, Luddy, Mes, and Drob on the bench, and you use Soto of all people? He had zero chance.

  152. Josh

    Dusty Baker is an absolute idiot. PH Soto against Kershaw, wow. Just let Hanigan hit and see what happens. Leave Homer in the game. Now you got Parra to face Crawford, Puig and AGone. Bad news. Offense and Baker are going to lose us this game

  153. Matt WI

    Movie announcer: “From the mind that brought you a squeeze bunt with 2 outs… an epic follow-up…. Soto as a PH in a big game!!!!” Oh well. Hold down the fort, try again.

  154. tpteach

    Ya, this is getting ridiculous. High-pressure situation. A guy who’s done NOTHING at this level so far brought off the bench to face the Cy Young candidate. Following a free out via the sac bunt.

    Someone. Anyone. Explain. No, really. Explain.

  155. Sergeant2

    Winning the first 2 games made this 3rd game expendable in Dustyball land.

  156. tae

    I really can’t think of any reason why Soto in that situation..

    What do u all think Dusty will say at post game?

    “Well, when i looked at the dugout after swallowing my toothpick… This young man was looking at me with such a wondering eye, i just couldn’t help myself…ya know what i mean”

  157. George Culver

    Duke instead of Parra? Only batter?

  158. Hunt4RedsOctober

    I don’t like the Dodgers. Too many hot dogs.

  159. RedAlert

    Yea – especially the one coming to the plate now

  160. RedTitan19

    JJ challenge fastball vs Yasiel kill a challenge fastball. I dont like it.

  161. George Culver

    Hope the Hoover breaking ball is working as good as yesterday?

  162. jas_428

    Izturis even has a little bit of success vs Kershaw. Soto choice was just dumb.

  163. Johnu1

    Soto has had probably 1 foul tip in his 6 at-bats.

  164. FWIW567

    Calling on Soto to PH was crazy, but I’m glad Homer is out, he was starting to struggle. I also thought the bunt was completely defensible. You’re probably not going to string together a couple hits against CK. Get him over and play for a single. Not all bunts are equally bad.

  165. VaRedsFan

    I didnt disagree with the bunt there…but Soto PHing was not smart

  166. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Soto 0-7 with 6 Ks. And he is one of the Reds top prospects…ouch!

    • Matt WI

      @Hunt4RedsOctober: Meanwhile, Dusty usually talks about how people aren’t here to play just because they get called up. If it was someone who needed playing time (Alonso, Mes), they couldn’t get off the bench, much less get the rope Soto has gotten. But in Dusty’s mixed up mind, he’s already playing for the 12th inning.

      • redskaph

        @Sergeant2: Don’t matter much – and he really hasn’t got a lot – if you can’t make contact.

    • Kyle

      @Hunt4RedsOctober: What’s funny is I remember his first AB (can’t recall if it was this year or last year). He hit a ball hard and got robbed. Since then- 6 K’s. He is a guy that should only be coming in when we are up 6 against the Astros.

  167. RedAlert

    Don’t like this matchup – be careful JJ

  168. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Time to get Votto on, get Billy in the game, rattle the pitcher, SB and then get Billy home. Game. It’s actually fairly easy.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @tpteach: Yeah I would have. Let’s win it now. Why wait around?

      • tpteach

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: If we don’t score, we don’t have Votto. If we do score, then they score, we don’t have Votto. Just a risk I am not sure I’d take in that situation. Not with the team leading RBI guy up to bat followed by the player with two HR’s already in this game.

        Though, they both sucked after Votto’s out. So there’s that.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @tpteach: Hamilton changes the dynamic. Hate to lose this game without having a chance to use him. Oh well.

  169. Johnu1

    Withrow was unhittable the other night.

  170. George Culver

    Very surprised that the Dodgers sent out a RH pitcher to face Votto and Bruce.

  171. George Culver

    Votto rolls over on so many pitches.

  172. tpteach

    National TV and how do our two all-stars respond? 0 – 8.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Kurt Frost: Dusty just gave the last inning away. Why? Who really knows.

  173. Johnu1

    Evidently Withrow is still unhittable.

  174. Sergeant2

    That didn’t go well. We’ll get em in the 9th. Go Reds!

  175. fiercev

    Anybody want to make a prediction? Dusty already trying everything in his power to blow this game and this offense looks lost.

  176. George Culver

    Swing at he pitch in his eyes? That was ball 4. The word is out, down in the count, Reds hitter will swing a ball 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  177. Hunt4RedsOctober

    No matter what happens in this game, this has been a fantastic series between two evenly matched teams.

  178. George Culver

    Chapman in to face Hanley. Pray.

  179. redskaph

    Was that Mike Marshall (from the 70s)

  180. Johnu1

    Wonder if the ESPN guy is thinking how Dusty is pressing all the right buttons, except for Soto.

    • Matt WI

      @RedAlert: Right… how can a team with talent like the Dodgers only score 2 runs? Wait… both teams have to runs? What? It’s like both sides have good pitching or something. Weird.

  181. George Culver

    Win it now. gotta go to bed. work tomorrow.

  182. Sergeant2

    Who’s going to be the Reds hero tonight?

  183. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Here we go. Frazier gets a single. Hamilton pinch-runs and steals second. Cozart drives him in!

  184. Josh

    10 pitches of utter nastiness. I would absolutely bring him back out if we do not score. This game is very important. We’d be tied in 2nd with the Pirates

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Josh: Exactly. Who is next……the Cubs?? This would be a huge game to win. You can’t overemphasize it.

  185. Kyle

    There have been some times I’ve questioned just how good Chapman is, but he has been untouchable the last few games. Just incredible.

  186. Josh

    BRING BACK CHAPMAN OUT, only if we go in order

  187. George Culver

    Frazier the hero for the 3rd game in a row?

  188. Johnu1

    Geez … can these guys figure out how to hit a baseball?

  189. Josh

    Man our offense is really bad. A bunch of hackers

  190. VaRedsFan

    Todd should have swung at that 3rd pitch as per usual …he would have reached 1st on the PB

  191. George Culver

    How about Cozart with another hit. I guess Hamilton only runs for Ludwick?

  192. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Really don’t understand Dusty Baker and I know I never will.

  193. George Culver

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  194. BearcatNation


    NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO BE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Reds win. Reds win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How huge is this???

  196. Matt WI

    OOOOOHHHH YEEEAHHHH! Hanigan and Cozart! Reds win!!!!!!!!!!111

  197. VaRedsFan

    Hannigan…not bunting…WORKED!

  198. Hunt4RedsOctober

    SWEEP>>>>>>>>>>>REDS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. RedAlert

    Yesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How SWEEP it is !!!

  200. tpteach

    Wow. We are in second place ladies and gentlemen! We just SWEPT the team that hasn’t lost three in a row in MONTHS!

  201. PRoseFutureHOFer

    Oh baby!!!!!! What a series!

    This Dallas Cowboys fan has had a very good night so far.

  202. Sergeant2

    Wow wow wow the Reds sweep, sweep sweep the Dodgers. Awesome is all I can say. I take that back I have this to say: NEXT. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  203. George Culver

    A good throw gets Cozart at the plate. B Ham scores standing. Bad decision. Great game as the Reds win once again despite Dusty’s awful decisions..

    • Kurt Frost

      A good throw gets Cozart at the plate. B Ham scores standing. Bad decision. Great game as the Reds win once again despite Dusty’s awful decisions..

      He scored easily.

  204. Matt WI

    That has to be such a great feeling for Hanigan. Been a tough year for him. Awesome!

  205. down with dusty

    Cozart showing that Hamilton speed.

  206. renbutler

    It’s a good thing Hamilton wasn’t in there. He would have beat the throw by about five seconds and ruined the suspense.


    Go Reds!

  207. PaRed

    WOW taking 6 of 7 from Cards and the Dodgers……. didnt expect it but I will def TAKE IT!!!!!!!

  208. tpteach

    I will say this, when it works, Dusty reaps a lot more than a win. Having Cozart and Hanigan be the two to make that happen only serves to enhance their confidence as we head into the playoffs. Bringing in BH everytime gets the team thinking that’s the only way they can score.

    Glad it worked tonight.

  209. George Culver

    Good night to a happy Nation.

  210. Johnu1

    Last time Reds swept LA at home was 1992.

  211. Sergeant2

    34,041 turned out for tonight’s game, 34,041. (No Marty, no titanic struggle) Go Reds!

  212. RedAlert

    Don’t let off the gas now – gotta take care of business vs the Cubbies

  213. abox03

    Great win…but boy, not to damper this but that 16 inning game vs the cards….Reds win that and they are in a 1st place.

    • Josh

      Completely agree. We don’t blow that 16 inning game and we are in 1st place by ourselves, 22 games over .500 and 1/2 game over the Cards with 18 games left

      • renbutler

        @Josh: Except that it’s impossible to say the last four games would have played out exactly the same as they did if that result had been different.

  214. Josh

    Sweep! Should be riding a 7 game winning streak. But 6 out of 7 is incredible. Lets take this momentum and confidence into the Cubs series. We cannot let up and take them for granted, bring the A game everyday from here on out. 2 out of 3 is a MUST. Tied for 2nd folks, wow.

  215. ToddAlmighty

    Sweeping the Dodgers was huge. Shame the team had to consistently win in spite of Baker, but still… awesome.

    • kywhi

      @ToddAlmighty: Right. Dusty made all the wrong calls, didn’t he? Really has his team playing bad in September.

  216. steveschoen

    Well done, gentlemen. All 3 games, all 7 including the Cards, also. These would normally be games we lose, especially against good teams.

  217. tpteach

    How happy the Pirates were to secure a non-losing season. And yet, they have yet to secure that 82nd win for a winning season. Awesome that our Reds secured a winning season before the Rats!

  218. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Great chance tomorrow night to be one game behind the Cards and take over sole possession of second place. We get the Cubs at home and the Pirates get Darvish in Texas. Cards are off Monday.

  219. steveschoen

    Can’t let up against the Cubs, Astros, and Brewers now. We probably need to go 7-2 against them. Hopefully the Brewers will be able to get to the Cards, as well as the Rockies in Denver.

  220. ToledoRedsFan


  221. Sergeant2

    Not only did the Reds win the game, but they still had all their time outs left in the 9th inning. : )

  222. Johnu1

    It occurs to me that this team is a little more prepared to win than before the trip to Denver. Maybe there is something to the Ryan Ludwick aura after all.

  223. Redgoggles

    And, we didn’t have to utilize our secret combo weapon…..Ryan Hamilton. What a fun week!!!!

  224. Johnu1

    It’s really not too much out of line to consider that the Reds are only about 3 games back of Atlanta for best record. If that happens, no matter what, we’d play the wild-card winner. That — of course — assumes a lot at this point.

  225. 666wolverine

    We cannot stumble against the Cubbies!!!! Take care of them like a good team should!!! Donot do what you did in Colorado!!!! Glad the redlegs made me eat crow and did the exact opposite of my prediction and went 6-1 and not 1-6!!!! Big week!!

  226. icee82

    A great homestand thus far. I have to admit that I felt like a kid again this weekend. There were moments that I could not bear to watch and there I was last night standing up in the living room giving Cozart the green light to come to the plate hollering “send him, send him, send him”. I love this time of the year when every pitch means everything. It is gut wrenching championship caliber baseball and it is great. I do not believe that it is a coincidence that the Reds have really turned it on since Ryan Ludwick has returned. He is providing that much needed leadership and accountability. We questioned that two weeks ago and the Reds have played fantastic baseball since his return. Go Reds!!!

  227. Redsfanx

    Great win for the Reds in front of national TV. Bat Bruce at cleanup and forget the left right left stuff, Dusty. Now we need at least 2of3 from the next three series before we go head to head with the Pirates.