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Game Thread: Reds at Rockies (2013.09.01)

And down the stretch they come.  The Reds enter the final month of the regular season in need of some wins in order to catch and pass the Pirates and Cardinals.  They’ll get their chances this month as the Reds will meet those two for a combined 10 games of the 26 played this month.  So the Reds control their own destiny for the most part.

Controlling your own destiny also involves you winning the games that aren’t against those two teams.  That is what the Reds must do today against Colorado.  Win this game and you guarantee yourself gaining a game on one of those two teams ahead of you.

College football kicked off yesterday, but it is the Reds that need to tighten up those chin straps and finish this thing off.  Discuss the game here and cheer on your Redlegs to victory.  Go Reds!

318 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Rockies (2013.09.01)

  1. Let’s see if Votto can manage anything other than a weak ground out.

  2. 2-18 for Joey. To be honest, I’d rather he right correct that this week, against the Cardinals, than anytime else.

  3. Votto looks apathetic to me. Not someone you want to be handing a quarter of a billion dollars too. I hope and pray the Reds did their due diligence in vetting his mental makeup. His contract could likely become an albatross that sinks this team for a decade.

  4. Votto is just not votto lately… Is playing through it best way ? Man, he looks lost lately.

  5. To the best of my knowledge there’s no song called one outta three ain’t bad. Ain’t nuttin’ good about this Rockies series.

    • To the best of my knowledge there’s no song called one outta three ain’t bad. Ain’t nuttin’ good about this Rockies series.

      Objects in the rear view mirror appear closer than they are (Arizona)

  6. Hard to believe that these are the same hitters who battered around Wainwright a few days ago. I fear a payback is on the way.

  7. I guess partch is still out there because the bullpen is worn out? Chapman hasn’t pitch in 8 days.

  8. So…its bad umpiring, players not bringing their A game, a mental problem, bad base running, and who all knows what else. Could it be we are just a good not great team?

  9. When your 2-3-4-5 hitters get exactly zero hits, this is the kind of team that is going to break your heart in that play-in game. Sorry, but it’s a play-in game.

  10. You heard it hear first, Reds will 2-5 over upcoming 7 games vs Cards and Dodgers…..

  11. I like votto but he isn’t worth all that money. Overpaid absolutely but it isn’t my call. Now down 5 runs. No way we come back. This team has no fight. Nice to see helton get standing ovation.

    Maybe we go down few more runs this inning, and dusty will give up this game, and onto Cardinals down 3 1/2 games.

    We can sweep the cardinals can’t we? No probl

  12. I’m happy I was able to see Helton get his 2500th base hit. Of course years from now I’ll be saying I was actually at the game.

  13. 2md bad call I’ve seen so far. When that Rockies player stole third “safe” and that double by Helton he was clearly out.

  14. The ball arrived at 2nd before Helton did. But it looked like Philipps didn’t apply the tag until Helton was on the base.

  15. Looking at it another way… if the Reds lose a play in wild card game, they will be exactly where they were last year….not advancing past the first round they participated in. Does anyone here really think that should the Reds miraculously win the division or the WC game, they will win a 5 game series vs ATL or LAD without home field advantage?

      • @Steve Mancuso: Worse only the abstract of regular season wins. It has been proven time and time again that regular season wins means very little come the postseason. My overall point was the Reds are good enough to get into the postseason, but no matter as division champions or WC participants, they lack a certain “something” that is needed to advance.

  16. It’s like Harry Carey was so found of saying. “Let’s get some runs!”

  17. Are mlb umpires allowed to chew during games? I think he was barfing up some swallowed tobacco juice…

  18. Regarding the yawning… From what I understand, it’s possible Baker’s excessive yawning could be related to the stroke. But then, so too could any number of other serious problems, and if I suggested the stroke might be causing them (depression, exhaustion, lack of mental acuity, etc.), I bet a lot of Dusty apologists would say it’s impossible to know whether the stroke has any lingering effects.

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