This is a lot more fun, isn’t it? The Reds have won four of their last five games and find themselves within two games of 1st place for the first time since May 31.

Today, the Reds face Dodgers starter Zack Greinke (14-3, 2.78 ERA, 1.14 WHIP). Greinke hasn’t allowed more than 2 runs in any of his last seven starts dating back to July 25th. Of course, that July 25th start was against Cincinnati when Greinke surrendered homeruns to Xavier Paul and Jay Bruce and gave up 4 runs total over 7 innings.

The Reds would win that July 25th matchup 5-2 behind the strong pitching of today’s starter, Mat Latos (14-5, 2.98 ERA, 1.19 WHIP). Latos is coming off a complete game victory against the Cardinals and has allowed more than 2 runs only once in his last 9 starts.

On top of all the exciting game action, Joe Morgan Weekend continues today at GABP. There’s a lot of great stuff online today about Morgan. Check out this piece by John Erardi for starters. If you missed any of the Great Eight action last night, follow the links to videos and news stories.

There is no football season in September, only baseball! Watch the afternoon game and discuss it here. Go Reds!!

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  1. In related news: Dusty was asked to add 2 and 2, and his answer was “bunt.”

  2. Was there ever a more obvious choice? I mean ever? May be Dusty thought he would save Billy’s innings for the bigger game tomorrow. Wait, wrong position.

    How do you win a WS with this guy? How much better will the Reds have to be over their competition?

  3. What a catch!

  4. Wow!

  5. Nice catch Zack.

  6. Cozart atones !

  7. Wow. Cozart makes a phenomenal play. Nice!

  8. Nice catch, there.

  9. Hoover has more confidence in the curve ball today. Nice to see it working.

  10. Hoover is just a step away, from completely turning into a wild animal.

  11. Before today, Izturis was hitting .111/.158/.139 since the All-Star break. That’s who the Reds gave up a free out to get to bat. Seriously.

  12. I suppose the bearded weirdo will be in now.

  13. Great job by Hoover against the middle of their order. Now Ludwick needs to get on and BHam pinch run.

  14. Ok – let me guess how this works. Ludwick singles, and for some mysterious reason remains in the game. Frazier attempts to bunt, fails twice, then hits a home run?

  15. Its a matter of time before Wilson gets hit hard. Hope that day is today.

  16. Luddy keeping the bat on his shoulder to begin the AB. Thank you.

  17. Walk and then lets see HAMILTON!

  18. It’s like Billy Hamilton is Ludwick’s personal pinch runner.

  19. Ah, so Baker WAS saving him for the 10th. Brilliant!

  20. We gonna bunt Hamilton over now?

  21. Walk. Now what?

  22. We didn’t want to win last inning. Lets give it a try this time though…..

  23. I logged on to see Vo tto has got on base nine times in a row.

  24. No but he might get thrown out stealing. Just hope Cozart is bunting here.

  25. Note to Brian Wilson: ZZ Top just called and want you to audition.

  26. According to plan. Ludwick laid off breaking pitches that he chased last nite.

  27. Again I’d like to know what is the record for stolen bases without an at-bat?

  28. Billy!!!

  29. When will an opponent pitch out on BH?

  30. Okay, Frazier make him throw a strike.

  31. Wow, dropped the ball again. He had a good pitch to try to get him there, too.

  32. Steal third please.

  33. What an interesting idea. Leadoff walk, then bring in Hamilton and let him steal a base.

  34. Hamilton.. 4 steals 4 games… no at bats.. wow

  35. Hamilton is so fast he makes catchers drop the ball trying to throw it.

  36. Awful. Wilson cant throw strikes. Make him throw one.

  37. That catcher was trying to make that throw so fast he never had time to get a proper grip. That’s half the greatness of Hamilton running. He makes others make mistakes.

    Also…. STOP THE BUNTING! $^@%^@%@&!!!

  38. WHAT!?!?!? Frazier trying to bunt (ugh) and does it ugly. WHAT!!!??!


  40. Failed bunt = WIN!

  41. Billy frigging Hamilton!!!!!

  42. What the ~^+>]*>}^~<*^]{~*^]^**}^<]}~+]{!!!!!

  43. We win!!! This one belongs to the Reds!!!!!

  44. Awesome. Huge series win. Hopefully, they are greedy tomorrow and hit Kershaw, too.

  45. See, let the guys put it in play and see what happens!

  46. On Fox: “Baker pushes all the right buttons.” Yeah, having Frazier miss that bunt was VERY clever!

  47. The fantastic finish.

  48. See, that’s why he wasn’t in in the 9th. Great win!

    • @Eric the Red: You sly old dog – you knew all along. Should have known with a moniker like “Eric the Red”!

      How about those Cincinnati Reds, gang!!!!

  49. According to plan ! Why on earth would Dusty have Frazer bunt in that situation ?
    Maybe Frazer was smart enough to miss his bunt on purpose in that situation.

  50. wow.. i have to admit that first 140 games or so… Reds this year have been no fun to watch… just hoping/praying that we win…

    last few games, it’s been FUN to watch..

    Hamilton – that speed – is 90% of the reason for “my” fun…

    Cards and Dodgers – two teams that will be in the playoffs in few weeks – and we are gaining confidence

  51. Love how that’s what now.. two failed called bunt ABs that ended with game winning hits in the last 5 games? How about we skip the failed bunting part and just go for hits?

    This team wins so much in spite of Baker, it’s crazy. Billy Hamilton is great though. He absolutely flew to home to beat Puig’s strong arm.

    • @ToddAlmighty: I would pay to watch the guy run laps.

    • @ToddAlmighty: Not only that, but Cozart’s 14th inning game tying single vs. the Cardinals was after a failed called bunt. Definitely, let’s skip the botched bunt part. Sometimes unfortunately the bunt is successfully laid down and it kills a rally.

  52. A sweep tomorrow is possible and the confidence of these boyz hasn’t been any higher. Unless we mail it in tomorrow, that should be a fun game to watch. Even the immortal Kershaw will have an off day … may that come tomorrow.

    In the mean time, Billy Hamilton, 4 SB’s, 3 R’s, 0 AB’s … so what does that make his OBP?

    Have a great day all – we pick up a full game on SOMEBODY today.

  53. sorry.. i am not giving Dusty much credit… he stinks and shouldn’t be managing…

    but the pitching is doing it.. and in these few games, we’ve got inner confidence to come back and win, despite the moves Dusty makes.

    happy for Izzy but quite frankly, he should not be in major league baseball at this stage. sorry..

    let’s sweep tomorrow…

  54. So I am finally in the group who thinks it’s necessary to do whatever process is necessary to do the necessary thing — Billy Hamilton needs to be on the playoff roster.


  55. I enjoyed the game and the game thread today. Have a good Saturday nite, all !

  56. Oh, yeah. Having Hamilton on in front of Frazier decreases the number of breaking balls the Toddfather sees. It’s almost worth having him stay at first for a few pitches. Another reason not to have used him in a less advantageous situation in the 9th.

  57. I realize he’s not the sharpest guy in the world, but at some point doesn’t it HAVE to occur to Baker that almost NO bunts by position players actually produce runs? Doesn’t he HAVE to notice how many times a guy will get a hit after failing to bunt? I mean, it just HAS to sink in at some point, right? (No, probably not. I know.)

    • @Baseclogger:

      It will never sink in with Dusty. Players have to overcome time and time again.

    • @Baseclogger: I am OK with showing the bunt … just to get that 3B in on his toes. With Hamilton, I’ve seen this guy run before. He intimidates defenses. Really, he does. Middle infielders are always on edge. Catchers come up empty.

      • @Johnu1: I’m definitely OK with showing the bunt too. But my understanding (from the Reds radio) call was that Frazer tried to lay down a bunt and missed.

    • @Baseclogger: Old dog, new tricks.

  58. We would have settled for 2 of 3 as we would have been ecstatic over a 3 of 4 against the Birds.

    Now we’re wanting a sweep and are upset we didn’t get one against St. Lou.

    Now that’s what I call a pennant race.

  59. Can’t wait until Billy scores from second on a infield hit.

  60. Beautiful. Let’s not forget the great job Latos did in battling through 7 innings, and the super work turned in by the bullpen. I’m real happy for Hoover, getting the Win after one good inning instead of the loss after one good and then one bad inning like much of the year.

    • @Eric the Red: Nah, Latos is old news. This is about Hamilton. Who’s Hoover?

      • @Johnu1: Don’t know if you are serious or not but you have a point. Latos is a very fine ball player and JJ is a up and comer but how often do you see a guy with Billy’s unique talents?

        I was watching the plate when Puig delivered the throw and wondering where is Hammy. Then I saw a blur cross the TV screen. Unfortunately, not Mat Latos or anyone else can get me that excited in a baseball game.

    • @Eric the Red: I’ve had serious doubts about the bullpen at times this year but I’m glad they’re proving me wrong. And so far Duke has been a strong addition.

  61. Reds, Cards, and Pirates all have 81 wins for a few hours. Either 1.5 or 2 GB after tonight. Hope it is 2 back and 0.5 GB from STL.

    • @Kyle: That’s what I’m rooting for also. And it’s so easy to root against them.

    • @Kyle: Agreed, Kyle. Overall, I want to be close to the leader going into the final days (well, actually, I would rather have it sewn up by now). I would rather the leader be the Pirates since we meet them. I just don’t want the Cards nor Pirates to get too far out in front, also.

  62. I said before the Cards series in St. Louis, for these 13 games, we needed to go 7-6 at minimum for division consideration. We won one at St. L, one at Milwaukee, 3 against the Cards, and now 2 against the Dodgers. We made the 7. How about tomorrow making it 8. At this point in the season, there is no throwaway game unfortunately, not unless we don’t care about hosting the WC game or winning the division.

  63. Hamilton has yet to have an AB and already is tied for 4th in SB on the team.

  64. Brantley had a fantasticcall on the gamewinner

  65. What a finish! Hamilton making things fun again.

  66. I think having Hamilton illustrates VERY CLEARLY what the Reds need to be closer to a complete team. There is a need for speed.

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