A win tonight guarantees that the Reds will not lose any ground in the wild card race this series to the D-backs.  A win would also set the Reds up in a great position to extend the wild card lead on Arizona.  A loss would mean… Nevermind. We’re not thinking about losing around here.

Tonight’s game should be a good one if you’re a fan of pitching.  Tony Cingrani has been outstanding this season and he’s facing off agaisnt Patrick Corbin who is 12-3 overall on the season.  Whichever offense can strike first may put themselves in the driver’s seat to a victory tonight.  Perhaps we can expect plenty of bunting in this one as both teams scratch and claw for runs. 

Discuss the game here!  While we’re at it, Go Reds (and Brewers and Padres)!

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  1. Mwv

    But Chris.. I expect plenty of bunting in every game!

  2. prjeter

    Choo (8), Frazier (5), Votto (3), Phillips (4), Bruce (9), Ludwick (7), Mesoraco (2), Cozart (6), Cingrani (1)

  3. Larry1980

    Is school back in Cinncinnatti? Only 20,000 for last nights game.

  4. Krenchicki

    Did Cingrani face the D-Backs when they played in AZ?

  5. Larry1980

    The only issue I have with Cingrani has been his pitch count. Other than that he has been great.

  6. Baseclogger

    I’m relatively happy with Baker’s strategy today. But it’s still early.

  7. laus Deo

    Such a great day for a Reds win!!! Go Reds!

  8. Shchi Cossack

    Now that’s pitch efficiency. You go Tony and take the Reds along with you.

  9. Shchi Cossack

    Three popups that never got out of the IF. You go Tony and take the Reds along with you.

  10. Baseclogger

    Swing at the first pitch, then become super selective with two strikes. And it begins….

  11. Baseclogger

    Couldn’t even type a sentence before the next out. And it continues….

  12. jas_428

    The crowd is so disappointing. It is hard to believe.

    • RedTitan19

      @jas_428: I got an email today from Reds ticketing for 50% off tickets for tonight and tomorrow. I guess you aren’t the only one disappointed.

  13. RedTitan19

    Why didn’t the Reds get a chance to bat in the bottom of the first? Did they forfeit their inning?

  14. Hunt4RedsOctober

    One or Two runs might win this game.

  15. sportyball

    Corbin has had a great year. Maybe the Red’s big, powerful right-handed hitter can do something… oh… wait…

  16. Baseclogger

    Well, I said I was happy with Baker so far, but now that I think about it, why not Heisey in center? Choo has a nagging injury and doesn’t hit lefties well. Good chance for a day off.

  17. al

    wow. this game is starting out 100% as billed. none of these hitters have looked like they’ve had a chance so far.

  18. Baseclogger

    I predict Cingrani will someday throw a 140-pitch perfect game.

  19. Baseclogger

    Two of the first four batters swing at the first pitch and take strike three. This is just insanity.

    • al

      @Baseclogger: I don’t think it’s just approach at the plate. Those third strikes were devastating, and the first pitches were fastballs. Just hitters trying to hit what they think they can hit.

      • Baseclogger

        @al: Exactly. If it isn’t the pitch they want, they let it go. With no strikes that a good idea. With two strikes it’s bad fundamental baseball. If it’s a strike you can at least make some contact and give yourself a chance.

      • al

        @Baseclogger: I just think you’re thinking about it backwards. If the first pitch is a fastball middle in at the belt, they’re going to try to hit it, because that’s a pitch that you can usually hit.

        If strike three is a pitch that starts right at your chest, you usually take that. If it breaks over the plate, you tip your cap.

  20. RedTitan19

    Well at least they are making him work out there. Very patient approaches.

  21. Baseclogger

    Bruce swings at ball four. So at least they’re mixing it up.

  22. Baseclogger

    5 of the first 6 swing at the first pitch. How’s that working out?

    • al

      @Baseclogger: Depends on what you’re trying to do. If you’re trying to get the starter out of the game, it’s not good. But so far the first pitch fastball has usually been the best pitch to hit.

      • Baseclogger

        @al: How do you know? Frazier and Ludwick didn’t even see a second pitch.

      • abox03

        @Baseclogger: by that logic should they always take a first pitch fastball ?? How many pitches should be taken before being allowed to swing at a strike (as Corbin’s first pitches have been)? It’s a tough pitcher that gets tougher when ahead so taking the first pitch against Corbin isn’t advised if it looks good.

  23. Sergeant2

    Are y’all saying the Reds hitters swing at the first pitch more than any other team, really? I sit in the dugout for every game and I had never noticed. (Guess who said that originally and win the internet). Go Reds!

  24. Baseclogger

    Sometimes the second pitch is more hittable than the first. Go figure.

  25. al

    That may have been one time i would have bunted. Cingrani could have gotten Mesoraco in with a ground out if Cozart had gotten him to third.

    • vicferrari

      it was the right strategy to let Cozart hit, did not work out

  26. Sergeant2

    That was a good at bat. Too bad it was a snake that had that good at bat.

  27. topher9595

    Cingrani’s pick off move is much like Andy Pettite’s was.

  28. jas_428

    I don’t like the defense on that play.

  29. bhrubin1

    TOOTBLAN by the other team for a change.

  30. laus Deo

    Hope he comes back soon. Next man up! Go Reds!

  31. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Holy Crap…That would be a major blow.

  32. ToledoRedsFan

    Going to the pen in the fourth. Spiffy.

    Hope Kid Furious is OK.

  33. al

    well, this is about the worst case scenario.

  34. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Cingrani leaves with some kind of injury. looked like maybe something with his back?

  35. LittleMann

    This doesn’t look good. Worry train is leaving the station. All Aboard!

  36. Big Ed

    Simon may get a spot start. He’s been going longer than the other relievers, and has pitches other than a fastball.

  37. George Culver

    If Cingrani goes down this could spell disaster.

  38. Hunt4RedsOctober

    The Reds don’t really have another starter they can bring up. Jocketty needs to start working the phones.

  39. RC

    Before he threw his first pitch this inning, did anybody see him make an odd little twitchy move, like he was trying to loosen something up. Or was it just me?

  40. RC

    Daisuke just got released tonight…


  41. George Culver

    Simon didn’t get enough warmup pitches to throw strikes and gets bailed out. I’ll take it.

    • George Culver

      @Steve Mancuso: One of the reasons to favor the DH. Pitchers got no business doing anything but pitching. Too valuable to lose to any other activity.

    • wildwestLV

      @Steve Mancuso: This is why I like Cueto’s approach at the plate: close eyes and hope for the best, oh wait, he’s on the DL too.

  42. RedTitan19

    Fear not! We still have Pedro Villareal!

  43. George Culver

    Frazier looks to be about to lose those britches running the bases.

  44. George Culver

    Might have been a good night to give our LH hitters the night off.

  45. Hunt4RedsOctober

    This would have been a good game to rest Bruce. Jay has no clue against Corbin.

  46. George Culver

    The thought of using Greg Reynolds against the Cards is sickening.

    • Davis Stuns Goliath

      @George Culver:

      Wouldn’t necessarily have to happen.

      8/21 Leake
      8/22 Latos
      8/23 Homer
      8/24 Bronson
      8/25 Reynolds
      8/26 Leake
      8/27 Latos
      8/28 Homer
      8/30 Bronson
      8/31 Leake
      9/1 Reynolds
      9/2 Latos (Cards)
      9/3 Homer (Cards)
      9/4 Bronson (Cards)
      9/5 Cingrani or Leake (Cards)

      Rosters expanding on 9/1 would keep the normal bullpen arms from having to do mop-up work if Reynolds gets rocked that day.

      Still, hopefully it’s nothing a good chiropractor can’t fix!

  47. bhrubin1

    What about Lecure? He’s started before. I’d trust him over Simon, and moving somebody from the pen might be better than bringing someone up, especially if Marshall’s coming back, somebody’s got to go anyway.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @bhrubin1: I’m there. Sam has the necessary make-up to do the job in a pinch. Would take a little while to stretch him to 5 innings but I’d do it. Totally trust the guy

  48. al

    Letting Simon get a start if Cingrani can’t go probably wouldn’t be the worst thing.

    He wouldn’t be able to go that deep, but he’s got a starter’s repertoire.

  49. wildwestLV

    C’mon Reds O: Win this one for Tony!

  50. musicclown

    Reynolds pitched a complete game win in Rochester today against the first play Red Wings. He’s our best option. He looked very good.

  51. Sergeant2

    Its bad enough that Cingrani had to leave the game with a lower back strain, now we have to worry about Cingrani being under the care of the Reds Marx Bros. medical staff.

  52. al

    Mesoraco is taking by far the best swings against Corbin. Which really shouldn’t be a surprise since he still has the highest OPS against lefties on the team.

  53. George Culver

    Good strategy. Make the opposing pitcher run the bases. Maybe he’ll hurt humself too.

  54. ToddAlmighty

    Haha, I logged on specifically to post this.. they were talking about how that guy won a World Series in 4 years of managing and has never got another shot managing and there’s other guys in the league who have had “three or four tries and haven’t won anything!”… tell me I am not the only one who immediately thought of the fact that Dusty Baker is working on his 20th year as a manager, spanning three teams, and he’s managed to win all of 1 Pennant and 0 World Series.

    20 years with 1 Pennant, including 10 years with BARRY BONDS in his 4 time MVP, constantly over 1.000 OPS roided prime.

    • Mutaman

      Haha, I logged on specifically to post this.. they were talking about how that guy won a World Series in 4 years of managing and has never got another shot managing and there’s other guys in the league who have had “three or four tries and haven’t won anything!”… tell me I am not the only one who immediately thought of the fact that Dusty Baker is working on his 20th year as a manager, spanning three teams, and he’s managed to win all of 1 Pennant and 0 World Series.

      20 years with 1 Pennant, including 10 years with BARRY BONDS in his 4 time MVP, constantly over 1.000 OPS roided prime.

      Think Davey Johnson is a good manager. I do. But for Buckner, how many ws would he have won? And thats with far superior teams than Baker ever managed.

  55. wildwestLV

    Think Dusty isn’t using LeCure b/c he’ll be making Cingrani’s next start?

    • Y-City Jim

      @wildwestLV: They need to make a tough decision if Cingrani is going to be out for any length of time. That tough decision would be to seriously think of moving Chapman into that starter role. It was injuries that put him in the role as closer so the same criteria needs to be considered if their is a need in the rotation.

    • bhrubin1

      @wildwestLV: I was trying to figure out what this comment was about as that ball was hit in the air, and then I knew before it came down. Guess my feed is on a delay. I better sign off before any more spoilers.

  56. al

    nice catch by bruce to save a run. Pinch hitter and then the top of the order. This should be the inning to get this guy.

    • wildwestLV

      @al: Ahahahahahah! NOT when that pinch hitter is Cesar Izturis.

  57. RC

    Every time I see Bruce make a catch like that, I think “Don’t break your wrist!”…

  58. RC

    Izturis comes before Heisey alphabetically.

    No, wait…

  59. PRoseFutureHOFer

    Like seeing some fire from Choo there.

  60. tpteach

    I’m sick that he’s on our roster. Walt, remove him immediately. Who will replace him? Anyone else.

  61. wildwestLV

    D-Backs announcers don’t seem to think that pitch was ANYWHERE near Choo’s head. They’re comparing it to Manny Ramirez’s flop. Jerks.

  62. tpteach

    This is what freaks me out most about the playoffs: Reds can’t hit against a good pitcher. Get a team with 3 solids and we’re lucky to win one of those games.

    • wildwestLV

      @tpteach: Yeah, that was true in 2010. But they beat up on bad pitching (teams). This year, TOS can’t hit even bad pitchers, so, I don’t know what to make of them.

  63. Redgoggles

    Arizona’s season is on the ropes, they have their best pitcher pitching an awesome game with our starter leaving the game early…….and they are still only up 1-0. I would guess they are feeling a bit of pressure here too. Keep it at one, and let Heisey hit one out later to win it.

  64. tpteach

    Yes, the score is close. And obviously our pitching will give us the chance for a win. But I do not see our offense pulling out victories. Certainly no consistent boppers on our team.

  65. Matt WI

    Just got an ESPN alert about Cingrani. I swore. Wake up the bats and pick him up! Go Reds.

  66. George Culver

    BP was getting lax on the last play . Holding the ball till the last minute. A little too lax again with the throw. Not in the game tonight.

  67. wildwestLV

    Anybody catch the Brian Kenny/Mark Reynolds Votto debate today on MLB Network? After that at-bat, it’s a moot point.

  68. George Culver

    Our LH hitters act as if they have never seen a breaking pitch from a LH pitcher. I realize Corbin has a good one but c’mon, freezing?

  69. wildwestLV

    Bruce will need therapy after tonight.

  70. preach

    Ok, been listening to some of the game but just tuning into the TV broadcast. I hope this isn’t another Milton tonight.

  71. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Why does someone tell Jay Bruce to not swing at anything that breaks. if he gets called out on strikes, so be it.

  72. tpteach

    Best chance of the game, right here.

  73. George Culver

    First pitch in his eyes? really Mez? You had no chance. Of course, if any LH hutter could have made contact that inning as well?

  74. tpteach

    Best chance is fading fast. Yet another 2013 Reds Unproductive Out.

  75. BearcatNation

    That at bat from Mez was just wrong. No reason to be popping out on the first pitch. He is a great player, but he still has a lot to learn.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @BearcatNation: First, Homer’s an ace and now Mes is a “great” player. Gotta love that hometown cooking!

  76. tpteach

    Arizona inning beginning like the Reds last inning (K, single, single). Will it end the same?

  77. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Hate to say, but the Cards are a totally different team with Molina behind the plate.

  78. George Culver

    When Sam can’t find the plate, Sam’s gassed. Who’s coming in?

    • preach

      @George Culver: I actually disagree. Corbin’s hit was a little flair, he got the groundball he was trying for, it was just in the wrong spot. Offspeed pitch is playing mind games with the D-backs. I’d stick with Sam.

  79. vared

    I would bring in the guy most likely to get a big strikeout……

  80. RedTitan19

    Does it even matter if he hits a grand slam? One run was plenty anyways.

    • tpteach

      Does it even matter if he hits a grand slam?One run was plenty anyways.

      Wow. Prescient.

  81. preach

    Anyone else notice how much larger Hoover’s throwing arm is compared to his other one?

  82. George Culver

    There goes Hoover’s streak.

  83. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Well, so much for that.

    I had this one marked down as a loss anyway.

  84. BearcatNation

    Just threw up in my mouth a little bit. That was some fat pitch.

    See you tomorrow boys at the ole ballyard.

  85. RedTitan19

    There goes the scoreless streak for Hoover. A real “clutch” hitter there. Amazing Player.

  86. wildwestLV

    Ah well. 1 run. 2, 3, 4, 5. With TOS: who cares?!?

  87. CP

    Paul Goldschmidt is good. No shame in that.

  88. George Culver

    Don’t understand why Hoover had to put it right down the middle? Why not a corner? Rather would have walked him than a pitch on a tee.

      • hoodlum

        @George Culver: I suspect he wasn’t aiming for the middle…

        not to mention that the ump didnt like the sinker. not much you can do with that count and situation. obviously the worst possible outcome, but —- happens.

  89. RedTitan19

    At least the Brewers took the lead on the Cards….

  90. Sergeant2

    At least the Brewers are leading Cards 4-3 bot 4th 2 on no outs.

  91. Big Ed

    Loretta Lynn has imploded for the WLBs.

  92. FWIW567

    Eh, it’s not the end of the world. Better team won tonight. That’s all.

  93. George Culver

    Hmmmmm. would have been a good night to give a LH OF a night off for Heisey?

    • redskaph

      @George Culver: I’ve been thinking that for a while. Now that Ludwick is back, I’d play Heisey and him vs. lefties and bench Choo – who can’t him them at all – and now and then Bruce.

  94. brandon11

    Just shows Dusty’s brilliance for not starting him over Bruce tonight and getting Jay some rest against one of the nastiest lefty’s in the league.

    • Mutaman

      Just shows Dusty’s brilliance for not starting him over Bruce tonight and getting Jay some rest against one of the nastiest lefty’s in the league.

      Why did’n you tell us that before the game?

  95. jas_428

    Good strategy to keep the hot batter on the bench the last two nights. Second homer vs Corbin. Four of five vs Delgado.

  96. Sergeant2

    20,092 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 20,092. 24,392 when you count the Kid Glove complementary tickets.

  97. ToddAlmighty

    I still demand that one of the “Negatives” of the recap be that Cesar Izturis was the first pinch hitter used off the bench, and he was asked to lead off an inning at that.

    What could even be the excuse for that? Might as well leave in the pitcher in that case.

    • wildwestLV

      @ToddAlmighty: Heisey? But really, Joe Schlub in seat 334 B would be a better option than Cesar Izturis. Is it Dusty’s fault that Walt gave him this bench? No, but, somone tonight pointed out that “H” comes before “I”. Tonight wasn’t all Baker. But it he didn’t help, either.

  98. FWIW567

    Yes, of course it’s Dusty’s fault. And I’m sure there’d be no second guessing after we lost the game with Bruce sitting on the bench.

    • George Culver

      @FWIW567: Would you say that Dusty put this team in it’s best position to win tonight with this lineup against this pitcher?

      • FWIW567

        @George Culver: Yes, absolutely. I thought the lineup was solid. Bruce will be facing tough lefties in the playoffs. I’d still take my chances with the All-Star over Heisey, a marginal starter, just because he bats right handed. Isn’t that one of the reasons why Dusty gets criticized, for going by the book?

      • redskaph

        @FWIW567: Can’t argue much with playing Bruce, but I would’ve started him in place of Choo at leadoff. May not have mattered of course, but I think it would’ve been the team’s best chane at scoring more than 2 runs.

  99. jas_428

    Corbin is solid and deserves credit. Goldschmidt was clutch too. Just not the Reds night.

  100. brandon11


    I wasn’t on here before the game. Do you defend Dusty from the cruel second guessers?

  101. George Culver

    Keep throwing the curve to Bruce and He might make contact. But not solid.

  102. DK in Erie Pa

    What is the starting pitcher still doing on the mound? I checked and double-checked my wrist bands and they specifically state that if you are winning by 3 runs in the ninth, you bring in your closer. Dusty in Cin

  103. Y-City Jim

    Well, that made for an ugly night.

  104. George Culver

    Corbin is an outstanding pitcher. Especially against LH hitters, who probably should not be in the line up against him.

    Good night Nation. Sleep well and dream of deep home runs.

  105. Sergeant2

    First of all hopefully Cingrani will not have to miss too many starts. Secondly if the Reds end up winning 3 of 4 this game will be quickly forgotten. Back on the winning track tomorrow for the Redlegs. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  106. wildwestLV

    Corbin was awesome. Yes? Okay. Lesson learned: If this team doesn’t win the division, and has to play a one-game/play-in, they will face some team’s A-C-E. When does this offense’s streak begin? For real? When?

  107. Baseclogger

    Seems like someone suggested at the beginning of the game that this would have been a good day to have Heisey start in center. Maybe the Reds should be paying attention to that guy — he seems to know what he’s talking about.