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Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.09.04)

I can’t help but think of the chant my youth baseball kids repeated over, and over, and over, and over this past season as the Reds and Cardinals set to begin game 3 of this 4 game set…

“I’m fired up, you’re fired up!
I’m fired up, you’re fired up!
I can’t hear you! 

I think I heard that so many times I’d go to sleep hearing it echo in my ears and dreams.  But I think these last two games fit that chant to a tee.  If you aren’t fired up for the Reds right now then you don’t have a pulse.  These last two games have been exciting baseball and have us Reds fans believing yet again that this club can make some noise in September and October.  It now falls on to you, Bronson Arroyo.  The Cardinals kicked you around last time to the tune of 7 runs in 3.2 innings pitched.  We need better from you tonight.  I’ll honestly take the 2 runs in 6 and 2 runs in 7 innings performances you turned in earlier this season against the Cardinals and trust the offense to score more than that.  Just keep us in the game, good Bronson, and let the offense take care of the rest!

Discuss the game here and GO REDS!

570 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.09.04)

  1. Ladies and gents, your 2013 reds. No plan of attack at the plate against a guy with a near 10 era at GABP.

  2. Reds offense has gone in to sleep mode. Someone push the wake button.

  3. Well these Cards relievers are pounding the strike zone with heat. You can ask the hitter to be patient but if the first three pitches are strikes and you are taking, you are out. So you got to swing at consistent strikes. Problem is, our weaker hitters don’t foul them off to extend the count, but put them into play weakly. That’s why they all are under .250 hitters I guess.

  4. Oh good gosh help us, Alfredo Simon vs. cardinals. This will not end well if played out for long.

  5. Nice to know we’ll have Jack Hanahan up to bat at the bottom on the inning.

    • @tpteach:
      I am a bit worried in that my 2nd guessing has been so terrible, I actually considered doing that between innings.
      But bringing in Simon for the double switch was dumb, so I am going to say Hanahan was dumb as well

  6. Hard to stay which lineup has been more feable tonight. … Red Sox with 20 runs tonight. Must be nice (can we borrow 1? Just 1?)

  7. I’m getting tired of this. Plus, I have to work in the AM, Which is why I can’t go to the game.



  8. I really like burning a pinch-hitter for Miller when Mez is going to come in to play anyway. What am I missing?

    • I really like burning a pinch-hitter for Miller when Mez is going to come in to play anyway.What am I missing?

      That one play, in a nutshell, shows why Dusty is the village idiot. Mes would be coming into the game anyway. Why on earth would you want a much weaker hitter batting instead of a guy that just crushes lefties.

      Pure idiocy.

  9. Soto has been a waste. Has swung at all but one pitch in every PH AB and K every time.

  10. Dusty knows this is a pennant race, right? Not the All-Star Game. Don’t have to get everyone in the game for a little fun guest appearance.

  11. with Choo’s hit…at least now Thom MIGHT stop saying how many straight batters the cards have retired after EVERY out

  12. As far as Dusty is concerned the Reds accomplished what they needed to accomplish by winning the first two games. These last 2 games are throwaway’s basically, a time to get some guys going in games that are not must win games.

    • @Sergeant2: It’ll be a throwaway all right – blown scoring chances early, bad throws by Choo and Votto, can’t sniff a run vs. Cards bullpen. Dusty being Dusty. Frustrating stuff.

  13. I guess there is a reason Hamilton hasn’t played yet. Guess Dusty wants to rest him after last night.

    • @redskaph: If anyone reaches base with less than two outs, you are going to see him. That is if DB has anything on the ball at all.

      Both teams appear to be gassed. Battle of attrition at this point.

    • @redskaph: He’s the ace in the hole. I don’t think 2 outs is the place to use him. And he’s not an automatic stolen base. He got thrown out 15 times (in 90 attempts) in the minors, so against Molina he’s probably at best a 65% chance to steal.

  14. Mesoraco came into the game anyway. I am wracking my brain and I can honestly not think of a single reason why you would pinch-hit Soto instead in that situation. Is Dusty high?

    • @docmike: Neither Thom nor Chris were able to give even a guess, either.

      I can’t give a guess. It’s mind boggling. Miller was probably a better option than Soto. He’s been terrible in what I’ve seen. (2 ABs, heh!)

  15. Reds bullpen doing their job tonight. Six scoreless innings now.

    We better score fast, though. We can all hear the Ondrusek train coming around the corner.

    • I would pinch-hit for Votto with Izturis.

      Come on now. He scalded that ball in the 10th.

      • Come on now. He scalded that ball in the 10th.

        That said, it does look like Votto could use a mental day off. Just don’t start Izturis in his place.

  16. It might only be 11, but it sure feels later. At least the Brew Crew are playing spoilers. I would hate not to take advantage.

  17. Hopefully the fans leaving the stadium after the game don’t get stuck behind the school buses picking up students for school.

  18. Stupid Columbus radio station just went to Fox Sports One programming. Someone tell them we are in a pennant race. Time to listen to static-y WLW.

  19. 0-6 and an error. Officially the worst game of Votto’s career. Hope he hangs with ’em.

    • @Redgoggles: Hope that wasn’t a serious question. I’m ready to pinch-hit Billy the Kid and let him bunt. If he reaches have him attempt second and then third. I don’t thinking hitting is going to do it tonight.

  20. Votto just flat out stinks for the money he’s being paid. Absolutely ridiculous.

  21. I’m beginning to think Dusty might be chewing on some “medicinal toothpicks”

  22. Votto, Bruce, Heisey = 0 for 18. 3-4-5 hitters.

    Never seen anything quite like that in a major league game.

  23. Votto again looks at strike 3. He has no clue right now. I dont care about his overall stats to be honest because anybody that watches the games sees that when the situations are the most critical, he is not coming through as a 3 hitter. Anybody else think playing russian roulette with the cardinals is a winning strategy? unbelievable. It is not a matter of if the cardinals with score on the reds, it is simply a matter of WHEN they will unload on a curtis partch, or nick christiani, or logan ondrusek.

    • @fiercev: HAHAHA, as soon as I posted that message about Russian roulette, look what happened. Dusty blew this game and the big guns on this team failed. And I must be a saint because I predicted the cardinals would unload on Simon if pitched substantially. Ballgame and simply a restatement of who the Reds are. Take a step forwards and then backwards 2 steps.

  24. Well, that was a mistake. That’s it guys. At least we won’t lose any ground on the Pirates.

    Come back tomorrow and get 3 of 4.

  25. We have got to have the dumbest manager on the planet. Tonight’s game is exhibit A for why we will never win a championship with that idiotstick in the dugout.

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