The Reds could not have asked for a better start to this series.  The offense came alive yesterday and the pitching from Mat Latos was spectacular.  But now the club needs to show they can do it for the rest of the series.  That is something this club has failed to do a lot of times this season, especially against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Reds have the opportunity right in front of them now.  Win tonight and a series victory is in their sights.  But they must play like they did yesterday.  Homer Bailey, we need your best tonight!  Offense, how about another good showing so we can take those whiny little “birds” down!  Discuss the game here and…. GO REDS!

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  1. msanmoore

    Let’s get some magic rolling …

    Choo CF
    Phillips 2B
    Votto 1B
    Bruce RF
    Ludwick LF
    Frazier 3B
    Cozart SS
    Hanigan C
    Bailey P

  2. Johnu1

    Well, we have callups to bolster the bench. No reason to not use ’em.

  3. al

    Saw a tweet today that Cueto threw 35 pitches in the bullpen and looked good. Also that he’s cut down on the twist in his delivery.

    The report sounded way more positive than I was thinking about Cueto, now it’s got me thinking that there’s a good chance he’ll be back in some capacity before the end of the year.

  4. Steve Mancuso

    Mesoraco can pinch hit tonight with Miller available if Hanigan gets hurt.

    Any reporting on Cueto or Cingrani yet?

  5. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Reds bats have been red hot, .353 over the last 5 games. If we can get Votto hot, look out!

  6. Sergeant2

    Homers tough, and when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Mow em down Homer. Go Reds!!!!!

  7. Sergeant2

    Cards announcers talking about how disappointing the crowd is, maybe 20,000. Can’t argue with that. School or no school its embarrassing.

    • kramer1

      Cards announcers talking about how disappointing the crowd is, maybe 20,000. Can’t argue with that. School or no school its embarrassing.

      It’s too expensive and kids are in school. There’s nothing embarrassing about being a responsible parent.

      • Matt WI

        @kramer1: I’m a pretty responsible parent and if I had the opportunity to take my kids to a playoff like game in Sept, I’d think pretty hard about it. In fact, it might be irresponsible NOT to go. It’s the Cards people. 🙂

    • al

      @Sergeant2: Yeah, I’m pretty surprised. It does look empty, and last week the Reds did a big promotion that for every Reds win on the last homestand, the Reds would discount tickets in some section $4 for this series. They got up to $16 off. The Reds clearly wanted to pack the park for this, and it didn’t work.

    • jas_428

      @Sergeant2: Can’t we just be honest here. The crowd is a total embarrassment.

  8. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Need 2. Holliday has hit into a ton of DPs.

  9. ToledoRedsFan

    I have a bad feeling about this. Need a double play ball.

  10. preach

    Homer’s feeling frisky throwing a 3-0 curve. Didn’t work, but I still like the thought, even if Marty doesn’t.

  11. preach

    DP for HB!!!! Now that we’ve dodged that bullet, let’s score some runs!

  12. WedgieSanders

    wait wait wait…. MR Clutch allen craig hit into a double play? With a runner in scoring position? Do Marty and Thom still want to make out with him???

  13. Sergeant2

    The rookie certainly won’t be intimidated by the crowd. (OK I’ll stop beating that dead horse) : )

  14. WedgieSanders

    everyone can talk about ticket prices and school being in session all they want. The real reason no one is there… Football season has started.

    • kramer1

      everyone can talk about ticket prices and school being in session all they want. The real reason no one is there… Football season has started.

      It’s EXACTLY because school is in session. Nothing more. Cincinnati is an old fashioned city. We’re conservative. We’re responsible. We don’t keep the kids out til 11 pm on a school night. We just don’t do it.

      • WedgieSanders

        @kramer1: last time i checked, adults can go to games without kids. I love me some reds baseball, and when asked, my favorite sport is baseball. But when football season starts my attention tends to lean towards football.

      • kramer1

        @kramer1: last time i checked, adults can go to games without kids. I love me some reds baseball, and when asked, my favorite sport is baseball. But when football season starts my attention tends to lean towards football.

        This is Cincinnati. Do you live here? There aren’t any adults here with money that don’t have kids.

      • kramer1

        @kramer1: hahaha i forgot about that. and no, I live in Columbus.

        Columbus is loaded with young professionals. Indianapolis is loaded too. Cincinnati is…in a time warp.

      • Ethan D

        Columbus is loaded with young professionals. Indianapolis is loaded too. Cincinnati is…in a time warp.

        Don’t forget Louisville too

  15. ToledoRedsFan

    I realize I’m getting ahead of myself here but I’m kinda worried about Chappy if he’s used here. I’m always nervous when he hasn’t pitched recently and it’s been what, like 9 days now?

    Also, related factoid from yesterday’s TV broadcast: Reds pitchers have pitched over 1,200 innings, of which Chapman has been used in 50. smh

  16. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Anyone else see Buster Olney’s video on Votto?

  17. WedgieSanders

    wait wait wait…. MR Clutch Brandon Phillips hit into a double play? Do Marty and Thom still want to make out with him???

    • Hunt4RedsOctober

      @WedgieSanders: BP smoked that ball. It was just right at the SS. Tough luck because Joey’s single would have driven in a run.

  18. Josh

    Choo walks,BP has 2-0 count and he hacks at ball 3. Of course Votto singles.

  19. Sergeant2

    That was a text book pitch sequence by the rookie.

  20. kramer1

    Molina looks like a guy who would jack you for 20 bucks.

  21. kramer1

    Homer may have pooped himself there

  22. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Hit Jay in that big ole butt of his.

  23. L.A.Red

    I don’t think BP stepped on 2nd base. The Cards should be protesting right now (if it were the Reds i would be).

  24. Josh

    I bet Walt wishes he could have the first round pick back last year. Passing on Wacha in favor of Travieso was downright stupid. He wouldn’t be carving us up in a pennant race at home.

    • mdgwsu

      @Josh: Two hits against him in two innings and he’s carving us up?

  25. Steve Mancuso

    The Reds are hitting Wacha pretty hard. BP’s hit was the hardest. Wacha can’t get his breaking ball over yet.

  26. prjeter

    Boy, Welsh sure doesn’t get it. He said there wasn’t much need for Chappy on the road trip. Astonishing.

  27. wildwestLV

    I can’t believe that the MLB Network actually gave me the Cards/Reds game tonight & not the Tigers/Red Sox. Why would anybody, out of market, want to watch the NL Central?!?

  28. tpteach

    Cards keeping the pressure on. Bailey not on his game tonight. Hope our bats can put something curvy on the board soon.

    • al

      @tpteach: I don’t know, Bailey doesn’t look like he has his no-hit stuff, but he’s moving through the lineup pretty well. Striking out Holiday twice in a row isn’t that easy.

    • wildwestLV

      @tpteach: I’ll get back to you if he makes it through the order a third time (can’t say “heart of the order” with the Cards).

  29. abox03

    Some bad luck for the reds and good STL D.

  30. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Reds hitting balls hard without much luck.

  31. tpteach

    That was a yucky inning for the offense.

  32. Hunt4RedsOctober

    I thought Choo’s ball was gone.

    • al

      @Hunt4RedsOctober: So did I. But Welsh was right, the problem was that the pitch was very slow and he hit it to the deepest part of the park.

  33. wildwestLV

    So, do the Cardinals have a life-sized cardboard cutout/standup of Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright, that their scouts carry around with them? Saves on uniform expense?

  34. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Cozart flashing the leather!

  35. kramer1

    If Bailey could cut down on some of his wasted pitches he’d be special. He just seems to throw an inordinate amount of pitches that serve no purpose.

    • tpteach

      @kramer1: Just comparing pitch counts to Wacha after 4 – looks like Wacha’s 11 under. Bummer.

  36. mdgwsu

    There have been like five great defensive plays in this game already

  37. RedTitan19

    Looking like a wait for the long ball kinda night. Both pitchers dealing but flirtin’ with disaster.

  38. tpteach

    CBS keeps claiming these flyouts are deep. True?

  39. Josh

    What an absolute joke. This team has reverted back into first pitch hack mode. NO PLATE DISCIPLINE AND NO PATIENCE

    • Sergeant2

      @Josh: After last nights offensive outburst Dusty wants them to be more aggressive. A pitch not swung at is an opportunity lost. aka Dustyball

  40. Sergeant2

    Homer from La Grange Texas as the late great Johnny Carson would say “I did not know that” La Grange one of ZZ Tops best songs ever.

  41. caps

    You just knew that after Wacha held the bats spellbound for five flawless innings of relief last Thursday, Jacoby would be breaking down copious amounts of film to find some new attack plans for this start. You just knew it!!! Yeahhh….

    Seriously, does this team even have a video coordinator????

  42. tpteach

    I get nervous from our opponents #8 hitters. Hope it’s just pessimism.

  43. Sergeant2

    Isn’t that like 12 out of the last 13 hitters Homer gotten out. I think that’s correct. Go Reds!

  44. abox03

    Wacha seems to have good stuff, but for a guy with only 2 pitches….the Reds should be able to hit him better than they are….of course they’ve also been unlucky with hard hit balls finding defensemen

  45. RedTitan19

    If these guys will quit trying to hammer the hanger and just start stringing together hits off of it we might get a rally going. Right now the ball isnt carrying and we arent manufacturing enough power to hit em out

  46. tpteach

    Another DEEP outfield hit? How close are we getting?

  47. kramer1

    Dang! Another warning track ball. Thought that was gone too.

  48. abox03

    how many warning track shots are we going to have?

  49. Kyle

    Thought Frazier had that…man.

    Is it storming in Cincinnati or something? It looks like no one is there.

  50. tpteach

    Pirates up 1 – 0 bottom of the 1st.

  51. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Everybody else in the league has figured this guy out. Time for the Reds to do so.

  52. Josh

    This comes back to the first inning. Choo on 1B, BP with a 2-0 count and he hacks at ball 3. Could have BB and then Votto would have had an RBI single. Or Baker could have realized that small ball wins games and he could have told BP to bunt Choo to 2B and the Reds would be up 1-0 in the Top of 6.

  53. wildwestLV

    Is there any correlation between the amount of chewing tobacco in Homer’s cheek (at bats) & wins? Because I feel like there is.

  54. abox03

    Just curious if anyone else notices how the Reds seem to really struggle against lesser known pitchers in the league, but seem to do alright with established, and even ace-type pitchers.

    Is that scouting? Over-thinking the at bats against rookies/callups?

    • wildwestLV

      @abox03: Not surprised at all tonight, against Wacha. He completely shut the Reds down after Waino’s first meltdown. I just think the kid is good AND has the Reds’ number. But, yes, the Reds do tend to struggle with never-seen, called up pitchers. But I think Wacha’s for real, also.

  55. tpteach

    uh oh. not liking the count on beltran.

  56. tpteach

    Whew. This time I’m GLAD to see a DEEP out.

  57. wildwestLV

    Hope Homer’s up for 120+ tonight.

  58. WedgieSanders

    No one must have told Homer that that number 7 guy is Matt Holliday. Such confidence when facing him.

  59. abox03

    Top of the order….let’s do some damage Reds!!

  60. Josh

    Choo is the ONLY batter to have patience and discipline at the plate tonight. Bunt Baker. Move Choo to 2B

  61. tpteach

    I never want to see Choo starting against a lefty. Put him at the top against righties all day and night.

  62. tpteach

    I am SO hoping we see a B. Hamilton pinch run at some point in this game.

  63. tpteach

    We need SOMEone to extend this inning please.

  64. tpteach

    The heart of our order with a runner on against a rookie pitcher and no one reached 2nd base.

  65. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Just have to find a way to win. Pretty or not.

  66. tpteach

    Who is it going to be? How long will we ask Bailey to keep the game close?

  67. Josh

    Reds will lose and they deserve to. Baker is the worst manager in all of MLB. You’d think he’d know that 1 run could win or lose this game. This is a HUGE GAME, we’d be 1 1/2 behind the Cards.

    • wildwestLV

      @Josh: Is this like, double, reverse, super jinx? I don’t understand.

  68. RedTitan19

    With this Cards bullpen, I do not like our chances in this one. Homer did all he could out there but the over aggressive offense may have just cost us the game.

  69. kramer1

    “Where do you want it and how hard do you want it?”

    Thom about crapped himself there….too funny

  70. RedTitan19

    We need a pinch hit HR by Heisey to win it.

      • RedTitan19

        @wildwestLV: No. They will announce Paul, the Cards will counter with Sigrist, and Dusty will counter their counter with Heisey and he will go yard on the second pitch.

  71. Sergeant2

    Ye of little faith, the Reds have a good a chance of winning this game as the Cardinals.

  72. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Has he thrown 1 bad pitch tonight?

  73. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Only problem is Homer is at 102 pitches and the Reds will have to go to their bullpen. The bullpen has not been very good lately.

  74. kramer1

    I predict Chapman gets some work …

    • tpteach

      @kramer1: Scary considering how long he’s been sitting the past week.

    • RedTitan19

      @kramer1: it is a tie game at home. Chapman will get the ninth if it stays that way or we get a lead. Those are the only two situations that allow him to pitch.

  75. tpteach

    Pirates and Brewers tied at 2 in the second inning.

  76. wildwestLV

    Think Bailey has 130 in him? Tops?

  77. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Bailey has been almost unhittable. Reds offense needs to find a way to scratch out a run. Ludwick single, Hamilton pinch runs and steals second and Frazier knocks him in. I’m calling it now.

    • RedTitan19

      @Steve Mancuso: I sure hope so. He can walk away now with some serious momentum for his next start. If Dusty leaves him out here (flashbacks of the Pirates game) and the get a couple, it is counter productive.

  78. wildwestLV

    Homer’s in Beast Mode: if I see Logan Ondrusek tonight, I’m booking a flight.

  79. Johnu1

    OK, I am here for the reverse psychology. Where’s this vaunted offense that has supposedly come to life?

  80. tpteach

    Cards to the bullpen. Bad to worse for our chances.

    • tpteach

      @tpteach: Except for that leadoff single. Woo hoo! But, we’ve down this road before.

  81. Josh

    Homer at 106 pitches and he’s getting yanked? ON A ROLL is an understatement. Bad move by Baker. The Reds MUST WIN TONIGHT.

  82. tpteach

    Cards have scouted him. Let’s see if they actually figured him out.

  83. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Well boys, we are all sharing Billy Hamilton’s first Big League appearance together.

  84. tpteach

    Wow. Basically pitching to first base. Ha.

  85. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. tpteach

    I’m just hoping it puts pressure on this pitcher. Throws him off his zone.

  87. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Let the kid steal third too.

  88. tpteach

    What is happening? Why are we bunting here????? And, I might add, bunting poorly???

  89. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazier!!

  90. Sergeant2

    Yes! Yes! Yes! 1-0 Reds bot 7th 0 outs.

  91. PaRed

    Lets keep scoring here pleaseeeeeeee

  92. tpteach

    This is the best move Dusty has made in awhile. This was a great time to bring in BH. Well plated sir!

  93. RedTitan19

    League leader in sac bunts at your service.

  94. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    BH can surely pick them up and lay them down. Did you see the energy in that dugout?

  95. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Reds giving away an out. Sigh.

  96. RedsAk19

    It would be nice if the Reds could bunt a little bit

    • prjeter

      @RedsAk19: Watch batting practice sometime. Hitters practice bunting maybe 3 tiems. Most do it once at the beginning of the BP session. Yet, Baker thinks its a skill that can be done w/o practice. Terrible management. Two sac bunt attempts in one inning.

  97. abox03

    dont agree with bunting after you take the lead….

  98. tpteach


  99. BigRedMike

    Give away outs as quickly as possible.

    Big hit by Frazier, good thing he had to swing instead of bunting.

  100. prjeter

    Bunting the red hot Cozart? After attempting to bunt Frazier. Wow. What about the Cardinals makes Dusty think 1 run will be safe?


  101. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Hell of a night, Mr. Bailey!!! One of the best I have seen this season.

  102. Sergeant2

    The crowd as it were have really come alive. Go Reds!

  103. abox03

    What was that ? Homer told not going, then maybe, then ?????

  104. RedTitan19

    He just told him to not throw an inside fastball

  105. ToddAlmighty

    I’m sorry, but once a turd always a turd. Billy Hamilton gets his first career stolen base off of one of the toughest catchers to steal off of. He scores his first major league run, giving the Reds a 1-0 lead… yet rather than being happy for Hamilton, happy for the Reds, and happy he’s in line for a W now, Homer is just pouting on the bench because he was told he wasn’t going to go back in the game with a pitch count of 106.

    A turd.

    • Prime

      @ToddAlmighty: I disagree. They showed him happy in the dugout when Hamilton scored. I’m happy to see someone display some emotion.

    • RedsAk19

      @ToddAlmighty: You’re kidding right. I want our pitchers to be mad when they are taken out. It is the competitive edge they have and Homer should want be mad he isn’t going back out there he was dealing tonight.

  106. tpteach

    sigh. I laud Dusty for the decision to PR Hamilton and then I loathe him for his decisionSSSS to bunt this inning. TWICE!!!!! Wasted chances to tack on.

    • redskaph

      @tpteach: Ha. Even when he gets something right be follows up with a boner.

  107. Evannati

    Bailey with 14.1 straight shutout innings v. Cards.

  108. abox03

    Why did Matheny remove Wacha? wasn’t he only at about 80 pitches?

  109. Josh

    This team is absolutely putrid at getting bunts down. Cozart with a huge fail. I don’t know if I would have done it, he’s swinging a hot bat right now. OK Parra, LETS GO. Does it scare anyone else to have Chapman come in for the Top of the 9th with a 1-0 lead, especially since he hasn’t pitched since May?

    • tpteach

      Does it scare anyone else to have Chapman come in for the Top of the 9th with a 1-0 lead, especially since he hasn’t pitched since May?


  110. Sergeant2

    I wanted more but at this point a 1 run lead is a good start. Gotta Hold em. Go Reds!!!!!

  111. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    I’m not a fan club guy but I’m starting one for Hamilton if anyone wants to join. Kid is lightning. He has enough speed for the whole club.

  112. wildwestLV

    Alright, Dusty believers. I’m riding on you all tonight. Let’s GO. LET’S GO REDS!! Go Manny Parra!! (Chris Welsh seems to think this is all a ploy for Chapman). GO REDS!!!

  113. RedTitan19

    LeCure should be facing Freese!

  114. jas_428

    Wondering what message teammates get when Homer freaks about coming out? My relievers will blow this or our pinch hitters suck or Dusty is stupid or just give me the darn ball so I can win this for the team.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @jas_428: After tonight’s game, “I’m glad he is on our side”.

    • PaRed

      I think he just wants to finish what he started.

    • hoosierdad

      @jas_428I vote for the latter one. He just wants to win the game and loves to compete.

  115. tpteach

    Parra really loves the low, out of the zone, pitches.

  116. tpteach

    You knew the walk was coming. Parra keeps flirting with it.

  117. RedTitan19

    Worst case scenario. Matt Carpenter eats Reds pitching for a light brunch.

  118. abox03

    THROW A STRIKE. The worst thing you can do in this ballpark with a one run lead is put someone on base….

  119. RedTitan19

    Survival. Chapman vs the heart of the lineup.

  120. Sergeant2

    Fantastic job by Parra. No Fear.

  121. Elio Chacon

    Good thing Chapman is well rested. Dusty should get Partch throwing just in case he’s needed to pitch to Holliday. 😕

  122. vicferrari

    Cannot see the game is Chapman warming up. I almost would rather see parra face Beltran, then bring in Lecure to face the righties.
    I sure hope Baker knew what he was doing with the missle

  123. beavertucky

    Parra was a fantastic addition

  124. abox03

    If Mr. Choo says it’s a ball ump, its a ball .

  125. RedTitan19

    Choss cant hit lefties… But he can walk against them.

  126. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    JV get’s a big hit this inning, we will all be wondering “what slump?”.

  127. tpteach

    Can we bring in Hamilton to run again? Let’s make it like volleyball with their designated passer.

  128. Sergeant2

    20,219 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 20,219.

  129. George Culver

    This is Dusty’s worst nightmare, 3 of 4 hitters are LH vs. LH pitcher. Time for the LH hitters to show up and earn a paycheck.

  130. jas_428

    How do the Cardinals do it? They lose solid pitchers and call up better ones. They lose Hall of Fame and replace him with an MVP and an RBI machine. And so on. Plus their fans show up. Alas, I still dislike them.

    • Sergeant2

      @jas_428: The Cardinals have the best scouts in baseball. Plus good pitching seems to be in their DNA.

      • preach

        @Sergeant2: But, how can they possibly still be doing it without the genius leadership of Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan? Surely, the loss of the dynamic duo meant doom to the pitcher development. They should have statues next to Spahn in the parking lot…..

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @preach: In Milwaukee’s parking lot? I don’t think the Brewers would go for that. If you meant Stan Musial, that is a different matter.

  131. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Why does the thought of Chapman coming in make me nervous?

  132. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Come on MVP – we don’t need a walk.

  133. abox03

    Don’t know what the Reds are complainaing about….that has been a strike all night long.

  134. jas_428

    Swing the bat, Joey. Too close to take.

  135. Johnu1

    So did Votto think maybe one of those pitches was hittable?

    • RedTitan19

      @Johnu1: pitch #2 was belt high in the middle of the plate. But he took that one so that if he saw it again later in the count, he could put it in the river.

    • vicferrari

      I will take 3 outs and no runs, leave the bases loaded for all I care

  136. Johnu1

    Chappy is either lights out or he’s a wild man.

  137. vicferrari

    I hope I am really, really wrong, but there has got to be some scrutiny as to why Chapman has not been used the past week and half…
    I hope this is is much ado about nothing

  138. Josh

    Does anyone feel nervous about Chapman coming into a 1-0 game with having not pitch in almost 2 weeks? Mismanaging Chapman has been awful, not to mention he has to face the best 3 hitters the Cards have. This is the biggest game of the year thus far.

  139. Sergeant2

    If you think we’re nervous, how’d you like to be standing in the batters box. Chapman may be a bit wild.

  140. Hunt4RedsOctober

    If he saves this game, he will certainly earn it.

  141. preach

    OK, Lord, you know I’ve never prayed about a game…but at least don’t let Chapman kill someone tonight.

    • Hunt4RedsOctober

      @preach: I pray about games all the time. I always put it in His hands.

  142. Hunt4RedsOctober

    100 then 3 sliders, mercy!

  143. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    That was easily the best sequence of pitches I have ever seen Chappy throw.

  144. steveschoen

    Good and bad. I have to give Baker credit for using Hamilton. I never thought he would give Hamilton any significant playing time, especially using his strength (i.e. the only man who could hold Jordan under 20 pts.? Dean Smith, the coach). Well done, Baker.

    The bad. So many people wondering why Chapman hasn’t pitched in 10 days? Only one reason. Baker. It’s simply another example of his poor use of the pen.

  145. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Man!! 103!!! Three pitches in a arrow? The rest seems to have re-energized him.

  146. PaRed

    WoW Chappy is cranked up tonight. An dropping 12 mphs to the slider Dirty Dirty

  147. RedsAk19

    I think chapman has thrown more sliders tonight than he has all year

  148. Hunt4RedsOctober

    102, 103, 91, 92, 92…and this one belongs to the Reds!

  149. tpteach

    Get this out. Do not want Molina up.

  150. YorktownRed

    Had ’em all the way. That Dusty’s a genius.

  151. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Make him a starter next year and the 2014 rotation is: Cueto – Latos – Chapman – Bailey – CinGranny

    Who says 1-0 games aren’t exciting.

    By the way, the Reds do not win this game without Hamilton. At least through 8-1/2 innings.

    Go Reds!!!!!

  152. vicferrari

    That just was not fair, I want to blame Baker for something…
    he really botched that game last Monday, right?

    Pretty well managed game, every decisions going to be the right one from here on out

  153. Sergeant2

    Halleluiah ya better renew your faith ye of little. That’s two in a row over the Cardinals. I say lets make it three in a row tomorrow. Go Reds!!!! Adios Amigos.

  154. MrRedlegs3900

    Barely got back to my apartment in time to catch the start of the 9th, but WOW. That was the most exciting inning I have seen in quite a while. Chapman was simply unbelievable tonight. Throwing 103 consistently?!? I haven’t see him do that all year. Wouldn’t hate for him to continue that dominance through the post season.

  155. ToddAlmighty

    Chapman was downright nasty tonight. Had the fastball dialed up to 103, had the slider tempting and unhittable. Sheesh.

  156. msanmoore

    UN-REAL!!! Bailey was dominant and Chapman … well, I was nervous with the layoff he had. But he trusted Hannigan and WOW!!

  157. steveschoen

    Excellent job, gentlemen. This use to be a game we would lose. We held on this time, though. I would love to see us sweep them, but I will take just 1 of the next 2. The big thing now, at this moment, come on, Brew Crew.

    • Johnu1

      @steveschoen: Twice this year, Chappy has given up a homer in the 9th … dang, I was really not looking forward to that Cards lineup in the 9th.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @steveschoen: Demand better than that. Settling for a split, of the next games, now won’t get it. We have to be better than that.

      • cincyreds14

        @steveschoen: Demand better than that.Settling for a split, of the next games, now won’t get it.We have to be better than that.

        Charlotte, please keep holding down the fort in North Carolina as I will in Colorado. We need this Red’s surge to be a ‘NATION’ effort. And not to forget our deep appreciation for the local Cincinnati area fans that I will be happily be joining for Thursday night’s game, lets fill this Stadium the next couple of games –

        WE need tomorrrows game – BAD …
        and then we’ll talk about Thursday’s game after tomorrow’s game – and when it gets here.

      • steveschoen

        @cincyreds14: Exactly. One game at a time. We need the Pirates to come back, also. Nice to beat the Cards, most definitely. But, the division is on my mind even more than the Cards.

  158. Mwv

    Didn’t want to log in and comment till it was all said and done..

    Bailey was an absolute monster. He looked untouchable out there and he was one angry Texan when he got told he could not continue to pitch in this game. Parra made my heart race a bit but he got it done. Chapman was ridiculous, there are no words for how bad he made the Cardinals look in the 9th.

    This game is an example of exactly why all the pessimism and negativity about the Reds in general and the play-in game in particular are exasperating. We have the ability to beat any team with our pitching, period. So there is no reason to say we’re not going to have a shot this year just because we have a rough stretch at what feels like an important time in the season (the last couple weeks vs. the Cardinals/Brewers/etc.)

    Go Reds and go Redleg Nation, do not fall into despair.. embrace this exciting finish to a pretty darn good season. We have the weapons to compete, let’s look forward to seeing them used in the playoffs.

    • tpteach

      @Mwv: We’re trailing and need to sweep the Cards to pass them. There’s a reason for the pessimism. Look at the series we keep losing and it’s obvious. You said it, we CAN beat any team. The fact that we don’t is what drives the pessimism. Who cares. We all enjoy the win.

    • Sergeant2

      @Mwv: Its not pessimism or negativity, its disappointment and frustration when the Reds make base running blunders and have at bats like their wearing blindfolds that the Reds fans here on RN vent about because they love their Reds and always want them to do well. Its fans sitting at the bar talking baseball. Its what great about being a fan of baseball. No more, no less. Go Reds!!!

      • RedTitan19

        @Sergeant2: Ain’t that the truth. For some of us we are miles away from other Reds fans so the ol’ blog almost makes it feel like sitting at the bar talking baseball with like-minded chums. Try listening in on the so-called “best fans in baseball” discussing the games day-in/day-out and you will appreciate warranted frustration as opposed to ill-founded, arrogant, better-than- you bewilderment at every loss.

      • Sergeant2

        @RedTitan19: I just now realized you began with comment with “Ain’t that the truth” After reading your comment the first thing that popped in my mind was thinking “ain’t that the truth” Great minds think alike. Go Reds!

      • RedTitan19

        @RedTitan19: I just now realized you began with comment with “Ain’t that the truth” After reading your comment the first thing that popped in my mind was thinking “ain’t that the truth” Great minds think alike. Go Reds!

        Now that’s funny…

  159. Johnu1

    Birds are a very tough team to shut out. Bailey was (oh so) close to another no-no, if you check it.

  160. earl

    It’s not hard to see that if Latos and Bailey come with this kind of game in the playoffs along with the strong part of the pen with Chapman, LeCure & company – this could be a nasty matchup for some clubs.

  161. RedTitan19

    That was as dominant as I have ever seen Chappy. Cards announcers said the radar gun was juiced back when Siegrist was pitching but 103 with control is mighty nice.

  162. Josh

    1 1/2 games back behind the Cards. We have ensured ourselves a series split, but hopefully they get GREEDY and win this series. Such a HUGE win tonight. We MUST play like this the rest of the year, cannot lose series against teams like the Brewers and the Rockies. I don’t care how we do it, Jocketty MUST resign Choo. Can you think of the line up in 2014?

    Choo- LF
    B Hamilton- CF

  163. antisocial21

    Cardinals beat writers are being douchebags on Twitter, “complaining” about Reds attendance or lack thereof.

  164. Johnu1

    Brewers announcer said Gerrit Cole has a power fastball. So, what kind of fastball do most big-leaguers have?

    • RedTitan19

      @Johnu1: Why do these Brewers hitters look so feeble out there? They feasted off Reds pitching and our staff is better than Zpittsburgh…

      • Johnu1

        @RedTitan19: I guess for the same reason the Phil Humber once pitched a perfect game.

        Truthfully, I blame it on the umpires.

  165. cincyreds14

    By the way, how’s the humidity back in the Cincinnati/tri state area? Guess will have to get used to it quickly.

    GAME ON!!

  166. SFredsfan

    Couldn’t watch as I am in SF but HUGE win for the boys. Let’s get hot at the right moment and ride it to the series!

    • Sergeant2

      @SFredsfan: It could very well happen. Go Reds! Reds fans in San Francisco = Awesome.

  167. tae

    Really good win.. prob best one in a long while, unfortunately. I hope Reds realize one game doesn’t make the season, but sweeping Cardinals will go a long ways to enhance chances for a div win. keep this going.

    Hamilton’s pinch running was a good call.. let’s give Dusty credit. problem is Dusty needs to be on his toes every game… not once in a while.

    Good close game… but tomorrow we will need to score more than 1 run to win.. offense needs to be kicking again

    • RedTitan19

      @tae: Would love to give Dusty credit but let’s face it, if Frazier hadn’t failed twice with the bunt, we may have never got that run. And then you put it back on with Cozart??? Yeah the players need to be able execute but that effectively killed a rally.

      • tae

        @RedTitan19: yea.. good point, but the way our Reds are this year, with so many fundamental inadequacies, poor managing and others, you almost have to be happy (once in a while) when game like today happens.

        story book ending for Hamilton … happy for that guy more than anyone… young player who I hope will contribute for years to come…

  168. Johnu1

    Former one-game standout pitcher Todd Redmond throwing a gem tonight for the Blue Jays.

  169. Sergeant2

    And please Dusty, lets keep running this same line-up out there for a good long while. (Unless you want to sub Heisey for Choo against LH.) As another astute RN member pointed out.

  170. RedTitan19

    Marlon Byrd again! Pirates offense suddenly looks scary.

      • RedTitan19

        @Johnu1: Byrd. Seems to be a little more patient than Soriano and the last the we need is the king of the free swingers making Dusty proud.

  171. tae

    regarding Choo:

    I love Choo.. and would love for him to a Reds for a long time, but won’t happen.. not a chance!

    I think the Yanks will get him and pay him what he deserves… one of the few teams that can.
    With the Korean community, it further makes sense… Ryu in LA and Choo in NY…

    Only caveat is that he can’t hit against lefties so not sure if he can be a everyday player for them though. Yanks have been considering him for few years now since he was in Cleveland, but haven’t pulled the trigger..

    So NO CHOO and maybe NO Bronson (that won’t break my heart although I like him)..

    Still, Latos, Baily, Cingrani, Leake, Cueto… not bad at all…

    Hamilton will bring speed but less bat average and obp than Choo… much cheaper…still excited about young guy w/ a future..

    • Matt WI

      @tae: And Hamilton would bring waaaaay less slugging. That’s a huge perk of Choo.

      • Johnu1

        @Matt WI: Hamilton hasn’t won a job yet. We all think he has but I don’t know for sure if that’s true.

  172. Matt WI

    Brewers and Pirates tied in the 9th. Go Crew!

  173. Matt WI

    Hmm. Travis Snider hit a HR off of Henderson. Crap.

  174. Johnu1

    Honestly on the Homer hook … how often have we complained that Dusty leaves a guy in the game for that 1 extra hitter too many? I complained about it vociferously last time. Evidently, Dusty is catching on. Bring in Parra with a clean inning. Homer can bellyache if he wants. His last start was evidence of what can happen — and in that one, he had a 10-run lead, not a 0-0 score.