2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Padres at Reds (2013.08.

Will the Reds win today and allow things to be good in the world?  Or will they lose and threaten the possibility of the sun rising in the morning?  For sanity’s sake, I hope they win and play well in the process.  A win secures a winning homestand.  A loss puts this eight-game stretch at .500.

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485 thoughts on “Game Thread: Padres at Reds (2013.08.

  1. I cannot believe that Baker did not use Chapman or Hoover for 2 innings, or use LeCure before Ondrusek. YOUR TRYING TO WIN EVERY GAME POSSIBLE.


  3. Continues to be one of life’s biggest mysteries: how come the really bad pitchers can pitch multiple innings, but not the good ones?

    • 3-2 loss, I would rather have lost 2-0 honestly.

      You’re wrong. It will be a 5 – 2 loss.

  4. So help me, God. Even if Ondrusek gives up 11 runs, if anyone blames this loss on Dusty or the pitching I’m going to have to take a break from RLN. #NoOffense

  5. Thank goodness the Padres had an unproductive out. Let’s get the DP and end this half of the inning.

  6. Ondrusek could have dropped that and gotten a triple play. The batter didn’t run.

  7. Tigers get two runs off of Rivera to tie their game in the ninth.

    P.S. The Reds need to get Ondrusek out of this game. Hello, Dusty Baker?

  8. My cable when out for a while and is still glitchy. I assume lecure and Simon must have died warming up in the pen. Only logical explanation of ondrusek being used here.

  9. Obviously, Broxton could be pitching this inning if Chapman pitched 2 innings.

    I love Dusty Baker. He is the greatest baseball mind to ever grace the Reds uniform. He is a modern cutting edge outside of the box manager who understands and embraces new ways of thinking and change in the game. He understands how to put urgency into a team, fire them up and get the most out of his roster.

    I love Dusty Baker. Ok, in all seriousness, can you guys wake me up in early October when Dusty has been relieved of his duties.

    No matter how this turns out, dusty did not do the right thing here. The Padres should have scored. I hope the Reds win, but once again, it will be in spite of Dusty if they do.

  10. It looked like the ball was in the catchers mitt about the same time Frazier started his swing.

  11. This bum can go 2 innings but the good relievers cant. Where is Lecure?

  12. Heart of the Padres lineup. So we have our worst pitcher in the game. Great match-up strategy.

    Ondrusek can’t throw a strike and Baker sent him back out there.

    No one throwing in the Reds’ pen. Dusty Baker is the worst bullpen manager ever.

  13. I really just don’t know what to say at this point. I never dreamed Ondru would be out there again this inning. I’m dumbfounded.

  14. Dusty is as clueless as they come. Logan should pitch two innings in a tied game and Chappy should pitch one. #pleaseendourmisery

  15. I find it insanely amusing that the only pitcher who is allowed to pitch more than one inning is our worst one…

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