2013 Reds / Game Thread

74 thoughts on “Game Thread, Part Two

  1. Odd little play to end the inning. Catch the ball and fall on the base for an out.

  2. I would still like to score another 5 runs in the 8th, just to make it easier.

  3. I like LeCure better as an inherited runner cooler kinda pitcher and like Every day JJ as a clean inning setup guy.

  4. Ideally Chapman does not even warm up and relatively is well rested for the LA series.

  5. Votto’s so indecisive that he ‘s just slapping at these pitches late in the zone.

    Does he wear glasses/contacts? Cause he just seems to not be seeing the ball let alone the spin of the ball at all.

  6. Had trouble posting for a minute. Love the way LeCure walked off the mound immediately after throwing what turned out to be strike 3 to Jay.
    He knew he’d made his pitch.

  7. Should let LeCure finish it. Chapman won’t be available vs. the Dodgers tomorrow.

  8. Remember back when the Reds were supposedly afraid of the Cardinals? I’m not so sure it was true.

  9. How huge would it have been to sweep this 4 game series and leapfrog the Cards and be in 2nd by ourselves. Should be a 1/2 game back and only 2 behind the Rats

    • @Sergeant2: In a weird way, I like this … shows we have no respect for the WLBs. Then again, the attendance is always nice. Will be packed for the LaLa’s.

  10. Why is no one questioning this lack of foresight move. You do not pitch Chapman for 9 straight days, then 3 in a row, when he is not necessary, plus can you expect him to pitch in 2 of the Dodgers games?

  11. Day off for Hanigan tomorrow.

    Good win tonight.

    I’m still mad about the one that got away yesterday. I wanted blood.

  12. Couldn’t ask for a better way to end this series. Molina out on three pitches.

  13. I loved getting Chapman in the game there, especially with a tired bullpen from last night. Top of the order, don’t mess around. Just shut the door and take the series.

    • @FWIW567:
      If they were not in 3rd place with the hottest team since the All-star break coming to town and had an off day, I would agree.
      All the 2nd guessers will be in full force if there is a blown save this weekend (not just by Chapman)

      Really a bad move if you do not see any urgency in going into the Dodger series at full strength.

      • @vicferrari: So he shouldn’t have been used because it wasn’t a save situation, I guess? Don’t use him because of the possible chance that he’ll be needed tomorrow? Some would argue that mindset has been the problem with his use all along. Hoover or LeCure can close too.

        • @FWIW567:
          Why not pitch him in St. Louis or Colorado, it did not matter, but why 3 straight days?

          I guess I do not see the division as a reality and view beating the Dodgers just as important as beating the Cards (show you can play with the elite)…hopefully they can do it without Chapman as I doubt he pitches more than once and there is no possibility of an 2 inning save

  14. Well I feel like this team can compete. The Dodger series is big for the Reds as it shows how intense they remain for the homestretch after coming off 2 straight letdowns against inferior competition.

  15. 102 mph fastball to blow Molina away. And this one belongs to the Reds. Taking 3 outta 4 from the Cardinals is huge for the Reds after the way they played in St. Lo. Next up the Dodgers. Is this fun or what, first the Cards and now the Dodgers. Can’t wait to see the Dodger series. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  16. Wearing my Los Rojos jersey to work tomorrow, to better communicate with the Dodger-Nation, what kind of series they’re facing this weekend.

  17. I’m one of Baker’s biggest critics, but I don’t mind going with Chapman in the ninth. Shows he is really taking this game seriously. Plus the way he’s thrown the last two days, I was really eager to watch him again.

  18. What’s the math? 41 you can’t win, 41 you can’t lose … the other 58 are up for grabs. Think of the ones we’ve squandered.

  19. Havin’ me some tasty crow. Called a Cardinals blowout after last nite’s debacle, but it’s nice to be wrong and chew some feathers. Great bounce-back win. Shoudda swept, but they moved on and got it done tonight. Cingrani and the pen were outstanding.

  20. Seriously, some of these people on here are still complaining from taking 3 of 4 from the Cardinals? Seriously! Seriously!!!

    It took the Cardinals 15 freaking innings to beat us this series. If I was anyone, I would be liking the fact that the last taste the Cardinals have in their mouth from the Reds is a 3 of 4 game loss that required a very extended game to even sneak away with one.

    Get a grip people.

    • @rfay00:
      I think a lot of people would be happy with a 5-2 week after the Rockies series. It is very realistic and if it happens that way the sky will be falling after one loss to the Dodgers

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