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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.08.14)

The Reds will go for the series sweep today of the stupid Cubs. Bronson Arroyo will be assigned the task to finish off the series for the mighty Redlegs.

These wins have not been pretty, but I will take an ugly win over a pretty loss every time. So I do not care how today’s game plays out as long as the Reds win, baby! Discuss the game here. And in case you need a little pep talk, or perhaps nightmares…..

149 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.08.14)

  1. I saw JV wearing the flip up sun glaases. Those are going out of style why is that?

  2. All the first pitch swings wouldn’t bother me quite so much if they weren’t coupled with all the taken strike threes.

  3. Wrigley Field is both a pitchers park and hitters park. Depends on the weather and the wind.

  4. Arroyo read your piece, Steve, so he is piling up Ks to improve his FIP…

    • @RedTitan19: Ha. I think the fun of watching the Cubs hitters flail around is positive reinforcement enough. But if it helps, I’d be glad to write a post on plate discipline for a few of the hitters. 🙂

  5. Chris Heisey is a perfect fourth or fifth OF. He’s able to play all three OF spots and is a reasonably good pinch hitter against both RH and LH pitchers. I have complete confidence in him out there in CF. Rare.

  6. Ludwick is just hacking at everything up there.

    Guess we’ll have to hope he swings his way out of this.

  7. Umpires are “dirt” in the rulebook, Cody – there is no such thing as interference there.

  8. Cozart just got a hit with RISP/2 outs. Nothing can stop us now.

  9. Lol. They said lets see if that gets Dusty Baker’s attention. Its like they dont remember him as the manager

  10. Bronson’s pitches are starting to flatline….

    I think it’s about time to let LeCure get some work.

  11. Good for Frazier with a multihit game… but I have to say, Heisey personally manufactured that run. He hustled nonstop when he hit that ball and got to first on the error and he was thinking home the entire time on that double by Frazier.

    Hustle to get on, hustle to score from first. Love to see that from Heisey.

  12. Ondru should be getting any relief work today.

    Cubs be Cubbin!!!!

  13. Physically impossible for the Reds to lose to this team. Izturis, Hannahan, Ondrusek and Cairo could be our 1 through 4 hitters and we’d still win by a couple runs.

  14. Frazier/Cozart have a good game and we score 5 runs. If the guys not batting left handed show up, the Reds go.

  15. Everybody feeling a little better today? 3 wins is good even against the Cubbies who will always Cub for us at GABP North.

    Time for Broxton to stretch himself out and get our boyz on the bus to Milwaukee … big 4-game series and if we can get 3 of them, that puts us in a great place.

  16. Brantley’s memory is going, just said that was Brox’s first breaking ball thrown.. when he got strike 2 on a 77 mph curve.

  17. Great to see this added velocity from Broxton. Another weapon for the Reds as they slowly gain strength for the playoffs.

    • @CI3J: Brox looks better this year than last … the time off must have really helped.

  18. And we’ll see you in Milwaukee … 16 over .500 for our Redlegs.

  19. That’s another +1 game on the Cards or Pirates, either of which is just fine by me. Way to go Reds with the sweep!

    • @Mwv: Absolutely. … Love me some Good Bronson, and how ’bout the pitching overall. If the bats can step it up, watch out.

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