Game 3 of this 4 game tilt tonight.  The team that wins sets themselves up for a series win and guarantees themselves at least a split.  Let’s hope it is the Reds that do that.

Discuss all the positives of the game here.  Hopefully there will be no negatives to discuss or read later in the Titanic Struggle recap.

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Now we REALLY need another run (or 6).

  2. Even if the Reds win – this should never, ever have happened.

    Walking the tight wire after being up 8-0?

    What a friggin’ joke.

  3. so do we get to see chapman bat, all righties coming up

  4. We’re going to get to see Aroldis Chapman’s first AB in his major league career. I read once that he’s a pretty good hitter. But no practice, so can’t expect much.

  5. Anyone think the Reds will see 10 pitches in the 8th?

  6. So Simon closes since Hoover has been used and he is the only other pitcher with that treasured stat?

  7. And this one belongs to the.. Oh! its only the 8th inning. Sorry bout that, but after all Chapman hasn’t pitched in the 8th inning since, well since the last blue moon.

  8. Can someone remind me when the Reds last fell behind by a decent margin and came back like this? Seems like an eternity.

  9. Great, Chapman gets to bat.

  10. Sorry but Votto has to make that play, that was just inexcusable on his part.

  11. Boy the server is crapping out.

    Chapman at the plate….hmm. Just swing baby!

  12. What the heck is going on with this AB?

  13. Remember last season when all the Reds’ pitchers were healthy all season, and they came back from being down 6-0 against the D-Backs and won 7-6 and that was the first of the 10 game win streak. 2013=bizarro 2012. Maybe that means we’ll lose the division but win in the playoffs.

  14. Chapman 10 for 48 as a batter in the minors.

  15. arizona runs out all ground balls ..hard…puts pressure on the defense…Reds should observe.

  16. Reds: first 4 inn,. 8 runs and 10 hits. Thereafter, 0 runs and 2 hits after Cozart single. Is there any explaining that, other than Arizona has great relievers?

  17. This is fun right? Yeah, fun. I’ll go with that.

  18. better at bat than some of the hitters

  19. Chapman never saw a strike. Choo will now complete the cycle with the triple.

  20. Chapman should have been taking all the way on that full count.

  21. 23,297 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 23,297.

  22. 4 hits for Choo. I would soooo like to keep him around.

  23. Maybe this is me overreacting to the situation, but I don’t wanna see chappy laughing it up with Cueto in this situation.

  24. Todd Frazier needs to pull out his cape and go deep!

  25. I don’t think Todd has a chance against this guy. Hope Im wrong

  26. Anyone know the Reds record when Chapman strikes out in a game?

  27. C’mon, Fraz, a little contribution here.

  28. SuperTodd!

  29. Super Todd!

  30. super Todd!!!!

  31. Frazier is a great competitor.

  32. How the heck does he do that?

  33. Todd with the sandwedge!

  34. Thank GOD.

  35. Thanks Todd, I can finally get up and go the bathroom. Go Reds!

  36. That his is almost as miraculous as the no handed homer he hit

  37. Frazier is the master of the creative swing.

  38. 30 pitches for Ziegler

  39. Clutch.

  40. Well since BP is an RBI guy, this should be at least two more runs?

  41. Insert generic Votto/walk comment here.

  42. How about returning the favor and parking one, BP.

  43. Maybe BP can do what Goldschmidt did last night.

  44. Ladies and gentlemen, Brandon did not hack at the first pitch.

  45. BP, see previous Frazier request.

  46. I’ll take it. Good job Brandon.

  47. Thank YOU.

  48. This is an excellent game; unusual, but excellent. Give the Dbacks credit for fighting.

  49. The Reds have been pretty darn scrappy this inning.

  50. How many former closers do the D-backs have in the pen? Putz coming in now. These bullpens are both trashed. Starters need to go deep tomorrow.

  51. Ahhhh oh what a relief it is. (in more ways than one) Go Reds!

  52. And the Dbacks bullpen is empty.

  53. You just have to think these guys feast off the crowd energy. Do the local fans not get that? They give a standing ovation to a closer up there at the plate hacking for some odd reason and the team responds by stringing some big hits together. Coincidence?

  54. Todd Frazier must be re-incarnated from a previous life as a Cricket player. The most awkward, defensive swing I have ever seen to end up as a hit. Big AB to lay off of the breaking pitch on the outside corner on the pitch before.

  55. So lets say Bruce gets a two run double, does Dusty leave Chapman out since it will still be a save or does he bring in Ondrusek?

  56. I feel much better about this team now than I did an inning ago. Hopefully I feel the same way after the top of the 9th.

  57. anyone know what a 2 inning save looks like? this might be Reds fans last chance to ever see one if it does not happen tonight

  58. Arizona knows that this game is huge as is guarantees they do not pick up any games on the Reds and could lose 2 with a lost tomorrow.

  59. Now with the 3 run save. I feel much better.

  60. Seems like a lifetime ago that this game was thought to be in the bag, fun and stress free. Go Reds!

  61. Can this game just please end.

  62. this a’int over…4 pitch walk

  63. Chapman getting squeezed.

    • @RiverCity Redleg: It looked that way to me, in Prado’s AB. I don’t know if the first pitch was a strike, but I know it almost always gets called a strike. And anything 2 inches over the hitter’s belt was called a ball.

  64. You got to be kidding me?

  65. Chappy not the consistent closer we hoped we’d be getting this season.

  66. uh, I don’t like this right now.

  67. sigh

  68. GET. HIM,. OUT.

  69. Someone tell me this isn’t happening.

  70. Chapman’s leaving the ball up in the zone. not a good sign.

  71. Made it all the way to the ninth inning before I turned the audio off so I didn’t have to hear Thom call the rest of the game.

  72. Let’s all think “DP” at this very moment. 1…2…3…

  73. Diamodbacks are not in good pitching shape if this goes extras. No more pitchers?

  74. Hold on to those proverbial hats.

  75. And Votto almost throws it into left. Get this over with now.

    • @George Culver: It wasn’t in Cozart’s bread basket, but he didn’t even have to strain to catch it. Not a bad throw at all.

      • @prjeter: Looked like Cozart got the benefit of the “neighborhood” call. I was afraid that he was going to be called for not being on the bag. And it looked like he wasn’t.

  76. What a game! Ha! Fun one to watch!!

  77. God Bless You, Aroldis Chapman!

  78. Never in doubt.

  79. WOW…thank you!…ball looked like it was hit better than it was

  80. Game over – a 6-out save and we move up on the Rats!

  81. WHEW!!!!!!!!!

  82. Whew!!

  83. Whew. Deep breathing exercises to calm down.

    Good night Nation. Sleep well and dream of a long and strong performance from Latos tomorrow. We’re gonnna need it.

  84. 8 pitchers by the Snakes. Obviously Chappy won’t be pitching tomorrow if needed, but Simon and LeCure will be rested and available. Let’s head into that matinee and take 3 of 4.

  85. Even when this year’s Reds win, it doesn’t feel like a win. Oh well, keeping the NL Central bunched up is nice.

  86. These games are why we all love it.

  87. What a nerve wracking game. The Reds seemed destined to lose it.

    Frazier’s 2 iron shot seemed to please the baseball gods.

  88. Gotta say, the offense won this game in top of 9th. Gotta give them credit for scoring two runs with two outs in the inning and, in doing so, extending the D-Backs closer’s pitch count and knocking him out of the game.

  89. Perhaps tonight’s game is sign that the Reds destiny is to win the division. (works for me). Game lasted 3 hrs. 45 min. As Forest would say “that’s a lot” I say lets get em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  90. Hopefully they DL Broxton and bring up a fresh arm tomorrow.

  91. Frazier’s hit is a perfect example of why I hate to see so many guys taking strike three. Even if not the pitch you were looking for, if you put the bat on the ball you’ve at least given yourself a chance.

    • @Baseclogger: Yes Frazier was just trying to keep alive by fouling off the pitch with that swing. And if you do the right thing, sometimes you need to get lucky.

      • @pinson343: Delete the “need to”, my brain is fried from that game and some serious heat in my apt. Time to turn on the AC.

        I repeat: If you do the right thing, sometimes you get lucky.

        • @pinson343: Consider it deleted.

          I just don’t understand why, when guys see hits like that, it doesn’t seem to register that it’s always better to take a weak emergency swing than a called third strike.

    • @Baseclogger: Harold Reynolds said it was something they did (tried) in drills. Simply unbelievable. Just speechless.

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