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Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.09.05)

The Reds and Cardinals conclude this 4-game series tonight.  I have no clue, nor desire to predict, what sort of ramifications last night’s game will have on tonight’s. I would not be surprised if the Reds blew the Cardinals out.  I would not be surprised if the Cardinals blew the Reds out.  It wouldn’t even surprise me if the Reds managed to pull out a squeaker tonight after squandering last night’s game.  It is baseball and anything can happen.

All I can say for certain is that two teams will show up and play one another tonight in Cincinnati.  One team will win and one team will lose.  I just hope the team with the wishbone C on their uniforms are the ones that come home with a win.  Yes I, like most of you, have our opinions on how we would like to see that win accomplished.  But the bottom line is, we can all agree we want the Reds to win!

Discuss the game here, pull for a solid start in Cingrani’s return, hope for some more runs, and cheer for the Reds to go!

305 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.09.05)

  1. If Zack Duke only faces 2 batters this year, I’d say he’s had a good season. Wow!

  2. Soto again a 3 pitch strike out. He has looked terribly overmatched in his short stints.

  3. BP looked a little hobbledy on that swing. Izzy might get his chance.

    [Biting my tongue.]

  4. Cards announcers said they have never seen Vottos bat as slow as it is now. Fatigue?

    • @RC:
      Exactly, he is battling and that was a tough AB by Jay, how about those match-ups 3 lefties get on base after having 2 strikes…
      Inning almost gives you hope in something bigger

  5. Bruce has been more even this year – not as deep funks as previously. They chased Freeman and he had good stuff the other night.

  6. I assume we Sam, can we get 2 solid innings. Is Parra still out, I assume Hoover, Simon, and Ondrusek needed in emergency only

  7. If Parra could go 2 (unlikely), the Reds could complete the game with all LH pitching. I wonder when the last time that has happened?

  8. Manny has been incredible since his rough start. And even more so considering Marshall being out all year. Nice find Walt, nice job Price.

  9. This series hasn’t felt like playing the Cardinals. We really should have had yesterday’s game as well for a four-game sweep (assuming we win tonight). They just don’t seem as intimidating as they usually do.

    Could this really be the Pirates year?

  10. No one will ever call Todd Frazier’s swing pretty. But, he’s got a ton of power.

  11. Better yet, how did he hit a HR on that swing ? His bat speed when he’s out in front is unbelievable.

  12. Todd Frazier hits one of his patented one handed home runs. Someone must have found the Kryptonite in Frazier’s locker and buried it. Time to put the cape back on Super Todd. Go Reds!!!!!

  13. Thom talks disgustingly about “that guy in the room who acts like he’s seen it all” and makes you “roll your eyes.” He realizes he is talking about himself, right?

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