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Game Thread: Padres at Reds (2013.08.

Will the Reds win today and allow things to be good in the world?  Or will they lose and threaten the possibility of the sun rising in the morning?  For sanity’s sake, I hope they win and play well in the process.  A win secures a winning homestand.  A loss puts this eight-game stretch at .500.

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  1. The two “goats” from last night’s game come through today to help the Reds get a major victory! Ain’t baseball great?

  2. Crazy game, what a job by the bullpen to hold on through all those tough innings.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I guess Hannahan actually does get paid to walk. I’m not sure what else they’d be paying him for. It was VERY nice to see someone other than Votto demonstrating a little patience.

  3. Dick Enberg just called this one, “One of the worst losses of the Padres’ season” ; D

  4. What an awful game, but great ending…

    The Reds did not really win this, the Padres gave it away. Just imagine how upset you would be if you were a SD fan

      • @vegastypo:
        Did not follow much of the game yesterday (I can only get updates via internet), but did they really give it away or the Padres just capitalized and let the Reds make mistakes?
        Regardless they owed us for the first game in SD

  5. I just saw the pickoff move early in the game. You are kidding me. It took a call like that to get the Bakerman off his rump and actually get “enthusiastic” toward an umpire, after so many other poor calls his players have been victims of?

  6. I would like to question that double switch when Lecure was brought in, it did not come back to bite them but it essentially was useless & would have taken Hannigan and Frazier out of the game had Votto did something like GIDP
    Just curious if anyone else thought that now that we all are a little giddy and not going on “Fire Dusty Now” rants

      • @josephneely25:
        He would have been pinch hit for Hanahan in the same inning anyway, Frazier’s out and if he could have went one more inning why was he not out there before Ondrusek. Baker manages extra inning games assuming they are going to go scoreless until the 18th…

  7. Way to go, Dusty!

    Oh, wait. We only credit him for losses. I forgot.

    • @RedZeppelin:
      He gets credit for the first nine, then the Padres get credit for bailing out all the dubious moves in extra innings

    • @RedZeppelin: 🙄 And yet none of us is on the short list for Reds manager. He did what he should do today with the possible exception of pushing far enough to get ejected on the interference call. I was thinking if he got tossed, we might get fired up.

      • @msanmoore: Being caught with that few relievers, with our best reliever only throwing one inning, that’s not doing what he needed to do. This was one where we won in spite of him. Or, should I say, the Padres gave it to us. They played like they wanted it, just couldn’t seal the deal.

    • @RedZeppelin: I thought it was brilliant the way Dusty’s crew needed only 13 innings to dispose of a terrible team at home by scoring three runs on a pinch hit home run and by allowing his worst relief pitcher to throw more pitches than any of his good ones. He’s due all the credit, obviously. He pulled ALL the right strings today!

      • @Baseclogger: Excuse me. I mean by scoring two runs on a pinch hit home run and one run after a pinch hitter decided to take some pitches for some odd reason.

        • @Baseclogger: Excuse me. I mean by scoring two runs on a pinch hit home run and one run after a pinch hitter decided to take some pitches for some odd reason.

          His brilliance started when Cesar Izturis was plugged in the starting lineup today. Where would this team be without him?? My guess is 1st place with a 5 game lead on the pirates.

      • @Baseclogger: Yeah. His only mistakes in this game were his terrible at bats. If he could have managed a hit or two it could have got his offense going.

  8. Just my opinion, but I think today showed again that Chapman needs more game work. It took him a bit to get to the high 90’s and he seemed a little “off” to start. Of course, he did K the side …

  9. We stole this one. Too ugly to even comment. This team is pretty poor atm. Hitting is a joke like it has been all dang year.

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