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Game Thread: Reds at Brewers (2013.08.18)

After winning the first 4 games of this road trip, the Reds have dropped the last 2.  Today’s game wraps up this 7-game trip before the Reds head home for 7.  While the last two games have definitely been a disappointment, a win today would still wrap up a 5-2 trip and be what most of us would have taken when it started.  A loss today however will leave a very disappointing taste in the mouths of Reds fans.

I normally say it is up to the starting pitcher to go out and get the job done.  But that is not the case.  The pitching has been good enough to win games this month and last night’s game was case in point.  So Homer Bailey, you just do what has been done by the starters this month.  It is you, OFFENSE, that needs to get it in gear.

Discuss the game here.  I have a feeling you’ll be discussing a lot of Reds runs and a fine pitching performance by Bailey today.  At least I hope.

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  1. You know you’ve lost all control when you walk Cesar Izturis with the bases loaded.

  2. Is Dusty growing a goatee? If so, wouldn’t that make him his own evil twin? If so, maybe this is a good thing. Maybe “evil dusty” would throw someone in the two hold with an OBP over .300 and would use chapman in the eighth ever so often.

  3. Man, I’m going to miss Choo. On base 4 times in 5 innings. 1-1 with 3 BBs.

    The Brewers giving Izturis a Barry Bonds-level of respect. Walking in a run with the bases loaded to pitch to Votto so they don’t have to give up career HR #18 to Cesar.

  4. Calling my shot now! Phillips will swing at the first pitch after the guy walked three straight.

  5. Attn. Bud Selig, Any team that walks Cesar Izturis to walk in a run should be contracted.

  6. Leave it to BP to swing at the first pitch after consecutive bases loaded walks. If I’m managing, he’s out of the game right now.

  7. The radio broadcast booth is being idiotic (again).

    Brantley asks: Sabermetrically, with bases loaded, would you prefer a double or a walk?

    Marty: (chuckling) Well, I’d prefer a double.

    Brantley: Me too. I just wasn’t sure.

    It’s one thing to be old-fashioned. It’s another thing to lack an understanding of the new thinking. It’s an altogether another thing to actually make fun of the new thinking without knowing what you’re talking about.

    Those guys should go back to making fun of Facebook and Twitter.

    By the way, would they have preferred Votto swing at a pitch out of the strike zone or take a walk?

    • @Steve Mancuso: Agreed. I actually had some hope for Brantley last year. I could swear that even he was floating the idea of trying Hanigan in the 2 hole last year amid the Stubbs-Cozart abyss. But now he’s as deep into the mocking as Marty. … Maybe just doing it to please Marty?

      • @vegastypo: It’s like they’re taking a shot at Votto, too. Votto always looking to walk, even with bases loaded. He’d rather walk than hit a double. It goes without saying that everyone prefers a double to a walk. The idea that Marty and Brantley would honestly not understand that exposes that they don’t have even the slightest idea what they’re discussing.

  8. You’d think a coach would tell Phillips: “Listen Brandon, he’s walked the last three guys, including walking in two runs. MAKE him throw you two called strikes before you lift the bat off your shoulder.”

        • @msanmoore: Agreed, he would do it if someone told him. That’s really my point, though. Nobody seems to do any coaching with respect to hitting. It’s just “do what you feel, and there are no consequences.”

        • @msanmoore: If I’m managing, I’m absolutely taking BP out of the game after that nonsense. You can tell him how much you love him, but you’ve got to draw a line somewhere. The team has to play smart — every inning of every game. Doesn’t matter what the score is or how good you’re feeling, you take at least one strike after watching three consecutive walks.

        • @msanmoore: Sorry, I misread your comment. I do think Brandon follows a direct order if he’s given one. He’s got an ego, but I don’t think it’s THAT big.

  9. For those keeping track at home, that’s 4 runs on 2 singles, 17 (or so) walks, and a wild pitch.

  10. Pirates poised for another walk off win. 2-2 going into the bottom of the 9th.

  11. Joe Thatcher (L) walks Pedro Alvarez (L) to start the bottom of the ninth.

  12. I’m at least somewhat encouraged to see the Giants scoring some runs these days. Pirates go to San Fran next?

  13. 2 down in the 9th in Pittsburgh courtesy of Heath Bell (pop-up and weak grounder)

  14. Is it just me or has the strike zone in this game been particularly horrible and inconsistent at times?

  15. Jack at least being selective at the plate today … good to see that out of a 2nd stringer.

  16. Bell puts him away … on to the 10th at PNC. Let’s hope for 10 more and a Snakes win!

  17. Welsh: “Brandon Phillips would be nowhere near 90 RBI had it not been for the on-base percentages of Choo and then Votto.” I guess I’ll give him some credit for noticing that fact, but what an odd way to say “it’s a good thing for people at the top of the order to reach base.”

    • @Baseclogger: And Homer would have had a perfect game if he hadn’t $%*#@ walked a guy … incredible command of the obvious there.

    • @Baseclogger:

      I’m pretty sure the implication there was that BP’s hitting wouldn’t normally drive in 90 RBIs with average OBPs in front of him, but with Votto and Choo, his numbers are a bit inflated.

  18. I just found out the score, and then I saw the lineup. What in the wide wide world of sports is going on around here. How the, what the… 9-1 Reds. I ain’t complaining mind ya.

    • @Sergeant2: Izturis is having a bad year, but other than that, the lineup is just fine. We need to face it: Hannahan is playing better ball than Frazier in the last month and a half, despite that one really bad game a week or so ago.

      • @renbutler: Good thing Dusty knew this game wasn’t going to end with a 3-2 loss with Izzy getting more ABs than Votto, Bruce, BP, etc. And let’s face it: Frazier has been the better player over the last two years and over the last week.

      • @renbutler: Jack Hannahan over the last 30: .150/.393/.150, 3 errors
        Todd Frazier over the last 30: .220/.311/.374, 0 errors (that I can recall, I might be wrong on that)

        Either way, I don’t agree at all that Hannahan has been playing better than Frazier. Over the last 30, Frazier actually has a higher OPS than Phillips even.

      • @renbutler: Izturis is also a career .253/.292/.320 “hitter”. He hasn’t had an OPS over .600 since 2009. He hasn’t had a OPS+ of at least 70 since 2004.

        I don’t think “not having a good year” is the right phrase to use there. That implies he’s had good years before.

  19. I continue feeling strangely confident about this game. I don’t sense Bailey is about to crack.

  20. DP by the Rats … nicely done. Now a quick 1-2-3 and we’ll keep that game rolling and wearing out the Snakes before they win it.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Great command today, that’s for sure. He’s getting a little tired, but the long innings that produce runs don’t always help that part of the game. He’s done incredibly well for having his rhythm broken that many times.

  21. As much as I like watching Homer pitch, I wouldn’t have him in this game now. Why push 120 pitches. Only Ondrusek pitched in the bullpen yesterday. Homer can’t get a complete game.

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