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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.08.13)

I love it when the Reds play the stupid Cubs. It always makes for a good day or night. A win tonight by the good guys means we gain ground on someone in the division as the Pirates and Cardinals square off against one another. This is starting to get real fun and interesting again, I hope it can continue!

Homer Bailey takes to the mound tonight and let’s hope his offense joins him. Keep up the winning Reds! Discuss the game here!

505 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.08.13)

  1. All right, everybody pick something to be pissed about in the game recap. If you don’t have anything yet, make sure you watch the Baker interview on the postgame show.

  2. matheny lets his pitcher pitch and he GIDP haha.

    This one could be a 19 inning affair to end BOTH their seasons ! lol

  3. If anybody just watched that last inning between Pit/StL, I don’t want Matheny. Lol

    • @RedTitan19:

      That was a tough situation to leave up to a relief pitcher batting. I just checked and that Maness guy had only 2 AB’s all year. If you have 1st and 3rd, 1 out, and a chance to win the game, you have to send up your best available hitter.

      Now, in fairness to Matheny, he did not have any other position players left to pinch-hit at that point (due to some earlier in-game over-managing). But I believe I would have used one of my starting pitchers, any of them would have had a better shot at getting the fly ball than some reliever.

  4. Both the Pirate’s and Card’s managers make some incredibly bone-headed decisions.

    But still would take Hurdle or Matheny over Dusty any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    By the way, the Reds are winning, but they sure aren’t scarring anybody and there’s always the Dusty factor (at least one bone-headed decision a game – guaranteed).

  5. I’m really, really liking this year’s Reds pitching staff. They have just really kicked butt, especially considering losing Johnny Cueto and Sean Marshall.

    I think the Reds pen with our top starters is a pretty nasty set for a short series. Bullpen gets even meaner if they (as probably expected) move Cingrani there for the playoffs.

    • @earl: Definitely agree – would have liked it more if Travis Wood was still with the Reds but I will still take it.

      And good walk by Ludwick tonight (seems to be seeing/tracking the ball pretty well – next step is to start hitting the ball – it will definitely come but it may be a while).

      • @cincyreds14: He could be big tomorrow vs. the lefty Rusin, who’s been throwing well and likely will be tough. Need Good Bronson to show up, as well.

  6. Boy, watching at B-dubs, it seemed like Ludwick took the Bakerman’s advice about swinging more and trashed it. He showed a good eye in that at bat.

  7. Been watching the Pirates – Cardinals game. Both teams are trying everything they can to make sure this game never ends. So much fail one after another.

  8. Cant believe the Pirates just blew that opportunity. What is most surprising is Pirates announcers never once seemes down about the whole ordeal. They took it all in stride. Thom would have cried on air and Welsh would have cliched him back to life

    • @RedTitan19: Then again, Pitt’s announcers are probably just glad their team is where it is, consideing the last 20 years of losing.

  9. Reds will need a good outing by Arroyo tomorrow, or at least give him a lot of runs to work with. I assume that we will be without the services of Chapman, who has now pitched in 3 straight games, as well as Hoover, who went 2 1/3 innings tonight. Probably big Brox would get the nod in a potential save situation, or maybe LeCure.

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