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Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.08.25)

The Reds and Brewers get at it one final time today in Cincinnati in this rubber match.  The two will only meet one more time this season with that being in Milwaukee.  I don’t know about you guys, but I will be happy when we are through playing Milwaukee.  The Brewers have been nothing but pests since 1999.

Hopefully everyone is focused on today and not looking at what lays ahead starting tomorrow.  Wait, I just messed that up.  Now everyone is focusing on tomorrow.  Forget what I just said.  Focus on today, Reds.  Win today please!

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  1. 8th inning. Time for the Reds (or at least some of them) to start taking things seriously.

  2. Both Cozart and Heisey start 1-0 and swing at 100% of the rest of the pitches.

    • @prjeter: That’s what I mean by got to keep your head in the game. I will say, though, if I recall correctly, mlb online had the 2nd and 3 pitches in the K zone. So, they were going to be strikes anyhow.

      • @steveschoen: Not the point I was going for, but yes, I believe the one Cozy swung at was on the inside corner and 2 of the 3 Heisey swung at would probably have been called strikes, as well.

  3. this team is so good at getting runners in from third with less two outs… and when i say “good” i dont quite mean good..

  4. I believe all four pitches to Heisey would have been balls. Three of them almost definitely. But nobody would celebrate a walk, so why bother?

    • @Baseclogger: I believe that both Heisey & Frazier have good hitters in themselves but their approaches give them virtually no chance to be so. Hope Santa brings a new Hitting Coach next year if not a new Manager as well. If I had a nickel for every count Chris starts off 0-2, I’d be a wealthier man.

    • @Baseclogger: If so, then they would have been called that way. For, on mlb online, they had the 2nd and 3rd pitch in the K zone. Well in, no question, no just nipped a corner. The first pitch nipped the corner. And, the 4th pitch was just outside that. Given how close it was, Heisey probably felt like he had to try to swing at it. All of this not to say what the ump would have called it, for we all know how umps have made poor calls. Only saying what mlb online had for it.

  5. I firmly believe the Reds might be ahead in this game if they’d taken every single pitch.

  6. When the Reds strike out 11 times, LaRosa’s should double the price of a pizza.

  7. By Cozart beating out hitting into his 17th double play of the season only prolonged the agony. (as it turns out).

  8. Since the Reds apparently have no desire to win or really compete like an elite team, why not tune into the little league world series? Seriously, those kids have better approaches at the plate than some of the Reds hitters. much better quality baseball for sure.

  9. I cannot believe that this team is confused, puzzled or over-matched by virtually every pitcher in the league at least twice through the lineup. That’s a lack of preparation, scouting, coaching.

  10. Incredibly frustrating. 3 outs from losing a big series to the Brewers at home. Completely blew their opportunity to close the gap there.

  11. Wow, that pitch that Choo wiffed on was way outside. He must have not seen it at all.

  12. Does anybody on here seriously believe the Reds are going to do anything in the playoffs? Let’s face it, the 2013 Cincinnati Reds are fundamentally flawed team. If they are going to let a scrub pitcher like Marco Estrado own them, how will they fare against the likes of Liriano, Burnett, or Wainwright in the Wild Card Game?

  13. A long time ago we ran out of new ways to say “the Reds aren’t patient enough and keep swinging at bad pitches when they don’t need to.” What’s amazing is that we ran out of ways to say this several MONTHS ago, and there’s absolutely no indication that anyone has improved even one iota. I can’t think of a single guy on the team who looks any more selective today than he did in May. Votto, Choo, and arguably Hanigan are patient (usually), but they’ve been the exceptions all year.

    • A long time ago we ran out of new ways to say “the Reds aren’t patient enough and keep swinging at bad pitches when they don’t need to.” What’s amazing is that we ran out of ways to say this several MONTHS ago, and there’s absolutely no indication that anyone has improved even one iota. I can’t think of a single guy on the team who looks any more selective today than he did in May. Votto, Choo, and arguably Hanigan are patient (usually), but they’ve been the exceptions all year.

      I ran out of ways to say it THREE YEARS ago when that bozo Jacoby pawned off his hitting style.

      • @Johnu1: I agree, clogger. For maybe a week there, I believe they had the idea. I mean, last night, we only got one run through 5 innings, but their pitcher had 100 pitches through 5 innings. Quite apparent with those numbers that we were having a lot more good AB’s. But, then, just looking at these numbers, it shows we just took 2 steps backward again on this.

  14. Frazier trying to hit that three run homer on the first pitch of the inning. Didn’t quite work out, but I’m sure he’ll keep trying.

  15. Proving yet again that Votto is the ONLY guy on this team who has a right to be swinging at first pitches whenever he feels like it.

  16. 4 of our 5 hits have been opposite field or up the middle. Does the dugout not notice such things?

    • If the Cardinals & Pirates lose we can write this one off today.

      It’s not those teams losing, it’s the Reds not having enough to beat a beatable team twice in 3 tries.

      • @Johnu1: You wont win every home series against a terrible team. last yr the Reds lost 2 out of 3 to the Astros. That was much worse. It happens.

      • @Johnu1: Exactly, John. People talk about writing off games. This loss works just like losses we had ever since the season started. There’s only so much you write off before you start to consider writing off the season, etc. The idea isn’t to be satisfied with “writing off losses”. The idea is to minimize them.

        I’ve always said, I can understand losing games. Sure, no problem. But, you always keep working, keep trying, keep your head in the game, 100% of the time, never letting down. “But it’s such a long season. They have to pace themselves.” I can understand that. But, the numbers on their paychecks are also a lot longer than mine. As well as, they have front row seats to the best game in town, work part-time with benefits, and get to play a game instead of actually work. Pace themselves. That’s what the manager is suppose to have the bench for, so that players can slow down and get a rest every once in a while.

        Seriously, for me, especially early, I would rather have this sewn up by the end of this month (in other words, turn many of those early losses into wins) so that the players can rest for a while before the post season.

  17. Boy, this Reds team … a bunch of scrappers. If nothing else, they battle tooth and nail all the way down to the last fly ball out.

  18. Well- got to shake this off and “take care of business” in St. Louis. No time to pout about it. There is a race to be run.

  19. Terrible series loss. The Reds will have to play lights out (not good) against the Pirates and Cardinals to win the division. This was not the time to play like crap against Milwaukee.

    • @Kyle: I think they’ll play Pittsburgh tough, but I have absolutely no reason to believe they’ll not just get their backsides handed to them by St. Louis. They’ve done it to the Reds all year. This series makes me really nervous about Colorado, Los Angeles, and even Houston down the road.

  20. The Reds won 5 of the 1st 6 against the Brewers this yr since the Brewers have won 6 out of 10. Amazing.

  21. This Reds team is way overdue to win a series in St. Louis, and this is the week it happens.

  22. Hey, we all knew we’d lose today’s game with Reynolds on the mound. What hurts is that he ended up pitching really well (in terms of ERA) and we sucked at the plate. What a shame. Oh well – it’s now or never if we want the division!

  23. I am not suprised the Reds lost today. Its how they lost, that suprised me. I didn’t think Renyolds would have pitched as well as he did. Not suprising though we all know the issues this offense has had.

  24. At least the whole team should be well rested for the Cardinal series. There were hardly any base runners so the Reds shouldn’t be tired out from running the bases. Seriously though, if the Reds can win the Cardinal series it will keep them in the hunt to win the div. Sweep the Cards and it will make the Reds the front runners to win the div. Blood, guts and limbs will be flying the next few days, hopefully the Reds will be the last team standing when the dust settles. Go Reds!

    • @Sergeant2: I would put it like this:
      Reds sweep: In the thick of the division race, possibly even the front runner. Exactly where they want to be.
      Reds 2-1: Firmly in the race. Will need to play very well down the stretch, but still in it.
      Cards 2-1: Reds barely hanging on to hope for the division. Would need to put on a ridiculous September stretch.
      Cards sweep: Reds would be just about out of the division race. Still firmly in for the second wild card.

  25. Sometimes in a game u only get 2 or 3 inings where u have a chance to score. The Reds had that in the 1st inning, 8th and 9th. They didnt and its why they lost.

  26. I wish the Brewers would play the Cardnials as tough as they play the Reds.

  27. After September 10th the Cardinals don’t play any teams with a record above .500

  28. I was @ the game. Estrada was doing a lot of high-low pitch sequences. Had a good sinker going. Still the reds should have had more than 5 hits. Makes you think if the hitting department strategically switches to small ball if the pitching is better than average.

  29. There comes a time when someone from the dugout has to tell the hitters to go up there and take and make the guy start throwing three strikes before he throws four balls. Too many times today the Reds struck out on balls completely out of the strike zone.

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