Just another game, right?

It appears as if Dusty has finally constructed a lineup we can at least live with for this important series.  Cozart batting 8th, Mesoraco starting at catcher, A-team guys in there.  Now the question is can they hit enough to score runs and can Mike Leake do a better job against the Cardinals than he did the last time out against them?  Let’s hope the answers to both questions are: YES!

Discuss the game here and pull for a Reds victory!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Reds play scared against cards every game. Nothing new to see here move along.
    These games are too predictable which is why I no longer watch each one. And fewer and fewer. This team lacks confidence. It is sooo easy for the cards to win, no matter the situation, game to game. Pre-ordained outcome. Poor reds.
    Can’t invest in a team like ours with the most horrible coach.

  2. In big games, you need your best players to play big. Choo, Votto, Phillips 0-10. Holliday, Craig 7 RBI. And they know how many outs

    • @DK in Erie Pa: You may have something there.

    • @DK in Erie Pa: Great point!

    • @DK in Erie Pa: When/if Choo is one your best players, you’ve got problems. But a good point, and Phillips -despite his RBI total, is not a true cleanup hitter. Reds don’t have one. Then there’s Votto. If Jay’s grounder had been a double-play ball (it really wasn’t) his head not being in the game would’ve cost the Reds the lead.


  4. Need to call for a groover ball against Allen Craig. That always gets him out. Read the very first entry on this thread and get your answer.

  5. I’m waiting for the finger-wavers to come around and complain that we bellyache too much about this team.

  6. This is a devistating loss no question about it. I agree with everybody saying this is on Dusty he left Leake in 1 batter too long.

  7. Phillips and Votto have not taken the reigns of this offense for quite a while. What has happened to these guys? And what a crock Ludwick is. How come every person in Reds land instead of Walt, Dusty, and Bob knew Ludwick wasnt going to play well when he got back?

  8. This team has NO mental toughness. None. Prime example: every time an umpire squeezes the zone, the Reds’ pitcher falls apart.

    You look at the 2012 team, which really isn’t so different from this team, and that team played smart, rarely folded under pressure in the regular season, and grinded.

    This year, it seems like the Reds think they are owed something. Votto forgetting how many outs were in the 7th inning? Choo not sliding yesterday? Mes and Parra getting psyched out by Beltran MAYBE stealing signs? The way the entire team slumped off the field after the 7th? That’s all mental. And it goes back to coaching.

    Someone has to pick the team up, dust them off, and get them to play tougher and smarter. I’m not sure Dusty is capable of that. The next two days will be telling.

    • @jessecuster44:

      If this is true, (and it’s hard to argue any of your points) I wonder if this intangible is what Rolen brought to the table? Votto losing count of outs in this game and in that situation is probably the most disheartening thing I’ve seen in a while.

    • @jessecuster44: I’m sure Dusty is NOT capable of that, or much of anything else that helps the team.

  9. Let’s see what Latos and Bailey do the next 2 nights before we jump off the cliff. If we cannot win the Central, a part of me wants to play STL in the 1 game playoff, but it is probably just anger talking now. Give them credit, they are a better team than us this year.

    • @Redgoggles: They’ve been a better team than us this decade.

      • @ToledoRedsFan:

        The Reds have won 2 of the last 3 NL Central titles. The Cardinals have won one since 2007. (And of course the World Series that year.)

        • @Redgoggles: I’ll take World Series titles over division titles any day. That’s one big difference between the Reds and the Cards. The Cards don’t settle for anything less than WS titles. Anything other than that is considered a failure with the Cardinals! They expect to win WS rings. Not just hope and dream of it.

    • @Redgoggles: You dont want STL in a one game playoff any more than a 5 or 7 game series. Their chances are better vs PIT and that chance is slim. Liriano can 1 hit these guys.

    • @Redgoggles: Latos might do OK. I have no confidence in Homer vs. the Cards, or any other strong-hitting team. I think the best the Reds can do is catch Pittsburgh for the first wild card. They can win that game, I don’t think they can win a playoff series – period.

  10. I’m starting a social media campaign to convince people to fire Dusty. I’m calling it “Sick of the ‘Pick.” Who’s with me?

  11. As bad as tonight’s game turned out to be, I won’t be shocked if the Reds win the next two. By all rights the Reds should have won this game. Dusty’s incompetence changed the momentum of the game. In my humble opinion (and its only an opinion) Votto’s losing track of the number of outs in such a big game is a reflection or maybe a symptom of Dusty’s laid back, hey man its just one game, stay in cruise control type of mindset. If the Reds can keep the offense going they can beat the Cardinals. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  12. I didn’t watch. Checked over a few times to see the lead gradually get eaten up. Surprised Leake lasted (left in?) that long. This is exactly why the Reds don’t want any part of the Cards in a one-game play-in: St. Louis is so deep into their heads, half the guys would probably puke themselves into dehydration from the nerves of facing a sudden death game against this team.

  13. When Yadier Molina is playing, the Cards are the best team in MLB and I think they are set for another title. They are just a superior team to the Reds and everyone else for that matter.

    Molina is my MVP because of what he means to his team. Amazing really. Bet he has never lost track of how many out there are either.

  14. I will say this: you gotta respect the Cardinals because they approach the game right.

    • @homerandbruce: I highly doubt it. The Pirates were able to beat the Cards without Molina. The only bad stretch that the Cards have had, at all, is when Yadier was DLed. Look for them to start to run away with the division, down the stretch.

      This team is a monster when he is playing. No matter how many runs they may be down, they are not out of it. Reds are just the opposite.

  15. 1. Agree that the Reds play scared against STL. They seem to handle PIT fairly well, but pee their pants when it is crunch time vs STL. No idea why.

    2. STL is a tough team. They never quit. It is no wonder they are successful in the postseason.

    3. I don’t have a problem with Baker leaving Leake in to face Beltran. Beltran was out of the line-up because he was 2/18 vs Leake. Bad luck.

    4. No excuses, but the UMP was really squeezing the Reds in the 7th, which added to the tense situation and IMO lead to the pitch Craig airmailed.

    5. In the end this is one game. It is still POSSIBLE to take the series, and we still have 4 more @ GABP with STL. To say the season is OVER is a bit premature.

    6. That being said, it looks like we all need to prepare for a WC game on the road. Let us all pray it is versus PIT.

  16. Oh that Redleg nation idea of making Chapman a starter and Hoover the closer—-scratch that!

  17. Man the nut jobs are out tonight.

  18. The 3-2 pitch on Holliday was well inside the strike zone. If the ump makes that call, Hoover is out of the inning, Reds still in the lead.

    • @Steve Mancuso: It was clearly a strike. To me, if Baker was in any way at fault tonight it was in not raising hell when his pitchers were continually getting squeezed. Of course, it’s up to the pitchers to push that aside and make quality pitches.

      • @kywhi: He NEVER raises hell. Why should he start now? Because we want him to? Dusty is not going to magically turn into Lou.

    • @Steve Mancuso: But the ump didn’t make the correct call, just like in game 5 last October. And this is the big difference between championship teams and the Reds. Championship teams overcome bad luck. The Reds have not been able to do this yet. Not sure if they will, given the laid back personalities in the dugout.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Yeah, after the trap on the Votto single was called an out I responded to your earlier post that the umps would be the reason for the loss. I firmly believe that’s the case. Taking runs away from us on offense and calling strikes balls to let folks hit grand salami. Disheartening.

  19. Baker after the game – as he often does – praises the other teams for taking walks and tough at bats. But he doesn’t seem to coach his own team to do those things.

  20. As bad as this loss feels, it’s a statistical anomaly how good the Cards are in RISP against the Reds. I mean, EVERYONE who follows this blog KNEW FOR A FACT that Craig was going to deliver. I knew it, so did you. THAT is one of those things that can never be explained. The universe is a weird place. Gotta tip our caps and hope our aces can dominate the next two. I, for one, won’t miss it for the world.

    Also, I’m going to the Friday and Sunday game in Denver. I hope this series doesn’t deflate the Reds into being beaten on by the Rox, too!

  21. Baker just said he left Leake in because Beltran was 2 for 18 against him and batting .375 against Parra. That is so idiotic it makes my hands hurt to type it.

    First of all, it’s based on ten plate appearances over 6 seasons. So, small sample size.

    Even if you’re going to go by previous AB, two of Beltran’s three hits came in 2008. Gee, I wonder if possibly Beltran or Parra are different now than they were five years ago. This year? Parra has gotten Beltran out both times he’s faced him.

    His thinking also doesn’t allow for the fact that Leake had already thrown 100 pitches.

  22. Yep, Hoover struck out Holiday in the 7th, no doubt about it. If the Reds were at the plate, he would be rung up on strikes. That was the ballgame right there. This team will not win the division, the only thing we can hope for is a one game playoff against the Pirates in Pitt, our only hope of advancing. St Louis is a superior team. Reds have no leader, no vigilance or discipline, no fire or fight. Votto not knowing how many outs, could have thrown home, pathetic. I am done watching this team play for awhile, the outcome is 99% predictable anyway

    • @Josh: Coming to grips with reality. Ive been sitting here waiting for everyone else with my drink in hand. Have a seat, its going to be a long September!

    • @Josh: Votto could not have thrown home and gotten the runner. Jay hit a slow grounder.

      No excuse for the brain cramp on the number of outs. I totally agree with your statement that the Reds have no leader.

    • @Josh: No, he couldn’t have gone home. Bases loaded, runners move on contact with a ground ball. Votto was playign somewhat deep and the ball wasn’t hit hard. Votto made the only play he had. There was no baseball effect to him forgetting.

  23. It could be the 7th game of the world series and Dusty wouldn’t manage a game with urgency. All was needed was to get through the Cards lineup one more time. 9 outs.

    Let’s count backwards: 3 for Chapman in the 9th and empty the bullpen for the other 3 to 6 outs in the 7th and 8th inning to get to Chapman. Maybe even Chapman in the 8th if it got hairy. Too little too late.

    Disappointing outing for Hoover. If Hoover won’t throw the breaking ball hitters sit on the fastball. And Hoover served one up belt high. No deception. He really needs to learn how to throw a slider that looks like the fastball until the last second. Something else to look for. Some deception.

    Homers aren’t hit they’re pitched. And good hitters don’t miss em. I agree with a previous comment earlier tonight, Allen Craig is a better hitter than Votto.

  24. I am not going into the Joey Votto bashing. Allen Craig is a great player. I will still take Votto.

  25. This whole loss is on Baker anyway. Just imagine how good we could be if Dusty had just a little Sparky in him.

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