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Game Thread: Diamondbacks at Reds (2013.08.19)

The Reds kick off a pretty important series tonight with the Diamondbacks at home at Great American Ballpark.  This is not a make or break series by any means but it is still important. The Diamondbacks are next in line to overtake the Reds for the final wild card spot in the National League, but sit 5 games behind the Redlegs for that spot.  A series win by the Reds would put the D-backs 6 or more games back.  However, if the Reds lose the series or get swept, the D-backs could climb to within a game of the Reds when this series concludes.  That is why it is pretty important for the Reds to at least manage a split.

But at this point, the Reds should not be eyeing splits of series to keep Arizona back.  They should be targeting the division and catching both the Pirates and Cardinals.  A win tonight prevents the club from losing ground.  The Reds finally combined a good pitching performance with solid hitting yesterday and hopefully that will set them up for another good game tonight.  Discuss the game here fellow Reds fans!

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  1. Not to rain on the Parra Parade, but the other Parra hit the ball right on the screws and I’m not so sure Eaton was out. It was a lucky job that works out for us but not what I’d call impressive by any means.

  2. I love choo, but if you’re a left-handed pitcher, and Choo gets a hit off you, you’re probably not very good at pitching. Just sayin.

  3. Frazier’s batter’s stance is right out of this computer game I had on my Commodore 64, in the mid ’80s: “Hardbal”l. Great game.

    • @msanmoore: Why? It was called correctly. He swung at a pitch that was so bad that it hit him. There is no argument. Like there was no argument on the ball he tried to showboat away from Choo the other night. He loves watching himself on Web Gems so he knows replays exist so why embarrass yourself further by arguing?

  4. Pittsburgh losing to Washington by 11 after two. Different sport, but nice to see.

  5. I’m sorry. Swinging at a ball that hits you is embarrasing. You should not be smiling and laughing about that

  6. This is THE important inning. Get through this unscathed and Reds have a really good shot.

      • @prjeter: That has to give because there is going to be at least one spot in the rotation open if Arroyo doesn’t resign. and you have to wonder about Johnny Cueto’s future as a starter. I also have to believe Bryan Price is going to push the issue. Having two LH power pitchers in the rotation are the surest way to start dominating the Cardinals and a lot of other teams.

  7. I realize Hoover isn’t allowed to pitch in the 9th because Baker didn’t label him “Closer” a few months ago, but does anyone believe we’d lose this game if Hoover finished it? I sure don’t. I just wish it were possible to do the thing that would maximize our chances of winning a game, just once in a while.

      • @vicferrari: But which edition? The first edition said nothing about “closers,” and the most recent edition says they’re sometimes allowed to go more than one inning.

  8. IMO Hoover’s job was even more valuable than Chapman in the upcoming 9th by getting thru the heart of the D-bax lineup. Now Chappy comes in to face the bottom of the order and gets the stat. Credit undue.

  9. At least Chappy faces the bottom. Remember when we used to complain about that? Now that’s about as far as I trust him. Of course, with the pitcher manufacturing the power, any part of the lineup is dangerous.

  10. I think the JJ Hoover for Juan Francisco trade has worked out pretty well for the Reds.

    • @Greenie55: especially considering we could have had him back for free a couple months ago. So essentially Hoover was a freebie. Thanks Atlanta!

  11. First Chappy doesn’t get any work … and he’s rusty.

    Then Chappy pitches 5 of 6 games … now he struggles.

    And as I type, the slickest DP we’ve seen in forever.

  12. That’s ONE … need at least one of those ahead of us to lose tonight. Brewers down 4-2 at the moment.

  13. Seems like Mesoraco calls for more sliders than Hanigan does (not hat I have the numbers to prove that)

  14. Step one complete in the Reds quest to sweep the Arizona Gibson’s. Lets get em again tomorrow fellers. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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