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Games Played on 08/27/13

Minor League Player of the Day: AZL Reds RF Kevin Garcia: He went 2 for 3 with 2 2B and a BB.


Columbus 3 – Louisville 0

Denis Phipps and Jason Donald each singled for the Bat’s two lone hits in the game.

Pedro Villarreal got the loss as he went 4 IP and allowed 1 R on 4 H and 0 BB with 5 K. Kevin Whelan (2 IP) and Loek Van Mil (1.1 IP) each added scoreless relief outings.


Birmingham 5 – Pensacola 4

Ray Chang went 2 for 3 with 2 2B. Devin Lohman went 2 for 4 with a 2B. Mike Costanzo and Donald Lutz each doubled.

Robert Stephenson got no decision as he went 4.2 IP and allowed 4 R on 7 H and 5 BB with 4 K. Chris Manno got the loss allowing 1R over 2.1 IP of relief. Drew Hayes added 2 IP of scoreless relief.

High A

Stockton 3 – Bakersfield 1

Juan Silverio clubbed his 18th HR to account for the Blaze’s only run. Kyle Waldrop went 2 for 4 .

Jake Johnson got the loss as he went 5.1 IP and allowed 3 R on 6 H and 1 BB with 7 K. Brooks Pinckard (1.2 IP), Sean Lucas (1 IP), and Jimmy Moran (1 IP) each added scoreless relief outings.

Low A

Dayton – No game scheduled.


Billings 6 – Ogden 4

Aristides Aquino went 2 for 4 with a 3B. Gabriel Rosa and Carlos Sanchez each homered. Jose Ortiz doubled. Adam Matthews walked twice.

Austin Salter got no decision as he went 3 IP and allowed 0 R on 2 H and 1 BB with 2 K. Zack Weiss got the win allowing 1 R over 3 IP of relief. Joe Mantoni picked up his 6th save while allowing 1 R over 1.2 IP of relief.

AZL Reds 7 – AZL Dodgers 4

Kevin Garcia went 2 for 3 with 2 2B and a BB. Kevin Franklin went 3 for 4 with a 2B. Dalton Carter went 2 for 3 with a BB. Aldi Guzman homered and walked.

Mark Armstrong got no decision as he went 2 IP and allowed 0 R on 1 H and 0 BB with 1 K. Tyler Mahle got the win with 3 IP of scoreless relief.

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  1. Nice to see Stephenson getting the exposure at AA this season. Hopefully that will help him understand where his development needs are for 2014 so he can target that work during the off season. The Rays model for pitching development is still the top-shelf example that every organization should strive to emmulate.

  2. As Amir Garrett left to go back to school, Ben Lively was promoted to Dayton. He’s on a strict 3 inning limit from the Reds, so, he might pitch one game this week for the DRagons..but it won’t mean much. Not sure it was worth the airfare…

    • @Bill Lack: I’d like to find out who scouted Ben Lively and buy that man a beer.

      • @TC:

        Thanks TC, I like Michelob Light. Just kidding. Lively played at the Univ. of Central Florida where a really good friend of mine went to college. She called me a day after the second day of the draft all excited, “the Reds picked one of our pitchers, the Reds picked one of our pitchers.” So I have kept an eye on how he has pitched this summer. Very well so far. He’s also from Pensacola, FL, so he’ll be at home when he makes it to the Blue Wahoos.
        So the scout responsible either covers the colleges in Florida or schools in Conference USA. I’ll buy him one too. May be the same guy who scouted Cingrani, if its C-USA.

  3. So Villareal and Corcino have both been relegated to the bullpen. Corino is just 23, pitching in AAA, and can still salavage what has become his shreaded prospect status; maybe the bullpen is where he belongs and can excel. Villareal may even be able to salavage something from the bullpen, but at 25, he needs more immediate success next season before he completely falls off the prospect radar.

  4. As much as my fellow bloggers at RLN complain about the Reds weak bench, specifically Cesar Izturis, wouldn’t it be a good idea to promote Henry Rodriguez to the big leagues and see what he’s got? Looking at the past couple weeks, he’s really come into his own with the bat. He’s slashing .271/.315/.650. Now those numbers might not stand out to you, especially the OPS, but he’s been on fire since the All Star Break, slashing .341/.389/.760. He also plays multiple infield positions. Just saying, he can’t be worse than Izturis.

    • @MrRedlegs3900: Oops, I wrote the wrong slash lines down. He’s slashing .271/.315/.334 on the year and .341/.389/.370 after the All Star Break.

    • @MrRedlegs3900: I would think Henry will come up in September. He did last year.

    • @MrRedlegs3900: HRod can hit. He’s hit at every level he’s played, except AAA and his extended hot hitting streak since the all-star break has apparently solved that problem. Hrod can also play 2B, but he can not play 3B or SS effectively. In the case of an in-game injury, he could play SS or 3B as an emergency fill-in, until a better defender could arrive from AAA. but not on a regular basis. I would be very OK with stashing a plus IF defender (Izturis maybe) at AAA in case Cozart gets injured and using HRod as a substitute 2B, PH and in-game emergency SS. I think Hannahan, Frazier or even BP could also play SS in a pinch due to an in-game injury to Cozart.

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