2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Diamondbacks at Reds (2013.08.22)

The Reds will look to go for the series win in today’s matinee tilt against Arizona.  The Reds will send their ace Mat Latos to the mound to try and extend the lead in the Wild Card race and try to trim a half game off the deficit in the division before the Cardinals and Pirates even take to the field.  It sure would be nice to have a win under our belt by 4 PM and be able to sit back and cheer for the Braves and Giants wouldn’t it?

But before we can cheer for those two teams to beat our division mates, we must first cheer on our beloved Redlegs.  And to do so today means getting creative at work.  For me, that requires loading up MLB.tv, rotating my computer monitor away from the door, turning the volume down low, and ignoring my job duties.  If I get caught, then, I guess I’ll tell my boss to shove it.  The Reds are in a playoff chase and they need my support!!

Go Reds!

237 thoughts on “Game Thread: Diamondbacks at Reds (2013.08.22)

  1. That was silly. If the Dbacks were going to walk Votto anyway, why risk the wild pitch with a guy on third? We’ll take it though.

    My guess is LeCure will pitch the 9th.

  2. Diamondbacks gonna Cub. We’ll take that go ahead run all day long. Go Reds!

    • @al: Bruce Ks on ball 4. Oh well. Got the run.

      Start with Latos on a short leash?

  3. In the last 20 hours, Choo and Votto have gotten on base 13 times combined. Every other Cincinnati Red has gotten on base 14 times combined.

    • @prjeter: In other words, expect the Choo-less 2014 offense to look more like Pittsburgh’s than STL’s

  4. Squeezed on the first pitch. Poor LeCure. I was hoping Latos would come out. 103 pitches isn’t too much.

    • @rightsaidred: It’s awfully late in the season. 103 pitches might have taken more out of him on a hot day in late August than it would have in, say, May.

  5. According to Gameday the ump has contracted the strike zone for LeCure. Ugh

  6. Great to see Latos get that ERA under 3! Now sitting at a cool 2.93!

  7. Baker has blown this game by removing Latos. Why not Simon instead of LeCure?

  8. People have preached that anyone can close. Well, here we go.

  9. When Chapman has a rough outing there’s a lot of trade Chapman or put him in the rotation and let LeCure close comments. Lets see what LeCure can do.

    • @Sergeant2: I’m not one of those people, but in LeCure’s defense, he’s going through the heart of a dangerous late-game lineup in a crucial game for the opponent.

  10. The Reds gave the D-Backs every chance to win yesterday, their doing it again today. Tighten up Reds.

  11. HUGE K. I would put it backwards but I don’t know how to do that.

  12. I’ve been one of the people who’s said LeCure could close. I’m glad to see him get the shot. He’s a very smart pitcher and has very good control. Mostly, that’s what I want from a closer.

  13. That aboy Sammy! First major league save. I guess anyone can save games!

  14. HOLLA!!!!!!! 3 of 4 from a quality Arizona team. Now we can relax for the rest of the day and cheer on SF & ATL.

  15. Tough save situation for LeCure. One run lead. Heart of the D-Back’s lineup. Good job from him.

    Latos comes through with another great start.

  16. Now I can go back to rooting for the D-Backs — who will knock the Cardinals out of the second wild card slot…

    • @renbutler: I live in AZ and am a huge fan of the Dbacks so I’m right there with ya. 8 games will be difficult to overcome though.

  17. Baptism under fire, LeCure gets his first major league save. Man I feel like I just walked across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, that game was intense. Really good win for the Reds. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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