The Reds will go for the series sweep today of the stupid Cubs. Bronson Arroyo will be assigned the task to finish off the series for the mighty Redlegs.

These wins have not been pretty, but I will take an ugly win over a pretty loss every time. So I do not care how today’s game plays out as long as the Reds win, baby! Discuss the game here. And in case you need a little pep talk, or perhaps nightmares…..

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. 8/14 lineup: Heisey 8, Frazier 5, Votto 3, Phillips 4, Bruce 9, Ludwick 7, Cozart 6, Hanigan 2, Arroyo RHP

    Let’s hope Heisey can get on base today and Ludwick finds at least one swing. I do love playing the Cubbies.

    • @msanmoore: If Meso was in for Hanigan I’d love this lineup. As it is, I just like it.

      I’m a strong proponent of correct lineup construction (OBP stacking, etc), but I’m also a proponent of mixing things up when the expected norm hasn’t been working. Heisey/Frazier in 1/2 is definitely not normal, but it just may be crazy enough to work!

      • @prjeter: Choo needs at least part of the day off anyway. And Mes caught nearly 2 games given his work last night and the beating he took on Monday. He’s certainly stepping up to be our “catcher of the future” and has made me forget about Grandal completely.

    • @msanmoore: Heisey and his .254 OBP. The lowest on the team with the exception of Izturis. Yeah, he should be leading off.

  2. I didn’t get to watch last night’s game live, so forgive me for starting this game thread with an observation from yesterday:

    Sending Hoover back out for his last inning was nuts; and if sending him out wasn’t nuts, letting him finish was. It worked–mainly thanks to a nice defensive play–but he really slips when he’s tired. He started the inning with something like 18 pitches–and a very unusual for him two offensive half innings on the bench–and you could predict and observe that he wasn’t as sharp. I’m happy he got the win, but Dusty was really playing with fire when he had Simon and Chapman available, not to mention Broxton.

    I was complaining when I saw it happening, so just because the result was good–other than Hoover being unavailable for the next 3 games or so–I shouldn’t now pretend I thought it was brilliant managing. (BTW,Hoover, LeCure, Broxton and even Simon could all close, which makes the inflexible use of Chapman all the more infuriating.)

    • @Eric the Red: Simon had already pitched enough that he should be spared. Hoover did what was necessary and did it well. Yes the team did their job, but this is largely a team sport.

      I realize I’m in the minority, but I watch Chapman and I don’t see “starter” at all. I see a guy who throws hard, has 2 good pitches, and would be gassed after about 4 innings. I don’t care if he did start for the Cuban national team. That’s about AA ball in my book so there isn’t a connection. Keep him right where he is, let him get really focused and nasty, and watch the fireworks. Whether you like it or not, closers are a part of today’s game and Chapman is our closer.

    • @Eric the Red:
      I disagree although you make good points. Hoover was due up and you would have burnt through another pitcher. Plus you have to find out if Hoover can go 2 + innings. I think we know he is capable

      • @vicferrari: I don’t think we do need to find out if Hoover can go more than 2 innings; that’s not his job. As for who was due up: that’s why I’d have started the inning with Chapman, since we were only going to get one inning from him.

        • @Eric the Red: Without looking at details, I believe Hoover was the next man up batting. If his position was to bat that inning, either Baker would have had Hoover hit or had a pinch hitter come in, probably. Given that the batting stopped just short, and it was an xtra inning game, the Bakerman chose to keep Hoover out there. I wasn’t too worried about that; I could have seen either way. I was wondering about the inning with Parra and Lecure. It was still “regulation innings”, staring xtra innings right in the face, and the Bakerman burned both Parra and Lecure in less than 2 innings. Again, I could understand what he did. Not a terrible move. But, I would think when staring xtra innings in the face, you aren’t going to burn through your pen so quick. Probably another reason why he brought Hoover out for another inning.

        • @Eric the Red:
          Chapman never would have come in a tie game on the road. Hoover is a middle reliever. He should be able to go 2+ like every reliever could 20 years ago.

  3. I like Dusty sitting Choo against the LHP, but I’m not sure Heisey is a better option. Not playing Mesoraco against the LHP is simply mind-boggling, unless there is an unreported injury he is nursing.

    • @Shchi Cossack: I don’t think it’s an injury based on his work at the end of last night’s game. I think he’s just a bit beat up and needs a break.

  4. Great points Eric, as I am one to be critical of Dusty mis using the pen, and not throwing a reliever longer than one inning, or one part inning especially as we are close and headed to extra innings. I did not think of the 2 offensive half innings.

    • @reaganspad:
      Curious game today, need Bronson to go deep. Do not see Chapman being used, Hoover may be called upon for one righty like Lecure was used, Broxton probably is the closer and will not be used in a tie game.
      Simon is probably the set up guy, Parra can only face lefties. Might see Ondrusek pitch in a tight game and the Reglegnation blows up…

      But through excellent use of pinch-runners last night, the Reds have a fresh legged Mike Leake available today, so glad he was not used up when Hannigan walked.

  5. Now’s the time when we need the starters to get deep into ballgames. We’re early into a stretch of 20 straight games without a day off.

    I saw Arroyo throw a gem before in Wrigley, hopefully he can use those crazy breezes and do it again.

  6. Manny Para has been a real find.

  7. Day game after night game. LHP on the mound. Arroyo, who can call his own game and pitched fine without Hanigan except for 2 teams set up to pound him. Yet Hanigan starts and Mes sits. Sigh.

  8. Crushed. That ball was absolutely killed because the wind is blowing in and it just did not matter.

  9. Long time coming – nicely done Todd

  10. Kind of like my golf game … hack, birdie, hack, hack …

  11. Five pitches. Three outs and a run. I guess that’s… um….. good?

  12. Frazier was due big time. Votto and Phillips should have been taking some pitches after the HR. 6 pitch inning, including a HR, lol

  13. Six Pitches. Dude gave up a run and still got through the inning in Six Pitches. Six Pitches. Wow.

  14. Wow, Bronson’s ball is dancing today. Hope he keeps that up, gonna be a lot of frustrated Cubbies.

  15. Good Bronson + Cubs = Reds Win.

  16. Late to the game, I missed a Todd-bomb????!!!!

  17. Incidentally, game is on WGN if that helps anybody out …

  18. Reds Fans and Cubs fans shoulder share stories about Dusty.

  19. Wow, it sounded like Schierholz hit that ball HARD, and it didn’t make it to the track. Fire away, Bronson !!!

  20. How is it that this late in the season the Reds brain trust still hasn’t managed to figure out a way to separate the two pitchers (Bailey and Arroyo) that Hanigan is going to catch?

    • @Steve Mancuso: Why hasn’t the brain trust figured out it’s OK for Mes to catch Arroyo, especially vs LHP. Especially in a day game after a night game.

  21. Seems like the second inning never lasts more than a minute or two when fay is on the radio.

  22. Just now checked in, and dang is it good to see Frazier finally hit a HR again.

  23. Wow, great AB by Heisey. 8 pitch walk. Dusty must be twice as furious.

  24. That has to be one of the hardest things to do, a walk to Chris Heisey.

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: Got curious…

      Career Average At Bats Per Walk:

      Heisey: 1 BB per 16.2 AB
      Frazier: 1 BB per 10.6 AB
      Votto: 1 BB per 5.9 AB
      Phillips: 1 BB per 15.9 AB
      Bruce: 1 BB per 9.6 AB
      Ludwick: 1 BB per 10.2 AB
      Cozart: 1 BB per 19.9 AB
      Hanigan: 1 BB per 7.0 AB

      So I guess walking Heisey would be the second hardest thing to do, after walking Cozart. Hah

  25. Way to wait on him, Heisey. Got an encore in ya, Super Todd ?????

  26. Every once in awhile Heisey has an AB like that. It makes you wonder if he COULD be patient with encouragement and maybe regular playing time.

  27. He finally got the scouting report on Frazier. Pitch him anywhere except within 6-8 inches of the plate.

  28. Nice framework Hani

  29. That 3-2 pitch to Watkins was unfair! What a beautiful pitch.

    • @Steve Mancuso: The WGN announcers were using that very expression to relate Arroyo to Bob Ross – the PBS painter with the happy trees.

  30. Culbreth is calling a very legitimate strike zone, possibly even a little extended, and the wind is blowing in a Wrigley. Bronson should be good to go today. A HR by Frazier and a BB by Heisey portends good things to come. If the Reds continue their dominance of the Cubbies today, you think the the Birds and Bucos will take a serious notice of that steamroller coming up quickly from behind?

  31. Wow! The WGN announcers are having too much fun.

  32. This offense is awful to watch, first pitch hacking every AB. No patience at all.

  33. Ludwick looked very overeager on that AB. Swung at lots of balls. Baker must be thrilled.

  34. Take some pitches! He didn’t throw one strike to Luddy.

  35. Haven’t had a chance to watch yet today. Seems like I always miss good Bronson. I see he has only faced twelve through 4. Can’t beat that. Literally.

  36. Cubs B Cubbin’

  37. Nice bit of hitting there by a guy nobody seems to think can hit.

  38. Dumb decision to bunt followed by your classic TOOTBLAN

    • @Weber21: Not a TOOTBLAN if you expect a guy to not pop up a bunt. You’re running as soon as the pitcher is throwing. Even more so if you’re a slow Ryan Hanigan, you need all the headstart you can get.

  39. SO MANY BUNTS…. isn’t that like the third popup bunt in like a week?

  40. Gee, another failed bunt with a runner already in scoring position. There would have been less of a chance of a DP if you let him swing away.

  41. I hate the bunt. I get it for the pitcher in certain spots but that wasn’t one of them. He’s already n scoring position and there’s one out. Don’t get him to third with two. Not in that spot. Let him swing and take your chances. Dumb odds even if successful.

  42. Way to give outs away.

  43. Ouch.

  44. Oh dear Lord. Poor Hanigan. That one hurt me just watching it.

  45. Just what Hanigan needs, to get his crown jewels crushed

  46. Hani gets a huge hit. Hen it all goes downhill from there. Yikes.

  47. Think about how much that must hurt for it to take Hanigan that long to get back in the game.

  48. Far be it from me to defend Baker or bunting, but I thought Arroyo was bunting for a hit there, which might not have been a bad idea. I’m not convinced Baker called that one.

    • @Baseclogger: We are just horrible bunters. I’ve accepted it. Some may have said how we lead the majors in sacrifice bunts. I would love to see the percentage of “successful sacrifice bunts” we have compared to others out there. Does the Bakerman even believe in stealing bases?

  49. It is not a good feeling. That had to hurt.

  50. A Gold-Glove pitcher, ladies and gents!

  51. Good Bronson + Stupid Cubs = Reds Win

  52. I saw JV wearing the flip up sun glaases. Those are going out of style why is that?

  53. All the first pitch swings wouldn’t bother me quite so much if they weren’t coupled with all the taken strike threes.

  54. Votto just missed that one.

  55. Crushed it and it still wouldn’t go out.

  56. Votto is no Frazier.

  57. Wrigley Field is both a pitchers park and hitters park. Depends on the weather and the wind.

  58. I wonder what Wily Mo Pena is up to these days.

  59. Woooohoo, I can listen now. Go Reds.

  60. Arroyo read your piece, Steve, so he is piling up Ks to improve his FIP…

    • @RedTitan19: Ha. I think the fun of watching the Cubs hitters flail around is positive reinforcement enough. But if it helps, I’d be glad to write a post on plate discipline for a few of the hitters. 🙂

  61. Chris Heisey is a perfect fourth or fifth OF. He’s able to play all three OF spots and is a reasonably good pinch hitter against both RH and LH pitchers. I have complete confidence in him out there in CF. Rare.

  62. Tom Skilling sure knows a lot about weather.

  63. Ludwick is just hacking at everything up there.

    Guess we’ll have to hope he swings his way out of this.

  64. Ludwick might not be getting the hits. But he doesn’t look too bad up there.

  65. Way to go Zach! A two out RBI, the stuff of champions. 😉

  66. Umpires are “dirt” in the rulebook, Cody – there is no such thing as interference there.

  67. Cozart just got a hit with RISP/2 outs. Nothing can stop us now.

  68. Good to see the starter going deep a day after extra innings again.

  69. Lol. They said lets see if that gets Dusty Baker’s attention. Its like they dont remember him as the manager

  70. Bronson’s pitches are starting to flatline….

    I think it’s about time to let LeCure get some work.

  71. Great article written by a Reds baseball operations intern.

  72. Welcome back, Todd.

  73. Good for Frazier with a multihit game… but I have to say, Heisey personally manufactured that run. He hustled nonstop when he hit that ball and got to first on the error and he was thinking home the entire time on that double by Frazier.

    Hustle to get on, hustle to score from first. Love to see that from Heisey.

  74. Ondru should be getting any relief work today.

    Cubs be Cubbin!!!!

  75. Physically impossible for the Reds to lose to this team. Izturis, Hannahan, Ondrusek and Cairo could be our 1 through 4 hitters and we’d still win by a couple runs.

  76. How about a Ludwick HR right here?

    That’d be sweet.

  77. Simon says: Sit down.

  78. Frazier/Cozart have a good game and we score 5 runs. If the guys not batting left handed show up, the Reds go.

  79. We might as well call Wrigley GABP North.

  80. We might as well call Wrigley GABP North.

  81. Everybody feeling a little better today? 3 wins is good even against the Cubbies who will always Cub for us at GABP North.

    Time for Broxton to stretch himself out and get our boyz on the bus to Milwaukee … big 4-game series and if we can get 3 of them, that puts us in a great place.

  82. Damn Brox looks fat. Even more so than usual.

  83. YIKES!

  84. The Reds should have given JV a day off in this series.

  85. Sit down waiver guy!

  86. Throw the next one at the bull …

  87. Brantley’s memory is going, just said that was Brox’s first breaking ball thrown.. when he got strike 2 on a 77 mph curve.

  88. Great to see this added velocity from Broxton. Another weapon for the Reds as they slowly gain strength for the playoffs.

  89. And we’ll see you in Milwaukee … 16 over .500 for our Redlegs.

  90. I love the sound of a broom in the afternoon.

  91. That’s another +1 game on the Cards or Pirates, either of which is just fine by me. Way to go Reds with the sweep!

    • @Mwv: Good perspective – we move up either way.

    • @Mwv: Absolutely. … Love me some Good Bronson, and how ’bout the pitching overall. If the bats can step it up, watch out.

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