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Game Thread: Dodgers at Reds (2013.09.06)

The Reds and Dodgers kick off a series tonight between two teams jockeying for playoff position.  The Dodgers have been baseball’s hottest team over the past 2 months while the Reds have done pretty well since the All-Star break and are riding a series win against St. Louis.

This series is big for the Reds because the club will have a chance to gain ground on either Pittsburgh or St. Louis as the two meet for the final time this season in a 3-game series.  Considering the Reds control their own fate with games against Pittsburgh, we all need to be Pirates fans over these next three days while hoping the Redlegs can sweep the Dodgers.

Discuss the game here fellow Reds fans!

377 thoughts on “Game Thread: Dodgers at Reds (2013.09.06)

  1. Bases loaded with 0 outs and we do not score, predictable. Ludwick shouldn’t have moved the bat off his shoulder and it would be 4-2 right now.

  2. Had to step away, came back to hear the words Dodgers get out of bases loaded no outs situation. Shirley I heard wrong.

  3. OK, this will be the most dangerous batter of the inning. Hanley’s had a good night so far. Time for that to change.

  4. This is the reason Chapman is the closer. And no, despite what many on this board believe, there is no other member of this pitching staff who could close at this level. As Jim Day just said, “This is what it’s all about.”

  5. Ramirez K’s and the bat goes flying…and this one belongs to the Reds!!!

  6. Incredible ! Three of the best hitters in the NL, and they couldn’t even manage a foul ball.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Chapman should pitch more than once every 12 days.

  8. Maybe Dusty didn’t pitch chapman for that week where the reds struggled because he was saving him for these two big series

    • @RedsAk19: Chapman’s rest has worked out well, but it was more than a week – 10 days – and it would not have hurt Aroldis to get an inning of work in there. Dusty didn’t use him all that time because there wasn’t a save situation.

      But I don’t want to complain about Dusty tonite – he’s made the right bullpen moves the last 2 nites.

  9. Folks, that was some good baseball! I’m exhausted. Chapman looks unstoppable right now. Joey is on the way back. Bruce has avoided the prolonged “funk”. And HOW ABOUT MIKE LEAKE!!!

  10. Great outing by Mike Leake. Everyone thought the Dodgers would shell Mike but he was outstanding.

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: I agree. And there was no luck involved, they were not hitting anything hard, except the 2 by Hanley.
      The Puig IF hit was bad luck, should have been a 1 run outing.

  11. I would have thought with Leake 1st inning, all the terrible AB’s and the use of Chapman this would have been a disaster.

    I am glad I am wrong. So I guess Chapman can go 4 straight days (I still think it is a mistake having him pitch yesterday).

    Go Reds, just curious who would trade this for the Denorfia & Lucoy AB

  12. “I’ve signed away my career to play in Cincinnati.” – Joey Votto

    Is it just me or did sound a little negative?

    • @Ethan D: I thought the same thing, but did like that he followed it up with the sentiment that winning is the main thing, not individual stats.

    • @Ethan D: I take it as Votto expressing how much he likes playing in Cincinnati and he’s also saying that the contract he signed proves that.

  13. EXTREMELY big that the Cincinnati Redlegs won the opening game of this Dodgers series. Now two outta three at the least is very attainable. Chapman is a sight to behold, a man among boys when he is on his game. But I’m more impressed with the mental toughness of Mr. Mike Leake. The more experience Leake gets under his belt the better he gets. There may be bumps along the way, but Leake could very well turn out to be an elite pitcher. IMHO

  14. We know we can beat Greinke … if we do that we should just let Kershaw be Kershaw and maybe rest some of our guys.

  15. Baseball being a weird sport, teams look like dog doo one week, are unbeatable the next. An extended solid streak would be desirable … say win 15 of 22 … is that too much?

    • @Johnu1: 15 of 22 might not be enough to win the division. In a short stretch like that, it’s possible to get hot and do even better.
      Go Reds !!!

  16. Thought I would mosey on over to the L.A. Times to see what Dodger fans had to say about the the game tonight. Of the two articles reporting on tonight’s game there were exactly 0 comments from Dodger fans.

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