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Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.09.05)

The Reds and Cardinals conclude this 4-game series tonight.  I have no clue, nor desire to predict, what sort of ramifications last night’s game will have on tonight’s. I would not be surprised if the Reds blew the Cardinals out.  I would not be surprised if the Cardinals blew the Reds out.  It wouldn’t even surprise me if the Reds managed to pull out a squeaker tonight after squandering last night’s game.  It is baseball and anything can happen.

All I can say for certain is that two teams will show up and play one another tonight in Cincinnati.  One team will win and one team will lose.  I just hope the team with the wishbone C on their uniforms are the ones that come home with a win.  Yes I, like most of you, have our opinions on how we would like to see that win accomplished.  But the bottom line is, we can all agree we want the Reds to win!

Discuss the game here, pull for a solid start in Cingrani’s return, hope for some more runs, and cheer for the Reds to go!

305 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.09.05)

  1. Its nice to see that Cingrani isn’t “too cool for school” to hustle down the first base line.

    • @Sergeant2: I’ve been puzzled with why I’ve been more frustrated with this Reds team than most, and you nailed it. “too cool for school” BP has always been that way, but Votto seems to be trending in that direction. He seems to think he deserves everything. Perhaps this is a product of his perfectionistic tendencies, but it comes across wrong when you are not hustling and making spacey decisions. Glad he’s a Red, but I no longer want my sons to model his attitude as a player.

  2. Wow, earlier in the year Lynn owned the Reds. They couldn’t touch him. Wonder what he change is?

  3. Clearly Cingrani is going to bunt for hits every time. Not bad actually because it makes him pretty dangerous. Not unlike Leake, except different. Sort of.

  4. OH MY GOSH! Votto swung! He made contact! And it went into fair territory! WOW! It was a lazy fly out but still, WOW!

  5. One run here. One run there. Would be nice for our guys to string them together in an inning.

  6. OK offense time to get that run back. Show Cingrani some love and back him with a HUGE INNING

  7. Sweet swinging Jay Bruce smacks a HR to center field. 4-1 Reds bot 5th 0 outs.

  8. I figured y’all would be on the 3rd thread by now. Been watching the game (and a movie). I like this Reds team we’ve seen for the Bird series. And Cingrani … WOW!

    • @msanmoore: If you want to throttle the Cardinal offense, it takes either power pitching or lefthand pitching though Arroyo did a nice job last night.

      • @Y-City Jim: With Cingrani you get both. Imagine if Chapman was in the rotation. Our luck against the Cards might change quite a bit.

  9. Lynn at 100 pitches. Heavy does of that ridiculous bullpen coming up. Would be nice to add on first.

  10. Tony isn’t showing any residual pain from his little DL stint. He’s dealing.

  11. This game illustrates both the advantages and disadvantages of walks. While walks push the pitch count up and increase scoring opportunities, without a timely hit they tend to lead to wasted chances. All those walks barely contributed to a run. Then 3 hits, 3 runs. Obviously a walk is better than an out but a hit is better than a walk. I really just wish the Reds practiced controlled aggressiveness, if that makes sense.

  12. All-in-all a nice outing. Needs to build that arm strength back, I guess.

  13. Don’t agree with that decision at all. Don’t see how Nick Christiani or Zack Duke is a better choice than The Granny here.

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