Games Played on 8/8/2013

Minor League Player of the Day: Logan Uxa went 4-for-4 with a walk, a double and two runs scored for the AZL Reds.

Columbus 9 – Louisville 3

Chad Rogers retired the first 10 batters that he faced, and kept the Clippers scoreless until a rough 5th inning, where he gave up 4 runs on 4 hits. An error led to one of the runs. Rogers helped himself out by picking a runner off 1st base for the final out of the inning. Overall, he finished with a line of 5.1 innings, 6 runs (4 earned) and 6 hits. He walked one and struck out 7.

Billy Hamilton (2-for-3, 2B, BB) had two of the team’s five hits, stole his 68th base, and scored two of the team’s 3 runs.

Pensacola 6 – Jacksonville 4

Daniel Renken went 6 innings, allowing 7 hits, walking no one, and striking out 4. Trevor Bell faced 4 batters in the 9th inning, hitting one batter and striking out the other three.

With the bases loaded in the bottom of the 2nd inning, Mike Costanzo (2-for-3, 2B, BB) had a bases-clearing double in the 6-run frame. Travis Mattair and Ryan LaMarre each had a pair of singles and scored a run in 4 at-bats.

High A
Stockton 13 – Bakersfield 11

Plenty of offense in this game, as eight Blaze starters had hits and all 8 of those players either scored a run or batted in a run. Both of Kyle Waldrop’s hits (2-for-4, 2B, HR) went for extra bases, including his 19th homerun of the season. Juan Duran (1-for-3) also added a homerun, his 13th of the season. Leadoff hitter Junior Arias went 2-for-5 with a double, two stolen bases, and two runs scored.

James Allen allowed 9 runs (7 earned) in his 3.1 inning start. He gave up 6 hits, walked 4, hit one batter, and struck out 4.

Low A
Lake County 3 – Dayton 2

Ismael Guillon struggled with his control again, but held the Lake County Captains scoreless for 5 innings. Guillon walked 5, but allowed just 1 hit while striking out four batters.

Sammy Diaz (1-for-5) led off the 1st inning with a solo homerun. Jesse Winker (2-for-3, BB, 2 doubles, R) and Seth Mejias-Brean (3-for-4, 2B) collected half the team’s 10 hits.

Great Falls 5 – Billings 2

Ben Lively started and went three innings, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits and a walk while striking out five.

Jonathan Reynoso (3-for-5) had three hits, all singles. Avain Rachal (2-for-4, BB, HR, 2 RBI) had two hits, including his second homerun of the year. Ronald Bueno (2-for-4, R) also had a pair of hits and a stolen base.

AZL Reds 6 – AZL Giants 3 in 12 innings

Jeremy Kivel pitched 5 shutout innings, allowing just 3 hits and two walks while striking out 7.

Logan Uxa was a perfect 4-for-4 with a walk, a double, and two runs scored. His second run was also the second run of the Reds 3-run 12th inning.

17 Responses

  1. Bill Lack

    I’m guessing that Chad Rogers starts climbing up the Prospects lists…BA had him in their “other” category, Reds Minor Leagues had him at 12th after last season. He’s putting together a pretty impressive 2013, with 13 AA starts and a 2.79 ERA & 7.1K/9, and has now made 8 AAA starts and 4 of them were great, 2 poor and 2 average, his ERA stands at 3.72 and his K/9 is 7.0.

    He’s 24 and pitching in AAA, so he’s a prospect in my book.

    • rhayex

      @Bill Lack: I agree. If Cozart/Frazier can be prospects at the age of 25-26 at AAA, then I think that Rogers is as well.

      Also, given his numbers, I don’t see how he won’t start climbing on lists (unless you look at pure potential–I don’t know how good his “stuff” is).

  2. reaganspad

    Run Billy Run. His average is up 8 points to 257 and he is on a hot streak.

    Love to see him push 270-275 with his average and 330 obp by year end.

    He does that, after the challenges he has had at this level, he will be ready for next year

    • TC

      @reaganspad: There are 23 games left in the AAA season. That is plenty of time to get he average up to .270.

    • rightsaidred

      @reaganspad: to be at .313/.360/.410 post all star break is very solid.

      I think success is seeing him above .800 OPS with a .300 average (from a post ASB standpoint) That would be a successful year in my opinion.

      • reaganspad

        @rightsaidred: I think 800 OPS for Billy is unrealistic. He will not have the slugging percentage for a few years yet. That would mean that his OBP would have to be Votto like.

        I am talking about who the player is today. I am ok with a 330+ obp because of 80 plus steals by year end. That improves his slugging percentage in my mind.

        And we are grooming a lead off hitter here, not a clean up guy.

        Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see his OBP where it was last year at 400 ish. but I like the way he is responding to the AAA challenge and want him in the mix for next year, although I know several people have written him off.

        The Reds offense is sooooo home run based. we need Billy to change some things at the big club

      • Lost and Found


        Glad to see Hamilton turning a corner on his AAA season.

        Are there any eyewitness reports on his games, does he attempt to bunt for hits? or even fake it? It would be a powerful weapon in his game. I think of guys like Brett Butler (or even Norris Hopper) who were not the fastest guys but made the bunt single a threat to the defence, putting 3B/1B on edge and opening holes for GB hits as well.

  3. I-71_Exile

    Fingers-crossed that Billy’s hot streak continues and shows that he’s ready for 2014.

    That said, what are the chances the Reds will re-sign Choo? 10%? 20% He’s leaving very large shoes for Billy to fill. Frankly, I think they are impossibly big.

  4. Baseclogger

    For what it’s worth: I attended the game and can report that even George Grande wouldn’t have used the word “blooped” to describe Hamilton’s hits. Both were hard line drives. On the other hand, he was nearly thrown out on the stolen base, and nearly thrown out at second on his double. So maybe he’s concentrating so much on his hitting that he’s forgotten how to run incredibly fast.

    • reaganspad


      “he’s forgotten how to run incredibly fast.” That is funny right there.

    • columbusreds

      @Baseclogger: Where were you sitting? I was there as well along the third base line right above the Bats’ bench and thought he was easily in there on the stolen base. I think the crowd got excited knowing how fast he is and wanted the stolen base record holder thrown out. The double was very close to being out, but as you mentioned he hit the ball very hard and it bounced off the wall right to the right fielder.

      As might be expected Hamilton is incredibly athletic and ran 75 feet by my guess and caught a ball that was absolutely crushed up against the wall then almost hurdled the wall itself. It was a great defensive play

  5. TC

    A good month in AAA doesn’t mean a player is ready for the show. But it is encouraging.

    • reaganspad


      Agree TC. But Three good months do.

      Who knows what he was dealing with. Maybe he thought that he should have been called up when Ludwick went down and has been passed by Lutz, and others who he may have more talent than. He couldn’t have done much worse than some of the LF’s we have had out there

      I get that we weren’t interested in starting his clock, but it can play games with you. If he is right through the end of the season and has 75 steals, I am comfortable with that

  6. preach

    Hey, fellas:

    Sorry to post this here, and I am in a huge hurry, but my son and I are going unexpectedly to the game tonight. He will be posting a game reaction to the titanic struggle recap (tomorrow, I’m certain). It has a couple of purposes: first, I love getting him excited about the game and it will be a reminder he can keep for years to come and secondly it is actually something educational I can have him do and get me into less trouble with his mother for not advancing his education during the summer. Any encouragement you can give him following the post would be much appreciated. I may even start a new account for him so he can post at his leisure. I love passing this joy on from generation to generation. Thanks, and go Reds!!

  7. WVRedlegs

    Have you all seen where former Giant and Cardinal Jack Clark is accusing Albert Pujols of being on PEDS??? This ought to get interesting.