2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Padres at Reds (2013.08.

Will the Reds win today and allow things to be good in the world?  Or will they lose and threaten the possibility of the sun rising in the morning?  For sanity’s sake, I hope they win and play well in the process.  A win secures a winning homestand.  A loss puts this eight-game stretch at .500.

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  1. Why does Dusty not going out and argue that call? Amarista was out by five feet. Team takes after the manager. Absolutely no fire at all. I’m sick of it.

  2. Major league umpiring has gotten incredibly bad across the board. They make more blatantly wrong calls now than ever before.

    • @VaRedsFan:
      Why do the double switch. If Lecure can pitch more than an inning why was he not in there to begin with?

      Not saying Frazier is that great, but he is better.

      I praised Bakers move after 8 innings, I did mention I did not trust him in extra innings. I cannot have been more right.

  3. Cedeno has always been a thorn in our side…with Pitt, Hous, and now today. It needs to end here

  4. Why is it the same umpires are out there every year after hours and hours of video document how terrible they are? Is there not an umpire evaluation committee in MLB or something?

  5. “I figured that if Logan would give up a couple of runs that it might spark our offense, but he just wasn’t able to pull through for me” Baker said when asked why he left Ondrusek in the game for a second inning.

  6. Gonna go soak my corns and bunions. I’ll check the recap later and hope for the best. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  7. Intelligent swing by the cleanup hitter. How about laying off twitter and hitting a frigging batting cage superstar.

  8. interesting fact from Mlb:
    That was pitch number 15 for Nick Vincent; his effectiveness may start slipping, as he holds opposing hitters to a .188 average in the first 15 pitches but they hit .304 off him after that.

  9. can anyone please let me know who the two guys calling today’s game on the home broadcast are? (I am an MLB.tv subscriber and they will NOT ID themselves). Thanks! jmmills@hotmail.com

  10. I don’t like how this game is progressing. I don’t care if it’s just the Stupid Cubs tomorrow. We really need to finish this one way or another. Angry Birds are up at the moment as are the Pie-rats. I’d hate to have barfed up the chance yesterday to gain and then lose one on both today.

    And as I type … a lead-off double.

  11. I don’t remember a Reds team ever wasting as much good pitching as this squad has, and I’ve been following them since 1965.

  12. Reds ought to send Ondru down just to bring up a fresh arm, Partch or whoever.

  13. Is there a spot on Mes’s body that hasn’t been hit with a foul ball today?

    • Is there a spot on Mes’s body that hasn’t been hit with a foul ball today?

      He hasn’t been hit between the thighs and his belly button … but that’s pretty much it as I’ve seen them fouled off every other spot.

  14. Mes is going to need tomorrow off after the beating he’s taken for 13 innings. Some of those replays made me ache.

  15. I’ve been watching this entire game and am only barely aware that Jim Kelch has been talking the whole time.

  16. Is it like a rule that the Reds have to play at least one 12-17 inning game a year with the Padres?

    At least this one is in Cincinnatti…I bet as this game has gone into the 12th inning that Aaron Harang has had a cold chill hit his pitching arm.

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