2013 Reds

The Reds are the team to beat

In case you missed it, our buddy Dave Schoenfield over at the SweetSpot has declared the Reds to be the team to beat in the NL Central. Did anyone expect to see a piece like that two weeks ago?

Go read it, then go back to read Steve’s great series preview, if you missed that. Still much to play for, Reds fans.

4 thoughts on “The Reds are the team to beat

  1. To me, this series will be a good indicator where the Reds are at. Let’s face it we having been beating up the likes of the Cubs and Brewers all year. If we take 3 of 4 against the D-Backs, I’m a buyer.

  2. Read some comments of the posters and thought it was funny several Cardinals fans complained of Matheny

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