2013 Reds / Titanic Struggle Recap

Titanic Struggle Recap: Not exactly a struggle, actually

Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 9
Milwaukee 1

W: H. Bailey (8-10)
L: W. Peralta (8-13)

–Homer Bailey was very good, allowing just one run on three hits over eight innings. Bailey struck out eight and walked just one. Good stuff.

–Shin-Soo Choo reached base five times, going 2-2 with three walks. That, my friends, is what a leadoff hitter looks like.

–Ryan Hanigan drove in three runs and scored two in a 2-5 day. Chris Heisey was 2-5 with two runs scored and an RBI. Brandon Phillips drove in two. Joey Votto and Jack Hannahan each singled and walked twice.

–The Reds batted around in the second inning, scoring five runs. Then, in the fifth inning, the Reds sent ten men to the plate, scoring four more.

–There is not a single, legitimate, defensible reason for Dusty Baker writing in the name “Cesar Izturis” in the second spot on the lineup card.

–After the ugliness we saw over the last couple of days, today’s win felt particularly important. It meant that Cincinnati would return home with a 5-2 record on this road trip, and I’ll take that every time.

–TOIA. This offense is awesome. Well, maybe not, given the fact that all ten Cincinnati hits were singles. Still…

–All eight of the Reds starters had at least one hit today, other than Izturis. Izzy did get an RBI on a bases-loaded walk, however.

–The Reds return home tomorrow to start a big four-game series with Arizona. Bronson Arroyo will make the start.

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  1. And on top of that, Pittsburgh is in the 16th inning with Arizona, which bodes very well for the Reds. I recall what a few long extra-innings games have done to the Pirates the last few years; while it also depletes the D-Backs bullpen.

  2. Also like that Putz had to pitch today for D-Backs … their bullpen is coming in pretty well worked.

  3. Doomsday is coming for the Cards.

    After their series against the Brewers, the Cards play a stretch where they play the Reds 7 times, the Pirates 6 times, and the Braves 4 times.

    If the Cards are going to establish themselves as the team to beat, this would be their chance to bury the Reds and Pirates.

    However, what I hope happens is the grind gets to them and they completely collapse during that stretch, going something like 5-12.

    It all starts August 22. Should be fun to watch.

    • @CI3J: I agree that these are big games but with a month left I don’t know you can bury anybody. The reds have made up 4.5 games in about a week so while a 16-1 record would damper things I think it’s much more likely this comes down to the last weekend. Pirates at Reds.

    • @CI3J: I was looking at that stretch for the Cardinals as well, and my first thought was that they don’t have the pitching to hold up through it. ……….. The flip side is that if they survive that run, then from Sept. 10 to the end of the season, the only tough opponent they have is 4 games at Colorado. And while the Reds are closing with series at Pittsburgh and home against the Mets and Pittsburgh, the Cards are at Milwaukee and home for Washington and the Cubs.

  4. I hope Dusty would give JV one off day before the cardnials series next week.

  5. I’m really hoping we can get to Delgado in the first 3-5 innings tomorrow for some extended at bats and a few runs. He’s only gone past six in three of his past ten starts – with two of those going 7 and one complete game. The D-Backs bullpen has to be very tired coming in, with:

    Bell threw 2 innings today and 1 on Saturday – I’m guessing he’s only available Monday in emergency
    Collmenter threw 2-1/3 today – probably available but they’d like to give him a day or two
    Ziegler threw 2 today – ditto Collmenter
    Putz threw 1 today, 1 on Saturday, 1/3 on Friday – 3 days in a row – like Bell probably only available in emergency
    De La Rosa 2/3 today, 1 on Saturday, 2/3 on Friday – Ditto Putz
    Thatcher has thrown the past two in a row, albeit only 5 pitches today and 6 on Saturday
    Harris didn’t throw today, so he’s likely the first guy they’ll call on but he did throw 2/3 on Saturday and 1 on Friday

    I guess they may dip into the minors to bring someone up, but the guys easiest to send down are the few that are available, so they may be short a bat for the series?

  6. I felt how important this game was, so I put on my magic #44 Eric the Red jersey (you’ll recall it from the division clincher last season). You can all thank me later.

  7. Great outing Mr. Bailey!!

    Looks like we might have found a lineup. What do you guys think?

  8. Fun game. Finally got to see them win live in Miller Park. I’d been on an off streak. Good day for the kids, and a shout-out to the kind Brewers fan that grabbed a ball Aoki threw into the stand in our section between innings and gave it to my daughter. People got a kick out me in my Votto shirt and Reds hat and my 5 yr old daughter in a Brewers shirt. Already rebelling against me… I’m done for come the teen years.

  9. There is not a single, legitimate, defensible reason for Dusty Baker writing in the name “Cesar Izturis” in the second spot on the lineup card.

    You are 100% correct. I’ve defended Dusty many times on this board but there is no other Manager in baseball who bat Izturis 2nd. Flat-out wrong. We’re in a pennant race and you give one of our worst hitters an opportunity to bat more than Votto, Phillips or Bruce? I know we won big but this is inexcusable.

  10. “There is a legitimate reason, he’s the SS. According to ancient old rules, SS’s bat second. Why you all keep questioning my lineups!? You want to be the manager!?” -Dusty Baker.

    How dare you question the almighty manager! In all seriousness, good win today 😀

  11. Good game today! Nicely pitched game by Homer Bailey and some timely hitting with men on base. Great way to end a road trip, come home for some GABP magic. 🙂

  12. The D-backs can’t be happy about rolling into town so depleted. This is a golden opportunity to kick them while they’re down.

    The thing that gives me hope more than anything is that 3/5 of our rotation (Latos/Bailey/Arroyo) is made up of guys who are historically good 2nd half pitchers. Like I said 2 months ago, we’re the team to beat because we have the pitching.

  13. Since the August 7th game against Oakland when Frazier started hitting in the #2 hole, Frazier has an OBP of .341 and an OPS of .799. That will play form any team in either league, especially the Reds. Dusty chose to sit Frazier today and substitutes Hannahan at 3B against a RHP with a tough slider. I can understand that decision and I think that was a valid decision. Hannahan is not hitting good (actually very poor) this season, but he has maintained a reasonable, if below average, OBP of .318.

    Substituting Izturis (.182/.237/.218) for Cozart (.238/.270/.364) at SS was also a reasonable decision since Cozart must sit occasionally and Izturis must play occasionally. Then this…

    –There is not a single, legitimate, defensible reason for Dusty Baker writing in the name “Cesar Izturis” in the second spot on the lineup card.

    Substituting a .237 OBP into the #2 hole replacing a .341 OBP rather than substituting a .318 OBP into the #2 hole is sheer lunacy. How did this work out:

    Izturis=> 0-3 with 1 BB, 1 SO & 1 GIDP for a .250 OBP
    Hannahan=> 1-3 with 2 BB & 2 SO for a .600 OBP

    The BB for Izturis was accomplished despite his best affort to avoid the BB by swinging at the 1st pitch far off the plate and taking the 4th pitch that should have been called a strike. Izturis also had a sac bunt that should have been another GIDP except for the poor defense by the Brew Crew. This arrangement resulted in the Brew Crew pitching around Choo on 3 occasions and taking the bat out of Choo’s hands.

    • @Shchi Cossack: But other than allowing the opposition to pitch around one of our best hitters, not getting guys on base for our best hitter, assuring our worst hitter would have the second most at-bats, and killing a couple potential rallies, what harm did it do?

      • @Baseclogger: The Reds won 9-1, trail the Bucos by 3 games and trail the Birds by 1.5 games. It was sheer managerial genius. 😕 🙄

        • @Shchi Cossack: I’m pretty sure that would be Baker’s response if someone bothered to ask him why the worst hitter in the majors was hitting second. Or maybe he’d just say “man, I’m tired of people asking about my lineups. You want to manage?”

  14. The Reds’ bullpen is completely rested with everyone, except possibly Simon, available. Randall Delgado has given up five home runs with a 5.50 ERA in three August starts, one good outing and two poor outings. The Snakes completed a 16 inning marathon today and their bullpen is gassed. The Reds need to get after the RHP early and often to really stess the Snakes bullpen for the series.

    It will be fun to get a look at Goldschmidt, Hill & Eaton opposite Votto, Choo & Phillips at GABP.

  15. Generally good day in the Redleg Nation. 5-2 on any road trip is a happy number, especially when we pick one up on the 1st place team. As others have said, the Snakepit Bullpen has to be running on fumes.

    See you all here tomorrow.

    • @msanmoore: I’ve gotta say, it’s not every day you see a Reds fan who’s also a ‘Cuse fan. You and I have that in common. I’m from Central NY so my allegiance to Syracuse is local but my allegiance to the Reds is since I was 7 years old, watching the underdogs sweep the mighty A’s. It’s been a love affair ever since.

  16. Today was good no doubt. And yes the Arizona bullpen is tired but heres my fear… how often does this lineup pile on runs???? If they decide tomorrow to only score 1 or 2 runs then we better hope Arizona doesnt score 3 off Arroyo early or they may not need their pen. As for STL, I dont care how tough their next few series are they will find a way to win. I hate to be a glass half empty guy but Im looking at trends. But I hope for the best!

  17. Monday night and for the next three nights afterwards, it ceases being about the abstract numbers and scenarios and all gets very real.

    A split would serve the Reds well, 3 of 4 or a sweep would come close to ending the race for the final WC spot. Three losses would hurt but the only real disaster would be to get swept. Then the Brewers show up at GABP for the weekend.

    The Pirates have to go to left coast and play seven without a day off to acclimate but the opposition is possibly soft. The Birds get the Brewers for three but then have to face to Bravo’s for 4.

    Hopefully the Reds are going to be even with or ahead of the Birds and closer to Pirates than they are now when the Reds an Birds square off a week from Monday in StL.

  18. No mention in the Negative column for Jeff Brantley and the sheer stupidity of him asking if the sabermetric types would prefer a walk or a double out of Votto in bases loaded situation?

    If announcers still don’t get that a walk is a good thing in any situation compared to swinging at balls out of the zone, how can we expect a manager to think that putting an OBP blackhole in the second spot is a bad thing?

    • @Mwv: ARRRRRRRRRRRGH ❗ ❗ ❗

      Blasted talking heads. Why can’t they keep their attention on the big market outlets that pay their salaries and stay out of our business? They should have enough to keep them busy with the Nats and their annointed Nat darling from last season, Bryce Harper and the Dodgers and their annointed Dodger darling from this season, Yasiel Puig. I’m sorry their beloved Birds from St. Louis have struggled and they are looking for another band wagon, but please stay out of Zinzinnati. We may fight and bicker amongst ourselves, we may throw darts at our manager, but we know how good our beloved Reds are and we are there for our Reds without the blessing of some talking heads.

    • @Mwv:
      check out the cool picture of Cingrani in the article. I thought your foot had to maintain contact with the rubber??? OOOPPPS

  19. There is not a single, legitimate, defensible reason for Dusty Baker writing in the name “Cesar Izturis” in the second spot on the lineup card.

    Fixed this for you.

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