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Go Reds!

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, “The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Cincinnati Reds” is now available in bookstores and online, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever fine books are sold. You can also find Chad’s musings about the Cincinnati Reds in the pages of Cincinnati Magazine.

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  1. How about a wild pitch on an IBB? Wouldn’t that be something?

  2. How about a bunt now? Heisey runs well…..

  3. JFC. J F C.

  4. JFC. J F C.

  5. Joey needs a day off.

    WTF WAS THAT?!?!?!?!

  6. tootblan to end the inning

  7. Ugh, Dusty getting creative.

  8. What on this green, green earth. Dusty is absolutely obsessed with bunting the ball. What in the flipping flip.

  9. OK, I’m done. That’s the… 10th bunt called for this game?

  10. What the heck was that? A suicide squeeze with 2 outs?

  11. WHAT THE F-ING H&LL!!! Fire Baker immediatley!!!

  12. This bunting fetish of Baker’s is embarrassing. If that was a called squeeze, of course. Maybe Heisey sent a sign to Choo…

    • @prjeter: Presumably you don’t call a suicide squeeze with 2 outs. I think Heisey bunted on his own (on a terrible pitch), and Choo ran toward home when he saw Heisey was bunting.

  13. we might need a 3rd game thread

  14. Gutsy call, players gotta play. Could’ve worked, the 3B was playing back.

  15. If you don’t trust your 2, 3, 4 and 5 guys to get a run in from first with no outs by, you know, actually swinging the bat… well, I just don’t know why you’re even playing. And you wonder why this team plays scared, inconsistent, insecure and feeble in the big moments,… Pathetic managing.

  16. I have no words for the insanity I am witnessing.

  17. Did they TOOTBLAN out of the inning in the bottom of the 15th?

  18. i can’t stand harold reynolds

  19. Dusty bunting breaks the internet.

  20. I doubt Baker called either bunt.

  21. I’m not used to hearing negativity from Chris Welsh……I like it.


  22. Facepalm.

  23. Unbelievable. How do you give Adams anything to hit?

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: Ondrusek is so bad I don’t think he can reliably throw the ball on the outer half. He was probably trying and left it right in Adams’ wheelhouse.

      I’ll be honest. I knew the last HR was happening. I was not surprised in the least. The 2nd one sucker punched me.

      Worst part of it all is this is the kind of game that can galvanize a team for a stretch run. If the Reds don’t pull it out, forget about passing STL. They’ll use this and rally around Craig’s gimp, misshapen body to pull out some crazy run to close the season.

  24. The Dusty tax always comes due eventually.

  25. Looks like this will be another one of those “rare” games that are lost by the manager.

  26. Allen Craig’s ghost is haunting us. Matt Adams takes over in his spot…

    We need to do more than break his ankle.

  27. I worry about any of you who really believe that was a called squeeze. And it was insanity … on the part of Chris Heisey.

    • I worry about any of you who really believe that was a called squeeze. And it was insanity … on the part of Chris Heisey.

      If it wasn’t a called squeeze, then why would Choo have been running on the pitch?

  28. I know this might be a really stupid question and I should know this, but what is the status on Dusty’s contract? One more year?

  29. Welp, now its time for bed. I’ve had enough of this offensive debacle.

    I’m going to have nightmares about bunting tonight.

    • @BearcatNation: Nightmares of Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, Willie Mays, Ted Williams – all bunting continuously in a loop. Sleep well, my friend.

  30. Been lurking all night but had to speak up after that one. Did Dusty have some money on the Cards or something?? That is the only plausible explanation for his managing tonight, he is purposely throwing this game!!

    Also JoeyMVP needs a day off, he looks pathetic.

  31. I would almost guarantee dusty called that.

  32. Are they stuck with Izturis hitting for the pitcher?

  33. Most disgusting and pathetic display of baseball from this team I have witnessed all year long. Misplays, bad defense and missed chances cost the win tonight. Should have won this game 3-1, FACT! No plate discipline and no patience. Baker is the worst manager in all of MLB. HUGE MISSED CHANCE TONIGHT. We’d be only a 1/2 game behind the Cards, going for a 4 game sweep tomorrow and we’d only be 2 1/2 behind the Rats.

  34. Joey needs a week off…

    Last 7 days (not counting is 0/7 tonight): .150/.292/.300
    Last 14 days: .190/.370/.429
    Last 28 days: .218/.389/.425

  35. I have never been so angry watching a sporting event in my life. I def shattered my all time record of saying “WTF is this moron doing”.

  36. It’s odd, I thought Baker managed the game well up to and including Chapman pitching the 9th. The next 7 innings? Not so much.

    • @prjeter: I think most of us thought he botched it letting Arroyo bat in the sixth. I mean he threw another scoreless inning, but a successful pinch hit there could have won the game.

  37. Hey, at least they didn’t let Cezr “hit”…

  38. I promise I’m going to use the terms “bunt”, “excess”, and “sin” in my message Sunday. Anyone want a copy?

  39. Cozart has been the Reds’ best hitter of late…

  40. Hiesey actually has a chance to play tomorrow…with his 0-fer tonight

  41. paging milton, and his entire heard

  42. And now we know why Chris Heisey isn’t a regular left fielder.

  43. Blew this game. No doubt about it. Yet another night proving the Reds need a better manager. Get ’em tomorrow.

  44. Reds sure earned this loss. Calling a Cardinals blowout tomorrow (today).

  45. Don’t you folks listen? There’s nothing wrong with Votto. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • @homerandbruce: As bad a game MVP had, and it was the pits, Dusty has him by miles. One of single poorly managed games I have ever witnesses and I have seen a lot of Little League games too. Just God awful.

      We’ll get them tomorrow but this sucks.

  46. The Franchise was 0-for-7 tonight but he’s somewhere near the top of the league in a lot of offensive categories.

    Which is refreshing.

  47. 2013 Cincinnati Dick Teasers

  48. Nuts. Tomorrow. Tony “Kid Furious” Cingrani returns and will handily stop the Cardinals.

  49. I heard on the Baseball Tonight podcast the other day a broadcaster from Arizona talk about how much fun this season has been. The D’Backs play hard, genuinely like each other, seem to be getting the most out of their talent. Granted, they will almost undoubtedly miss the playoffs but that sounded really fun. This team is not that. This team has none of that. I’d rather go 83-79 with that group and have fun than watch this crap.

  50. Well I think this might explain some of the low attendance. Who wants to go out of their way and spend money just to be tortured? At least we here can experience the pain from the comfort of home and hearth.

  51. Bummer.

    Nice job, Skip.

  52. You can’t expect to win much when your 3-4-5 hitters go hitless in a 16 inning game. That’s actually pretty hard to do but Joey, Jay, and Chris managed that nice feat tonight

  53. We better hope JoeyMVP comes out of this funk he’s in. One out, man on second, and your MVP at the plate with a chance to win the game. Isn’t that the scene we want in such situations?

  54. How many runs did the great and mighty MVP cost us tonight? Sure am glad he won’t be taking up a quarter of the payroll anytime soon. Oh wait…

  55. So, basically….our middle of the lineup was 0 for two complete games tonight.

    • @preach: The middle of the lineup didn’t do squat on Tuesday either. It took a stolen base and a double by Frazier. Nobody else.

  56. All goes back to the 1st inning in my opinion.

    Just like game 3 of the NLDS last year, the 1st inning failures haunt you late in the game.

    Blah, get em tomorrow.

  57. I’m going to get a cold drink. And when I come back, that whole thing didn’t happen, right?

  58. So tomorrow we have Cingrani (coming off DL), LeCure, Parra, Duke and Chapman (for 3rd day in a row). Then Reynolds and Partch. Hope Tony the Tiger can bring it.

  59. I think groover balls to Matt Adams is a nice way to end the evening.

  60. I hope this is rock bottom for Votto because if he doesn’t pull out of this soon we might not even make the Wild Card. Washington has a cake schedule the rest of the way.

  61. If you think your frustrated tonight/this morning, wait till you see Thursdays line-up. It’ll be sub-city.

  62. Grooving 2 fastballs to Matt Adams is just pure ignorance, WHERE IS THE OFFSPEED STUFF? Reds deserved to lose, plain and simple. They lost this game in the 1st inning when Votto couldn’t get Choo in from 3B, not to mention the 2 runs that our defense allowed with putrid play. Worst loss of the year tonight. We would be riding a huge wave of confidence and momentum if we won tonight, we’d be going for a 4 game sweep and 2nd place alone. I think this loss pretty much wrapped up the fact we’ll have to travel to St Louis for a one game playoff against Wainwright.

    • @Josh: Can’t argue with any of that. .. There would be 1 good thing about the Reds blowing the wild-card lead: We won’t have to watch any more of this kinda crap.

    • @Josh: How do you know St. Louis is going to lose the division. I didn’t know Pittsburgh had already won the central. Last I checked, they were only 1 game up on STL and the 2 teams play a 3 game series in STL this weekend. Lot of games left pal!

  63. A few things.

    1. The Reds do not seem to make in-game adjustments very well to pitchers. I don’t know if that is bad preparation, bad scouting, not paying attention, or some sort of combination.

    2. Errors like JV’s are almost always a lack of focus. You have to know a runner on 2nd will score with a bad throw…if you are on your back, attempting to throw to a running pitcher covering the bag, you eat that ball and have 1st and 3rd, no runs. Devastating.

    3. I watch almost every Reds game on television and attend many Braves games as I live in that area. The only team I see consistently making amateur base-running errors and poor understanding of situational batting with runners on base is the Reds and the 4-6 graders I help coach. These players did not get to MLB by not knowing how to run bases or not knowing situational baseball. It comes from strange managerial decisions and a lack of accountability that starts at the top of the organization.

    4. Dusty Baker is a laid back kind of guy. His teams play that way as there is rarely a sense of urgency. The frustration many knowledgable fans have with this team is they are better than their record indicates. Yes they have a good record, but how many games have we seen them lose, not due to talent or on-field production, but to stupid decisions and errors and lack of focus?

    5. At the end though, we have Dusty for “at least” one more season. We all need to realize and accept who Dusty is for the betterment of our own psyche. With that comes the understanding that while the ownership has done an adequate job at putting a quality team on the field, the team will never reach its full potential with DB at the helm. Unless of course, the players take it upon themselves (ahem, Scott Rolen) and lead from the clubhouse and not the managers office.

    • @abox03: Your description of Dusty is right on, ‘a laid back kind of guy.’ And that’s the way the Reds play, in general not much urgency with little spirit. I’m afraid that until the owner says adios to Baker, nothing much will change.

  64. We’ll get em tomorrow with Cingrani on the mound and Dusty fast asleep in the dugout (fingers crossed). Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  65. When the meat of the batting order goes 0 for 19, you don’t have much chance to win. Without a win today, it’ll be a one game playoff in St. L.

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