By the time the Reds and Brewers game gets underway, the Cardinals and Pirates will have concluded play. Therefore, the Reds will have gained a 1/2 game on one of those teams but have lost a 1/2 game to the other prior to play. Will the Reds be tied for 2nd at first pitch or will they be just 3 back of 1st place? The Reds have been rolling of late and there is no reason to stop now!

Tony Cingrani struck out 10 Brewers the last time he faced them. That sounds like a pretty good total to match tonight don’t ya think!? Let’s get those bats hot and keep the arms on fire boys! Discuss the game here!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Love. It.

  2. LeDP!

  3. That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!!! He is LECURE!!!

  4. Play it again Sam! Great outing by Cingrani with a little assist.

  5. Now that was pretty. Just what the doctor ordered.

  6. Nice sang by BP that ball from LeCure was “Just a bit outside!”

  7. LeCure for what ails ya!

  8. Gotta give credit to dusty….I thought he would be tempted to keep cingrani in after the Mesoraco catch….nice move having Sam ready to go and good result !

  9. Great LeJob, as LeUsual. And a shout-out to the manager for only sleeping through one at-bat. Dusty really came to play today.

  10. I’m trying to remember: Choo is paid to walk, right?

  11. Dang, could it be? 2.5 games behind after this game? Oh, pardon me, knock on wood.

  12. Let’s play a little add on, as Welch would say.

  13. Choo is on base. Sun will rise in the east.

  14. Once again, your lead is secure with LeCure.☺

  15. Curse you Dusty, why????

  16. Here comes the pitch around to Joey.

  17. Hey, Frazier can bunt. Who knew?

  18. Actually thought that pulled Francisco off the bag … but at least it moved Choo over. Now Votto can walk.

  19. I have no idea how that worked but why are we trying to steal third with Votto up?

  20. Choo picks his pocket.

  21. He should have been nailed.

  22. Broxton in the eighth. Well that extends the game by an hour and a half.

  23. Wow – caught me off guard.

  24. How come Choo can do that but the fastest man (formerly on the team) can’t?

  25. Admit it Dusty, you’re just playing with us now.

  26. WOW, Votto

  27. Missed Opportunity.

    Bullpen needs to do what they do. Shutdown time.

  28. Clutch

  29. Just bunt, baby. Just bunt.

  30. What a blown inning that was. Hoping that doesn’t come back to haunt, especially with Broxton coming in. All we needed was a SAC FLY from Joey

  31. 6 outs … that’s all we’re asking here.

  32. Well, that did not end well. But Reds still leading 2-1.

  33. Playing for one run really hurt the Reds last inning. Frazier has to give up his out. Choo takes a huge risk trying to steal third. Then Votto swings at three consecutive pitches out of the strike zone just to hit a fly ball instead of taking the walk the pitcher was obviously willing to give up. Plenty of time that works, but in that case it didn’t.

  34. Manny? Thought Broxton had this…

  35. Mes should have tackled him … again.

  36. Parra is facing Bianchi because of Bianchi’s splits. Hitting only .167 against LHP.

  37. Didn’t we see that earlier?

  38. Phillips would have had a shot at fielding that with Votto staying at home. Tough decision for Votto to make in a split second.

  39. Would rather see Hoover here than Broxton.

  40. I’ve heard it’s possible for closers to get five outs in one game. But I can’t say I’ve ever actually seen it with my own eyes, so it may just be one of those internet rumors.

  41. I would leave Parra in, but than again I don’t get paid over 3 mil to make those calls.

  42. Votto needs to let Phillips field that ball.

  43. Mes is just taking over this game today.

  44. Wow, Mesoraco is having a great game. He’s a Hot Mes!

  45. Mes = Star of Game

  46. Did I mention I’m going to miss Hannigan … but I LOVE how Hot Mes is playing?

  47. Mes is having an excellent defensive game.

  48. Brantley: Mesoraco threw him out like he was standing still.

  49. That was a beautiful play by Mesoraco.

  50. Nice throw Mes!

  51. Gotta love Dusty when he’s trying to win. You gotta love Mes always.

  52. Nice job by Brox to put that fire out too.

  53. Mesomatic.

  54. OK. I’m officially sold on Mez. The guy gets better every game

  55. It’s Mesoraco’s world and we’re just living in it.

  56. I know a lot of folks prefer a good 5+ run whipping but I do love close games where every little play matters.

  57. Love a very confident looking Mesoraco in mid-August and heading to September. Sweet last two outs.

  58. J. J. Hoover hasn’t given up a run since June 9. To give some context for that, that’s before Broxton even went on the DL. Broxton last gave up a run on June 13.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Every day J.J.! But he really isn’t getting tortured like he was early on. Think Dusty realized he wasn’t getting Arredondo back no matter what Hoover did? I think once Ondru came up, Hoover stopped being used as Dusty’s “no role pitch all the time guy”.

  59. Someone earlier said that they will miss Hanny next year…is he a free agent when the year is up?

    • @JAMinPA: Arbitration eligible next year, then a free agent. He’ll be here next season.

    • @JAMinPA: No. He’ll play for the Reds next year. He’s at the end of a contract but he still has one more year of arbitration and team control. Free agent in 2015.

    • @JAMinPA: I said it and what I meant is that we may choose to trade him. He signed a 3-year $4MM contract in March 2011. That means he’s not arb eligible as we bought out any remaining years. With Mes coming on strong, his value may be in a trade.

  60. With Mesoraco catching Cingrani tonight, it appears that he’s now the starting catcher for three of the five starters. Official changing of the guard?

    • @Steve Mancuso: I hope it is but it might also be Dusty easing Hanigan back in, even after coming back he has taken some serious punishment back there.

  61. I like “this” Mesaroco. What a game.

  62. Ludwick is hitting one off the slide. Put it on the board.

  63. Wonder if Dusty is still happy for Ludwick to be overeager?

  64. The star of the game shall now add to his legacy by going deep.

  65. 36,076 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 36,076.

    • @Sergeant2: I know the Brewers are giving out deals and food vouchers, but its amazing to me they can pull in 36,000+ on a Thursday night for a team thats 16 games out.

  66. Top of the order. Tough situation for Chapman.

  67. Brantley: Aoki is choked up to the label.

  68. Tip your cap to Aoki, can’t believe he got the slider.

  69. Get Hoover up? Or too late?

  70. Wow, what a laser throw from Bruce.

  71. From the wall to Cozart chest high … just WOW!

    • @msanmoore: I really wish Aoki had gone for second, that would have been a highlight for a long time. Ball would have been there so quick it might even have turned into a run-down play.. can you imagine that?

  72. wow. what a throw by Bruce. With him and Choo we have some serious cannon in the OF.

  73. Lucroy is dangerous.

  74. watch out for Lucroy

  75. Reynolds jinxing Chapman on MLB. Reverse jinx time.

  76. I actually like the no throw by Mes there.

  77. Lucroy – 5 AB’s, 5 K’s

  78. Second pitch to Ramirez was a clear strike.

  79. Pitches looking good on the computer…

  80. Good tight ballgame by the Reds there, nothing sloppy and a lot of sweet defensive plays. Also that Votto guy threw the ball over the fence.

  81. And we ensure a winning road trip … anybody want to go for 3 of 4 up here in Brew Town?

  82. Sweet. Great job by the bullpen following up a great start by Cingrani. The pitching does it again.

  83. Yes!
    And this one belongs to the Reds!
    what a game!

  84. Yes, and gain another game in the standings. Good night nation.

  85. And no need to make the ump call it. Way to hang on, and another good win.

  86. Whoooo! Nice win.

  87. Any recent updates on the injured guys? Marshall/Cueto on the way?

    • @GRF: Marshall (see Fay’s blog) is undergoing some strength tests to determine of he can start throwing again. There’s still no timetable on when Cueto resumes throwing.

  88. Just caught the 9th inning, nice job by Chapman. Aoki is such a pest – he leads the NL in batting average by a LHed hitter against LHed pitching. I know Joey had that for a while. Anyway he takes half swings, very tough to strike out. And picked the right pitch to steal second. Segura is a good fastball hitter and almost got a hold of one.

  89. Tony Cingrani for 2013 Reds MVP.

  90. The thing I am seeing of late that is encouraging is the play of Mesoraco. He really seems to be finding his stride. More energy behind the plate, swinging the bat well. He could really be a difference maker for the Reds.

  91. Yes! Five in a row means the Reds are on a roll. Lets puts the pressure on the Cards and Pirates and make it six in a row tomorrow. Ya gotta be impressed with Mesoraco with the way he played tonight and the way he has matured as a player. The more experience he gets the better he plays. Lets hope Dusty makes it a top priority to get Mesoraco as much playing time as possible. Play Mesoraco like he’s the starting catcher of the Reds, and not the backup or co-starter. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  92. Reds even up their road record on the season !

  93. meso. raco.

  94. meso. raco.

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