Fire up the grill, eat a hot dog or hamburger, enjoy the weather, and spend time with your family on this holiday weekend.  And while you’re doing so, turn on the tv or radio and enjoy the Reds kicking the tar out of the Cardinals on this Labor Day.

It’s a big series and a big week for the Reds.  This could really be a make or break week when it is all said and done.  Discuss the game here if you’re around the computer.  I honestly hope you’re spending the day doing something other than posting on here.  Shhh, don’t tell Chad I said that!

Go Reds!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. The Reds are looking like a one and done team in the playoffs.

  2. Happy Labor Day! I don’t suppose we can expect a repeat of Wainwright’s last start…but here’s to hoping!

  3. Let’s hope today is the start of something beautiful.

  4. If the pitcher’s duel lives up to its billing, then whichever team runs the base paths the smartest will prevail.

  5. And so begins the era of misusing Billy Hamilton.

  6. I like the lineup. BTW Heisey had a cramp in his left hamstring yesterday, which is not the hamstring he’d recently injured. So he might be available off the bench.

    • @pinson343: Man, I hope so. I hope this isn’t more of the Dusty sandbagging or whatever. The medical staff has not filled me with confidence.

  7. I’m excied about Hamilton being here. As even Dusty said, the Reds have so many players that he could pinch run for (i.e. so many slow players).

  8. Of course MLB Network has selected the White Sox/Yankees as my game.

  9. Marty, in his pregame intro, said “it’s put up or shut up time.” Yep.

  10. Buckle up – here we go.

  11. Anyone hear what move they made on the 40 man to get Hamilton on?

    • @Bill Lack: Never mind, just saw they DFA’s Villarreal and outrighted him to Louisville. Doing the same to Kyle Lotzkar would have made more sense to me but whatever….

  12. I believe that a 6-4 homestand is a reasonable prediction.

  13. One hit, now let’s give Wainwright a little deja Choo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Choo does what Choo does best, lead off single.

  15. The slumping Joey Votto grounds out.

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: Until he snaps out of it, I look for the walks to dry up too.

      Glad Ludwick is back. Nice hitting.

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: I’ve said this more than once on here and I get hammered every time. The Reds will regret the Votto contract sooner rather than later.

      • @homerandbruce: Votto is thinking too much at the plate. He needs to just see the ball, hit the ball. he will get red hot here in a few days. Book it!

      • @homerandbruce: I’ll mark you down as never changing your name to “homerandvotto”. IMO, it is a tad early to make a call on that one. Let’s get back to each other in ~5 years.

        • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I hope I am dead wrong. I am first and foremost a Reds fan and I hope he lights it up for the next month and for years to come.

          • @homerandbruce: Never doubted that at all. I’m not a member of the Votto Fan Club but do love the guy. I just don’t happen to believe he walks on water.

      • @homerandbruce: I completely agree. A player’s peak years is 26-29 roughly. Votto is on the back side of that and his 10 year deal hasn’t kicked in yet.

        Not saying he can’t be wildly productive for the next 5 or 6 years, but the last few years of that deal could be brutal.

  16. Cards announcers don’t know you would have a hitter like BP bunt, but they’re glad he did.

  17. There’s one, nice job Ryan !!

  18. Ludwick van Bam comes through with a rbi single. 1-0 Reds at the end of one. Go Reds!

  19. Matt Adams is a large human

  20. Ludwick’s bat is really coming around.

    look for Billy Hamilton to be a defensive substitution in the late innings (especially with Heisey’s tight hammy).

  21. So much for that two hit shutout for Wainright.

  22. That was a nice, yet awkward, play by Ludwick there.

  23. Even Freese thought he K’d.

  24. Nice recovery by Ludwick.

  25. Villareal dropped from the 40 man, Billy Hamilton occupies that spot now.

    • @rfay00:

      Villareal dropped from the 40 man, Billy Hamilton occupies that spot now.


      What a loss… (tic)

  26. SuperTodd going with the high socks…and then doubles to the gap!

  27. There’s two !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. NICE

  29. Cozart also with the high socks…and then he drives in Frazier!

  30. On our way. Nice job, Zack.

  31. John Jay does not have a strong arm, good call waving Frazier around to score. 2-0 Reds bot. 2nd 1 out.

  32. Beating the Cardinals at their own game.

  33. Frazier and Cozart, I like it.

  34. Chooooooo!!!!!!!

  35. Choooooooooooooo!

  36. This is a great country.

  37. YES!

  38. Reds are a good team… least today. Wainwright has nothing on the Reds.

  39. Waino going down the draino

  40. Sing it, Sarge !!!

    There’s Four !!!!

  41. Pardon me boys, is that the Cincinnati Soo Choo. 2 run bomb by Choo. 4-0 Reds.

  42. Reds have 13 runs in the last 4 innings against Wainwright! Wow!

  43. Not a sellout today, but the loudest most engaged crowd I’ve seen here since the NLDS.

  44. Votto (the team) needs a hard hit ball here, not a walk.

  45. Votto is just struggling ! I hope he can fix whatever the issue is !!

  46. Wow, Votto in a bad place right now. Who are you and what have you done with our MVP?

  47. Looks like the Redlegs came to play today boys! Now Matty just needs to keep’em down.

  48. Love when Frazier and Cozart focus on going opposite field. They did the same thing last time vs. Wainwright. Good results

  49. I’d say Votto needs a day off, but he just had one before Colorado…

  50. Choo was really really shallow. That was to close for comfort.

  51. Back to back doubles and no outs. Crap! Make that one out.

  52. At least the Cards are dumb enough bunt the 2nd hole hitter too

  53. Jay Bruce goes shopping at the gap.

  54. Bruce!!!

    Need to keep the pressure because you know the Cards came to play.

  55. Somehow Molina will get credit for that double by Wainright.

  56. super slow-mo phantom cam is awesome

  57. Purpose pitch. Two can play that game.

  58. scored a base hit?? really??

  59. The Toddfather strikes again!

  60. Mes!!

    Reds are swinging the bats today.

  61. atta boy Frazzy!! It’s the socks!

  62. Where has this approach at the plate been all season? These guys are fouling off pitches, not swinging at stuff outside the zone, etc. In other words, plate discipline and patience, driving up the opposing pitcher’s count and putting runs on the board.

    Where has this been all year?

    • @ToledoRedsFan: It’s a characteristic of this team. They don’t take every game seriously, and within each game they take certain innings more seriously than others. If the Cardinals hadn’t scored, my guess is we’d have seen very impatient hitting.

  63. C’mon, Mat. Do what Homer did to this guy last week !!!

  64. Is there any way the Reds can trick the Cardinals into pitching Wainwright more often?

  65. very nice 1-2-3 by Latos

  66. We need to tack some on. I really don’t want to see Chapman pitching in a save situation today.

  67. what’s the deal with frazier? is he alright?


  69. Welcome back, Mr. Votto.

  70. welcome back Joey!

  71. Maybe that HR will get Joey going.

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: I hope it’s the start of a hot streak that runs all the way through October. Prove me wrong JV. I will gladly eat all the crow you want.

  72. Nobody on base, so it’s worthless. Guy should be ashamed of himself.

  73. Votto walks again, all the way around the bases. HR Votto. 6-2 Reds.

  74. Just killing Adam Wainright III.

  75. I think I have a sense of who will NOT face the Reds in a one game series.

  76. Exactly what Votto needs to be doing with 2 down and nobody on

  77. I think Ludwick has swung at every pitch.

  78. Trivia for those not watching: Who was the last Red to win Player of the Month in September?

  79. steveschoen
    9/2/2013 at 1:39 pm (Quote) · Reply
    @pinson343: Makes no difference to Bakerman, he’s still not going to use Hamilton, at least in any significant situations.

    When you say “Bakerman” (or Joke-ity or whatever) it’s impossible to take you seriously. How old are you, 12?

  80. 5 seconds before JV homered, thought I’m definitely like Pete (as truly believe he never bet AGAINST the Reds). But he did lay off certain Reds pitchers.

    Well, definitely not AGAINST Votto – just severely disappointed in his production.

    And btw, are the Cards just as severely disappointed in Matt Holiday? His WAR has dropped from 3.8 (2012) to 0.9 (2013).

    And he’s 33.

  81. Marty saying there’s a strong chance Cingrani pitches Thursday instead of Reynolds.

    • @vegastypo: I think he will pitch but I also think that the Reds will list Reynolds as long as possible so that the Cards have to prepare for him too. Maybe that gives Cingrani a slight edge if they are expecting Reynolds but get Cingrani at the last minute.

  82. Reds player since September 1999, when left-hander Denny Neagle and outfielder Greg Vaughn swept Pitcher of the Month and Player of the Month awards, respectively.

  83. Remember Greg Vaughn?

    If JV could be like Greg this month the Reds may end up smelling like a ROSE.

  84. Molina out. knee is a little sore

  85. Thom claims Molina’s wrist is sore.

  86. I guess we all agree Molina’s wrist is sore.

  87. Cozart walks to clear the pitcher

  88. Welsh thinks the pickup of Axford was a good move “from a baseball standpoint.” Does not mention the standpoints from which it’s not a good move.

    • @Baseclogger: Maybe Axford is not a very good basketball player. So, from a basketball standpoint, it isn’t a good move.

      • @Hunt4RedsOctober: Nope. Axford has a good jump shot so from a basketball standpoint it’s a solid pickup. However, from a women’s figure skating standpoint I think they made a HUGE mistake.

        • @tpteach: You have no idea what you’re talking about. Put Axford in a tiny skirt and he can skate like nobody’s business. But from a french toast-making standpoint, you could do a lot better. Guy CANNOT cook.

  89. Votto’s last at-bat yesterday was a ball caught at the left field wall. It was an out, so all the haters chalked it up as “Votto is terrible” (or whatever meme they’ve settled on), but I think it actually may have been hit harder than today’s home run. So maybe today’s home run also proves what a bad hitter Votto is because it wouldn’t have gotten out of Coors.

    • @Baseclogger:

      No one has ever said Votto is a bad hitter.

      • @CI3J: Don’t be so sure. People have said a lot of bizarre things lately.

        • @Baseclogger: I have never even come close to saying Votto is “terrible.” And I never will.

          • @homerandbruce: I think you’re missing the point of the comment. The point is that people see what they want to see. If they’re down on Votto, a fly ball to the wall is just another out. A hard hit ball to second is just another out. A walk is of no value. And so on. I don’t really care which specific words people have used to complain about him recently.

          • @homerandbruce: I don’t recall anyone saying that, by the way. Joey is a great player, great hitter who the Nation loves unconditionally but when he stinks, we call him on it. Just like the rest of the mortals that play on this team.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan:

            @homerandbruce: I don’t recall anyone saying that, by the way.Joey is a great player, great hitter who the Nation loves unconditionally but when he stinks, we call him on it.Just like the rest of the mortals that play on this team.

            Charlotte – JV homered today. He’s back (tic)!

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Oh, lord. Go back and read the comments for the last two weeks. All sorts of stuff about how he isn’t worth the money, Craig is better, he’s nowhere near the player he once was, he’s “depressed,” he’s “lost it,” he can’t hit in the clutch, he’s obsessed with walks, and on and on and on. I’m not going to get into a game of what were the EXACT words written about him, but the criticisms have become more and more severe, to the point where it wouldn’t surprise me at all if someone has actually used the word “terrible” to describe him. Talk about boring! Almost every time Votto makes an out, especially with runners on base, we get the same handful of guys saying the same things.

          • @Baseclogger: You feed it.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: You’re confusing cause and effect. I didn’t start criticizing people for criticizing Votto before people started criticizing him.

          • @Baseclogger: I’ve heard “slump”. I’ve heard “doing bad right now”, maybe even “being a bad hitter right now”. But, by no means is Votto a bad hitter. I just wish Bakerman would give him a break.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Keep holding down the fort in North Carolina – the Reds are nicely covered from coast to coast and beyond!

            GO REDS (breathing easier)!

    • @Baseclogger: You’re boring.

  90. Great job, Cozart

  91. Anyone else here?

  92. Phillips OBP is now higher than Frazier’s. Think C. Trent will tweet that?

  93. Latos cruisin!

  94. Hey friends – been watching but not commenting (computer closed up). Pleasant surprises so far and Mat is dealing pretty well. We really need 3 of 4 if not all 4 in this series.

    Through 7 of the Birds at bats … let’s tack on a couple and hold ’em tight.

    • @msanmoore: A sweep would turn the whole season around.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Lets not get ahead of ourselves. One at a time. We have our best pitcher today but the next three who knows. And Wainwright is awful against the Reds, according to the stats.

        I would be happy with 3 of 4. If done, we would be 1 1/2 game out of cardinals… I would take that in a heart beat with 21 games to go

        • @tae: I agree … 3 of 4 is the benchmark this week and we are off to a good start with what should be a win today.

        • @tae: I agree but I’m not so jaded I won’t dare to dream.

        • @tae:

          @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Lets not get ahead of ourselves.One at a time.We have our best pitcher today but the next three who knows.And Wainwright is awful against the Reds, according to the stats.

          I would be happy with 3 of 4. If done, we would be 1 1/2 game out of cardinals… I would take that in a heart beat with 21 games to go

          For once I disagree slighty with you since I am greedy – Reds need all 4 – especially after their putrid showing this past week-end in Denver.

          • @cincyreds14: 3 of 4 would be “nice” – like a peck on your sister’s cheek nice. Not going to get my motored started but, you know, okay. 4 of 4, I’m dancing a jig. Of course, it could all come crashing down against LA.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Not while I’m in my birth place of Cincinnati Ohio for 4 1/2 glorious days this week – now if only the Reds and Bengals would co-operate. Been a fan of both teams as long as I can remember (since the late 1960s while seeing my first Reds game at Crosley Field in the mid 1960s) and never thought I would be an old-timer or gray beard but here I am.

            And sorry for being really hard on JV this past month – I really want him to get to the level of all-time greats (which I am sure he does too). But that may simply be asking too much. As it is, ESPN radio reported today that Todd Helton of the local Colorado Rockies is NOT HOF caliber. And I have to agree. And regrettably, Joey may never be either – no matter how much hard work he puts in.

            HOF are genuinely special players that usually come along once a generation.

            And granted, JV may end with a very solid MLB career and still not end up being HOF material – just ask fellow 1B Todd Helton. He’s a similar player to Joey in that he signed a mega 10 year contract in 2002 that is ending this year. And he also lit the house on fire his first few years and gently faded. And my hat is off to Todd – he has had a very solid pro career and has been a fine citizen and a very good player. Simply not HOF caliber, and therefore not great – the same fate that may just belie JV.

            Just have to accept Joey as a very good player who hopefully helps the Reds for years to come.

            SO JV – relax – play the game you know and …

            GO REDS!

          • @cincyreds14:

            Todd Helton’s #s:

            Year Age GP HR RBI BA
            1999 25 159 35 113 .320
            2000 26 160 42 147 .372
            2001 27 159 49 146 .336
            2002 28 156 30 109 .329
            2003 29 160 33 117 .358
            2004 30 154 32 96 .347

            Notice Todd’s #s 2000 thru 2003 – definitely HOF #s. Eventually Todd dropped off and became mortal when he hit 30.

            Joey may simply be following suit. But please relax Reds Nation, as Denver fans have appreciated Todd Helton for the entire past 15 years. He has been a favorite in Denver for years, and fans will easily forgive him of he’s not the 1st Rockie to be a HOF-er.

            And with the Reds history being what its been over the past 45 years the bar has been set so very high. Thanks to the BRM (who will make their first on field appearance this w/e) and the Barry Larkin led 1990 WS champs.

            Let’s appreciate the current Reds for who they are – and that they strive to provide a very enjoyable Fall for all Cincinnati Reds fans, both young and old.

  95. It would be really great if DB treated this like a 1-run lead from here on.

  96. Watching the game on Fox Sports Midwest is quite frustrating. None of the Reds hitters this inning had a stat line placed on the screen when they stepped up to bat. Someone is slacking up in the media booth.

  97. Anyone heard how Cueto’s injury recovery is progressing? And is it possible he gets back this year?

  98. Mat Latos is really something. Hopefully, Homer follows strongly tomorrow.

    • Mat Latos is really something.Hopefully, Homer follows strongly tomorrow.

      We need to check with Steve M – I’m sure he thinks Homer will be ready.

      And being that I plan to be at the game on Thursday – would really love to see Cingrani!

  99. Let Latos finish or put Chappy in? I go with let Latos finish – this game is HUGE and Mat is manhandling them!

  100. I’d leave Latos in to get the complete game. If not, then put Chapman in for an inning.

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