2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds at Rockies (2013.08.31)

The Reds will try to win round 2 after losing round 1 last night.

Greg Reynolds will try to get his first win of the season.

You will discuss the game here and cheer on the Reds!  Go Reds!

235 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Rockies (2013.08.31)

  1. Even if Cingrani comes back as planned and is fully healthy, Reynolds could still be really valuable in September. Obviously, he could become the long reliever in the bullpen. But he also could pick up a spot start in the case where that might help the Reds get their best pitchers lined up to face Pittsburgh.

    • @Steve Mancuso: surely not….u know better.. I guess dusty will think he is godly in managing a game… Good to see a win as always but who knows what tomorrow brings.

      Reynolds was the star today…BP got mad…maybe he should get pissed more often. Votto is staggering along.. As always, it is the pitching that seems to steady us to victory. See u tomorrow

  2. Dag gone it I wanted to see BP hit for the cycle. Heck of a night for BP.

  3. Great job Mr. Reynolds. Now lets hope Chappy can get an inning in.

  4. Votto goes 1-for-5 but collects 2 paychecks and strikes out twice. (He will swing a bat!) It’s like Franchester Brennaman’s wet dream!

  5. Why do I see this pitcher’s name and think of Vince Vaughn and start looking for a trident ?

  6. Ludwick only makes $2 million, so just putting the ball in play is plenty from him.

  7. Baseclogger, by any chance are you the treasurer for the Cincinnati Reds? You seem awfully concerned with the payroll…

    • @RedTitan19: I thought I was doing everyone a favor. People seem to be very interested in the relationship between salary and production. Or does that only apply to one player? Maybe I’m confused.

  8. As the late great Bob Shreve would say “he hit that a fur piece”.

  9. Yup, should have rooted for the Rockies to score two more. That’s the only way Chapman ever sees the field. It’s theoretically possibly he’ll never throw another pitch for the Reds.

    • @RedTitan19: So, I’m not even allowed to complain about the fact that Chapman didn’t pitch? I won’t know what to do with myself.

  10. Good win for the Reds tonight, very good win. Lets get em again tomorrow and make it 2 outta 3 and that ain’t bad. Go Reds!!!! Adios Amigos.

  11. Baker obviously doesn’t care if Chapman gets any kind of work between saves. He’s poved this for the past few days. So if there are no more save opportunities this season, I assume Chapman doesn’t pitch again this season.

  12. Chapman who? Haven’t seen him in a while. Guess rest him up for the 7 key games next week… Yea, right… That’s it..

    Immensely proud of the pitching staff – new and the regulars… Where would we be w.o. Them

  13. I caught the 8th inning on the car radio and it sounded like Reynolds was sent out 1 inning too many. What is WITH Baker and this perversion for letting guys go out for the 8th inning? Is there a contract incentive? Reds should be looking for efficient wins, not quality starts. Then again, that’s the players manager.

    • @Johnu1: he lives and dies with the philosophy that starters give up three or more or have two men on 7th inning and on. He cannot remove a guy on a high note.

    • @Johnu1: Reynolds struck out the side in the 7th and hadn’t thrown very many pitches. I don’t see any reason not to send him out for the 8th. What I don’t understand is why it wasn’t a priority to make sure Chapman pitched at least one inning. Unless Chapman is nursing an injury, I just don’t get it.

      • @Baseclogger: I didn’t see it, was on the road, but a ball hit to the track, caught, another ringing double, a home run and another ball to the fence … somebody ought to have been able to ascertain that Reynolds was out of gas. Somebody who ought to be paying attention. And if Reynolds was asked and lied, then that’s even worse.

        • @Johnu1: Again, he struck out the side in the 7th. The whole side! In the inning before the 8th! Then got the first guy out in the 8th. Had perhaps thrown 85 or 90 pitches to that point. He’s cruising along. Next guy gets a hit. You’re up 7 runs with one guy on base. Do you really need to go get the pitcher right there? If a relief pitcher comes in and gives up some runs, then removing Reynolds at that point will look quite stupid, won’t it? I HATE defending Baker, but there was nothing wrong with leaving Reynolds in to give up those two runs. They more or less came from nowhere. Perhaps he should have come out immediately after the home run, but not before.

  14. Dodgers just picked-up Michael Young from the Phillies. They are, without a doubt, going all in.

  15. Picked up a big game on the Cardinals. If it’s the playoff, the game at home is a positive.

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