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Game Thread: Diamondbacks at Reds (2013.08.19)

The Reds kick off a pretty important series tonight with the Diamondbacks at home at Great American Ballpark.  This is not a make or break series by any means but it is still important. The Diamondbacks are next in line to overtake the Reds for the final wild card spot in the National League, but sit 5 games behind the Redlegs for that spot.  A series win by the Reds would put the D-backs 6 or more games back.  However, if the Reds lose the series or get swept, the D-backs could climb to within a game of the Reds when this series concludes.  That is why it is pretty important for the Reds to at least manage a split.

But at this point, the Reds should not be eyeing splits of series to keep Arizona back.  They should be targeting the division and catching both the Pirates and Cardinals.  A win tonight prevents the club from losing ground.  The Reds finally combined a good pitching performance with solid hitting yesterday and hopefully that will set them up for another good game tonight.  Discuss the game here fellow Reds fans!

284 thoughts on “Game Thread: Diamondbacks at Reds (2013.08.19)

  1. You have to admit, the Reds run the bases like little league tykes. cept it ain’t cute. But hey, why be negative on a night when the Reds lumber has awoken from its slumber. Go Reds!!!

  2. Ever been on the kiss cam? I have. All of your acquaintances who were also at the game tell you they saw you for days after. Interesting to know who else you knew was at the game when you were.

    • @Steve Mancuso: In a line-up of free swingers, you have to love that. In my dreams, we keep Choo, find a great CF’er who has a cannon and range, and we have the BEST defensive outfield in the galaxy.

  3. Go get your glove Delgado … you’ve got some more grapefruits to serve up.

  4. Anyone else surprised that Delgado hits here? I am. High pitch count. Of course, extras last night kills.

    Advantage Redlegs.

  5. Just curious since I cannot see the game, anyone warm-up for the D’backs last inning? Delgado might have to take one for the team. Need more AB like Choo to wear him out, would be great if they can go after a worn out bullpen

  6. Arroyo is dealing. I don’t pull him yet but I have standing instructions to get someone up pronto if anyone gets on.

  7. I was impressed with how Todd kept the bat close to the body so the fat part would hit the ball. Good swinging there. Usually Todd just throws his bat at it.

  8. I just don’t understand why anyone would throw a fastball over the plate to Frazier. Even 3-0, I’m not sure I’m throwing him a fastball over the plate.

  9. I want foot on the throat: remember D-Backs & Rats went 16 yesterday.

    • @wildwestLV:
      I look at each reliever the Dback use as an advantage for the next 3 games, let’s hope the Reds chase him next inning.

  10. Get some production from Frazier & Cozart and the offense looks a lot better.

  11. Getting back in the box after getting your head buzzed by a 90 mph pitch is what separates the big leaguers from everybody else.

  12. Ugly swing … need a 6-pitch AB minimum to push Delgado to 100.

  13. Can’t seem to get any productivity from the lefties. Did not see that one coming.

  14. Hit Aaron Hill for going deep. Don’t be leaning out over the plate.

  15. Arroyo got the ball up to Prado and even though fooled if the ball wasn’t up he wouldn’t have been able to get to it.

    This would be his last batter.

    • @vicferrari:
      I will give this one to Dusty, he does some curious things but he often shows faith in his players, admire that, tough call but I guess makes it easier not having guys warmed up

  16. Arroyo is scary when he doesn’t keep it down. Big sigh of relief. In my world he’s done for the night.

  17. Good job limiting the damage. Now, let’s get more runs.

  18. How long is Gibby going to leave Delgado in there … not that I’m complaining

    • @msanmoore:
      I am, the Reds left him off the hook, tip of the cap to him because he battled and took one for the team and he kept them in the game.
      It would be a big advantage tagging up their bullpen tonight, but worse could happen if the Reds only get 2 innings out of the Dbacks bullpen

  19. Bronson could have looked that bad while striking out. Hanahan you swing like a pitcher. (Respects to Mike Leake.)

    In fact, Leake might have been the better choice there.

  20. Is our offense finished for the night? If so, I don’t think it ‘s enough.

  21. Manny Parra has become Must See TV for me. And I’m not sure if that’s in a good way, yet.

  22. Nicely done Manny Parra!! Way to knuckle down and hold the Snakes.

    • @George Culver: was just logging in to say the exact same thing! We’re gonna miss Bryan Price next year when he becomes manager of the Cubs.

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