2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.08.24)

The Reds will look to rebound from last night’s loss with a win today.

Discuss the game here and Go Reds!

462 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.08.24)

  1. Very cool DP. Great job by Joey & BP. That my friends is playoff quality baseball!

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: How’s this sound? A rotation of Latos, Cueto, Bailey, Cingrani, and Chapman. Hoover closes and we trade Mike Leake after a decent season to someone who needs pitching help for another bat!

      A man can dream, can’t he?

      • @prjeter: I’m not convinced Cueto ever pitches as a starter again. And I’ve gone on record saying we’ve never seen Chapman start at the major-league level. I for one don’t think he has the stamina or the spread of pitches necessary to do it.

        • @msanmoore: Maybe not to be a top of the order guy, but that’s why I put him 5th. Honestly, though, if an arm like Mike Leake’s can do what he’s done this year, can’t Chapman be taught to be an effective starter?

          I think he was a starter in Cuba and started in spring training, too. If a guy can get to 100 pitches he’s fine. Although, as a starter his fastball would probably have to live around 97-98, so he’d have to learn some more command.

          Definitely, he’s a project, but you can’t “teach” an arm like his. As an average starter, he’s got more value to a team than an above-average closer.

  2. Nice job by Hoover.

    And the obvious answer as to why Bronson came out for the 8th is because he was at 83 pitches and rolling. He had retired 9 straight and 13 out of 14. If the Reds had a crystal ball in the dugout that told them that the first two hitters would crush a HR and rip a single, the decision might have been different. Unfortunately, they don’t.

    • @Kyle: But a single would have made the pitching moot. And nobody needs a crystal ball to know Arroyo has a tendency to go from “cruising” to “awful” in a heartbeat. Give Bruce a chance to put the game away, and assume the bullpen can handle the last two innings.

      • @Kyle: But a single would have made the pitching moot. And nobody needs a crystal ball to know Arroyo has a tendency to go from “cruising” to “awful” in a heartbeat. Give Bruce a chance to put the game away, and assume the bullpen can handle the last two innings.

        I buy this. Bronson should not have come out for the 8th.

    • @Kyle: and Jay Bruce is a much better hitter than Bronson Arroyo. It was a three-run lead with runners at first and second with two outs in the bottom of the seventh. He was already in position for a W, a Quality Start, and a heckuva game. Good time to bring one of your top three hitters into the game and let the bullpen get you TWO innings.

  3. Good by job by Hoover and the Reds D to get out of that inning with limited damage. Go Reds!

  4. Apparently this pitcher had a cup of coffee with the Brewers last year. Why do all the young players drink so much coffee?

  5. Birds up 6-1 in the 9th, so book that win and another loss for the Braves.

    Pittsburgh still down 4-0 just starting the 4th. Could gain one on them tonight.

  6. For God’s sake Chapman, throw a breaking ball in the dirt and watch this guy fish.

  7. Sorry for the double posts, guys. I’ll stop posting. I don’t know why it’s doing that.

  8. I would have drilled him in the buttocks just for spelling “Chris” with a “K”. Cause I’m sick of this team.

  9. Good win. Needed it. With Cozart suddenly hitting out of his mind, hope Baker doesn’t get any crazy ideas.

  10. All gas by Chappy – I do wish we’d see that nasty slider a bit more, but I trust Hannigan knew what was needed.

    This one belongs to the Reds!!

    • @msanmoore: I like to see the slider too, but no need for it with the way Chapman’s fastball was working tonite. Hannigan called it right.

  11. Too bad that Chapman was overthrowing to Davis. Wanted to see him strike the kid out.

    • Too bad that Chapman was overthrowing to Davis. Wanted to see him strike the kid out.

      I am happier to see him get plunked, since it was low on the body.

  12. It was one of those games. Ugly early but we were hitting the ball. I knew it was just a matter of time before they stopped beating themselves and just kept hitting. Unfortunately it took the long ball to do it but maybe those dingers will keep them from trying to force too much on the basepaths. See yall bright and early tomorrow.

  13. Bronson hung tough tonight and the Reds hitters did their imitation of Murders Row. A good and timely win for the Reds tonight. Get a win tomorrow and its 2 outta 3 for the Redlegs, I’ll take that outcome all day long and twice on Sunday. Personally I like all the comments, the positive, the negative, the dumb ones, the smart ones and especially the funny ones. Put em all together and you got yourself a game thread that’s fun, interesting and will keep your attention for a 3 1/2 or 4 hour game. Its the best dam baseball blog on the internet. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • @Sergeant2: Well put Sarge. For us transplanted Reds fans we aren’t surrounded by fellow followers so it is nice to be able to come here and discuss Reds baseball during the games. It is ALMOST like watching the game with them. It really helps out when you are surrounded by Cardinal flags like I am in my neighborhood. Of course I still display my weather beaten Reds lawn flag in amongst them.

      • @RedTitan19: We couldn’t be more deep in enemy territory unless we lived at Busch Stadium. I love wearing my Reds hats and tee’s everywhere I go. Redleg Nation is our refuge. Go Reds! Go Air Force!

  14. The long ball is what separates the Reds from their opponents in GABP. We spend too much time popping up. It was nice to see some rockets late in the game.

  15. Q: What does Khris Davis say when he gets hit by a Chapman fastball?

    A: “Oukh!”

    • Was there a 103 or two in there? Jet fuel.

      I think I saw a 103 flash on that last pitch. At least two others were 102. I guess there’s a big difference.

  16. I am often amused at some of the comments that I write on these blogs while the game is going on. Almost every time I complain about the lack of hitting, somebody gets a hit. I look at it as positive mental attitude with a touch of sinister irony.

  17. I was at the game tonight, the crowd was more optimistic than this board is.

    Do you think Pirates fans lost hope when Liriano gave up 4 runs in the 1st?

    • @rfay00: I just looked at a Pirates’ blog, and the fans were absolutely freaking out. Lots and lots of negativity and angst, almost immediately. And they’re in first place.

  18. If this were the deciding game of the W.S., I’d say … fine, I will take any old kind of rally. But even if the Reds rally here, the proof is fairly obvious. These guys can’t hit.

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