I have decided that today I do not care the process in which today’s Reds game plays out as long as at the end of 9 innings the team in red has more runs on the board than the team they are playing.

Mike Leake, you do a good enough job to keep Milwaukee’s runs as low as possible. Guys on offense, do enough to score at least 1 more run than the Brewers. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Fans of the team in red, discuss how things play out here and cheer for the Reds to have that one run more than Milwaukee!

440 Responses

  1. joelie1274

    Cards down 6-0 in the 7th vs the Cubs. I like how this Friday evening is starting out.

  2. HOF-13

    Looks like the Reds will have a chance to move ahead of the Cards. Go Reds!

  3. Mwv

    What happened to the Cards? They are getting pummeled by a team we cruised by.

    • Y-City Jim

      @Mwv: They lost the last series to them as well and that was in St. Louis.

  4. Shchi Cossack

    Looks like the Birds asked Westbrook to take one for the team today. Westbrook lasted 6.2 innings before leaving after 124 pitches and training 6-0. After Westbrook left the game, 2 wild pitches plated another run so the Cubbies are pounding the Birds 7-0 after 7 innings complete.

    The light glimmering on the horizon is the opening being granted for 2nd place tonight.

  5. Shchi Cossack

    Ludwick sits again with Heisey hitting 2nd & Frazier hitting 6th. The Bucos could have a tough game tonight too, so another big chance for the Reds to make some hay.

    • TraviXDM

      @Shchi Cossack: Of course Heisey bats 2nd tonight, he has speed, much more important than OBP. Can’t be blogging those bases up like Frazier does. Sheesh, get with the game!

      On a more serious note, Ludwick seems to be coming around a bit more. According to the radio broadcast last night, he hit a couple bullets but just happened to be right at fielders. Good to see the Redbirds trailing and seemingly on their way to another loss.

      • Billy Joe in Chi-Town

        @TraviXDM: None of the balls the Ludwick hit last night could accurately be described as “bullets”. The first inning “line drive” up the middle that was speared on a nice play, was off the end of the bat. That said, it was still a good fielding-bad luck combination and something of a “rob” on a ball that could have plated two runs. At least he didn’t just pull of the ball and hit a grounder to third or short, but tried to go up the middle. Just didn’t get enough of the meat of the bat on it.

  6. Shchi Cossack

    The vaunted Birds offense is tanking today with 2 hits (both by Beltran) and 2 BB (one by the pitcher). This is becoming a common occurance lately. Let’s see, victories tonight by the Reds and Snakes will leave the Reds with the 1st wildcard slot and the Birds leading the Snakes 5.5 for the 2nd wildcard slot. The Reds will also be training the Bucos by just 1.5 games. This could be a very good weekend Reds’ fans.

  7. msanmoore

    Win tonight … that’s all we’re asking. Saturday and Sunday will take care of themselves. Let’s just get on the board early and show Leake some support.

  8. Shchi Cossack

    The Reds are back in 2nd place! Now let’s keep it.

    • CI3J

      @Shchi Cossack:

      “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you” – Satchel Paige

      “Oh $#!@.” – St. Louis Cardinals

  9. jas_428

    Not sure Heisey can hit Gorzelanny. Sad to say.

  10. StealYourBase

    One of the topics on PTI today was “Can the Cards overtake the Pirates?” HA!

  11. preach

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: I love the Cubs.

  12. Billy Joe in Chi-Town

    Arizona at Pittsburg is the MLB.com TV free game of the day.

  13. preach

    Those batting averages for our starting lineup are not very good. It would be a very nice time to start going on an offensive tear.

  14. ToddAlmighty

    So, Frazier officially no longer slumping hard enough to warrant batting 2nd?

    • Mwv

      @ToddAlmighty: Dusty looked up the stats, realized what Frazier’s OBP is.. fixed the batting order.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @Mwv: Votto is still available to be the ultimate #2 batter until someone else steps up.

  15. preach

    This whole “Fox Sports 1” thing better be good. It better make me breakfast and vacumn the living room for as much as they are hyping it.

    • Mwv

      @preach: No real choice, if they don’t hype it then ESPN will crush it before it even starts. It’s tough to beat that kinda brand recognition even though personally I think ESPN has gotten pretty shoddy over the last few years.

  16. RC

    Did it bug anyone else that in all the discussions (at least the ones I saw/heard) on ESPN this morning about the “tightening NL Central”, nobody mentioned the Reds? It bugged me a little bit.

    • Mwv

      @RC: I’d prefer it that way honestly, the less hype we get the better.. until the playoffs show up. Our pitching alone will scare the jeebers out of anyone in a short series.

  17. msanmoore

    Pie-Rats not happy and taking it out on the Snakes. A lot of game to go, but the Buccos are up 2-0 after a 2-out walk, a double by Cutch, and a single by Alvarez that plated both of them.

  18. HOF-13

    Over on Animal Planet, Rats take an early lead on the Snakes

  19. msanmoore

    They are showing clips from the Devin Mesoraco show from last night. I love when he pats Francisco’s belly after tackling him.

    • RC

      @Mwv: Ol’ Corky was the king of CERA in his previous MLB stints. So he’s got that going for him.

  20. Sergeant2

    When the Reds need a win they can always count on Cards pitcher Jake Westbrook to come through for em. At the moment the Reds and Cardinals are 2 1/2 games behind the 1st place Bucco’s. Go Reds!

  21. VaRedsFan

    Brewer announcer said this is a very patient ballclub. They don’t swing at too many pitches out of the strike zone.

  22. Big Ed

    Phillips isn’t much faster than Corky.

  23. msanmoore

    Snakes got the 2 back and are still working with men on base.

  24. Sergeant2

    Speaking of Twin Peaks, guess what Brewers fan is back in their rightful seat behind home plate. Go Reds!

  25. preach

    Leave it to Sarge to point that out. Don’t forget to account for that in our Titanic Struggle attendance stats.

  26. msanmoore

    Bases loaded and Todd is hacking …

  27. RC

    Somehow, I knew that, right after Welch said Frazier could be patient, he wouldn’t be.

    • VaRedsFan

      @RC: 4 pitches…no strikes yet…UNTIL THAT 2-run single

  28. VaRedsFan

    Soriano killing for the Yankees…nevermind Ludwick is back.

  29. msanmoore

    Ball 4 … so that’s a 2-2 count.

  30. preach

    That’s what I’m talking about. And Gorz is at 30 pitches already and we are still in the first.

  31. msanmoore

    Up early, support Mikey (cuz he likes it). Nicely done Todd.

  32. VaRedsFan

    Bullpen up for the Crew??? w/ 2 outs in the 1st?

  33. preach

    The Brewers have someone up in the pen now. It’s like they are in a pennant race.

  34. VaRedsFan

    outside…and low…not even borderline strike 3 called on Mes

  35. msanmoore

    Let’s hope Leake gets that strike zone … if he does, he’ll roll tonight.

  36. HOF-13

    That would have been called a ball if Votto had been batting.

  37. Steve Mancuso

    Great start for the offense. Only wish someone would convince Joey Votto how little value there is in taking a two-out walk.

    • msanmoore

      @Steve Mancuso: CUT THAT OUT!!! Good thing I wasn’t drinking milk or it would have snorted out my nose.

  38. msanmoore

    Yeah – ump is calling the low stuff

  39. msanmoore

    How many pitches was that … 10? Let’s get Mike a bigger lead. And he can help – he’s up 2nd.

  40. msanmoore

    Ump is on a 1-second delay calling strikes

  41. msanmoore

    At minimum, TG is over 50 pitches for two innings. That’s not a bad thing, friends.

  42. Mwv

    At this rate Brewers are going to have to go to their pen in the 4th.

    • msanmoore

      @Mwv: He faces Joey to lead it off next inning. That’s 5-6 pitches minimum unless he hangs one that clears the fences. Phillips may not go deep in the count but Bruce will. He’ll be over 60 pitches in the third and he’s already looking confused and tired.

  43. EastCoastVibes

    Can somebody teach Choo how to slide. Every time he slides, it looks like he’s going to break his ankle.

  44. msanmoore

    Pardon me – that was EIGHT pitches for Mike in the 1st.

  45. Sergeant2

    Was anyone surprised the Philly’s fired Charlie Manuel today?

    • msanmoore

      @Sergeant2: The reason given was to do a quick trial run with Ryno … that actually makes sense with them completely out of it.

  46. msanmoore

    Mr. Feast-or-Famine-I-Cannot-Field pounds one.

  47. jas_428

    Was there a potential play on that homerun?

  48. Sergeant2

    Brantley: Why would you throw him a fastball. Marty: Its the only thing he can hit. In my opinion its growing pains. A young Leake and a young Mesoraco.

  49. ToddAlmighty

    How is it that Juan always seems to hit a HR against the Reds? Ridiculous.

  50. msanmoore

    24 pitches – I’ll take that and still be up by a run.

    Regarding Juan Francisco, I watched him play at AA Carolina. He didn’t impress me. His fielding always looked lazy. I was reminded of Edwin Encarnacion – but not quite as good most of the time. The TV boys were saying we dumped him due to his overall attitude and Atlanta did the same. Maybe he’ll learn in Milwaukee and be an adequate 1B. More than likely, he needs to go to an AL team and DH.

    Pirates back up by 2 … time for us to add on.

  51. Hunt4RedsOctober

    You don’t see Joey get fooled on 3 straight pitches very often.

  52. RedTitan19

    Nothing like carving up the 3-4-5 hitters in 7 pitches to rebuild some confidence.

  53. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Wow, I thought he had it.

    • prjeter

      @Hunt4RedsOctober: So did BP. He would have hung on if he would have looked down to see the ball instead of show boating with his head cocked back. Just a terrible play all around on BP and Choo, both.

  54. RedTitan19

    Why didn’t Choo call him off?

  55. VaRedsFan

    BP goes back so hard that the OF’s shy away from making the catch coming in

  56. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Mike Leake is really struggling.

  57. prjeter

    Choo needs to grow a pair and learn to call off Brandon on plays like that. This is at least the 4th time this year Choo has let BP make a tough catch, and now he’s failed 25% of the time. And BP needs to quit thinking he can consistently make that play. He has been lucky thus far this year. Now the tandem has given up a run. Terrible.

  58. msanmoore

    Triple??? An error maybe – like on the umpire.

    • prjeter

      @msanmoore: Really? BP clearly didn’t catch that ball. It was trapped against his stomach, and rather than look down to see where the ball is, he brought his arm away from his body and it fell to the ground.

  59. RiverCity Redleg

    Another example of BPs covering too much ground costs the team a run. I’m not complaining because I think he saves more runs than he gives up.

  60. RedTitan19

    And now Leake isn’t getting the call at the knees. This is gonna be ugly.

  61. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Reds need to get someone up in the bullpen NOW before this gets out of hand.

  62. msanmoore

    It looks like they are hitting some pretty good pitches here.

  63. tpteach

    I think Leake’s last three games have shown his stats are reverting towards his career numbers. The Leake of August hasn’t looked like the Leake of May through Mid-July.

  64. RiverCity Redleg

    If a right handed pitcher ever throws Juan Fran a fastball, then they just haven’t done their homework.

  65. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Like I said…why is there not someone up in the bullpen? Leake is getting rocked.

  66. msanmoore

    And we implode … this had better get the bats fired up.

  67. Sergeant2

    I’m not blaming Choo on that one. If BP wants to play center field he should tell Dusty to pencil him in at that position. And yes I know the center fielder is the Capt. of the outfield, but you don’t call BP off the ball, he calls you off the ball because he’s Brandon Phillips. That being said, I’ll take BP over any other 2nd baseman in the league.

    • prjeter

      @Sergeant2: Heh, I agree completely. Times like this suck, but all the plays he makes more than atone for his misgivings.

  68. RiverCity Redleg

    At what point does someone go out to talk to Leake?

  69. msanmoore

    Yep – he’s now rattled enough to be done.

  70. DatFan

    “we can still win this”

    -optimistic Reds fans

  71. abox03

    Reds averaged 3.6 runs in the 5 game win streak….hopefully 4 isn’t already too much to overcome with the current offense !

  72. Mwv

    Crushed, Todd is mashing the ball right now.

  73. Billy Joe in Chi-Town

    For those of us “watching” on MLB.com game day, how much of that was Leake getting pounded and how much was the defense letting him down?

      • Billy Joe in Chi-Town

        @prjeter: Gameday also had a description of a later ball hitting off Choo’s glove and going to Heisey? Was that a catchable ball by Choo?

      • Steve Mancuso

        @Billy Joe in Chi-Town: No. It was a gap shot between the two of them. The ball hit off the wall and Choo was the first one there and he didn’t catch the rebound off the wall. It bounced to Heisey, who threw to the infield. Cozart should have had a play on Ramirez at home, but couldn’t get the ball out of his glove.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @Billy Joe in Chi-Town: There was a bad play by Phillips (the triple) that he should have probably let Choo field, but other than that it was everything Leake was throwing was either a ball or it got tattooed.

  74. Steve Mancuso

    Leake was a little bit unlucky. If Phillips or Choo catches Segura’s ball, that’s one less run and another out. Then Francisco’s fly out is the third out with no runs scored at all.

    • msanmoore

      @Steve Mancuso: Isn’t a triple and shouldn’t be an earned run. BP earned the E-4 on that in my book.

  75. VaRedsFan

    3 batters 3 pitches – 3 swings

  76. Sergeant2

    The Cubs are gonna Cub and the Brewers are gonna brew. I expect Reds are gonna score a few more runs courtesy of the Brewers. Go Reds!

  77. WedgieSanders

    Just tuned in to see Frazier hit that HR off his front foot. The ball certainly explodes off his bat.

  78. RiverCity Redleg

    Leake’s getting squeezed on the mound AND at the plate.

  79. Mwv

    I still think the one true sign that Todd is really back in form is when he starts hammer throwing the bat into the stands again at random.

  80. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Looks like Frazier is coming out of his slump. Now if we can just get the rest of the team to follow suit.

    • msanmoore

      @Steve Mancuso: Makes me think he can give us 6 at this point … that should keep Ondru on the bench.

  81. msanmoore

    Nice recovery and only at 60 pitches through 4.

    Pittsburgh still holding on to a 2-run lead.

    Hit – Run – Score!!! Let’s go.

  82. Omri

    SweetSpot needs to stop doing features on our pitchers.

  83. Omri

    Of course I’m posting this an inning late.

  84. Steve Mancuso

    If Cueto remains unavailable to start in the postseason, which is the way it is looking right now, the Reds should have Cingrani start and move Leake to the bullpen. I think we all know that’s not going to happen as long as Dusty Baker makes the decision. If Sean Marshall comes back and is effective in September, or if Jocketty goes out and gets another LH reliever via trade, that might increase the odds of Cingrani starting. But even then, Baker will want a third lefty in the bullpen.

  85. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Choo definitely in pain after that hit.

  86. ToddAlmighty

    Heisey absolutely punished that ball.

  87. Steve Mancuso

    Heisey must have heard Marty complaining about how it was a “lost season” for Heisey. Choo creates a run by getting on base ahead of the HR. Way to go Reds’ bats!!!!

  88. msanmoore

    And we’re back! Gorzelanny is hanging them tonight. That may just finish him.

  89. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Frazier…now Heisey!

    My wife is ecstatic! She loves heisey because he’s cute and a Christian!

  90. Y-City Jim

    My lord!!! What’s with the Marty Brennaman bashing of Chris Heisey. The guy has been back a few weeks and Brennaman is hammering the guy as a lost cause. Heisey answers launching a moon shot HR.

    It would be nice if the Cowboy would grow a pair and tell Marty he’s full of it.

    • Mwv

      @Y-City Jim: Never happen, Brantley has so much respect for all the Reds guys. Can’t expect that out of him, he’s like a big kid who is just living his dream.

      • Y-City Jim

        @Mwv: Respect or fear? Didn’t Marty get that color guy canned a few years ago?

    • Sergeant2

      @Y-City Jim: I didn’t perceive it as Marty “bashing” Heisey. I thought Marty was just lamenting on how Heisey had to miss so much time due to injuries.

  91. VaRedsFan

    Bingo Hiesey….both of our #2 hitters have mashed tonight… this is going to confuse Dusty

  92. Sergeant2

    K-BOOM and Heisey sends one deeeep. 5-4 Reds.

  93. msanmoore

    Good thing – we need this one as the Snakes are down to their final 3 outs and behind by 2.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @msanmoore: Have to admit I have mixed feelings about that series. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working on the series preview for Arizona, but I wouldn’t mind if the Pirates slowed Arizona’s momentum down a little bit. The D-Backs are the only team left that has a realistic chance of catching the Reds (or Cardinals or Pirates) for the last wild card slot. If the Pirates win two or three, that basically ends Arizona’s chances and might demoralize them for the four game series here next week. On the other hand, the Pirates losing is a good thing, too.

  94. PRoseFutureHOFer

    Don’t ya just love when a fan of the home team, wearing the home team’s jersey, catches a home run ball that puts the visiting team ahead, and he jumps up and down smiling like a moron? I always think, what a great fan! I’m not a fan of throwing the opposing team’s home run balls back, but I sure as hell ain’t gonna be celebrating when my team gives up a how run – whether I caught it or not.

  95. msanmoore

    Can Bruce get a hanger to crush?

  96. msanmoore

    Can we get a 2-for-Todd?

    If Bud Selig wants a legacy, perhaps he should clean up the wretchedly inconsistent strike zone calls we’ve seen all through this year. THAT would be something to remember.

  97. HOF-13

    I do not like this home plate umpire. Seems like a crap shoot as to if he calls a pitch a ball or strike.

  98. msanmoore

    OK, how in the world is that a strike?

  99. Hunt4RedsOctober

    TOOTBLAN from Phillips, again. We’ve seen that far too often this year.

    • Billy Joe in Chi-Town

      @Hunt4RedsOctober: Not to mention a certain base running gaffe in the playoffs last year . . . oh sorry, I wasn’t supposed to mention it.

  100. msanmoore

    Go get ’em Mikey!! Another single-digit pitch inning please.

  101. RiverCity Redleg

    Worst base running team ever! –

  102. Billy Joe in Chi-Town

    BP not having such a good game here. I hope we can survive it.

  103. Sergeant2

    Getting picked off like that shows why BP ain’t exactly beloved by his teammates.

    • msanmoore

      @Big Ed: But we knew that going into the season and he’s been better than expected by a long shot.

      • SGT Ethan

        @msanmoore: Amen – he was supposed to be a black hole of suck, and he’s been far better than that…

      • prjeter

        @msanmoore: The fielding component of WAR has Choo at -14.8, while the next worse Reds are Paul (-4.2), Mesoraco (-2.1), and Votto (-0.9). Every other Red is positive.

        So he’s been pretty bad, by that measure, at least.

  104. msanmoore

    I like Lucroy … I’m not ashamed to say that.

  105. Hunt4RedsOctober

    As Marty would say, “Leake ain’t foolin’ anyone.”

  106. preach

    Anyone else notice that when the Reds announcers are talking about reasons the Brewers lineup has been shuffled around, they talk about everything BUT Ryan Braun.

  107. msanmoore

    See, Mike? He only hits fastballs – and he hits them a ton!

  108. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Don’t throw Davis a fastball.

  109. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Brewers return the TOOTBLAN!

  110. msanmoore

    Nicely done Brandon to force the TOOTBLAN! Makes up (a bit) for your miscues.

  111. ToddAlmighty

    Wow, Leake’s W just got saved by that TOOTBLAN. Thanks Brewers!

  112. VaRedsFan

    one TOOTBLAN deserves another…theres was deffinately worse

  113. Sergeant2

    Brewers gonna brew. Cue the Benny Hill theme music.

  114. Steve Mancuso

    Now that Baker has fulfilled his BFF obligations to Mike Leake by giving him a chance to qualify for a win, maybe he’ll get someone up in the bullpen. Leake doesn’t have it tonight and gave up nothing but shots last inning.

  115. Hunt4RedsOctober

    49ers up on the Dolphins 14-9…oops, that’s Giants v Marlins.

  116. RedTitan19

    He tends to strike out more when he has two strikes on him.

  117. abox03

    Reds TOOTBLAN stats:

    Picked off : 12 times – Leave average is 11
    Thrown out on the base paths : 41 times – League Average is 40
    Caught Stealing : 28 times (38 stolen bases) – League Average is 25

    Overall, Reds are slightly above average in those categories, but not as bad at it seems.

  118. msanmoore

    And the strike zone shifts yet again …

  119. Y-City Jim

    The talk about the strikeout numbers. A lot of that has to do with the fact that there is no common team philosophy in terms of hitting. Everyone does their own thing.

  120. Sergeant2

    Am I the only one that is speechless after hearing Marty & Cowboy relate what Dusty had to say about his players striking too much.

      • Sergeant2

        @Hunt4RedsOctober: Hopefully someone that can remember in more detail than I can, heard the conservation and will fill you in better than I can. My head was reeling at the time.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Sergeant2: Considering who those players are — Choo, Votto and Bruce as three of the four — yes. Baker hates it when Choo and Votto take third strikes. Bruce is a classic power hitter strikeout profile, so who cares. Baker should be more worried about the rest of his hitters who have terrible plate discipline.

  121. msanmoore

    Good AB by Jack … very patient. Now can Choo give us an add-on run?

  122. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Simon a bit wild tonight.

  123. msanmoore

    Simon didn’t look sharp to anybody there … let’s settle down, get the out, and the hit – run – score.

  124. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Reds bullpen has been so good you had to figure this would happen eventually.

    • prjeter

      @Hunt4RedsOctober: Yeah. You could tell it might be rough from Simon’s first two hitters also. Not much command.

  125. VaRedsFan

    Choo generally makes good throws…but he seem to always take 3 -4 crow hops

  126. George Culver

    Simon gives up the lead. Not sharp tonight at all. Not one of Choo’s best throwing efforts either. Took his time, double clutched and still couldn’t get one past the mound on the fly.

  127. Billy Joe in Chi-Town

    Walking the leadoff hitter with a one-run lead rarely gives a good result.

  128. prjeter

    Here’s a serious question: Do outfielders practice throwing home? Very rarely does it seem like an OFer’s throws have any sort of consistency with trajectory and bounces and what not. I understand it’s not easy to throw a strike to home every time, but it just seems like the variance in the types of throws getting uncorked is high.

  129. Sergeant2

    C’mon Reds you can’t keep relying on the Brewers to brew, I mean they probably will, but its time to take the bull by the horns and take charge. Go Reds!

  130. George Culver

    Heisey needs to play cause he’s on fire. Of course, that means that he’ll be on the bench tomorrow.

  131. George Culver

    Wait? What just happened? A stolen base? Auto walk to Votto?

  132. prjeter

    Thank you. Welsh just said BP is taking advantage of Choo/Votto in front of him for his RBIs.

  133. Billy Joe in Chi-Town

    Not that time though.

  134. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Reds going to blow another opportunity?

  135. Mutaman

    Considering we’ve been waiting all year for Ludwick to get healthy, I would hope so.

    • RedTitan19

      Probably saying that a halfway decent throw and he is out by six steps at second.

  136. Mwv

    The Todd Frazier show tonight! Taking turns, like good teammates.

  137. msanmoore

    Deep, steady breaths (says to self) … deep, steady breaths.

  138. Y-City Jim

    Welcome back to the 2012 Todd Frazier!

  139. RedTitan19

    Mez loves him some first pitches

    • RedTitan19

      @msanmoore: Dusty loves to gamble with relievers. He should be banned from baseball like Pete?

  140. Hunt4RedsOctober

    I can’t believe Simon is still in.

  141. Sergeant2

    Todd Frazier decided to take the bull by the horns and take charge. Reds retake the lead. Yes! Go Reds! Simon has control problems tonight so lets send him back out.

  142. RedTitan19

    Dusty!!!! Simon doesn’t have it tonight!

  143. prjeter

    I hope Dusty has a quick hooke for Simon this inning. That Aramis shot scares me.

    • prjeter

      @prjeter: As I posted! Did the same thing with Frazier’s homer!

      I need to use this gift for good!

  144. Hunt4RedsOctober

    That ball ate up Votto. Nice play.

  145. msanmoore

    Aggressive move by JV – nicely smothered.

  146. VaRedsFan

    true LOOGY tonight? 1 batter only?

  147. RedTitan19

    After this inning Dusty can breathe. It is back on cruise control with Broxton and Chapman. His work is officially complete.

  148. RedTitan19

    The good news is, if this lead holds up, Alfredo Simon will have earned the coveted “W”. Well deserved, no?

  149. Billy Joe in Chi-Town

    Boy on Gameday that looked like a strike!

  150. msanmoore

    I know I keep harping on it … but this strike zone bit is really bugging me. That pitch was a strike 3-4 other times earlier in the game. And it isn’t just against the Reds. It’s happened in our favor and that’s not good either.

  151. prjeter

    Wasn’t LeCure working, too? Should have brought in Sam when Francisco was pinch hit for.

  152. msanmoore

    Nice job, Manny! Onward to the 8th.

    • msanmoore

      @Steve Mancuso: Perhaps … though I think we’re all hoping we can have Chappy show some “stamina”

  153. msanmoore

    Cozart on the lead-off hit parade! Love it!

  154. Mwv

    Love those bunts, just keep ’em coming Dusty.

  155. msanmoore

    I hate Segura … and yet I’m liking him. They guy can pick and throw.

  156. preach

    Ok, Using Hanigan as a PH to bunt. I am flabbergasted. That was the most likely outcome.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @preach: He was already in the game previously to catch Parra, wasn’t technically PHing.

    • prjeter

      @preach: No kidding. Cozart isn’t a blazer on the basepaths and Hannigan is probably the slowest on the team. Anything other that a perfect bunt is 2 outs. Life must be hard with an IQ akin to Dusty’s.

  157. ToddAlmighty

    Isn’t that like.. three double play bunts in the last week or so? I know it’s at least two.

  158. Y-City Jim

    There are no words to express my anger of Baker’s insistence on sac bunting.

  159. Mwv

    I’m almost certain we lead the league in outs conceded freely.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @Mwv: As of the beginning of today, the Reds had 61 Sac Bunts which lead all of MLB, which only averages 34 per team (22 per AL team, 46 per NL team).

      The next highest is the Dodgers with 54.

  160. CP

    Was there a reason for the double switch? Mes hurt? The relief pitcher would be pinch hit for anyway…

    That right there is the “strategy” the NL is saving.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @HOF-13: DISCOVERY! Cozart is actually a .330 hitter, he just normally chooses to make outs to lead off an inning so they can forgo getting him out later with a poorly executed sac bunt. Saves him at least 180ft of running.

  161. Kurt Frost

    That sac bunt attempt gave me diarrhea.

  162. Mwv

    Another terrific job by Parra, guy has really come along for us this year.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Mwv: Yep. He’s largely made up for Marshall being out. If Marshall can make it back for the post season, we’ll have two strong lefties in the pen.

  163. Billy Joe in Chi-Town

    So in Chicago I don’t get to hear the Reds radio broadcast, but I see from the posts on here that Marty especially rips a lot of the players. Does he do the same for the manager, at least?

  164. Sergeant2

    All heck broke loose on my computer, had to reboot and start over. Lotta catching up to do. Dang it.

  165. RedTitan19

    Baseball Gods are evil. Francisco already hit a HR in this game. Would they really let Hoover blow his scoreless streak the same game?

  166. msanmoore

    Again … BOTH of those were strikes earlier.

    • Billy Joe in Chi-Town

      @msanmoore: All of those pitches show as exactly in the same spot on Gameday. Apparently the batter could not even believe they would not be called strikes, thank goodness, the first two calls notwithstanding.

    • msanmoore

      @HOF-13: It just keeps getting worse. Happily, Betancourt and Aoki did their jobs and we move forward with the lead intact.

  167. Mwv

    Hoover, yet another weapon from the pen. Our team has scary pitching.

  168. YorktownRed

    We need to see Hoover in the 9th. But it will never happen.

    • msanmoore

      @Steve Mancuso: Quite possibly. It also just occurred to me that Heisey should be in CF with Choo in LF – if not to start then in the 9th.

    • cincyreds14

      @Steve Mancuso: This game would be over, as Luddy, who is beginning to come around, doesn’t even have a hit yet this year, let alone a 2 run HR.

  169. bigfreeze

    Reds bullpen seems to be hitting a good stride. Hoover, Broxton, Chapman. That’s a hell of a 7,8,9

  170. Steve Mancuso

    Marty: The numbers geeks think it’s OK to strike out.

    Marty shouldn’t talk about things he doesn’t know about.

  171. HOF-13

    A big positive for this game are the ABs from Heisey and Frazier. If they can stay hot for at least a couple weeks this will be a different team than it has been.

    • CI3J


      Frazier especially. He has been heating up lately. If he goes on a tear like last year, this offense will be that much more dangerous.

      And if Ludwick ever starts hitting…..

  172. Sergeant2

    Uh-oh Marty just threw one high and inside to “numbers geeks” his words, not mine.

  173. Hunt4RedsOctober

    John Axford. I forgot he was still with the Brewers.

  174. Y-City Jim

    @Mwv: If what Marty is saying about Ryan Braun is accurate then Braun is a total ass.

  175. George Culver

    When Phillips quits trying to go deep on every swing as the “cleanup hitter” he’s dangerous.

  176. preach

    Nice piece of two strike hitting there by Phillips. Didn’t try to do much with it, just poke it into the outfield.

  177. cincyreds14

    Don’t feel good about this – Chapman due for another blown save. Sorry.

  178. Sergeant2

    Batten down the hatches, here comes the Cuban Missile. Go Reds!

  179. msanmoore

    Chappy 4 games in a row and 5 of the last 6. That’s almost like a 4-out save, isn’t it?

  180. RedTitan19

    Heisey with 2 ribeyes, Frazier with 4. The lineup construction possibilities are endless for Dusty. They both seem to be “going” now. So tomorrow we will see Izturez in the two-hole, XP hitting sixth, and Hannahan hitting seventh.

    • cincyreds14

      @RedTitan19: yea, but I like the upside, as the Reds would be so much more formidable if they could get Frazier, Mez, Cozart and Heisey going. Even though Reds lost tonight, some very valuable signs came out of tonight’s ballgame. Hope that quartet can keep it going – the Reds need them.

  181. Hunt4RedsOctober

    I would have left Hoover in, but that’s me.

  182. cincyreds14

    I really hope I wasn’t prophetic.

  183. Big Ed

    The Angels get the Doofus Award for 2012 by trading Jean Segura for about 14 starts from Zachary Greinke.

  184. abox03

    Dear Dusty:

    How many runs does an average MLB team score with a runner on First and no outs? The answer is 0.93 runs. Now let’s bunt and suppose the bunt succeeds. Now we have a runner on second base and one out. How many runs does an average major league team score in an inning with this situation? The answer is 0.71 runs. Therefore the “success” of the bunt has cost our team – 0.22 runs. This should make it clear why the bunt is usually a bad idea.

    • Matt WI

      @abox03: Funny thing is, I’m sure Dusty was trying to avoid the double play with Hannigan. Oops.

    • George Culver

      @abox03: Nice analogy. If you think Dusty would listen to statistical logic then you’re dreaming.

    • abox03

      @abox03: I was working on this before the walk off, but…

      Let’s take 10 situations and look at what would happen.

      – A bunt is successful about 76% of the time (good bunters) so we will say 8 in 10.

      So 8 times (.71 runs) = 5.68 + 1 time not advancing (.52 runs) + 1 time double play (.01) =

      Total of 6.21 runs potentially scored in those 10 innings with bunting

      Now, not bunting…let’s assume you have an average hitter so 2 out of 10 times he gets a hit. 2on and no outs (1.75 runs x 2) = 3.50
      He grounds into a DP about 10% of the time so 2 outs and no one on (.01 run x 1) = 0.01
      The other 7 times we are left with 1 out and runner on first (.52 x 7) = 3.64

      So a total of 7.15 runs potentially scored in those 10 innings WITH OUT bunting

      So over 10 situations/innings you can score almost 1 full run more on average. Over the course of the season, that adds up to a lot of runs!

  185. George Culver

    Not a good beginning for Chapman. I sometimes wonder if he comes in too amped up and overthrows trying to get the mph up.

  186. Matt WI

    For goodness sake, Joey has to get that ball!

  187. msanmoore

    Sorry – I say JV needs to catch that. But as they are saying, Segura had it beat anyway.

      • redskaph

        @cincyreds14: He never deserved one, but there probably was no saving Chapman tonight – make him a starter!

  188. Sergeant2

    33,037 +2 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 33,037 +2.

    • prjeter

      @cincyreds14: I thought the same thing. I don’t understand why he can’t throw more sliders. His fastball is VERY hittable. It has no movement and when he’s around 98-99 isn’t not that great, either. What a waste of an arm. Ugh.

  189. msanmoore

    Well CRAP!!! See you all tomorrow.

  190. CI3J

    Well, second place was fun while it lasted.

    Can we just make Hoover the closer already?

    • cincyreds14

      @CI3J: Once Dusty moves on, then we will see the necessary changes – and not before..

    • cincyreds14

      @CI3J: Once the Reds package and ship (ala UPS) Chapman and Bailey, then it should get a lot rosier. Just hope that Dustyisms stay at a minimum, because there isn’t a darn thing we can do about them so us Reds fans need to do a work around..

  191. prjeter

    So we have our answer. He can’t get Lucroy with a ton of fastballs. Chapman’s limit is 4 appearance in 5 days. 5 appearances in 6 days will not work. JHC.

    If the Reds didn’t have bad luck they wouldn’t have any luck at all.

    • redskaph

      @prjeter: What did “luck” have to do with it? Leake, Simon and Chapman were off (or just bad), and the bats other than Heisey and Frazier didn’t do enough – altho 6 runs should be enough.

  192. ToddAlmighty

    And the myth of the closer strikes again.

  193. abox03

    Problem with Chapman I have noticed….when players see several pitches in the AB, they seem to time him well and hit him HARD.

    • Billy Joe in Chi-Town

      @abox03: The real issue seems to be (i) no effective true off-speed pitch and (ii) not really able to locate the pitches he does have, that is, where they hit in the strike zone appears largely accidental and not by any design. So if he is a little slower or a little flatter on his pitches, for whatever reason, the likelihood that he will get squared up for a long ball before a strikeout happens increases significantly.

    • NYredfanatic

      That’s not just a Chapman issue… These are major league hitters. Throw the same pitch over and over they will eventually adjust and hit it a long way.

      • cincyreds14

        @NYredfanatic: Definitely agree, NY – now if only Dusty would learn to mix it up, ala Jeff Brantley’s suggestion. Dusty’s way too set in his ways – so we should simply expect Dustyisms because he sure is not going to change. Checkmate!

  194. nvilleredsfan

    80mph slider that didn’t slide… hate to get beat on that pitch but he wasn’t in triple digits tonight. We’ll get them tomorrow.

  195. cincyreds14

    Dusty is a scourge. Cincy Reds fans – this helps us to learn to our love of the team so when playoff time comes around we aren’t so heart broken and devastated. And by no means was I the only one to call his most recent blunder. Really can’t wait for him to move on!

  196. bigjas

    Slider out over the heart of the plate….cya.

    Oh well….there’s tomorrow.

  197. ToddAlmighty

    Imagine if I told you this at the end of the 2012 season:

    Chapman will have a higher ERA as the closer than Cingrani has as a starter. Heck, Cingrani’s ERA is still lower even if you add in his relief pitching innings too.

  198. Steve Mancuso

    Brantley said at the start of the inning that it’s hard to come in and face the same three guys you got out the night before.

    Chapman gave up the home run, but there shouldn’t have been anyone on base. The Reds have to get that out on Segura, it was a relatively routine ground ball for professionals. Bad throw, bad pick. Game winning run.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @Steve Mancuso: Not sure if I would have called that relatively routine. As they said on TV, even if Votto holds onto that ball, Segura is still safe. It’s not like Hanigan was running down the first base line. We’re talking about a 23-year-old who has stolen 35 bases so far this season. He’s pretty fast.

      • Steve Mancuso

        @ToddAlmighty: He’s fast and the play was close (I don’t agree that Segura would have been safe, that’s an easy thing for the TV announcers to say to take the blame off the players). The play still needs to be made, safe or out.

    • redskaph

      @Steve Mancuso: The Reds do have some weak spots on defense, and 2 of them were involved on that play.

  199. ToddAlmighty

    Also can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Dusty didn’t tell Hanigan to bunt after Cozart led off the inning with a single. Runner on 1st, no outs turned into nobody on two outs. Inning essentially over.

  200. wildwestLV

    GOOD GRIEF! (when Chapman blows it, it’s just like Lucy moved the football). Oh well, Cards get shutout (actually spanked) by the Cubs. It’s baseball. Nuts.

  201. Sergeant2

    You gotta be kidding me, that freaking kick in the LuGroin guy beat us. Not going to criticize Dusty for bringing in Chapman, he’s the closer after all. But a lot of managers would have left Hoover in for the experience of closing, especially the way Hoover was pitching tonight. A manager that would leave Hoover in is the type of manager that recognized that Hoover was dominate and no move was really necessary, especially considering giving your closer a day off was probably beneficial. Back at em again tomorrow, can’t win em all. If the Reds win the next two I’ll be a happy camper. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • wildwestLV

      @Sergeant2: Dusty thinks that :
      a) he’ll be back next year
      b) Chapman will be back next year (as closer, of course)
      c) Hoover, who? (rookie going to be moved…somewhere, next year, (got to learn the “book’s” rules)

      • cincyreds14

        @Hunt4RedsOctober: @wildwestLV: Hey wilde, real good to hear from you. And my thoughts exactly. I wonder how Dusty is going to affect the team in the next 2 months? More Dustyisms coming – we can sure count on that.

      • cincyreds14

        @Hunt4RedsOctober: @wildwestLV: Hey wilde, real good to hear from you.And my thoughts exactly. I wonder how Dusty is going to affect the team in the next 2 months?More Dustyisms coming – we can sure count on that.

        Let’s just hope Dusty keeps them to a minimum and lets the boys play, warts and all.

  202. Kurt Frost

    Stop with the closer stuff. The closer is an overpaid reliever and isn’t even the most valuable man in the bullpen.