1. rymatt830 says:

    I am not sure what you hope to accomplish with this statement; but, you have unlikely done so. His comments were inappropriate, but I feel they were far from an embarrassment. Getting carried away when expressing passion and optimism for the Reds is what he is guilty of, nothing more, and your comment is more embarrassing than the actions of the Reds Assistant Director of Media Relations.

    1. Chad Dotson says:

      @rymatt830: Thanks for stopping by, Jamie. 😉

  2. zblakey says:

    You guys do a great job here, I am a very frequent visitor, but less frequent poster. That said, I don’t see the importance of this topic at this time. It has been discussed in detail in the past, and as far as I am concerned thats where it belongs – in the past.

    1. Chad Dotson says:

      @zblakey: Every post here has to be “important”?

      If that’s the case, I fail on almost a daily basis. 🙂

      1. zblakey says:

        @Chad Dotson:
        Not every day, just today. 😯
        I think you know what I meant.

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